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Who is the worst of the worst? And who is soon to be released as of the end of the year?

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed 
(Arabicخالد شيخ محمد, Khālid Shaykh Muḥammad‎; also transliterated as Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, and additionally known by at least fifty aliases) is a militant held in U.S. military custody in Guantánamo Bay for alleged acts of terrorism including the mass murder of civilians. He was identified as "the principal architect of the 9/11 attacks" by the 9/11 Commission Report.

The reason Khalid Sheikh Mohammad is still a detainee without a trial hearing is because Republicans are afraid of the outcome of the USA Judicial System.

Published on Monday, June 28, 2004 by Reuters
by James Vicini
WASHINGTON - The U.S. Supreme Court severely limited the Bush administration's war on terrorism on Monday and allowed cases brought by terror suspects challenging their confinement to proceed in the American legal system.
The surprising moves by the high court came in a series of term-ending decisions that pitted civil liberties concerns against national security arguments and marked a blow to President Bush's assertion of sweeping presidential powers after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.
In one ruling the court said the hundreds of foreign terror suspects at the U.S. military base at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba could turn to American courts to challenge their confinement. In another ruling it said an American held in his nation is entitled to procedural protections to contest his detention....

Unless the World Court takes the case, there is simply no time to put together prosecution and carry out a trial before the end of the year release date.

Follow that up with the 2006 National Intelligence Assessment and what is left is the fact the majority of Gitmo Detainees are 'responsive' to a war promulgated by Bush and they only classify as POWs. 

Khaleid Sheikh Mohammad is a primary criminal. He acted before Bush launched the illegal war into Iraq that required response from all areas of the Middle East militias. 

Got that?

Those that responded to a war illegally promulgated by Bush was responding to that war to thwart it while their governments would not take action, but, Kahleid Sheikh Mohammad was one of the ORIGINAL combatants to the September 11th attacks. He was guilty of the attacks before Bush's illegal war into Iraq. He wasn't in reaction to the illegal war, he was an initial perpetrator.

He is probably one of the detainees in Gitmo that has legitimate status to be there. Yet, there is no trail anywhere to sentence him to prison for the rest of his life. Why? Because the Republicans are afraid of the USA Justice System and the presence of these men on USA soil in military prisons or worse. 

Don't point fingers anywhere except the incompetent and politically centered Republicans in both houses.  

"The clock is running."

What political party has been placing National Security at risk? What political party? The Republicans and their 'culture of fear.'

The Republican Party undergoes a memory cleaning with every election. They simply conduct themselves on rhetoric and have no substance to governing. If they did Gitmo would have been closed a long time ago and all the most dangerous already tried and in prison. The Republicans are not competent legislators. They don't conduct the business of the nation, they conduct the next election.

The Republicans rely on swaying "The will of the American People," not conducting the nation's business. When President Obama actually governs they don't recognize it and feel threatened because their political play book has no plan for responding to governance. The President doesn't have to answer to a legislative body if they are deadlocked on obstruction. Governing is not about a popularity poll. It is about doing a job. Bringing a POW needed to be navigated. 

It is amazing to watch the country deteriorate into a gossip column of politics. In Vietnam when a POW was released we couldn't wait to get them home. We didn't question their citizenship or motives when CAPTURED. It can only be desperation by the GOP to define impeachment. Nothing else makes sense.

I don't care what the Taliban 5 did. They were going to be released by year end anyway. They were necessary to position Afghanistan in a peace plan. It isn't our problem anymore and the USA has no right to jeopardize any possibility for Afghanistan to end conflict.

This has to be said.

"...he (Bowe Bergdahl) walked off without his weapons, body armor, etc..."

By Noah Shachtman 

...America has fought (click here) in its fair share of insurgencies and counterinsurgencies — from our own revolution to Iraq. But in Afghanistan, the U.S. military is trying something different. In a rather unorthodox approach, commanders there are radically de-emphasizing the “kinetic,” bombs and bullets fight, and instead putting a premium on persuading the people to side against the Taliban. That may sound similar to the strategy General David Petraeus executed in Iraq, and helped postulate in the military’s counterinsurgency field manual. But General Stanley McChrystal has taken the approach several steps further in Afghanistan — discouraging cordon-and-search raids, all-but-banning air strikes, directing troops to consider retreat rather than attacking a town. “It’s not the number of people you kill, it’s the number of people you convince. It’s the number of people that don’t get killed. It’s the number of houses are not destroyed,” McChrystal told his troops recently....

I'm just sayin. 

Bergdahl wasn't an Imam, right? He didn't become a new prophet to the Taliban, right? He was a POW. I just thought some folks might have missed that point. He didn't pull the trigger when others died while carrying out searches for him. They were killed by the enemy. Bergdahl wasn't the commander when the Americans honorably died. Oh, he was the reason they died. He was a prisoner. I suppose he was the reason. They rescue efforts would have been carried out under the new McCrystal command. Was he correct to search? Yes.

McCrystal didn't take command of the Afghanistan theater until June 2009, the very same month Bergdahl was captured. I think it was days apart from his capture and the arrival of General McCrystal, but, his strategies were well known long before his arrival. 

General McCrystal was asked to resign his command because of a magazine article not his application of strategies. As a matter of fact he was kicking ass at the Officer's lounge in Kabul. He thought the officers were too leisure rather than being leaders. So, McCrystal saw a balance between being an officer and being a soldier that happens to be a leader. 

By Michael Gisick
Stars and Stripes
Published: August 10, 2009
  "We train them by taking them out and engaging the Taliban," (click here) said Maj. Kevin Reilly, a New York Army National Guardsman in charge of a U.S. police training team in Maiwand, a rural district two hours west of Kandahar.

I thought the statement was 'out there,' "We don't know what he was doing, engaging the enemy or abandoning his post." 

This is ridiculous. The military leadership is looking at Bowe Bergdahl's actions as a soldier. Short of being a mind reader, which I don't think the CIA has mastered yet, that's enough of this bullshit.

She is the best leader GM will ever have.

She is a moral leader. Not necessary spouting religious verses, because, morality is larger than religion. She brings the VALUES important to her customers over and above 'squeeze every nickel for blood' Wall Street dividends.

She is a grassroots executive. I hope she finds other women within her executive team as well. Right now many of her peers are men. But, that is GM and she has to build on what she finds before she can move the company into it's best leadership. Yes. I believe she will bring leadership that will revolutionize GM. I also believe her strong alliance with unions will maintain and build her customer base.

She a bit abhors the executive culture she finds within GM. She believes it is far too covert and undermining the quality of their products. Ms. Barra needs to implement a "Whistleblower Bonus." When anyone in the company, including the cleaning crew, brings forward information proving to be 'quality improvement' she needs to provide a financial bonus for the information. The bonus has to be substantial enough to get everyone's attention, but, not so much the numerous overwhelming facts sink the treasury of the company. 

She knows how to builds cars. She knows her customers. She knows how to bring the two together. She is great. She is young enough to bring the values of the future to the leadership at GM while holding on to it's legacy. I like her a lot. I never doubted she would sail through an internal investigation.

Oh, yeah. She doesn't hate the American Middle Class nor does she see them as her toys to profit. She values them and sees their growth and upward movement as part of her future and the future of GM, too. She knows how to maintain the balance between a healthy bottom line and a growing product line based in customer values. She is not afraid of her customers and believes her truth is the best truth and the truth that will grow the company to be among the most moral and sustainable in the business. She is a complex person.

It is about time GM has the leadership it deserves.

In this April 15, 2014 file photo, Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, right, and Mark Reuss, Executive Vice President of Global Product Development for GM and President of GM America, watch the introduction of new Chevrolet cars at the New York International Auto Show, in New York. GM's corporate structure _ as well as what Barra has called a culture that valued cost-savings over safety _ will likely be a prime target in a report expected this week from former U.S. Attorney Anton Valukas. Mark Lennihan, File / AP Photo

Posted on Tuesday, 06.03.1
AP Auto Writer

DETROIT -- To understand (click here) how General Motors allowed a problem with a small part to balloon into a crisis, look at the organization chart.
As of early last year, the director of vehicle safety was four rungs down the ladder from the CEO, according to a copy of the chart obtained by The Associated Press. Finance, sales and public relations had a direct path to the top.
"What's a higher priority than product safety?" asks Yale University management and law professor Jonathan Macey, author of a book on corporate governance. "The organization chart does obviously reflect a company's priorities."
That structure — as well as what new CEO Mary Barra has called a culture that valued cost savings over safety — is likely to be a prime target in a report expected this week from former U.S. Attorney Anton Valukas. He was hired by GM to investigate why the company took more than a decade to recall millions of cars with a defective ignition switch that has now been linked to at least 13 deaths....

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