Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The "anything goes" Hermaine Cain presidential campaign is breaking the law.

Their latest cigarette advertising carries no warnings regarding the danger of cigarette smoking. 


-STATUTE- (click here)      It is the policy of the Congress, and the purpose of this hapter, to establish a comprehensive Federal Program to deal with cigarette labeling and advertising with respect to any relationship between smoking and health, whereby - 

        (1) the public may be adequately informed about any adverse health effects of cigarette smoking by inclusion of warning notices on each package of cigarettes and in each advertisemen of cigarettes; and

        (2) commerce and the national economy may be (A) protected to the maximum extent consistent with this declared policy and (B) not impeded by diverse, nonuniform, and confusing cigarette labeling and advertising regulations with respect to any relationship between smoking and health.

Anyone watching the video knows full well what the ad is all about.  It shows a man engaged in discussing politics to the viewer with a 'glamour' shot when he takes a drag on a cancer stick.  There is absolutley no statement regarding the dangers of cigarettes and it is in a video, not print.  Their campaign is in violation of the law.  They did it to pander to the tobacco cronies left to actually pander to.

The ad should read "Balls."

It makes more sense for boys to be vaccinated, even more so than girls.

To left HPV virus.

msnbc.com news services
updated 55 minutes ago 2011-10-25T15:42:55
U.S. vaccine advisers Tuesday (click title to entry - thank you)The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, which advises the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, voted unanimously to recommend routine use of Gardasil in 11- and 12-year-old boys to fight the sexually transmitted virus, with 13 yes votes and one abstention.
Previously, the CDC has said doctors are free to use the vaccine in boys but it has stopped short of recommending routine vaccination. The committee's recommendation is subject to approval by the CDC.... 

Women contract HPV from men. It is not autonomously infected. So, it would be better if men were immune to the virus to insure there is no possiblity for a woman to even receive the virus.

The antibody titers, (click here) measured in ELISA units/ml, induced by Cervarix remain 13- and 12-fold higher than natural infection titers at 6.4 years for HPV-16 and -18, respectively, with over 98% of the women vaccinated maintaining initial seroconversion through 6.4 years. An increased memory B-cell response has been demonstrated in women 18–30 years of age who were seronegative and PCR negative for HPV-16/18 at the time of vaccination at 1 month after the three doses of Cervarix compared with the HPV-16/18 VLPs adjuvanted with aluminum alone....

Excessive titer levels are not necessarily better. There are concerns about Gardasil as far as I am concerned. It is a new vaccine with no long term history of female exposure to it. I am a bit disappointed in the 'quality control' after vaccine advocated by Merck. Any medication distributed after FDA approval inevitably shows up some 'outlier' statistics that were invisible in controlled studies. The reason is the larger group of people now receiving the vaccine. As the group receiving the vaccine increases so does the number of statistical events.

I strongly recommend all vaccine manufacturers regardless of their end user recommend measuring titer levels and report these levels to the CDC.  While high titer levels are considered a measure to the success of the vaccine, I also am concerned about levels too high and the potential long term effects.

In regard to Gardasil, Merck should be recommending abdominal ultrasounds for any receipient over the first twenty to thirty years of vaccine exposure to women.  It would add to the information base and could be deterimined to the effectiveness of the titer level to prohibiting cervical cancer. 

Those titer levels should apply to men and women or girls and boys.  It is not just data that is of concern, it is to monitor the effectiveness of the vaccine and the need for boosters no different than DPT.

While the human body spins out 'natural levels' of antibodies to any form of disease or virus, the truly effective level in males and females are not necessarily realized.  "In practice' can be differnt than 'in vitro' results.  This is the first time these viruses are being targeted and it is only prudent to continue to seek information regarding the populations of the vaccinated.  It is not only smart medicine, it is reassuring to all those receiving it.  The cost of the titers and ultrasounds are not that of Merck, but, simply a recommendation for physicians to follow.  I hope the CDC and Merck consider following receipents closely enough to realize 'the trends' of effectiveness of this vaccine.

Non-invasive pelvis ultrasounds show a great deal of cervical details.  I recommend pelvic ultrasounds to any woman in addition to a palpation exam.  It should be routine for at least one generation of Gardasil recipients.  Pelvic ultrasounds do absolutely no harm to women while showing the minorist of details in changes of ovaries, uterus, fallopian tubes, cervix and internal supporting tissue.

The Canadian "Tar Sands" pipeline is the most dangerous and unnecessary project ever proposed.

The Tar Sands Pipeline is a gross misuse of public funding.  Besides the peril it adds to sensitive agricultural lands, the pipeline itself is completely unnecessary.

If Canada wants to tear up its land for the sake of high CO2 concentration processes to extract low quality oil they need it more than any place else in the world.

...Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman (click title to entry - thank you) has called a special session of the state legislature to decide whether to try to block the $7-billion Keystone pipeline.

Heineman, a Republican, said Nebraska should force TransCanada to change the route so it doesn't cross the eco-sensitive Sandhills and the vast Ogallala Aquifer on its way to refineries on the Gulf Coast of Texas...

Pure greed.

The danger to the American agriculture this pipeline presents is not worth it.  Canada has determined it needs this low quality oil, so they should keep it.  There is absolutely no reason to install a transcontinent pipeline except greed.  The pipeline is to cost a MINIMUM of $6 billion US which will be exceeded by changes that have to be made to seek a guarantee to those that oppose it, it will be safe.

When is this pandering to the petroleum industry stop by governments?  It is the most corrupt set of standards ever ignored.  The Gulf Coast disaster is proof of the negligence of government to protect its people.  Today the Gulf Coast shrimpers realize their 'cohabitation' with oil companies has destroyed their shrimp industry.

...“There’s no shrimp,” (click here) explained Grant Bundy, 38. The dock should smell like a place where 10,000 pounds of shrimp a day are bought off the boats. Not this year. In all of September, Bundy’s Seafood bought around 41,000 pounds.

White shrimp season began in late August, and two months in, the shrimpers here say it is a bad one, if not the worst in memory. It is bad not just in spots but all over southeastern Louisiana, said Jules Nunez, 78, calling it the worst season he had seen since he began shrimping in 1950. Some fishermen said their catches were off by 80 percent or more....

I can't believe Jindle was actually re-elected after the disaster his favored petroleum industry caused the citizens of that state.  It appears "The Mad as Hell and No Going to Take it Anymore" becuase I love the petroleum industry actually works for the politicians along the Gulf.  Take about being brainwashed.  Evidently, Louisiana Petroleum Industry Poverty Level Contractors are too scared to actually demand a decent Governor to lead them out of the dark.

Yep, that is exactly what the USA Gulf Coast needs, more petroleum industry impacts with still yet another pipeline that endangers the agriculturals lands along with way.  It wasn't enough the Petroleum Industry shut down an entire economy along the entire Gulf Coast, deposited oil at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico that lingers until today, suspended oil particles in the water column, now they want to destroy the remaining agricultual land of the USA while everyone trembles at the thought the Gulf Coast disaster could occur on either or both the East and West Coast of the country. 

Stop the exploitation and desperation of the Petroleum Industry.  It is more than evident they have no respect for the citizen, their health, their food source or CLEAN WATER !!!!!!

...An oil pipeline buried 5 to 7 feet below the Yellowstone River ruptured July 1, spilling about 42,000 gallons of crude oil into the flooded waterway.
Dale Getz, a community relations adviser for ExxonMobil in Billings, said to his knowledge, the lawsuit is the first related to the spill, but the company does not comment on pending litigation. He said the cleanup will continue.
The lawsuit names ExxonMobil Oil Corp., ExxonMobil Pipeline in Houston, Billings refinery manager Jon Wetmore and pipeline terminal superintendent Jason Montgomery....

An Executive Order to save homeownership. If Congress can't or won't act, the President will.

Shares of homebuilders got a boost (click title to entry - thank you) Monday after the White House announced a plan that would make it easier for many homeowners to refinance their mortgages.
As it stands, many struggling homeowners have been unable to take advantage of record low interest rates because they don't meet requirements for refinancing. For example, banks typically require borrowers to have at least some equity in their homes to qualify. But declining home values in recent years mean even borrowers who have been making mortgage payments may be underwater -- meaning they owe more than their homes are worth....

A similar 'effect' occurred with Google Stocks after The American Jobs Act was presented in a joint session of Congress to relay its brevity.  The speech was on Thursday, September 8, 2011.  There were provisions of The American Jobs Act that addressed the sale of broadband.  In response to realizing the impact and opportunities such a sale of broadband could bring the Google stock price increased from $534.96 on September 8th to $596.42 today.  Evidently, Wall Street is confident their lobbiests can work to free the opportunity from Congress regardless of thei politics to "Make Obama a One Term President."