Monday, September 13, 2010

Michael Moore is absolutely correct on all counts, especially a peace park for appropriate use of that land. Gingrich is doing what comes naturally for Right Wing Extremists.

The Republicans Party's base includes bigots.  Gingrich found a 'conspiracy theorist' at Forbes that 'recontextualized' President Obama's book.  The moron that wrote the article Gingrich accepted as if sacred took the President's book, "Dream's from My Father" out of context to attempt to make legitimate character assassination wrapped in bigotry and presented in defamation.  Am I surprised the conspriacy theorist lives at Forbes 'Rag'azine?  No.  Forbes is about money.  Wall Street wants President Obama destroyed.  You don't see the equation? 

Don't expect Gingrich to retract any statements.  The Republican base are bigots and that whom he is trying to motivate to vote in November.  They are extremists and without the tabloid extremists the Republicans would loose elections.  Gingrich is just speaking to his base.  It is why Republcians lie so much because they have to drive out the American Wacko from any distraction or slumber to vote.  Besides, he recently made a speech that really PO"d the Tea Party.  He and Trent Lott stated the elected Tea Party candidates would have to 'blend' into the crowd with the existing leadership indoctrinating them to the "Republican Washington Power Machine."  So, Gingrich has to lie and make a fool of himself in order to win them back again.  Gingrich doesn't care that the President of the USA has just been defamed, he cares about power brokering and elections.  After all he was the fool that extended the suffering of Americans for over a decade when Secretary Clinton, then First Lady was seeking to bring 'health care' under regulation to prevent deaths.  Gingrich never cared about citizens, only money and power.  He cares when it comes time to place a ballot, but, truely care about them?  Gingrich?  Never.  He treats citizens as if puppets on a string.

The Mosque near Ground Zero is a perfect place of it.  There needs to be a Muslim 'Prayer Room' within any commercial building that is planned for that site.  Why?  I think an article from "The New York Times" will provide proof to the 'history' of Muslim worship in regard to the 'daily functioning' of the Former Twin Towers.

On Religion

Muslims and Islam Were Part of Twin Towers’ Life  (click title to entry - thank you)


Published: September 10, 2010
...Over the next few days, noticing some fellow Muslims on the job, Mr. Abdus-Salaam voiced an equally essential question: “So where do you pray at?” And so he learned about the Muslim prayer room on the 17th floor of the south tower....

There is not only a legal right and a moral right to build a Mosque near Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan, there is a historical significance to building a Mosque AT Ground Zero.

From Publishers Weekly  (click here)

Elected the first black president of the Harvard Law Review, Obama was offered a book contract, but the intellectual journey he planned to recount became instead this poignant, probing memoir of an unusual life. Born in 1961 to a white American woman and a black Kenyan student, Obama was reared in Hawaii by his mother and her parents, his father having left for further study and a return home to Africa. So Obama's not-unhappy youth is nevertheless a lonely voyage to racial identity, tensions in school, struggling with black literature?with one month-long visit when he was 10 from his commanding father. After college, Obama became a community organizer in Chicago. He slowly found place and purpose among folks of similar hue but different memory, winning enough small victories to commit himself to the work?he's now a civil rights lawyer there. Before going to law school, he finally visited Kenya; with his father dead, he still confronted obligation and loss, and found wellsprings of love and attachment. Obama leaves some lingering questions?his mother is virtually absent?but still has written a resonant book. Photos not seen by PW. Author tour.

Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc.
A portion of the book is online.  (Click here)


Interesting troposphere, isn't it? Like, ah, here we go again. TWO hurricanes in the Atlantic together and followoing the exact same path. Different velocities.

UNISYS Water Vapor North and West Hemisphere Satellite
September 13, 2010

Wow.  When is the Climate Crisis gong to make headlines other than for political reasons.  This is the second time this season there have been 'twin storms' moving together as a 'unit / system..'  The first was Earl and Fiona and now there is Igor and Julia.  
This is a new phenomena for Earth and its populous.  It should be making headlines around the globe.  

What I am trying to figure out is WHY any 'observer' expects these storms to take a northerly route?

They are not connected in any way to a northern vortex.  At all.  They are receiving their water vapor from the 'equatorial air' and their energy from 'direct solar rays' that maintain a consistent latitude.  Why would they veer off of those ENERGY AND HEAT SOURCES?   

There are FOUR 'circulation centers' (vortexes if you will) that manifested nearly at the same time along the same latitude and are all moving along the same vector.  So, what would the logical decision making be in this matter and where would the ? Cone of Uncertainty ? include?

The four 'circulation centers' can still be seen.  The first in the line of 'ENERGY WAVES' is currently west of Mexico in the Pacific.  It manifested over the Yucatan.

The second is currently moving past Jamaica and it began over the open Caribbean with its center south of Puerto Rico.

The third is Igor.

The fourth is Julia.

My concern is for the people of Belize and the Yucatan should Igor continue on its path.  I don't see any of the systems entering the Gulf of Mexico at this point.  But, I do believe the nations that border the Caribbean need to be on 'alert' for this adverse outcome.   

There is a huge circulation center over Louisiana .  THAT is the influential vortex in this 'chain of energy waves.'  Not the North Atlantic.  The circulation center over Louisiana has been extremely stable for over 24 hours now.

The people of the Antilles, if there are still people there this season need to prepare for very dire circumstances.  I am confident they are already experiencing the effects of Igor by now.  There has been dearly little time for the seas in the region of the world to 'calm' before 'this set of storms' manifested.  It is a 'system of storms' actually. 

The 'second' energy wave still over the Caribbean is taking on a 'reverse' circulation character.  That potential could have a pushing effect against Igor, even now.  But, I question if that will be enough to push a 'near Cat 5' storm off course. 

Julia is putting a 'drag' on Igor but not in a significant way.  From what I am looking at right now.  There is a potential for Gulf involvement with Igor if the second wave in the Caribbean pushes enough and Igor skirts along the islands north and over Cuba.  Then crossing the Keys and Southern Florida much as Andrew did and potentially becoming part of the vortex system over Louisiana with a direct strike there as well.  IF Igor takes that route, it won't diminish in strength in an appreciable manner. 

From its origins in Africa, Igor has moved a huge distance westward across the face of Earth in the Atlantic, but, only moved 4 degrees north in 4 days and 6 hours.  It simply is not showing a propensity for northern movement in a meaningful way.  I am not a believer in allowing 'chance' to enter the picture when it comes to saving human lives.  I believe unless there is some significant tropospheric disturbance that moves Igor off its current route, there will be a significant path of destruction and danger for the nations between the Antilles to Florida.

I simply don't live in denial of a hot troposphere with plenty of 'energy' to allow for dangerous storms in whatever manner they manifest.  Denial is the enemy.  Denial is as expensive as preparedness, but, it is paid in human lives and property damage.  Preparedness is a mattter of using 'already assembled' resources saved for 'a rainy day.'  Gee, what a shame there is some inconvenience that comes to play when a Cat 4-5 storms is slipping across Atlantic waters unabated.  Damn the inconvenience.  Too bad.

Twelve hour loop at title to entry.   
This the the path of Hurricane Andrew in 1992.  Igor has the potential to follow a nearly identical path.  But, slightly more southern.  That is my assessment as of right now.  However, there is a possibility Igor won't veer off at all, but, enter the Caribbean.

Igor is not moving as northerly as Andrew did.  Andrew was a lot further north than Igor is now.  In the same period of time of 4 days and 6 hours Andrew moved 13 degrees north while traveling a significant length of ocean.  Igor isn't going to veer off.  Don't count on it. 

 This is a NASA image of Hurricane Andrew which reached a Cat 5 velocity across Southern Florida.  It was big and mean.  1992.

Igor's 'eye wall' has been extremely stable and significantly along the same latitude.  If it turns north at all, Cuba needs to be on alert for a full length catastrophe.  It will be more southern than Andrew was.

Until tomorrow.

The weather at Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve (Crystal Wind Chime) is the same as the northern USA temperatures.:

That is a hot temperature map.  In North Carolina where the temperatures remain in the 70s and 80s, the leaves are starting to change to their autumn colors.  My question is why?  The first day of Autumn is September 23rd.  It is getting more and more strange every year.  The autumn colors are obviously not triggered by temperature so much as having delivered fruit.


Local Time  ::  3:21 PM AKDT (GMT -08)

Lat/Lon  ::  58.8° N 137.0° W

Elevation  ::
  33 ft

Temperature  ::  64 °F

Conditions  ::  Clear

Humidity  :: 

Dew Point  ::
45 °F

Wind  :: 5 mph from the SSW

  ::  30.16 in (Steady)

Visibility  ::
  10.0 miles

UV  ::
  3 out of 16

Clouds  ::  Clear
                  Above ground level

Conservation efforts in Alaska have a definite economic 

contribution to the stability of the tourism industry, clean water, 

clean air and fisheries.

Alaska conservation foundation donates $4.1 million  (click title to entry - thank you)
by Staff Report
FAIRBANKS - The Alaska Conservation Foundation awarded $4.1 million worth of grants in the 2010 fiscal year ending on June 30, the organization announced in a press release.

ACF awarded 159 grants to 62 groups across the state. The organization said funds went toward bills that expand renewable energy and a court fight to assert public notice is required when the state issues mine exploration permits. It also co-sponsored a week-long Environmental Leadership Institute with 30 conservation leaders.

ACF is an Anchorage-based public foundation established in 1980 to connect philanthropists and foundations to Alaska’s grassroots conservation organizations.

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