Monday, May 24, 2010

Let me see if I get this right. The greatest military in the world can't close a simple 'drill hole' one mile down without the assistance of the Plutocracy.

Well, we better be sure the Dow never falls.

What a crock of shit !

So, the combined wisdom of the Joint Chiefs, MIT, FIT and Raytheon Corporation can't find a way to CLOSE THE HOLE. 

Well, boys and girls that is a military we can count on? 

No.  That is not a military we can count on.

The USA military actually has NO MEANS to deal with complete and absolute sabotage of the economy of the Gulf of Mexico.

I think we have a problem.  A very, very big problem.  A problem that is bigger than BPs idiocy.

BP faces criticism over the chemicals it is using to disperse the oil slick. Photograph: Stephane Jourdain/AFP/Getty Images

BP may face criticism, but, the USA military is about to be ridiculed as it never has been ridiculed before.

..."I am recommending as strongly as we can that we absolutely minimise the use of dispersants and that we monitor as rigorously as we can," she told a conference call with reporters touring Louisiana marshes contaminated by the oil. She said she thought BP would be able to cut its use of chemicals to break up the spill by half or even 75% by injecting smaller quantities underwater....

The Secretary of the EPA has ORDERED British Petroleum to stop using disperants that are dangerous to the waters of the Gulf of Mexcio and all the USA mitilary can do is 'shrug its shoulders?'


I want the resignation of Secretary Gates and I want the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan immediately.  I want the military budget slashed because they aren't worth the money we pay for them !

That is only the beginning.

No Cabinet Secretary should be saying PRETTY PLEASE to any DAMN Wall Street Jackass and if this continues there needs to be some real downsizing of the military by dismissing the Joint Chiefs, Secretary Gates and any other asshole that is standing in the way of a resolve to this issue.

I mean when one takes a look at the perform of the USA miltiary since the Iraq invasion one has to ask whom are they working for Osama bin Laden?

An illegal war into Iraq, the USA is now in partnership with every damn Afghan rebel that grows poppies and our sons and daughters have to put up with failed economy inherited from Bush and Cheney only to face more economic deterioration due to the lax regulatory capacity of the USA in regard to an out of control Petroleum industry?

I want an investigation, regulation and oversight like the USA military has never seen and I want 'butts.'   A lot of butts from the point where any miltiary policy became ADVERSE to the outcome of this country.

As of today, the USA miltiary has couped the Obama Administration and is dangerously close to destroying our democracy.

I want resignations and I want them now, if they aren't forthcoming I want every damn jackass between here and hell removed from their commission without the benefit of a MILITARY TRIBUNAL and refused any and all benefits that are afforded officers at retirement.

End of Discussion !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can take that to the bank !

CNN captures the destruction of the Gulf Waters (click title to entry - thank you)

Wind power fails no more than 2% of the time and the power grid makes up for that.  There is no reason not to power the USA with completely benign power.

I don't recognize any viable answer by the Petroleum Industry in this investigation report.  The emulsifier is everywhere carrying oil with it.  There is a huge destruction of viable life in the Gulf yet to be realized. 

The oil is toxic.  We know it is toxic.  There is no way any tourism can occur in those waters and it keeps spreading.

The fisheries are contmainated and those fish cannot be relied on for a food source.  The FDA is going to have to test any fish that comes out of those waters to determine the level of toxicity in their meat.  The toxins will build up over time.  The fish being harvested out of the Gulf now have minimal exposure to these toxins, but, no different than the Great Lakes, the fish being hatched (if any) will absorb more and more toxins than their parents.

The Gulf is a toxic waste pool dedicated to harvesting petroleum.  The Petroleum Industry could not care about any of it. 

It is one thing to clean up a contained spill of oil.  It is quite something else to 'live with' floating chemicals that never end.

I have a solution. 

We do not need 'too big to fail' in any industry. 

Independent, small businesses don't do this.  Large corporate entities that have too much distance from product to consumer do this.  Large corporations are too depersonalized from 'real values' to allow them to continue.

How many small, responsible rig operators would exist if corporate petroleum companies were banned from engaging any drilling process ever again off the USA shorelines?  And if they didn't exist, what have we really lost?  Nothing. 

Put, them out of business and stop pandering to an industry that doesn't care about life so much as profits.  Wind, solar and electric vehicles.

We can start by boycotting BP.  Stop their illegitmate practices. 

Incredible dedication to their viewers.  Thank you, CNN.  I learned all I needed to know.