Monday, November 02, 2015

Ohio Marijuana Legalization Initiative, Issue 3 (2015)

Voting yes (click here) ould legalize the limited sale and use of marijuana and create 10 facilities with exclusive commercial rights to grow marijuana.

He is setting up a cartel of marijuana growers and sellers. That isn't democracy. How many of the TEN facilities will be associated with the grass roots movement that brought the profitable movement forward?

 I don't think there is any direct line one can draw from the campaign donors to one of the TEN facilities. His large amount of money came out of Columbus.  Probably lobbyists and lawyers. (click here)

It just seems unfair to me to have a profitable business to be brought forward that will help pay for the Ohio government handed over to ten people to form a cartel. 

I think there are many questions to ask and considering Governor Kasich is running for President he should have answers. 
President Obama stated he would have the troops home and he hasn't.  There is a book everyone should be reading about military readiness that actually matters.

I was surprised Senator Croy Booker wasn't with him in New Jersey today.


I don't care what Jeb Bush said about Lincoln's beard. He can't hold a candle.

I thought there would be a satellite that picked the failure of the jet. I thought it was Russia and not the USA. Russia seemed so confident it wasn't a terrorist attack. Interesting. I glad the USA could help. 

Daesh did show up in a report about the Sinai. It was an article.

This is from al Arabiya.

11 July 2015 
By Sonia Farid

The July 1 Sinai (click here)  attacks were not the first, but they were the most shocking. They followed the assassination of the prosecutor general, which made linking the two incidents inevitable, especially since they both took place around the second anniversary of the June 30 protests that toppled former President Mohamed Mursi.

Confusion ensued due to contradictory reports on the number of deaths, with an official figure of 21 but local sources saying 70-100. The media described the battle, between Islamist militants and the army, as the fiercest since the 1973 war between Egypt and Israel. Meanwhile, officials are trying to alleviate fears over the growing power the militant group Sinai Province, which is affiliated to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)....

If Daesh is in the Sinai, I find it odd there was no intelligence about it and their capacity. We know for a fact there was some munitions that was not destroyed in Libya. It is anyone's guess.

We need a new DNC Chairperson.

I didn't mind the call for more debates was declined. BUT. This is limiting free speech and choices available to Democrats for the 2016 elections.

I like his bow tie. 

I don't care if a Harvard professor came forward to carry 'the word' about how the bow tie no longer gets a fair hearing. 

HE CAME FORWARD to run in an election of Democrats. HE HAS A RIGHT TO BE ON THE DEBATE STAGE.

Declining more debates is one thing. But, to deny the right of a person to be part of the Democratic process is unethical and dishonest.

This is TransCanada. The people said no to the Northern Pipeline, so TransCanada came up with another one.

The new Prime Minister hasn't said no to this one.

TransCanada is basically bankrupt. They must have some interesting accounting. The reason the CEO doesn't quit even in the face of rejection by the people because he wants bonuses from SOMETHING. He wants to appear to be valuable to the stockholders. NOT!

Look at that gorgeous land. And TransCanada, the blight of North America, wants to put a pipeline through it. Those hills are covered with forest. Very valuable CARBON SINKS. But, who cares? Certainly, not TransCanada.

The company should declare bankruptcy and get it over with, all their buddies are.

April 14, 2015

While Enbridge’s (TSX:ENB) Northern Gateway Project (click here) suffered a fresh setback Friday after British Columbia’s Kitimat residents rejected the pipeline in a non-binding plebiscite, a First Nations-backed consortium revealed it is seeking to build an alternative duct to transport bitumen form the country's oil sands in Alberta to the West Coast.
In a statement Monday, Eagle Spirit Energy Holdings and Vancouver-based Aquilini Group say they have signed non-disclosure agreements with a substantial number of First Nations in northern British Columbia to earn a “social licence” for the project.
“It has taken over a year of carefully listening to the feedback and concerns of First Nations communities to learn what it might take to earn a social licence for such an important project,” the chairman and president of Eagle Spirit Energy Holdings, Calvin Helen, said.
The company’s proposal is to build a pipeline connected to an upgrader in northern Alberta or northeastern B.C., which it is said to minimize impacts on the coastal and inland waters, wildlife, and neighbouring communities....

Such a beautiful land. It doesn't need oil spoiling it and killing the marine life and sustainable fishing and neither do we. 

Here is a challenge to everyone. Find a national park and find a breath taking overlook. When you look at it, know that land was protected for your children and their generation and your grandchildren and their grandchildren so they will know how beautiful Earth sincerely is when we protect what is important to protect.

What if all that beauty was gone? Would generations from now know the true nature of Earth and it's importance? Kindly think about what environmentalists and conservationists have in their heart when they fight the good fight. 

The fight is important and the outcomes more important. 

There are reports TransCanada is talking directly to Nebraska.

I am going to be calling Nebraska tomorrow. This gamesmanship needs to stop. Additionally TransCanada isn't a very viable company. They have a debt to income ratio over 1.0. In other words for every dollar they earn they are losing more than a dollar. It is a ridiculous company in many, many ways. I've had enough.

And for other environmentalist and/or conservationist, I am now including the fiscal viability of the parties intending to do damage.

For decades now the petroleum industry has accepted subsides because there are business interests that aren't profitable. Should a company receive subsidies and be drilling for oil or gas, especially offshore? The USA demands responsibility of the oil company to any damage they do; ie: The Deepwater Horizon. What if BP was flat broke and the oil spill occurred? That's TransCanada. They have NO VALUE that will cover pipeline failures as their garbage oil burps out of the soil and destroys our farm land.

Environmentalists have been doing the heavy lifting to stop as much degradation of Earth's biosphere as we can. HOWEVER. We never check the viability of the company. It will make a difference to courts. It is simply another few hours of Wall Street prospectus to add to public comment. Just get it on the record. If we find any dirt on the company put it on the record, too. Corruption should be known!

September 30, 2015

...TransCanada spokesman Mark Cooper (click here) said applying through the Nebraska Public Service Commission would likely be quicker than going through the courts.
"This process will likely be seven to 12 months for a decision, as opposed to one where we do not have an estimated timeline," Cooper said.
"Despite having route authority to construct Keystone XL, uncertainty in the courts around the constitutionality of how the route was approved was very likely to carry on once again to the Nebraska Supreme Court."

Opposition in Nebraska has been one of several major hurdles facing the Keystone XL project, which has been waiting more than six years for U.S. presidential approval....

Nebraska does not have state's rights to violate international borders.

Constitutional Analysis of a Nebraska Pipeline Routing Law (click here)

That analysis is of 2011 and there could be more legislature since then and/or pending.

There was a change in government in Alberta, but, the lousy new Prime Minister stated during his elections he favored Keystone. He may have said that because Alberta will fight it.

He stated he favored Keystone because he opposed a different pipeline that would be built inside Canada. So basically, the Canadians were able to stop two pipelines, Keystone and the other's name escapes me. But, there are two now that are pending and not making forward movement.

Northern Gate Pipeline. How could I forget that name?

The fate of the Northern Gateway pipeline project (click here) is now in the hands of a trio of Federal Appeal Court judges who reserved their decision on whether to uphold or quash the government’s approval of the controversial project.
Over six days of legal arguments in Vancouver, the court heard the government didn’t get aboriginal consent or consider the impact on the environment when it approved the project, while proponents claimed a decision to overturn the pipeline approval would kill the project.

The government approved the $7-billion Enbridge Northern Gateway project in June, 2014, with 209 conditions, following the recommendations made by a review panel considering the environmental impacts of the interprovincial pipeline.
A collection of First Nations, environmental groups and a labour union launched the appeal, asserting that the panel tasked with reviewing the pipeline proposal didn’t adequately consult with aboriginal groups nor sufficiently consider the environmental impact....

Michigan legislators are not solving problems. Perhpas the federal EPA needs to be involved.

Microbeads in the tail of a fish. (click here)

Usually plastic kills fish in a variety of ways when it enters the water environment. However, microbeads can be incorporated into the food the fish are eating. It is a concern the plastics could break down in the fish stomach and become part of their meat. That is the concern, if that is the fact, then humans are eating the same plastic they washed themselves with, plus they washed thorough sewage treatment, too. The microbeads would be hollow and can pick up microscopic bacteria.

October 31, 2015

...The tiny plastic bits (click here) flush through most water treatment systems and eventually make their way into freshwater streams and lakes, including the Great Lakes. Mason and her students began trawling the lakes in 2012, skimming the tiny bits of floating plastic from the water in an attempt to quantify the problem.

She found concentrations in Lake Michigan of about 17,000 pieces per square kilometer — the highest concentrations were captured in Grand Traverse Bay — and concentrations of up to 1.1 million pieces per square kilometer in lakes Erie and Ontario. Department of Environmental Quality officials have voiced concerns about those plastics eventually moving up the food chain to humans when fish and other aquatic organisms eat them. Only a minuscule number of states — including Illinois and California — have passed laws to ban microbeads in household products, but Michigan isn’t one of them.
Both Democrat and Republican state lawmakers have introduced bills since 2013 to stop the flow of microbeads — many the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen — into the state’s waterways, but none has gained momentum. The latest bill halted in early October when state representatives disagreed about whether a law should include an allowance for manufacturers to use biodegradeable plastic beads in their products.

That inaction, particularly for residents of the Grand Traverse region, should be concerning since we live in the state that certaily has the most profound interest in the lakes. Lawmakers need to work together to pass legislation taht will hault the flow of microbeads into the Great Lakes,...

The US DOD needs to disband the TFBSO.

The Task Force for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO) (click here) was established in 2006 in Iraq to assist in revitalizing that country’s economy and creating jobs. In 2010, TFBSO began operations in Afghanistan aimed at creating economic opportunities for people in order to increase stability, reduce violence, and restore economic normalcy in areas suffering from unrest and insurgency.

DAI is aiding the TFBSO in Afghanistan in establishing a private equity fund for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), developing an investment pipeline to them, and facilitating targeted technical assistance. The project will also work to facilitate larger investment opportunities for larger Afghan enterprises....

Engineers in Pakistan have built a similar facility for one half a million dollars US. The TFBSO is not conducting good business. There is no reason to continue that serve. Afghanistan can always ask for loans to have the locals build a facility they value. There is a good chance the people won't value this and it will become a target rather than a project bringing pride to the people.

The people have no vested interest in a project erected by foreign contractors. That money could be used once again for the DOD budget.

November 2, 2015
By Lee Ferran

American taxpayers (click here) are on the hook for a $43 million gas station constructed in Afghanistan -- a price tag that’s about $42.5 million higher than it should’ve been, and the Department of Defense can’t explain why, according to a new government report. 
“The DOD charged the American taxpayer $43 million for what is likely the world’s most expensive gas station,” Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) John Sopko said, ahead of the release of the SIGAR report today. “DOD spent $43 million on the gas station, without determining it would be a good idea, and now claims it knows nothing about the project.” 

The SIGAR report details the planning and construction of a compressed natural gas (CNG) station in the Afghan city of Sheberghan, part of a larger Downstream Gas Utilization Project designed to take advantage of Afghanistan’s natural gas reserves. The gas station itself was meant to prove that CNG stations were a viable alternative to imported petroleum for Afghan vehicles....

November 2, 2015
By Derick Baldwin

Dubai: Cyclone Chapala (click here) was expected to unleash 400mm of tropical rainfall on central coastal Yemen by the end of the day on Tuesday when it dumps three years worth of precipitation within 24 hours, says a leading global weather expert on climate anomalies.
Dr Mansour Al Mazroui, Director of Centre of Excellence for Climate Change at King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, said on Monday that computer models at the centre suggest that Yemen will be battered by the Category 1 storm with winds of 150-175 km/h by the time it makes landfall on the mainland.
The depression will morph into a tropical storm and decrease in intensity as it moves inland to release its torrential rainfall.
“We’re running models and it’s showing 400mm of rain — that’s more than three years of rain all at once,” he said.
“This cyclone is considered a very tropical cyclone for that region,” Dr Al Mazroui told Gulf News. “Most [Indian Ocean] cyclones hit India but very few go north. We’re seeing now the second strongest cyclone [in the region’s history] and it’s hitting Yemen. It is remarkable.”...
The Russian Metro jet has as significant history of damage involving the tail section. It wasn't just the tail section but also support structures. It could have taken 13to 14 (2001) years of flight stress to cause a major failure of that old damage.
Activists with Moral Mondays (click here) Illinois protested at the Chicago Board of Trade to demand a tax on financial trading in Chicago. According to Chicago police, 41 protesters were arrested and one has been cited.

The protest comes less than a week after the City Council approved Mayor Rahm Emanuel's budget, which includes a $588 million property tax increase.

"You and I will soon pay 10.25 percent sales tax at the store," said Toby Chow of Fair Economy Illinois. "Right now, big banks and corporations buying stocks and futures in Chicago don't pay a cent. A tiny sales tax amounting to less than .002 percent of the average contract value would scarcely be noticed by the big corporations, but it would generate billions of dollars for vital resources that we need in our communities."...

We have a governable data management system to provide data to stakeholders. 

What is govern data when a thirteen year old asks for data. "That is really not an example of "mission data." That example goes to the public relations department. There are three categories of data in "the cloud." Oh, great, we have a cloud.

How to develop a covert digital signature and we think differently now about it. There are several different ways of maintaining our cover. 

There is no such thing as a moment of emergence. Even ISIL developed over time. I suppose so. They first left Iraq and refugeed in Syria. I imagine their manifestation lasted for the entire length of the USA occupation. 

In 2025 the individual agent will be able to be operate as their own agency. 

Intelligence is going to be reliant on the individual and integration of the data is important, but, the agent can stand with their own effort. Liberal arts majors and have to understand the data on mass analytic. Cultural, technological, budget piece to it. Fine. I am sure Russia is going online with their independent agents in 2024 as of this moment. 

What prompted all this information coming forward? Seriously. Why is this a good idea? 

 A competitive operational environment. Best information, best intelligence and intelligence no one else can provide on a multi-streaming data stream. The agency is always looking to be involved with more value. Really? Where does the intelligence have more value. Interesting. Did fire you fire Clapper yet. He doesn't seem to understand what appropriate spying is all about. 

Oh yeah, the cutting edge data. That has to be worth at least a trillion or so US, huh? 

These are about the military industry.The spending cap was approved by Congress to $20 trillion until 2017. When is there going to be additional taxes?
Thomas Donnelly is a partisan. He stated, "This administration likes to pivot to Asia. Real policy puts a structured power in the region. Kindergartners pivot, not an American military." He states we need a more FORWARD presence in the region along with our allies. 

FORWARD is a really big word for these folks. It is a war stance. 

Donnelly is an idiot. He is a partisan and we don't know what the best presence in the Pacific is from him. He is single minded no different than his best friend Jeff Sessions. See, Sessions can go back to the US Senate and say he has support for his point of view no matter how stupid and WRONG it is.

 Amazing, the full circle corruption that exists in our government and the permissiveness for the corruption by the advisers and private sector. That is why that book is a rare find. I almost made it out the door to the book store until I heard Donnelly. 

Senator Ernst wants the National Guard embedded with the regular military and to train with them

Shawn Brimley wants the US Navy to 100% of unmanned status. 

Senator Dan Sullivan has a love affair with the private sector and the people with the answers, not the Senators elected by the people. He also wants LNG to take a front and center place in the US military. Amazing the corruption that exists.

Different meeting - Defense and national Security Summit.
Vice Admiral Chris Aquilino states the navy is forward and is the response in a crisis. 

Mr. Penison states the US Navy will soon move from 270 vehicles to 300. 

Admiral Aquilino states the navy needs much more than 300 vehicles/ships....the current view on how we operate forward is based on group of ships out of Japan, Guam. It really is not about bases, it is about being where it matters when it matters.

Execution into the Pacific is done for the rebalance there. "Most capable things." Most advanced F-18s and ships are out there. The rebalance is more than just things, it is about partnerships and how we think about operating. Build a network of navies that can respond and support the global commons.

Globally deployed forces across events in each combat commanders. Those forces can shift where and when the crisis might be. IT IS ANYONE'S GUESS WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT, basically. 

Does the navy know it needs intelligence? It would be helpful on the fuel bill. 

Oh, sustainable model that delivers high end services for any threat. It is a variety of different imputs to provide a sustainable force to carry out a high end mission. The ships are ready to go to sea and the soldiers are aware of their condition in order to go to sea, it syncronized parts and supplies. Okay then. 

The navy is smart enough to know they have to be flexible for deployment in 2017. CSG. Ypilones. 

CSG - The Carrier Strike Group (click here)

He also states humanitarian missions can be deployed in the same efficiency. Good deal. Global security for the global commons.

US Navy Ships other than CSG (click here)

The Naval Board (click here) 

This 'talk' is a demonstration of the hard work the navy has carried out to serve the best interests of the USA. That is what this is.   

Vice Admiral Aquilino is an excellent spokesman for the US Navy, it's structure and operational readiness. I like him a lot. He is not mired in macho statements about the navy. He is completely uninterested in partisan stature. He is very important to the way the USA thinks about it's navy. He is willing to be involved in humanitarian interests equally as national defense in a combat or 'presence' roll for the USA. He has no biased ideas. He understands the USA's compassion is as important as it's strength.

MOP - Master Operations Production Plant. (click here)
Climate Change is discussed in readiness.
The funding. He also articulates the need for multi-year funding for the navy as well as all the divisions of the us military. Evidently, it effects readiness.

He states he feels good about the Navy's readiness.


Brigadier General Donald Bolduc is talking about team work between the soldiers.

There are partners in Africa for the USA forces. The AFRICOM command is unified and while ISIS (north africa) is a threat to the region, it is not the only and major potential threat. He identifies al Shabaab, Boko Haram and several other groups operating there. What he states is that ISIS (Daesh) is capable of cooping other groups. He doesn't state same for any of the other groups. He states the threat is regional and government militaries are beginning to identify that. In other words, up to now the existing militaries have been reacting to uprisings and not a sustained terrorist threat that is constant and not intermittent.

Lt. General Hodges and Russia with Ukraine - ISR (click here) were tied up in Centcom. 75% of their assets. 

General Bolduc states they could always use more than what exists, but, that is true of anything regardless our preparedness. He recognizes the ISR as a global need.
He has several interrogators that hand down information to the operators of the vehicles. "Coffee breath close with our partners." Augmentation support with our embassies. "We are a supporting effort, not the effort directly.  We have a soft structure to assist with NGOs, USAID. It is all about institution building."
New mission in Syria. We advise and consent and train and equipping. A new supportive role in Syria. These folks must be great communicators. They also integrate 'circumstantial evidence' into their process. They are thinkers, too.

"A meaningful and long lasting relationship is what these 23 countries are looking for." They want us there with them. Not to be a crutch, but, in support of what they are doing.

"The Leahy Amendment" It is about 'vetting' personnel. I hesitate to put a link here because people like Daesh can learn how to deceive THE PROCESS. But, it out here now, so here it is. (click here)
Over 3000 lra in triple canopy jungle and now we are down to 200 and they are on the run. The lra's are the 'Kony folks.' They made a lot of progress. Congratulation.

Chad, Camaroon and Niger are involved in the operational aspect countering the groups that breed death in their countries.

Nigeria has a more autonomous status in the region. 
Activities involving these violent groups centers around natural resources. They get their money from foresting, diamonds, metal or whatever they find including wildlife that are exported to places like The West or China. They also use water resources such as Lake Chad. Once the country's natural resources are under the control of the elected government the groups/rebels cannot sustain themselves. These rebels are not capable of growing a sustainable society because of their violence.

We focus on the right people and not necessarily the technology. There it is. There will never be a 100 percent unmanned anything. People make a difference, not metal shrouded machines.   End of meeting with the  Brig. General. It was a good one. It was better than listening to US Senators that actually pretend to know something and know nothing but their own rhetoric.

One thing that also needs to be controlled for these countries is the flow of small arms. 


Andrew Hallman - digital data - moving the analyst 'manial curation of data' 

This isn't CIA, but, I think it relays the idea.

IT organizations (click here) have grappled with data quality issues for years. As IT environments get more complex, the data issues keep getting worse. IT has an entire set of best practices around ITIL—Asset Management, Service Management, Portfolio Management and more. But a lot of inefficiencies arise due to issues in the underlying IT data.

Basically what the CIA does for these countries is to help them understand a computer platform and extract quality data from it rather than hopelessly get lost in the volume available to them. Sometimes there are custom applications.

The countries have to access data, analyze data and pass it along for implementation.

Continued in next entry if necessary.

Senator Jeff Sessions states there needs to be more money for the defense BUT he never talks about raising taxes in the way of something like the Financial Transaction Tax; he only sees cuts in all other expenses. Jeff Sessions is not the answer. Ultimately he will implode the USA's economy with austerity. He is too far gone when it comes to his political rhetoric. He actually believes his own lies. He needs to realize Grover Norquist is not putting on a uniform to volunteer without pay to carry out the USA national defense.

Jeff Sessions only seeks answers through partisan measures. He is completely unable to move out of his chosen paradigm for whatever reason it exists. He will never move outside his own convictions regardless the need of the country.

I don't believe Thomas Donnelly stated the USA has no show of strength. He believes Russian's shirtless President clearly states a state of strength. I do not believe this man is saying this. Vladimir Putin's photographic record is about votes, not military readiness. OMG. 

There definitely are morons in the world. There definitely is. Mr. Donnelly stated this to Senator Jean Shaheen. A woman asking a question caused Mr. Donnelly to talk about muscles and showing them off. Do you believe this genderized mess? 

From" (click here)

Women in the Russian and Soviet military, as in other nations, have played an important role in their country's military history, in particular during the Great Patriotic War. Despite performing various duties in the armies throughout Russian history, it was in the 20th century that women began to be given a more prominent role. Women of Russia and the Soviet Union played a significant role in World Wars, especially during World War II; arguably a greater role than in other combatant nations, although attitudes towards their contribution was occasionally paternalistic and reluctant. 

"The Power Problem: How American Military Dominance Makes Us Less Safe, Less Prosperous and Less Safe" by Christopher A. Preble

Numerous polls (click here) show that Americans want to reduce our military presence abroad, allowing our allies and other nations to assume greater responsibility both for their own defense and for enforcing security in their respective regions. In The Power Problem, Christopher A. Preble explores the aims, costs, and limitations of the use of this nation’s military power; throughout, he makes the case that the majority of Americans are right, and the foreign policy experts who disdain the public’s perspective are wrong. Preble is a keen and skeptical observer of recent U.S. foreign policy experiences, which have been marked by the promiscuous use of armed intervention. He documents how the possession of vast military strength runs contrary to the original intent of the Founders, and has, as they feared, shifted the balance of power away from individual citizens and toward the central government, and from the legislative and judicial branches of government to the executive....

One person listened. 2009 he wrote the book. He listened.

It is acknowledged that allies in NATO are not arming, they are disarming. Evidently, our allies don't see THE THREATS the USA military does.

Dr. Andrew F. Krepinevich, Jr. (click here) is President of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments. 

NATO has not committed the two percent of their GDP to military hardware. Go figure. 

NATO learned it wasn't the people and countries that needed to have military hardware. It learned that from "W."

Why should NATO invest in a military it will never need? It was a wrongful war into Iraq and it finished the discussion for allies.

The truth is the USA creates its own problems and then fights a war when it becomes a large enough problem. I remind, the Executive Branch knew about the impending attacks of a madman exiled into Afghanistan. It knew and it neglected the safety of the American people and our infrastructure. 

The danger to the American people was allowed to exist and the war was the goal.

On, cute. The USA needs primacy. Now, the USA is supposed to have an outpost in every corner in the world, but, better yet why not simply complain about allies and tell them they ain't doin' their jobs. 

I tell you what. Let's just stop teen pregnancy. 

November 2, 2015
By Rick Kelsey 

Dating apps are increasing rates of STIs, (sexually transmitted infection) (click here)  according to the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV.

One of the UK's leading sexual health doctors says "apps have to invest more time in pushing a safe sex message".
"You are able to turn over partners more quickly with a dating app and the quicker you change partners the more likely you are to get infections," Dr Peter Greenhouse has told Newsbeat.

"What really worries me is that we are just at a tipping point for HIV"...

Pinch me, pinch me, tell me I am hearing things. 

The message is getting through.

Christopher Preble stated national building doesn't work. I must be hearing things. No, no he said it twice. He stated the USA is much better off with a leaner and effective military that rises to the occasion threat and not an extensive war.

I think I can take the day off.

I need to get a book.

"The Power Problem," How American Military Dominance Makes Us Less Safe, Less Prosperous, and Less Free. (Cornell University Press, 2009).

Thank you Pope Francis. 
General Mark Milley in a live forum just stated "Special Forces" for as good as they are can't win a war alone. He stated it takes the commitment of the country.

What he didn't say is the USA military hasn't won a war yet when it acts alone. It didn't win anything in Vietnam. Iraq is a complete failure and Afghanistan is no better than before the initial invasion. The Taliban reconstituted in Pakistan while Osama bin Laden enjoyed a life as their leader. FOR YEARS.

May 2, 2011 is the day he was killed by US Special Forces. 2011. Afghanistan was invaded in retaliation of the attacks on September 11, 2001. Nearly ten years bin Laden flourished in Pakistan. The USA military and intelligence knew he did not vaporize with Rumsfeld's Daisy Cutters. Ten years. That is not a success, it is sad. 

The last time the USA won a war was WW II. 

It takes far more than a country to engage in war and win, it takes a global understanding it is necessary to carry out a war and pull in the same direction. Enough of the nonsense about America is great at winning wars when it acts unilaterally; it is a lie.

Would have the Viet Cong won the Vietnam war if China was allied with the USA? No.

Would the Taliban had reconstituted if Pakistan was a strong ally and committed to ending the Taliban's unique design of control? No. No one is going to tell me the Pakistani ISI didn't know where bin Laden was.  

And Iraq. It was the war that never should have been fought and the entire world knew it. The entire world knew it before the invasion. Many Americans knew and know the Iraq invasion was a fabrication. So, don't even go there. The Ba'athists became Daesh delivered by Bush and Blair.

None of that is a lie. The 'end' of the wars by the USA are 'goalless.' They begin for an abstract reason and end in failure. It gives the President something to do. Even Reagan ran his own little war. Was it successful? No.