Friday, September 30, 2016

The Flint River Water Project

Ongoing Research:

This project requires dates and times. I have to learn the dates and times from the research material and then enter it to retrieve the information I am looking for. In addition to that there is the variety of locations the information can be. That is not an issue. I can obtain data as I go and record it as I read it. That means I can have multiple points of fact that I read and record in a chronological dialogue. It is just tedious. This is going to take awhile, but, it won't take forever.

Did you know Flint, Michigan is at a 90 degree elbow turn in the Flint River?

There is such a thing as river processes that bring about changes in the river flow. I find it more than interesting such a "right angle (90 degrees)" exists at the place the city is named the same as the river. People name things, including rivers.

The pressure of water breaks (click here) away rock particles from the river bed and banks. The force of the water hits river banks, and then pushes water into cracks. Air becomes compressed, pressure increases and the riverbank may, in time collapse. Where velocity is high  e.g. the outer bend of meaner, hydraulic action can remove material from the banks which may lead to undercutting and and river bank collapse. Near waterfalls and and rapids, the force may be strong enough to work on lines of weakness in joints and bedding planes until they are eroded.

There is something else I find interesting. 

Below is the legend for the entire map of the USA.

Michigan falls into the next to lowest number of EPA water samples with other states, other than zero.

This is not by far all the information I am looking for, but, I want everyone to know I am sincere about coming to terms with the atrocity that occurred under Governor Snyder.

Alaska, known for it's beautiful rivers full of fish, falls into the category of 335,421 to 879,332 discrete water samples according to the color of the legend. It is estimated Michigan's population in 2014 is 9.9 million people, while Alaska's population is 736,732 in the same year.

The point is I don't want to hear excuses that northern Michigan doesn't need that much vigilance. If Alaska requires that level of vigilance, so does Michigan.

According to the drop down menu, Alaska has 1,447,049 EPA discrete water samples with an additional 53,823 USGS discrete water samples.

There is something wrong with this picture. The fisheries are commercial and people's lives are not. That is just me and not official record that I have located yet.

Thank you for your interest.

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September 30, 2016
UNISYS north and east hemispheric water vapor satellite (click here for 12 hour loop)

The next phenomena is noted west of Alaska.

There is a very large vortex, but, it is more than a vortex. There is a hemisphere roll cloud from my assessment. Roll clouds are sometimes stated to be alien invasions, but, they aren't at all.

Roll clouds and shelf clouds fall into the same category, arcus clouds. Roll clouds form because of an outflow of cold air. It makes sense this extra large phenomena would manifest out of Arctic air coming down from the Arctic circle. There is more than sufficient cold air for this to manifest. It is not over Alaska, but, over the Bering Sea and the north Pacific.

To have a hemispheric roll cloud is strange, but, to have one feed by dense water vapor is more than curious (dense white area).

To the left is radar of the phenomena via Accuweather radar (click here)

This is an extremely rare phenomena, but, I have seen it once before in far less dynamics in 2016.
September 30, 2016
UNISYS west and north hemisphere water vapor satellite (click here for 12 hour loop)

Not to ignore the small phenomena. The east Pacific storms rolling over the continent to build into storms has a diminished amount of water vapor to produce those storms. So, while Matthew is growing and moving the tropical storms may abate for a day or so. 

There is also a circulation center developing directly west and off shore of Oregon and Washington state. It is feeding off the water vapor that is also a part of the roll cloud 'system.'

This vortex is nearly the same latitude of the land-based hurricane over Lake Michigan that is now migrating northwest.

There are two offshore circulation centers off the east coast, east of New Jersey and east of the Bahamas. These circulation centers are being somewhat deprived of water vapor by the land based hurricane/tropical storm over Lake Michigan. These offshore systems most probably will not effect land, but, are in oscillation with the Lake Michigan Tropical Storm (hurricane).

Hurricane Matthew is a huge storm. It is so WET with water vapor it has a trail behind it reaching back to the ITCZ. It is that reach full of fuel (water vapor) that concerns me of Matthew's potential. This hurricane is already a Cat Two storm and growing. The central pressures are dropping like a rock and the potential for a very high velocity storm exists due to it's rich water vapor content.

There are multiple phenomena with the air masses over North America today.

September 30, 2016
UNISYS north and east hemispheric water vapor satellite (click here for 12 hour loop)

It took only nine hours as a category one for Hurricane Matthew to become a category two. The storm is now moving at about 25 miles per hour. This is a very fast storm both in the movement west and it's acceleration of velocity.

It took only nine hours as a category one for Hurricane Matthew to become a category two. The storm is now moving at about 25 miles per hour. This is a very fast storm both in the movement west and it's acceleration of velocity.

There is also much to note on the current air masses on this image. There is a solitary land based hurricane over Lake Michigan. It developed over land and is now an independent circulation system.

September 30, 2016
UNISYS modified water vapor satellite of midwest (central North America). (click here forenhanced infrared 12 hour loop)

Since 2006 there have been hurricanes that developed 'near shore.' It only makes sense as the heat increases in the troposphere that ability of Earth to turn water vapor into a hurricane would begin to translate over the Great Lakes.

September 28, 2016
By Richard Ray

At least eight water spouts (click here) formed over Lake Michigan near the Chicago area on Wednesday, the National Weather Service confirmed.

Water spouts formed as early as 8:30 a.m. near the city’s Lincoln Park neighborhood and Navy Pier and continued to form and dissipate into the afternoon, as late as about 3:30 pm...

[Storm where I am (34.2085° N, 77.7964° Wcontained rain dense enough to turn the air white with rolling thunder and sharp lightning outside the window. The duration of the storm was approximately five minutes, but, can still be heard in the distance. Rain continued and air appears normal.]

There is some flooding in the house. I'll continue the entry in separate window and clean up this entry a little latter.

Lake Michigan tornadoes.