Monday, June 22, 2015

His roommate stated Mr. Roof wanted to start a race war.

Didn't Mr. Roof state he wanted to start a race war? That is a political agenda.

19 June 2015 

Charleston shooting (click here) suspect Dylann Roof's roommate says the 21-year-old planned the terrorist attack leading up to the massacre which claimed nine lives on at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church on Wednesday night. 

Dalton Tyler told ABC News that Mr Roof was planning the act of terror for the entire seventh months they’d known each other.

“He was big into segregation and other stuff,” he said. “He said he wanted to start a civil war. He said he was going to do something like that and then kill himself.”... 

There was an entire community that responded to this massacre of some of the more dear members. I never got the impression other than this was a well researched and planned incident.

This church is very significant to the African American community in the USA. This was not a random act. That is want makes this so completely upsetting. Who else? Was his roommate a racist as well and consented to his act. Was there anyone expecting to act after the fact to promote a race War?

I am sure the State Bureau of Investigation in South Carolina will be looking at this for some time. Where did Mr. Roof ever get the idea and permission for a race war?

I don't mean anything by this, but, I did not know race wars occurred after the Civil War.  That topic never came up in any history class I was in either high school or university. I don't know where that is discussed, possibly at the university in Africa history and studies of the African American experience.

I did learn about these events/race wars when former governor Perry ran into political trouble do to the name of the ranch his father owned or leased or something. I looked more into it and there is information about specific acts that killed African Americans in large number. The episode I read was about Texas, but, I am sure these events happened in other states.

I do know one of the places the SBI needs to evaluate is Mr. Roof's school experience and his social history. He got ideas from somewhere. He is really young to be carrying such hatred in his heart. 

But, these murders were intended to be more than a random act. It was suppose to escalate hate and begin a very murderous period of time. I can't help believe he fully expected the blood thirsty event would take hold and cross the country. His focus for a 21 year old man is chilling. 

I think it is important to examine that period in USA history. Not to victimize the southern states, that isn't what this is about, but, to examine a very dark period in our history. It needs sunlight. There isn't anything here that should spell out a fervor for more of the same. This has to be put in it's proper place and bury it as a time when Americans were confused about human rights and the country's economy. 

I think the Civil War mattered simply because plantation owners had no idea what they would do if they didn't have slaves and they could not imagine having them as paid employees. As a result of the culture at that time, violence won out and war began. It all has to be in balance and this young man is so very wrong about the greatness of his country. I don't want that culture to continue. It has to end. We need to walk though this. 

"Unintended Consequences" within the financial sector have created a sovereign plutocracy provided for by SEC waivers. Senator Warren could not be more correct to break up the big banks.

I think it is worth watching the C-Span testimony of Treasury Secretary Jack Lew.

Secretary Jack Lew (click here) testified at a hearing on the Financial Stability Oversight Council’s (FSOC) annual report. The report includes information on financial regulatory developments and potential threats to the U.S. financial system. Secretary Lew took questions on the economy, U.S. debt, and financial regulations.

Below is a clip from the hearing on June 17, 2015. It is with a Massachusetts Representative, Rep. Lynch. The dialogue is rather troubling to me. The reason it is troubling is because it states big banks have a sovereignty greater than that of the USA.

Rep. Lynch points out the fact the SEC is providing waivers for punishment to crimes known to be committed.  The waivers supposedly are in lieu of fines and/or prison time for the truth. The SEC is acknowledging the prosecution is possible, but, it will settle for the truth rather than potentially a court hearing whereby facts would be excluded to defend against the prosecution. 

The testimony by Secretary Lew sadly portrays a financial system with greater weight than the laws of the USA. The financial institutions have created a sovereign entity easy called The USA Plutocracy. The USA Plutocracy only lacks a military to define itself as a governing body. 

I don't think so. It is time to break up the banks. 

By chance the film clip doesn't work as it should, the exchange was from 01:19:03 through 01:24:00.

I was astounded. I shouldn't have been. There has been long standing complaints by the public there have been no convictions or prison time for these companies and/or there board of directors and/or their CEOs.  

Representative Lynch states he has people within his district that has far less severe infractions in the law than the big banks and yet they serve time. 

This is the official flag of the State of South Carolina. There is no place for another flag to fly with it, except, for the USA flag.

People have moved on to value their state and it's future. The capital grounds needs to reflect that. 

I thank Governor Haley for taking the initiative to bring the state governing bodies back into session to settle this important issue.

I was proud of her when she chose an African American for the US Senate seat. This is still another stand she has taken to bring about the reality of the present and the hope of the future. She is admired.

The "N" word.

I think President Obama is sensitive to his audience and how his message is carried to those receptive to it.

I found it more than interesting a black President would feel more than comfortable with the word. One might even wonder if the President discriminates along race lines. I wonder how befuddled his audience was? I know the rest of the country is very confused. I mean after all there is the first amendment. Why can someone like Obama believe a law would stop the language? 

It isn't like both his parents were black, ya know. I have yet to hear him use the word "cracker" and that isn't outlawed at all. It sort of makes sense when you realize his mother hung around as long as she could. He went to live with her parents, too.

I would think the best way to know about the use of the word is to ask the audience. 

All trails of Taos are closed.

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Carson National Forest - Taos Ski Valley Hiking Trails (click here)

Some media is making a relationship between the death of a former White House chef and deaths in Afghanistan. I don't remember the DOD making that comparison. This occurred in New Mexico. The park is not far from two major interstates, I-25 and I-40. There is a greater possibility this is a result of drug dealers. It is a known fact drug cartels activity occurs in interstate rest areas and parks. There is either little to no activity to detect them or there is a lot of traffic, including foot traffic, to disguise them in plain site.

June 22, 2015
By Eyder Peralta

Authorities say (click here) they have found the body of former White House chef Walter Scheib.

The 61-year-old was missing for about a week. Search and rescue teams found his body on a trail in the mountains near Taos on the fifth day of their search.

"The former White House Executive Chef had not been seen since June 13, when he is believed to have embarked on a hike near Taos Ski Valley. Authorities said he is not known to informed anyone of his plans and was not believed to have been prepared for more than a day outdoors.

"Scheib's Subaru was found at the Yerba Canyon trail head off N.M. 150 Tuesday evening. A search-and-rescue mission was launched Wednesday focusing on the steep, four-mile trail as well as a network of parallel paths that lead up to Lobo Peak.

"Each day of the five-day effort involved dozens of volunteers, including some on horseback and others with dogs. A state police helicopter also undertook a search from the air but its flight crew found the forest below too thick to see the trail." 

A man with such prestige could be a target of domestic terrorists, but, those carrying out the crime would have to be part of an extensive intelligence network. It doesn't make sense there were domestic terrorists following a former White House chef. Why follow him?

There could be the possibility there were domestic terrorists involved in his death, but, it would be because of monies earned from the drug trade.

The entire idea the USA isn't confronting the reality of the underground drug trade which is facilitated by the easy access to guns is a lack of responsibility. There is a huge opportunity for domestic terrorists to thrive in the USA through those dynamics. It's crazy not to destroy that network which has been a reality for decades in the USA.

The problem of the drug/gun economy in the USA is already international and extends into Mexico. Once in Mexico this network extends all the through the Americas to every country in South America. We know for a fact in the area of the narrowed land mass such as Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras the drug cartels are at war for control of those lands. Why continue to deny the USA has a problem that has been unresolved by law enforcement and empowering other countries to dismantle the cartels. It doesn't work. 

The clock is running and the USA has never been successful in ending these cartels and the opportunity of funding for domestic terrorism networks. The infrastructure is already there.

If anyone believes they are seeing suspicious activity that could relate to drug activity, the police should be called and/or the FBI.

My sympathies to Mr. Scheib's family and friends. I am sure he was a really great person.

"Good Night, Moon"

The Waxing Crescent

5.3 days old

28.5 percent lit

Johnny Horne
The tight triangle (click here) of the crescent moon and bright planets Venus and Jupiter likely turned some heads last night....before clouds obscured the view. 
Tonight will have the two planets closer to one another but the waxing moon will appear well above the planetary pair. 
The two planets, Venus and Jupiter are heading toward a very close approach to one another when on June 30 they will appear only about 1/3 of a degree apart....or less than one apparent moon diameter.