Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I suggest the Clinton campaign and the Sanders campaign summit.

Don't muscle flex. 

There is one icon with three capital letters that looms large over ANYONE'S path to the White House.

Don't even think about slamming a generation in the face.

Any more questions?

The Flint Water Crisis....

... IS NOT A RECORD KEEPING PROBLEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The press is going to become completely illegitimate if these deaths and poisoning is blamed on a CLERK!

There was NOTHING wrong with that water while the Detroit water was flowing through those pipes. NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know what this is and if this is going to be a complete travesty we need to end this now and let the people take this over. I'll do it myself if I have to.

Don't lie to me and don't even think for one minute anyone is going to get away with it.

That man is innocent. He is NOT the problem and neither is the record keeping.


I will not be alone!
Senator Bernie Sanders has a right to run for office. When he began his campaign the tone of the Democrats was different and quite frankly alien to most sincere Democrats. There was far to much movement to the right in the DNC.

Everyone needs to do some soul searching about the reality of the messages in the race for President of the United States of America.

Today, there is a movement where there was once only a candidate with hopes to make a difference. Senator Sanders did that. His appreciation of the USA democracy has been a gathering storm. He needs to lead and make the permanence of the path of at least one generation known. 

The generation Senator Sanders is involved with was abandoned by the United States of America. I DON'T CARE WHO'S FAULT THAT WAS. It happened. It is true. Senator Bernie Sanders has found a path forward for an entire generation of AMERICANS. 


She was a revolutionary. I like her. She was courageous.

Image Credit: Moorland-Spingarn Research Center, Howard University

Harriet Tubman (click here) became famous as a “conductor” on the Underground Railroad during the turbulent 1850s. Born a slave on Maryland’s eastern shore, she endured the harsh existence of a field hand, including brutal beatings. In 1849 she fled slavery, leaving her husband and family behind in order to escape. Despite a bounty on her head, she returned to the South at least 19 times to lead her family and hundreds of other slaves to freedom via the Underground Railroad. Tubman also served as a scout, spy and nurse during the Civil War....

If only she knew. Maybe she did. She had to know someday her courage would grace our lives in some way. She's with us now. Very nice.
Staurocalyptus, sp. The photo is archived with NOAA.

The Glass Sponge (click here) gets its name from their skeleton which is made of six-pointed siliceous spicules, meaning glass-like. The Hydnoceras fossils shown in these photos are one of several thousand species of fossils belonging to the Phylum Porifera (sponges). Sponges are one of the most primitive animals, and as such, lack many of the typical features of animals including nerves and locomotion. Sponges are characterized by a feeding system unique among animals. Poriferans don't have mouths; instead, they have tiny pores in their outer walls through which water is drawn. Cells in the sponge walls filter goodies from the water as the water is pumped through the body and out other larger openings in the sponge....

The glass sponges populated the bleached reefs in the Late Devonian. There is a species still alive on Earth. Just a thought. It could support a biotic system, but, different than the zooxanthellae. It is worth a laboratory study in Australia.

What is the real reason for the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act?

There are no meetings. Wall Street is gambling again on the opportunity of another oil embargo. Perhaps the repeat of the 70s are not far off.

That is why Cornyn is doing this. Nothing else makes sense. I guess mourning the wealth it has lost is more than Texas can bear.

The Republicans don't have an AUMF and they don't like President Obama's allies in the middle east and the success of the strategy. I am sure deep, dark conservatives rather have the middle east helpless and weak and dependent on the USA's military. Too, bad. 

April 20, 2016
By Brian Krishman

Oil prices rose 4 percent on Wednesday (click here) after a smaller-than-expected build in U.S. crude inventories offset glut worries stirred by the end of a Kuwaiti strike, and as oil bulls bet that major crude producers would meet again to try to curtail output.

Moscow, however, denied media reports that Russia planned to host such a meeting. Just on Sunday, Russia and OPEC nations failed to reach an agreement on freezing production at a meeting in Doha, Qatar.
"There is no such agreement" for producing nations to meet in Russia, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak was quoted as saying by RIA news agency...

I do not believe civilization will be completely lost.

If one studies women's history there was a prehistoric time where women were the settlers in small communities. The men were more nomadic. The women accepted gifts from men visiting them, but, there was no obligation known as marriage. Women were always vulnerable due to the very fact they became pregnant. There wasn't a traditional family. There was no prehistoric club over the head with the man dragging her by the hair. She was more civilized than that. She nurtured children, not just gave birth.

April 19,2016
By William B. Gail

 ...Our foundation of Earth knowledge,(click here) largely derived from historically observed patterns, has been central to society’s progress. Early cultures kept track of nature’s ebb and flow, passing improved knowledge about hunting and agriculture to each new generation. Science has accelerated this learning process through advanced observation methods and pattern discovery techniques. These allow us to anticipate the future with a consistency unimaginable to our ancestors.

But as Earth warms, our historical understanding will turn obsolete faster than we can replace it with new knowledge. Some patterns will change significantly; others will be largely unaffected, though it will be difficult to say what will change, by how much, and when....

It is that from our prehistoric ancestors that tells me communities survive when civilization fails. There were great empires in the Greeks and Romans, but, they passed into the dust. The conquering armies never last forever. There are no resources for that. What there are resources for is survival. In the case of the Roman Empire it was relocating to a more secure geography in the Byzantine. For as long as primates existed there has been community. It is the best and most reliable form of survival.

Earth can get to be hostile and deadly. Our understanding of life 100 years from now is rather unknown. I can guess, but, the truth is not absolute except there is a dangerous path ahead. 

The path during that century is not one of ice ages, but, of the only other warming period known to Earth, the Devonian Extinction (click here). We are in the sixth extinction and are seeing the bleaching of the corals. But, scientists are hanging on tight to continue to grow more biota than it's destruction.

There is a particular difference between the Devonian Extinction and it's warming and the current anthropogenic sixth extinction; the level of greenhouse gases. The Devonian Extinction was due to a very warm Earth, however, it did not have the level of greenhouse gases currently in Earth's troposphere. In addition to the level in the troposphere there is all that much more in the oceans. 

The stores in the ocean prolongs the recovery.

The Devonian Extinction saw nearly all the life in the ocean dead. I think it was something like 97 percent. Today, in the Sea of Thialand there is little else than squid. The fisheries there collapsed about seven years ago. There is definitely evidence of extinction on Earth today. Human beings that have loved Earth have held on tightly to endangered species of plant and animal. It is to humanities credit we might actually survive this warming. Many people already have not. 

The editorial is about what to expect, but, many like me watch it happen. As life with Earth's cooperation wanes it will be the LOCAL ECONOMY that will survive as the absolute best form of life and pleasure. 

It is vital for us to cling to what is wonderful about life, provided the viruses allow it. 
I find it interesting North Carolina had the same problem with it's DNR (Department of Natural Resources). They are both extremist governors. Same methodology and profound disrespect for the people.

The disrespect is obvious. There is no mistake these governors will allow victimization of the citizen to benefit their political agenda and/or cronies. There is tone of this with Kansas and Brownback.

The Senate is institutionalizing Islamophobia. Cornyn should have asked the US Attorney General about the viability of such a bill.

One day before (click here) President Barack Obama is to arrive in Saudi Arabia, U.S. senators of both parties indicated varying levels of support for legislation that has infuriated Riyadh and drawn criticism from the White House.

The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act would make it easier for families of the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks to sue foreign governments deemed to have aided al-Qaida. Although the bill’s language singles out no individual country and could be applied to any terrorist group, it is widely seen as targeting Saudi Arabia, the nation of origin of many 9/11 plotters.

“We should use every means available to prevent the funding of terrorism. And the victims of terrorism in our country should be able to seek justice,” said Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas, who wrote the bill with New York Democrat Chuck Schumer....

Anything that will cause a war. Rumsfeld's cabal coveted Saudi Arabia, but, settled for Iraq.

It is unfortunate Chuck Schumer is involved in this. It's political pressure because of New York City. 

Saudi Arabia is not a sponsor of terrorism and any inference is a prelude to war. This is hostile and baseless. There is only one reason for such legislation and that is to create tensions and ultimately confrontation. It doesn't matter if it is fiscal, monies or banking; it is confrontational for reasons that are only the US Senate.

Cornyn wrote it because he is leaving the Senate. He's from Texas. Does anyone realize how much business Halliburton does with Saudi Arabia in their field services division? There is some kind of demand for the legislature, otherwise, it wouldn't exist. Cornyn can take the heat because he is not coming back to the Senate seat

This is such a bad idea when it comes to the business relationshiops with the middle east. There is nothing to say other Arab countries will push USA businesses out of their countries, including Abu Dhabi. The Arab countries will not put up with this type of power playing.

It is completely unwise, but, no one ever accused Cornyn of being wise.
At the time of September 11, 2001 the Arab countries were not promoting the death of Americans.

Actually, I doubt the Arab nations knew what was transpiring among their citizens. The pilots of the jets were already in the USA. The responsibility belongs to USA intelligence. Atta was in Germany, he wasn't in any of the Arab countries as a resident. There is nothing to blame. Their leaders did not wish the USA's people would die. Saudi Arabia and the USA military have had close friendships for a long time. They purchase much of their military equipment, like fighter jets from the USA. Any such allegation is baseless.

Some of the cultures were very victimizing of Westerners in general. The madrases were basically a part of everyday life. But, until Americans looked into them those schools were considered benign. 

Saudi Arabia was completely committed to change the cultural aspects that were breeding killers. The Kingdom doesn't put up with extremism. September 11th is not about Saudi Arabia.

The families may have a case no different than any other lawsuit in the USA. It is difficult to sue governments. It is not impossible, but, they have far greater resources for such court actions than the plaintiffs.

The reason the families might have a reason is because the USA and Saudi Arabia was not at war. War would exempt the opposing country from lawsuits or any such action. The downing of those jets is a criminal action. Families that have been effected by crime have standing in the USA. I just don't see the way forward with that type of lawsuit. 

Some of the families did not accept Bush's payoff. They were suing the airlines. I don't know how that turned out. That would be a legitimate reason to confront the airlines.

How many companies are coming to Michigan with jobs now?

GM was never notified. GM has a quality control regime with their engines and it was discovered. I betcha the water was the last thought by anyone on 'the line.' It is gross negligence and incompetency at the level of the governor. 

I am grateful Mary Barra has some degree of loyalty to Michigan and it's people.

October 13, 2014
By Ron Fonger
Flint, MI -- Chloride levels in treated Flint River (click here) water are so high that General Motors will no longer use it at its engine plant here because of fears it will cause corrosion.
GM spokesman Tom Wickham said Monday, Oct. 13, that the company has reached a temporary agreement to buy Lake Huron water from Flint Township for Flint Engine Operations on West Bristol Road.
Under the agreement, the plant will return as a Flint water customer after the city switches back to using Lake Huron water -- after the Karegnondi Water Authority pipeline is completed -- something that's not expected to happen until the end of 2016. 
"Because of all the metal ... you don't want the higher chloride water (to result in) corrosion," Wickham said. "We noticed it some time ago (and) the discussions have been going on for some time."...

There are many festivals in Michigan such as Holland's tulip festival. I think advertising could include a computer link to the city's water report.

I sincerely believe that is a concern for the state. There is a general concern for all the people in Michigan by the people across the USA. The Flint Crisis has put a shadow across Michigan. 

I say this, because, I received a drinking water quart container with a filter in it and two extra filters. It came from sister. She does not live in Michigan. There is an issue in the country about the safety of Michigan's water. I never asked my sister to send me a carry along container. She reacted in what she saw in the news and purchased it and sent it with a note to take care of myself.

The many festivals need to pursue customers with strong reassurance there is healthy water in their towns. If I were running a festival I'd make bottled water very visible during the festival. No one has to give it away unless there is sincere concern for the city's water report. But, it is summer anyway and it gets hot, children and adults should be well hydrated. But, if it is visible people will be more comfortable that they don't have to ask. 

Just be concerned for the customer and any apprehension to visiting Michigan and the festivals. 

April 19, 2016
By John Hiner

The Flint water crisis (click here) has defined MLive Media Group and its journalistic efforts for the first quarter of 2016.

That shouldn't come as a surprise – it's also defined the image of our state, its governor, and all of the agencies and people who didn't do what they should have, or rose above the call of duty in this ongoing crisis.

I've been in journalism in Michigan for more than 30 years, and have never seen a story that demanded so many resources, or so much energy and focus to report. Its roots go back years, and it has dominated headlines, politics and community and government efforts for months....
Ya have to admire Panama though. They found a resource and exploited it. They got tired of watching all the wealth in the canal without having a cut. 

How convenient, as the ships passed through the locks, they made a deposit. 


Dr. Kahn in Pakistan has not been alone.

November 2005
By Langewiesche
...But Pakistan is a country corrupted to its core, (click here) and some years ago a large weekend house was built in blatant disregard of the law, about a mile from the navy's sailing club, clearly in sight on the lake's far shore. When ordinary people build illegal houses in Pakistan, the government's response is unambiguous and swift: backed by soldiers or the police, bulldozers come in and knock the structures down. But the builder of this house was none other than Dr. Abdul Quadeer Khan, the metallurgist who after a stint in Europe had returned to Pakistan in the mid-1970s with stolen designs, and over the years had provided the country—single-handedly, it was widely believed—with an arsenal of nuclear weapons. Though he worked in the realm of state secrets, Khan had become something of a demigod in Pakistan, with a public reputation second only to that of the nation's founder, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, and he had developed an ego to match. He was the head of a government facility named after him—the Khan Research Laboratories, or KRL—which had mastered the difficult process of producing highly enriched uranium, the fissionable material necessary for Pakistan's weapons, and was also involved in the design of the warheads and the missiles to deliver them. The enemy was India, where Khan, like most Pakistanis of his generation, had been born, and against which Pakistan has fought four losing wars since its birth, in 1947. India had the bomb, and now Pakistan did too. A. Q. Khan was seen to have assured the nation's survival, and indeed he probably has—up until the moment, someday in a conceivable future, when a nuclear exchange actually occurs....

Why is it national heroes have to be nuclear scientists that endanger the very lives that applauds him?
India: I had no idea India had nuclear capacity. It does have a no-first use policy which is non-proliferation of sorts. It states conventional warfare has priority in any military attack or retaliation. Pakistan should be very grateful for that. I will assume Pakistan has the same policy.

December 16,2015
By Adrian Levy
...Only after construction on the site (click here) began that year did it finally become clear to the tribesmen and others that two secretive agencies were behind a project that experts say will be the subcontinent’s largest military-run complex of nuclear centrifuges, atomic-research laboratories, and weapons- and aircraft-testing facilities when it’s completed, probably sometime in 2017. Among the project’s aims: to expand the government’s nuclear research, to produce fuel for India’s nuclear reactors, and to help power the country’s fleet of new submarines....

It wasn't the minimum wage, was it? More like the Panama Papers, huh? The lousy bomb even looks important. Cute little thing, isn't it? It makes me want to pet it and take it home. That is my next project to raise money for the DOD, conduct a lottery with "the bomb" as grand prize. It will be an astounding success. Everyone wants one. Tickets $1.00. To much you think?

Fat Man, the bomb which was detonated over Nagasaki. Shirts probably wouldn’t have helped anyway… 
April 14, 2016
By Jamie Satterfield
An East Tennessean (click here) who served as a senior manager in the Tennessee Valley Authority's nuclear program swapped information with one of China's top nuclear power companies in exchange for cash, according to federal court records unsealed Thursday.
The U.S. Attorney's Office in Knoxville on Thursday announced an espionage conspiracy indictment against China General Nuclear Power, Chinese nuclear engineer Szuhsiung "Allen" Ho, and Ho's firm, Energy Technology International. Prosecutors said Ho conspired with the companies to lure nuclear experts in the U.S. into providing information to allow China to develop and produce nuclear material based on American technology and under the radar of the U.S. government.
Ho was taken into custody in Atlanta on Thursday afternoon and will be returned to U.S. District Court in Knoxville to face the two-count indictment. The indictment consists of one count of conspiracy to illegally engage and participate in the production and development of special nuclear material outside the U.S. and one count of conspiracy to act in the U.S. as an agent of a foreign government....

Michigan law at any level doesn't provide for poisoning people. There are many more involved with looking the other way.

There are many more involved. This incident encompasses too many people. There are deaths. (click here) There is poisoning of thousands of children. The last estimate is 9000 children. (click here) This is heinous by simply the fact there are so many people and their families effected for the rest of their lives. This occurred because of an administration that was out to punish Flint, Michigan at every turn over fiscal problems. This is far more than malfeasance and/or misconduct.

I won't accept the fact this was some kind of idiotic error. This went on and on for well over a year and nearly two years. If it weren't for a few professionals from OUTSIDE the Snyder administration these people would be realizing more and more hardship.

The State of Michigan's Attorney General better be incorporating the vast reach of the poisoning and the heinous and GROSSLY NEGLIGENT behavior of this Governor's administration.

There is a direct link to the Governor. He threw out the book and his emergency manager caused this to occur. There is absolutely no doubt this is one of the most heinous administrations the State of Michigan has seen.

Every one of those lives that have been effected because of vicious fiscal policy of Governor Snyder better receive justice. There better not be a slap on the wrist for anyone. I can't believe it has taken this long to BEGIN to come to conclusions. Obviously, Schuette doesn't have a clear grasp of the crimes committed here.

If this was anywhere other than Michigan the federal government would be screaming human rights violations. Yes, MOST DEFINITELY, there are crimes against humanity. Absolutely. I have no doubt.

April 19, 2016
Candice Williams

...The indictments are “the first of more to come,” one source said. (click here)

Schuette’s probe has been looking into state and local government officials to determine whether state laws were violated. In launching the investigation in January, Schuette said the crisis in Flint was “a human tragedy in which families are struggling with even the most basic parts of daily life.” He vowed to “help restore some of the trust in our government while helping families move forward.”

Schuette assembled what he called a “top-shelf” team earlier this year for the probe, led by Todd Flood, a former Wayne County assistant prosecutor, and Andrew Arena, who ran several major investigations as head of the Detroit FBI Office until his retirement in 2012. Arena came out of retirement, he said, because the Flint water investigation is “the biggest case in the history of the state.”...

...Liane Shekter Smith, former head of the DEQ’s Office of Drinking Water and Municipal Assistance. In response to a spike in Legionnaires’ cases that coincided with the water crisis — 91 cases in 17 months beginning in June 2014, including 12 deaths...

The RNC needs to clean up their act.

April 18, 2016
By Josh Voorhees

...The Republican National Committee (click here) is convening in Florida later this week for its spring meeting, an event that is already exposing the fault lines that are likely to crack wide open in Cleveland this summer.
The traditionally low-key planning summit—which runs from Wednesday through Friday—is shaping up to be the opening skirmish in the coming three-month long war over the Byzantine rulebook that could decide which candidate walks away with the GOP nomination. The fighting got off to an early start over the weekend when one high-profile RNC member went public with his complaints, but it will really rev up when the RNC rules committee convenes.
Important thing to know: The rules committee doesn’t actually get to write the rulebook for this summer’s convention—it can only recommend changes that a second rules panel will consider this summer before deciding on its own rules package, which will then still need to be approved on the convention floor. How ideal!...