Monday, February 22, 2010

There are a million and one things on my agenda right now .

But, this is important and I'll read the plan starting tomorrow.

It is a little late at this moment and I recently got in from a trip, otherwise I'd start now.

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I understand the President has published a Health Care Proposal before his Summit with both parties.

Obama's health care plan adds new investment, Medicare tax on wealthy (click here)

President Obama's health care plan boosts Medicare and investment taxes on the wealthy. But high-cost 'Cadillac plans' catch a break.

By Howard Gleckman

Guest blogger / February 22, 2010

President Obama’s new $950 billion health plan would impose a new “payroll” tax on investment income, and keep a watered-down version of the Senate proposal to tax high-cost health plans....

Neal Boortz can never be accused of being a bigot. He has minorities that work for him.

Herman Cain is a substitute for Neal Boortz, but, that does not make him exempt from being accurate.

Mr. Cain is the man with the statistics.

Today was no different.

Everyone at the Murdoch organization bashes something about Democrats or President Obama. Mr. Cain like to bash the stimulus.

He states this in leading up to his bashing:

(paraphrasing, but, I'll try to remember the words as best I can)

"Glen Beck has statistics, I DON'T KNOW WHERE HE GOT THEM, but they are Beck statistics that say..."

Believe it or not, if a journalist (that is if they really consider themselves journalists and not fiction talkers) wants me to pay attention to what follows they need to be FACTUAL.


The folks that listen to these programs don't care about accuracy or verifiable truths. They care about lies and hearing plenty of them.

So, Mr. Cain is absolutely right. There is absolutely no reason to seek to reassure his listeners that the facts he states are truthful and honest and well established, but, only 'truthy enough' to give them something to believe to continue to carry out their lies.


This is misleading the public into believing they are actually listening to a 'worthy' radio program that carries accurate facts about the news.

My understanding of ANY reporting by a journalist is that there are at least TWO sources of validation before it is reported to the public.


Not, I don't really know where Beck got this from.

You know?

The American Public is actually 'leasing' our airwaves to these people?


Glen Beck's "Window of Opportunity" - Bash Progressives

This is Rashad Hussain. He is an interesting guy. He is sensitive to issues confronting Muslims and because he is now he is the latest victim of hate by Rush Radio. See, Mr. Schnitt stated today that Mr. Hussain knows the Qur'an or Koran (which ever is your pleasure) by heart. Mr. Hussain has committed the sin of all sins that a Muslim can commit and has memorized the Qur'an and THEREFORE he is a terrorist sympathizer, you see.

The picture above was when he appeared at a conference in Turkey. (click here. At this link is the Turkish version and if one presses the "English" in red letters, it translates.)

Now that looks like the worst set of terrorist sympathizers in the entire world, wouldn't you say? If one takes a look at the 'english' version you might even read how these folks promote 'good will' and 'good purpose' of Muslims. Below is one of the entries from the English page.

Islam is an Inseparable Building Block of Europe
(EMU: European Muslim Union )
EMU had their voice heard for the first time on 13 May 2005 when they made a press statement known as Istanbul Declaration, the main theme of which can be summarised as "Islam is an inseparable building block of Europe ."

Fawaz Zakri

Interesting bunch, huh? Terrorist sympathizers, my ass. Kiss it, babe.

Here is the rest of the conspiracy that Mr. Schnitt didn't get into. Mr. Hussain here was sponsored by George Soros. The plot thickens.

RASHAD HUSSAIN (click here) was born in 1978. He earned his JD from Yale University and his MPA from Harvard University. His parents are naturalized citizens from India and live in Plano, Texas. Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, he holds bachelor's degrees with highest distinction in both philosophy and political science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which he completed in two years. He received highest honors for his philosophy thesis, "Assessing the Theistic Implications of Big Bang Cosmological Theory." Rashad also holds an MA from Harvard University in Near Eastern languages and civilizations. He finds his heritage central to his identity as a Muslim American and his career goals, especially in light of events in recent history. Rashad has worked extensively on Capitol Hill, both as an intern in the office of former House Democratic Leader Richard Gephardt during the summer of 2000 and as a legislative aide on the House Judiciary Committee, where he worked for a year and a half between his time at Harvard University and Yale University. Rashad sees his varied academic interests converging and feels that his study of international affairs, law, and security can form a salient combination for addressing many contemporary legal and public policy issues. He finished a clerkship for Judge Damon Keith on the US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit in Detroit, MI and was a Trial Attorney at the US Department of Justice. Now he is deputy associate counsel to President Barack Obama.

I am sure Mr. Soros always intended to sponsor terrorist sympathizers through his organization, especially if they are MINORITIES. But, hey, who's perfect?

US paper slams Obama’s choice for envoy to OIC (click here)

Published: February 23, 2010
...“Hussain’s Muslim beliefs appear to go quite beyond merely knowing Quranic verses,” The Examiner said, noting he has “a long history of participating in activities connected with the Muslim Brotherhood, a major organisational and theological wellspring for Jihadists who seek to impose Shariah law on America and the rest of the world”....

Mr. Hussain is a member of the underground 'shadow' terrorist group, "Hafiz-ul-Quran." (click here) Below is some of the dearest propaganda. I think the really radicial terrorist issues has to do with exposing falsehood from every angle. It might be one of those 'psychiatrist' issues, you know?

We are less than a handfull of Muslims from Ahlus Sunnah wal jama'ah who give public da'wah to society, where we invite the society to Islam(Aqeedah+Shahriah), command the good, forbid the evil and expose falsehood from every angle. Our struggle is always intellectual & political non-violent means.To find out more about our activities and about our views, we highly recommend you visit the "About Us" page first.

At any rate, where it really gets interesting is that Hussain is connected with promoting terrorists at a legal proceedings in Florida. The proceedings are about a man by the name of Dr. Sami Amin Al-Arian. He was running a non-profit for Palestine and plead guilty in 2005 to making contributions to suspicious Palestinian organizations. (click here)

...Philip Klein and Jennifer Rubin disclosed on Wednesday that Campbell (the Republican nominee for USA Senator from California. See, Mr. Schnitt the pendulum swings both ways, but, that is something that The Shit Show never reports.) took campaign donations from none other than Sami al-Arian, who pleaded guilty in 2005 to soliciting contributions for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization in the United States.[...] (CIJ Klein link)Campbell acknowledges not only that Al-Arian donated money to his campaign, but that he visited Al-Arian's brother-in-law (himself associated with Palestinian Islamic Jihad) in prison. Campbell writes that Al-Arian was "instrumental in asking others in his community to contribute to my 2000 Senate run....

But, the issue never was an issue in 2005. About Mr. Hussain that is. It only became an issue in 2010 when Mr. Schnitt decided to go APE over the fact this man was appointed to a council of the President. Of course, the real danger to having Mr. Hussain 'at the President's ear' is that Osama bin Laden will get away with the next attack on the USA. So, realizing the MINDLESS STATE of President Obama, I can understand why The Shit Show is APE over this one. Why do I find it interesting the article below is from a Hebrew news agency? Huh?

U.S. Islamic envoy ‘regrets’ Al Arian remarks (click here)

WASHINGTON (JTA) -- President Obama's new Islamic envoy admitted to making critical statements against the prosecution of a professor with ties to a Palestinian terrorist group.

"I made statements on that panel that I now recognize were ill conceived or not well formulated," Rashad Hussain told Politico last weekend in reference to comments made at a 2004 Muslim students conference in Chicago.

Hussain, a deputy associate White House counsel, was appointed last week as the U.S. envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

At the 2004 conference, Hussain called the prosecution of Sami Al-Arian part of a pattern "of politically motivated prosecutions where you have huge Justice Department press conferences announcing that a certain person is a grave threat to American security."

Hussain, then a student at Yale Law School, did not offer a view on Al-Arian's innocence or guilt on the charges that Al-Arian served as a leader for Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the United States.

Al-Arian was acquitted on eight of 17 counts; the jury could not arrive at a verdict on the other counts. Rather than face a retrial, he pleaded guilty to one conspiracy charge in exchange for early deportation....

So, to say I find The Schnitt Show more than absurd is an understatement. However, what I find extremely sad is the fact Mr. Schnitt practices bigotry.

More than 'FINDING' something within the President Obama White House to go APE over, a man calls the show by the name of Larry. Larry was getting his message out to his fellow listeners regarding the fact President Obama is actually a Muslim in Sheep clothing and he would betray the USA. Of course, Mr. Schnitt, dutifully had to disagree with that fact as President Obama is stated to be a Christian. But, none the less, Larry went on and on about how terrible the President of the USA was. His rantings were completely based in 'local and colorful folklore.'

The story gets sadder. First realize these are Americans that feel their 'cause' needs to portray the President of their nation as a terrorist and the 'identity' of their President Terrorist is Muslim.

But, then this woman calls. She states the school district in Florida (where the Schnitt Show broadcasts0 she sends her children to actually teaches children about Muslims and their poverty in the Middle East. The woman then stated, her husband felt compelled to take their children to a local Holocaust Museum to teach his children about 'real' tragedy.


I am not going to get into the issues with these two callers, but, the point is there is a lot of hate being doled out here and was FIRST inspired by the host of the program. He stated repeatedly how people that memorize the Qur'an are primarily 'found out' to be terrorists.

Memorize Quran 'dot' com (click here)

Anyone ever listen to "The Shit Show" on Rush Radio?

Evidently Rush has this jerk on by the name of Mr. Schnitt. The name of his show on radio is The Shit Show. Evidently it is a show where Mr. Schnitt likes to throw shit at any political figure in the vacinity. Today, Mr. Schnitt decided to through shit at someone other than political figures and instead threw shit at Muslims. That's right, folks, a real "bigot" on Rush Radio. Surprise.

THE POINT HERE is that Mr. Schnitt believes that memorization of the Quran produces terrorists. BUT, Mr. Schnitt has Christian extremists on that can rant on and on about hate without abating.

Excuse me, but, Christians MEMORIZE scripture all the time. We hear it over and over and are reminded how many people are actually Christian in this country.

One of the reasons I believe Mr. Schnitt is carry on like this is because President Obama's agenda has to do with promoting 'good relations' between the USA and Arab nations. You'll remember the speech in Cairo? Yes? So, I guess the next FAUX PREMISE Mr. Schnitt will promote is that President Obama is not really loyal to the USA.


The FAA has to do something about these people because I am sick of hearing their hatred leveled at other people that are helpless to defend themselves from a huge media network.

While I am on the subject. Wall Street does not have virtue as does the USA Constitution.

Don't forget the lessons of the Bush years of 2000-2008. Wall Street is not a partner to the USA people.
Those years exploited the people of this country for every dime it could without any LOYALTY.
They played the populous like a finely tuned fiddle and then abandoned us for greener pastures.
There is a profound message in Michael Moore's "Roger and Me" and "Bowling for Columbine" that needs to reverberate through the electorate of the USA.
Corporate America is not interested in the nation's problems unless they can make lots of money.
When Roger took his auto machine out of the country to AVOID the cost of USA labor there is a profound message in that and it doesn't just apply to Flint, Michigan. Flint, Michigan is a lesson in 'trusting' Wall Street in a guileless way. There is nothing 'guileless' about Wall Street and there is absolutely NO mysticism as if some kind of strange religion.
Wall Steet is about money. That is their god. Money has no conscience. It is a commodity. If you don't believe that then recall the time you blew your last $20.00 before payday and wished you did differently.
There is absolutely NOTHING tying Health Insurance Companies to their OBLIGATION to provide American consumers with a quality service. It is why "Sicko" was able to portray the cruelty of the industry so well. Those companies have no loyalties, except to stockholders and the CEOs have no compassion except to their bonuses and maxing out the profit quarter after quarter.
The USA has a problem. Wall Street learned they could push 'their beasts' over the edge of fiscal sanity and they will be bailed out and bailed out big. They not only learned the 'benefit' of fear in the USA society, they learned that even after they achieved goals they could only dream of, the people that feared the worst could still be abandoned.
They are also learning all too clearly that the lives of Americans don't matter and the Supreme Court will back that up. Wall Street learned that unmitigated fiscal mayheim can be facilitated by the Supreme Court to hold political figures in abiding loyalty to their corporations.
The sovereignty of the USA is being transferred from its people to the corporations of Wall Street by the Republicans. They PRIVATIZE everything WITHOUT regulating it and then blame the people when all fails and the profiteers have to be bailed out. Now, if people don't see that, then put you lives in the hands of Wall Street and realize you have no control over your health care or the fiscal outcome of your country.
As long as this 'pirating' of the USA government continues people will suffer and the country will fall into greater and greater peril.
The lessons of "Roger and Me," "Bowling for Columbine" and "Sicko" have a common theme. Very common theme. Corporate America has too much power over the lives of Americans.
The country's infrastructure is being eroded because Republicans CANNOT act to protect the people of this nation. They pander to Wall Street and offer huge 'incentives' that Americans pay for in one way.
It is time to stop this insanity. Cities in this nation, ACROSS THIS NATION and not only in California are facing pressures to make decisions based on increasing costs on health care. Those decisions 'DOWNSIZE' their work force and reduce benefits to employees while increasing their costs. Eventually, when Corporate American has drained the country dry and Americans are completely depleted of their quality of life they will move on and leave real human carnage in their wake.
Americans have to come to terms with their reality and have their legislatures deal with it. Retreating into pandering to Wall Street on Health Care is NOT going to stop this slide it will only make it worse. We have witnessed that with the first paragraphs of the Republican Health Care Bill.
Think about it.
This is not a political game, it is about the American Dream and whom has control of it.
It is an act of patriotism and preserves the economic sovereignty of the country. There is a place for Wall Street, but, it is in SPECULATION and not economics.
The country needs to get its balance of reality back.

Congress needs to start to impliment "Single Payer Health Care" as an emergency economic measure.

The Conservative Bozos are going to cause problems and delay any regulation under the Commerce Clause. They don't care about the 'condition' of the people, they defer all power to Wall Street. There needs to be committees to impeach, especially given the last indulgence of irresponsible judicial power granting corporations power of human beings.
However, they can't do anything if there is government expansion of existing health care systems it already has jurisdiction. There really isn't any other option. The economic balance is heading into a downward spiral in a very big way with the indulgences of Wall Street to exploit Americans.
If the tax base shrinks dramatically because of layoffs, etc., the sovereignty of the country is at stake. It cannot be allowed to happen.

Feb 20, 2010
Steep increases in individual health insurance premiums are sparking reactions across the country.
San Francisco Chronicle: "Sen. Dianne Feinstein said Friday she'll introduce legislation next week that would give the federal government the power to review and deny large rate increases by health insurers in states like California that lack the authority to regulate premium increases. Feinstein, D-Calif., has joined President Obama and other elected officials in seizing on the proposed 39 percent rate hikes proposed by Anthem Blue Cross on some of its individual members in California to reenergize the debate over national health legislation.""'This is unconscionable,' Feinstein said in a statement about Anthem's increases. 'It places a huge burden on people who are already struggling in these tough economic times, including the estimated 700,000 Anthem Blue Cross policyholders in California'" (Colliver, 2/20)....

The entire Health Care Issue is not only a mess, it is an absolute disaster that is getting more ungainly as the days go by. President Obama has to realize while he is a moral man that prides himself on 'working well with others,' to work toward a goal of unity, it AIN'T gonna happen. The Republicans don't care about the country, they care about wealth. We have come through nothing but eight long years of Republican exploitation that absolutely destroyed the USA economy, has American soldiers in Iraq where they don't belong and fighting a prolonged war in Afghanistan in order to stop the Al Qaeda network when it should have been handled and 'ended' 7 years ago. There is no way Afghanistan should be in the condition it is today due to the abandonment of the Bush White House.
The Republicans have done nothing. Absolutely nothing to benefit the outcome of the American people. They have done nothing but played games with citizen lives for decades, the Bush years are simply the frosting on the cake. It is time the current legislature come to their senses and realize what is occurring in the country because of GROSS neglect of past legislatures to deal with the problems of the country.
The USA has to handle the health care issue. The country, in every state, is facing issues regarding employee benefits and choices in layoffs in order to balance their budgets to avoid insolvency. As soon as the federal government takes over the health care system we won't have these. Costs to the states and to 'homeland' manufacturers for health care will vaporize and there will be automatic 'upticks' to cash flow and employment. We have to go there, we really don't have a choice. The private sector is not giving us a choice. The country cannot afford to wait anymore.
The House and Senate need to start to map out a strategy to pass emergency measures of Single Payer in order to relieve the States and Cities of their budget issues that are contributing to unemployment.
The impact on the insurance companies don't matter. They are not employing the people to the extent other industries are and government. They do nothing but feed investors. It is unfortunate, but, the USA has to be prepared for these companies to abandon their practices anyway. If they can't turn huge profits to feed their stockholders, they will abandon the health care system. To work with insurance companies to maintain their involvement only means pandering to their demands. We have to leave the private sector health insurance companies in the dust and help the 'majority' of our employers, including our state and local governments to maintain their employees and our tax base.
Do the math. If the health insurance companies pack up and cash in their chips it will not cause as many employment issues if the rest of the country tanks because of them. We can't afford Wall Street Health Insurance anymore, it is way too expensive in many ways.
The Robert's Court will stand in the way of regulation regardless of the emergency. They'll do it on ideology alone, shrug their shoulders and state the government needs to find a better way. They don't care if the Middle and Lower Class sink into Third World Status, they don't see that as their responsibilty. The Alito issues are profound. That jerk wraps himself in the flag after every bath and believes he is effective as a Justice. I would love to know how many times it was actually his spouse's influence that was voting rather than American's reality.
President Obama has to be prepared to act in a way that is decisive, this is an emergency for the Cities. There isn't anything else to call it.
Time is up !!!!!