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Israel in a joint venture with the USA is working on a fool proof scan system that is less invasive and more like a 'hound dog's nose.'

TraceGuard, Rapiscan jointly to develop combined bulk/trace detection system  (click here)

Published 11 August 2006

Two innovative developers of baggage screening technologies will jointly develop an improved system which will allow for more accuracy and shorter lines.

Talk of timely announcement: Petach Tikva, Israel-based TraceGuard Technologies (OTCBB: TCGD) has entered into a one-year joint development program with Rapiscan Systems, a subsidiary of Hawthorne, California-based OSI Systems (NASDAQ: OSIS), to develop TraceScan, an advanced combined bulk/trace detection system for interdiction of explosive devices and weapons. When developed, TraceScan will be marketed exclusively by Rapiscan, primarily to the U.S. government, and also through its global direct sales and distributor network....

...Here's what the hoopla (click here)  is all about. The device you see pictured here can check your carry on bag for explosives in about 30 seconds vs the current very lengthy and inexact "swabbing" being used at airport checkpoints today. There are a number of other devices under development by the scientists at TCGD, including a cargo version of this machine.
They have an LOI for a development and marketing agreement with British based Smiths Detection, the second largest security device manufacturer in the world (second to GE, who bought their way into the business)....

Israel is NOT about profiling.  They would investigate a White American Female with children if they believe the case should be made.  It isn't PROFILING and they aren't investing all their security into interviews.

Israel's Top 10 airport securities TECHNOLOGIES  (click title to entry for Business Week article)  and (click here for Israel 21c article)

...1. Trace-Safe - An alternative to body scans
They're in use in at least 19 airports in the US, but most people balk at the idea of a full body scan which essentially strips a passenger naked using radiation technology. Dangerous for the psyche and also for the frequent traveler who is exposed to numerous doses of radiation, an Israeli company working with a US partner could have the solution.

Trace-Safe from Israel and Raptor from the US have co-developed a chemical process, called TraceGuard, which can free particles from fabric and luggage for speedy detection and analysis.
The technology detects harmful substances and not benign ones like perfume or pharmaceuticals. It doesn't show false alarms, doesn't need filters or a cleaning. "You only want to detect the substances that you can make explosives or biological agents out of," says Sela.

It can be integrated into scanners and magnetometers and also into a wand that can be passed over both people and luggage.

While Trace-Safe is struggling financially right now, Sela believes that TraceGuard has the potential to bring an end to the use of all other equipment at airports, including the detested body and shoe scanners. "I am among those experts who believe the full body scans are wrong and not healthy for people," Sela tells ISRAEL21c. "Especially since they are passing through radiation; it defeats the cause."....

...The system, (click here) which could be integrated into scanners, magnetometers and hand-held devices, was designed to rapidly inspect both passengers and luggage without the use of full body scan and has been deployed at about 20 airports in the United States....

This is the Northern Limit Line between South Korea and North Korea. The North claims the line is further south.

This has been an ongoing conflict for over a decade now.  I believe much of the conflict has to do with use of the fisheries and I have to wonder what the quality of the food supply in North Korea is with Winter approaching and there exists sanctions.

This is a report from 2008:

International meetings (click here) on Fisheries Acoustics in Asia were held three times over the last decade. The first meeting was held in Pusan, Korea in 1997, entitled “International Workshop on Acoustic Surveys of North Pacific Fisheries Resources”, and the second meeting was held in Hakodate, Japan in 2000, entitled “International Symposium on Advanced Techniques of Sampling Gear and Acoustical Surveys for Estimation of Fish Abundance and Behavior”, both in conjunction with the PICES (The North Pacific Marine Science Organization) annual meetings.

     The third meeting was held in Dalian, China in 2007. In this meeting, we independently established the Asian Fisheries Acoustics Society (AFAS) based on past activities in order to promote further progress of science and technologies on Fisheries Acoustics in Asian countries.

     The coming fourth meeting will be held in Incheon, Korea as the second annual meeting of AFAS (AFAS2008). Since there are many particular problems in Asian fisheries, the AFAS aims to apply the acoustical technologies for Asian fisheries....

The conflict along this "Northern Limit Line" is not a straight forward declaration of war, it is more or less a boarder war and the prize is fishing rights.  Income also from those fishing rights.

Yeonpyeong Island is officially called "Yeonpyeong Myeon" and is the number 3 island on the map.  It is completely understandable through its location alone why there would be conflicts regarding, 'Who Owns It.'

This is really the second engagement over this island between the North and South; the first occurring in 2002.

It might be that the new emperor is trying out his new clothes.

There was a time when the 'white' tiger was a rarity. Now, all tigers are rare.

The Russian Prime Minister, Former President Putin, is a great and compassionate man.  It is those character strengths that have brought Russia out of the dark and now he casts light on a dearly endangered species.

...Just 3,200 tigers now roam free, (click title to entry - thank you) down from 100,000 a century ago, and those that remain face a losing battle with poachers who supply traders in India and China with tiger parts for traditional medicines and purported aphrodisiacs.

Putin is trying to turn the tables on the poachers by hosting a "tiger summit" with Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and representatives from other Asian countries, the highest level meeting ever held to try to save the species.

"Here is a species that is literally on the brink of extinction," the director general of conservation organization WWF, Jim Leape, told the conference. "If we cannot succeed now, if current trends continue, by 2022 we will have only scattered remnants of the populations left."...

Vladimire Putin is not a 'flash in the pan' politician that enjoys power before purpose.  He is a man centered on a legacy of compassion and correctness.  I cannot thank him enough.  He has, in the past, been known to go on expedition to tranquilize these Big Cats and track them with radio tansmission.  He does make his statements lightly, but, with knowledge based in his own research.

As recent as last year he began the same practice with Polar Bears.

DiCaprio to donate $1 mln for tiger conservation (click here)

16:21 23/11/2010
Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio pledged to donate the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) $1 million for tiger conservation efforts, WWF said in a statement on Tuesday.

"DiCaprio today committed $1 million to World Wildlife Fund for urgent tiger conservation efforts through his Fund at the California Community Foundation," the statement, posted on the organization's website, reads.

DiCaprio, who shot to fame for his role in the 1997 blockbuster Titanic, is known for his participation in tiger conservation programs. Earlier this year, he joined WWF in its effort to raise $20 million through the Save Tigers Now campaign. As a WWF board member he recently visited tiger parks in Nepal and Bhutan...

My computer just warned me about the website RIA Novosti, but, it never warns me about Murdoch's media circus.

At any rate, THE TIGER.

It is the experience of scientists engaged in saving small populations of a species that 'severe inbreeding' can exist.  When a population of species shrinks to such small numbers the individuals that survive 'may propagate lethal' traits currently undetectable until it is too late.  Then the scientists and conservationists are left to wonder what occurred, ie: The Florida Panther among others.

Prime Minister Putin should not make the mistake of believing the remaining Tigers are perfect specimans.  He needs to examine the genetic content of the population in the wild as well as those remaining in zoos and captivity as well as 'old museum specimans' as would be found in the New York "Museum of Natural History."  Genetic analysis as well as habitat restoration and protection aided by poacher prosecution is all necessary. 

I wish all the best of luck.
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Some would say I worry about 'silly' things, but, I think not.

Antarctica Wind Chime

One of my sincerest concerns about the Climate Crisis is the potential of the Blue Ice to sustain its presence due to the 'chronic cold' of the 'dark season' and the fact it is at the bottom of the world like a tear drop.

But, as the 'support' ice surrounding the Blue Ice melts and degrades, the 'opportunity' of 'ice meander' similar to the Greenland Ice becomes a reality.

The thing is this.

If three mile high Blue Ice sustains while it develops a meander, it will become increasingly unstable.  It is much higher and potentially denser than the Greeland Ice.

I believe there is the potential for 'toppling' of the Blue Ice as it becomes an increasingly 'independent' structure.  And while that would be a Neocon's dream come true for the same reason they pull wings off of flies, it would create a tsunmai that wouild destroy much of any coastal community in the world.

Whoever said powerful Americans are actually civilized.  They believe their money will protect them from anything.  They are their own gods.
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