Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Heroes all.

The status of six reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant (click title to entry for video - thank you)

By the CNN Wire Staff
March 23, 2011 -- Updated 1112 GMT (1912 HKT)

Tokyo (CNN) -- Workers at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant have been scrambling to cool down fuel rods and prevent the release of additional radioactive material since a 9.0-magnitude earthquake and tsunami hit the area on March 11....

The recovery of the wayward nuclear reactors is underway.  It would seem as though the added expertise of the IAEA enabled important decisions of which some were already on the way to move along more quickly.

The workers involved in 'keeping things cool' as possible during the time leading up to these new measures are incredibly brave people that had confidence in their ability to overcome complete failure of the reactors.  They are incredible people.  I don't know if their bravery and commitment to other citizens can actually be measured.

At any rate it is nearly over and 'control' of the runaway fuel is being realized.  We can only hope the recovery of that uranium continues and better outcomes are to be realized. 

It makes complete sense there was contamination to the area during these impossible times.  That contamination is being taken seriously in Japan and thoughout the global community.  It remains to be seen as to whether the contamination SOURCES can be relieved of their abilty to produce tainted food or not.  Time will tell.  Some milk sources may find it better to cull the contaminated animals if nothing else can be done. 

Contaminated land and fisheries is another problem.

I hope Japan will consider other sources of enegy for its nation.  It has a high demand for electricity and a safe source needs to override the possibility of this happening again. 

What Japan can explore, that is more harmonious with its national identity, is the electricity being produced in an Ocean Plant used offshore of Hawaii.  It may prove to be a more beneficial form of enegy that will survive tsunamis, even those produced by underwater displacement caused by strong earthquakes.  Tsunami waves are only a foot or two high in the deep ocean, so ships and ocean facilities simply roll over top of the large ripple.

Hawaii exists because of a HOT SPOT in the Pacific.  So, it has many characteristics it shares with Japan.

Good luck to all.

Moving on...

...there is a shouting match going on between Murdoch's media and MSNBC.  It requires some clairty. 

The shouting match is because Beck, in all his ill conceived wisdom, stated the 'signs' of the 'end of the world' as in the Book of Revelations of the Christian bible includes some of the 'activities of humans and nature' at this time of a very active news cycle.

There are a couple areas of clarification needed.  Direly needed.

Murdoch's media is bigoted.  It is just that simple. They are known to hate other religions, their favorite is the Abrahamic faith of Islam with its prophet Mohammad.  Just to be on the record the other two Abramhamic faiths are Judaism with it's prophit Abraham (although he isn't really considered a prophet per se) and Christianity with it's prophet Jesus Christ (whom is considered to be the son of God.  "God made man.").

But the problem with Beck's bigotry and the offense taken by MSNBC over the exploitation of the words of the Book of Revelation is that Murdoch's media does not allow 'viewing' faith as a 'diversity' paradigm.  That is what is lacking.  In the last month or so it has gotten better, a bit, at least in the news reporting end of Murdoch's media as the 'Radical Islamic" trials of the House are being conducted, but, when it comes to the Murdoch commentators nothing has changed there.  They still adhere to a dominant view of Christianity as the only faith that matters. 

Beck will defend 'the image' of Israel as some kind of 'virginal ideology' when in fact Israel's IDF, while necessary, is not as pure as the driven snow.  But, he does that to osracize the 'image' of a Democratic Party allied with Israel.  See, only Republicans are capable of providing Israel with good defense.  NOT.

At any rate, the offense surrounding the Book of Revelations is about accepting DIVERSITY.  Beck and most of his peers do not accept diversity, but, only marginally.  So, when Beck is ranting about how PEOPLE ON THE LEFT are being Anti-God and an entire network, namely MSNBC is being Anti-God, that simply isn't the case.

What most news organizations seek to provide is equity to all faiths while showcasing the 'best' of the religion leaving the negative connotations to crime where it belongs.  I doubt the Pope would view any violence as something the Roman Catholic faith would embrace.  Quite the contrary, it is just the opposite which leaves all acts of violence and aggression as crimes.  It is why the 'inference' of the coalition as Crusaders is simply bizarre.  No one is crusading in the Middle East.  I am confident these actions by the United Nation Coalition is to save lives and nothing else.

So.  With that, DIVERSITY is a matter of recognizing all religions, their practices, their particpants AND it also recognizes those that do not adhere to any formal, recognized faith.  Most news agencies do a very good job at presenting diversity and never once is it ever viewed as Anti-God.  That entire 'anti-god' mess is simply bizarre.

I'll tell you a true story.

My family has always been very devoted Roman Catholics.  Some more than others.  The younger generations have problems with 'anti-woman' views of the Pope regarding birth control and demanding Cathoics running for office to be ANTI-DIVERSITY in regard to abortion, but, there are some interesting folks 'of the fatih' that swing through family gatherings from time to time.  Namely, Priests of which there are none in the 'relatives' that participate and Nuns of which there are an occassional relative that visits from time to time.

So, it was Chirstmas.  I was fairly newly married.  There was a big family celebration in Dearborn, Michigan on my distaff side, so 'as a couple' we decided to attend.  Some of the family was at the wedding, but, many weren't and we wanted to touch bases with as many as we could.  I have a large family.  Irish American on my mother's side.

Not unusal there was a member of the clergy invited, a young local Priest, to enjoy a good meal and fellowship.  After dinner, while mingling, I approached him.  We engaged in conversation about the Bible.  He didn't mind.  He liked imparting his knowledge from seminary school.

I asked him about the 'fire and brimstone' of the Book of Revelations.  This was a Roman Catholic Priest well graduated from Seminary.  He stated, "The Book of Revelations was a dream of John.  It was a way of commuicating some of the more poorer 'states of being' of humans.  It is not a Book of Prophecy.  It is a book of lessions about the extremes the human mind can take 'the human experience' on Earth.  It is a place to reference human events that occur and place it in a framework recognized by the Apostles of Jesus Christ.  It is not a place to conduct fear or fantasy."

I thanked him and we toasted the upcoming New Year.

The YEAR of that conversation took place was 1976.

When 'literatism' takes over the discussion of any interpretation of the Holy Book, called the Bible by Christians, it is not about PURE VALUES.  It is about ignorance and self-righteous behavior.

Here again, DIVERSITY comes to mind as 'literalism' exists, but, it is my opinion, based in the words of a well educated Roman Catholic Priest; that it is a BUNCH  OF  BUNK. 

Fear Mongerers carry on as you will.  Count me out.

There is one other thing.

If Walmart is planning a Super Center or otherwise for Libya, they won't be welcome if they plan to sell munitions to the public. 

It is my best guess most coalition nations would like to see any new representative government succeed without attempted assassinations.

United Nations Resolution 1973 provides for all that is necessary to see Libya through to a new era.

UN Resolution 1973 provides for 'the protection of the people of Libya.'  That is that is necessary for any 'gatekeeper' nation among those in the coalition to protect and defend the citizens of Libya until the government has developed skills to govern itself.

End of discussion.

When it comes to these excruciating episode in history, such as Libya, there is a healthy way to look at this.

The coalition is saving lives everyday.  The coalition has reduced the ability of Gadaffi to kill his own people.  The danger to their lives from his forces still exist, but, it is ending day by day.

Sending in "USA military advisors" is not only unnecessary, it is a grave mistake.  The last aspect of life the poeple of Libya should be embracing is war.  Where military advisors go, armaments go and then there will be competing contractors to arm them and sell weapons followed by a ground war that will cause more instability and more call for USA troops and weapons to stop the increasing stability.


Weeks ago there was a burgeoning government in Benghazi that needs to go forward and begin to construct leadership.  That leadership can take many forms, but, I doubt sincerely another dictatorship is what the people of Libya want.  They would cring at the possibility and perhaps start a civil war.  So, it is my opinion the government in Benghazi needs to be a 'representative' government with people from every province and possibly every hamlet voting for their own official to attend to business in Benghazi.

When the Benghazi government is ready to lead they can be recognized and seek ECONOMIC relations with other major countries best able to trade with them.  Local goods can be made in the homes of the people of Libya until other products are able to be produced in factories from international countries seeking Libyan labor.  All these dynamics have to be filtered through a central authority to be sure all standards of Trade are met and eventually Libya can even join the WTO.  Those ambitions will keep everyone in Libya busy seeking a higher purpose in life. 

Schools have to be established for children to be educated to improve the standard of living of the Libyan people.  A military to protect the people of Libya is not necessary.  Allies to the new government can enforce any sovereignty until Libya is ready to handle THOSE HUGE EXPENSES on their own.

Democracy is an inviting value system, but, it is a complicated set of dynamics that insure people have a voice in their own lives.  Those dynamics include an economy and education.  There is a lot to be done and the very same community that responded to the cries of the innocent in Libya will respond to their growing needs and expertise.

The goal is peace in the Middle East and no one is taking this lightly.  When munitions are substituted for governance and the miltary is revered as important over the lives of human beings, there is a neverending battle to achieve domination and ultimately nuclear capacity and we are off to the races again.


Libya is disarmed.  It will be completely disarmed in a few days.  It will remain disarmed and unable to establish any capacity to kill its citizens or other citizens again. 

When a country INVESTS 'it's treasure' in armaments rather than its people; quality of life is postponed in a detrimental way to peace within the country, the region and the within in the global community.  There is absolutely no reason for the people of Libya to postpone their own governance realizing they are not going to have their lives threatened by their own government ever again.

I remind.

Iran did not have a nuclear facility until the USA botched the blue prints for one and there were millions upon millions already invested.  With that investment and it being a Shi'ite nation, Iran was determined to have what it paid for and sought relations with Russia to achieve that end. 

There is no need to propagate that relationship with Libya or Russia ever again. 

The United Nations needs a new venue for countries such as Libya where the naivety of their leadership is exploited by capitalists seeking profits over the well being of citizens.  The United Nations is more than capable of providing guidance to these nations so their people are their focus and THE POVERTY that breeds extremism ends.

We have an opportunity with Libya, I suggest benevolent nations without capitalistic goals of military exploitation of the country and region step forward to secure the citizens from exploitation and place them on a path to benevolence and national productivity.

We don't need more pirates off the coast of Libya to destroy the economy of the Mediterranean Sea.  We need citizens with shipping companies and fishermen interested in feeding their nation to be among the productive economy of the Mediterranean Sea.  It is for that reason nations such as Italy, France and Great Britain will be among the best to assist the Libyan people.  If Turkey finds an advantage they should certainly seek ambassadors both at the United Nations and with the new Libyan government to build still yet another strong ally.

This can be done. 

It will be done.

There will be peace in the Middle East.

Yes, ludicrious as all that sounds...that is what it is.

Gadaffi started with aircraft, then moved to tanks.  Now he has what is left of his tanks, probably using human shields and is seeking terrorist activities from the rooftops of buildings with snipers. 


Gadaffi has retreated to using snipers to terrify unarmed citizens.

NATO's efforts are working, but, the hand to hand combat is causing sporatic deaths in cities.

The Iranian forces are already beaten, but, those that remain are committed to their best outcomes as dictated by Gadaffi.  I don't see rolling brigades of troops into Libya.

This report also states Zintan is receiving tank fire.  Gadaffi is seeking to be effective in areas where the coalition hasn't destroyed them yet and one place is the Tunisia border.  There are also Egyptian refugees leaving from Tunisia.  Gadaffi could be endangering that effort and Egyptian citizens.

It is my opinion, Gadaffi is become less and less effective.  It will eventually stop.

...A Misrata resident (click title to entry - thank you) told Reuters by telephone: "This morning, air strikes twice hit the airbase where Gaddafi's brigades are based.

"Two people were killed by snipers an hour ago in the centre of the town. Their bodies are now at the hospital, which I visited a while ago. Shooting is still going on there now."

A doctor in the city also told the BBC that snipers were continuing to shoot at civilians, and confirmed at least one person had been killed.

Witnesses said tanks pulled back from their positions, from where they have been spearheading a siege of the city for days....