Monday, July 06, 2015

If one wants to make fun of Bill O'Reilly, there is still room to do that. His "Talking Points Memo" this evening was one of his better ones. However. He has a habit of throwing divisive politics into his message and tonight was no different.

There is a reason why Juan Williams was on the show this evening and it was to counter the extremism of O'Reilly.

Bill O'Reilly is an extremist. He has a lot of good insight and facts in his "Memo," but, listening for the facts can be a challenge at times. 

I think Bill O'Reilly has a real ax to grind that is not unusual for many other people, Americans and Undocumented alike. But, he insists on spiking the political ball and in doing so he waters down his dignity and that of the "Memo." 

While Mr. Trump needs to work on articulation of his policies and principles; Mr. O'Reilly needs to take into account his political tilt and whether it causes problems in the resolve of real issues based in the truth in the USA. I believe it does and dummies down his actual morality. That is if there is morality I am missing in his messages.

The women referred to by Mr. Trump are not American women.

This is from the Daily Mail.

April 24, 2014
By Ryan Gorman

Six out of every 10 women (click here) illegally immigrating into the U.S. are estimated to be victims of sexual violence, and many are reportedly taking birth control to avoid unwanted pregnancies.
Sexual assaults such as the March incident where a border patrol agent raped and tried to kill a woman and her teen daughter along the Texas - Mexico border before fleeing with the girl’s twin sister have led to illegals seeking out birth control for protection.
That incident is only one of many, most going unreported and failing to ever see prosecution because victims are afraid of reprisals against their families and deportation.

Fear of consequences: The fear of deportation or actions against their families keep the women from reporting abuse.

Six out of every 10 women illegally immigrating into the U.S. are estimated to be victims of sexual violence, and many are reportedly taking birth control to avoid unwanted pregnancies.
Sexual assaults such as the March incident where a border patrol agent raped and tried to kill a woman and her teen daughter along the Texas - Mexico border before fleeing with the girl’s twin sister have led to illegals seeking out birth control for protection.
That incident is only one of many, most going unreported and failing to ever see prosecution because victims are afraid of reprisals against their families and deportation....

No one else in the USA is as disgusted with these events as Mr. Trump? Really?

Mr. Trump will have to better illustrate his opinions with examples of his meaning, otherwise, he is being regarded as politically calculating at the expense of innocent people coming to the USA for work and a better quality of life. 

It appears; and it makes sense; that Donald Trump speaks his mind. He articulates his opinions in a very flamboyant way and that method of communication brings about skepticism as exaggerations and political rhetoric. It is the appearance of false claims against the Undocumented that was so offensive. He failed to articulate his opinion clearly and in the limited population that it actually is the truth. 

Thinking about the size and scope of the Trump organization, it makes complete sense his style of communication is blunt and to the point. Unfortunately, that does not make for 'smooth' articulation. 

Mr. Trump also has a reputation of racist accusations against the President regarding his birth. I know, I know, Mr. Trump has his own opinion about all sorts of angles about President Obama, but, his persistent issue with his birth certificate is a racist demand. In all honesty.

Coming forward now in the realization of rapes of Mexican immigrant women is hardly viewed as a matter of oversight of the border, so much as a continued racial rant. That is why he got in trouble.

Greta Van Susteren has picked up the ball on this.

I appreciated her patient expertise. She slowed down the discussion with calm dialogue and she believes the events leading to death of a 31 year old woman on Pier 14 in San Francisco is far reaching and needs clarity.

I think she is correct. The web needs to be sorted out. According to Ms. Van Susteren, Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez is on probation in Texas related to an undisclosed charge.

July 6, 2015
By Abby Phillips

...Federal immigration officials (click here) say that the practices that have made San Francisco a “sanctuary city” allowed this “preventable” crime to happen.
“If the local authorities had merely NOTIFIED [U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement] that they were about to release this individual into the community, ICE could have taken custody of him and had him removed from the country — thus preventing this terrible tragedy,” ICE spokeswoman Gillian Christensen said in a statement.

On July 1, Kate Steinle, 31, was walking along Pier 14, taking pictures with her father around 6:30 p.m. when a shot rang out, fatally wounding her in the chest....

I think there is a lot of finger pointing and the accusations of San Francisco's Sanctuary City status is an easy scapegoat. I think we need more questions and far, far more answers.

Oh, by the way. I also found Ms. Van Susteren's guests, although engaging, are far too stressed in their speech. It is artificial. I don't think anyone needs artificial anything in these circumstances. I appreciated their point of view even though they appeared to be acting rather than sincere. 

In all fairness, San Francisco is correct in their status as a sanctuary city. The idea behind the status is that it prevents underground cultures and allows for open exchange of information between the illegal alien and authorities. 

I do, however, believe the extent this status is guaranteed to illegals needs to be reviewed. I realize Mr. Sanchez confessed to the shooting and states it was an accident. That is all very interesting, but, he had a gun. He is not employed in a real way and has his own reality. There is a lot wrong here. It is also across state borders when considering Texas has him on probation.

Maintaining a sanctuary city status doesn't mean the illegals walk all over the rights and lives of Americans. The idea the status promotes honest exchange between the community and authorities should also recognize the commission of crimes. A person like Mr. Sanchez hasn't learned a darn thing about the USA, except, we are chumps for abuse.

The sanctuary city status is about acknowledging their illegal status, not their criminal status.

From the Florida Museum of Natural History

The International Map of Confirmed Shark Attacks (click here).

The highest rates of CONFIRMED shark attacks is the USA. Click on the country number to show more specifics.

Florida is the largest. All but one Hawaiian Island have recorded shark attacks. The Gulf of Mexico used to be a great source of food for the marine animals in the oceans. The BP Deepwater Horizon changed that. There may be migration of sharks out of the Gulf following the Gulf Stream. They can't find the food they are looking for.   

The museum keeps a record of any reported attacks (click here).

It appears from the instructions the museum relies on personal reporting. I think that is fine, but, there is nothing wrong with local or state legislation to report the attacks. Professionals will be more specific in their description. If the reporting was from authorities it might bring greater brevity to the global record.

"...In addition to investigating the environmental factors and activities of the victim and the shark involved in an incident, we are very interested in documenting the medical aspects of an attack...."

The museum is looking for reports both by authorities on the scene which would include witnesses as well as the hospital's report to the injuries.

This type of reporting would also create a better and more specific information and could be a resource to investigators of the causes. Research conducted from such information would appear in professional journals, both professional and medical. 

Reporting in that method would add miniscule costs to the agencies involved. It is simply faxing or mailing or calling the museum to provide the needed information. It really would not add much to the reporting, except, at the museum. But, they would be pleased to invest the time.

Atlantic City is looking toward non-gambling entertainment to improve the city's economy.

July 6, 2015
By Ruben Kramer

...Borgata expects to receive (click here) more than $60 million in property tax refunds and interest for tax years 2009 and 2010 after a state appeals court on Monday affirmed a ruling that slashed the resort’s assessed value by more than a billion dollars.

Spokesmen for the city and its emergency manager did not return requests for comment.

The Atlantic City tax assessor valued the resort at about $2.2 billion for tax years 2009 and 2010. But in October 2013, after a 21-day non-jury trial, New Jersey Tax Court Judge Patrick DeAlmeida slashed the assessments to $880 million and $870 million, respectively, finding that the assessments didn't reflect a profound contraction of the Atlantic City gambling market that was well underway as the aughts ended....

There is investment to add interests of tourism to Atlantic City. I think this is a good focus because if the attractions become too large it would compete with established businesses like "Six Flags Great Adventure" (click here). Great Adventure is already offering discounted tickets and memberships, so they are feeling the pressure of the "Inequality Economy." 

Many of these businesses, including the casinos relied on the Middle Class. The Middle Class was a strong presence in Atlantic City as far back as 1950s. That demographic has changed and two to three generations later the disposable income to such attractions is simply not there. A family with some disposable income will concentrate on their children and not their own satisfaction.

July 6, 2015
By Wayne Parry

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — A look (click here) at some of the non-gambling attractions in Atlantic City as the resort city tries to move beyond offering just gambling:
— The Playground. Philadelphia developer Bart Blatstein's $52 million redo of the former Pier Shops at Caesars project into a music-themed entertainment attraction.
— Borgata Festival Park. $3.5 million outdoor concert facility that can hold 5,000 fans.
— Bass Pro Shops. $15 million outdoors-related superstore in the heart of the city's shopping district.

Donald Trump had decided a long time ago he was over extended in Atlantic City's future. He closed Trump Casino before any others even expected a chronic decline in the interest of Atlantic City. Actually, it wasn't that long ago, it just seems like it.

Trump Casino was open for thirty years. I think there is still the Trump Marina and the Taj Mahal. 

September 23, 2014
By Tina Griego

...On the morning of the casino’s closing, (click here) a memorabilia collector parks himself among the rows of blinking, blaring, vacant slots and keeps feeding it titos – ticket in, ticket out – to get one time-stamped as close as possible to the final minute.
But mostly the dealers pack up chips, and cocktail waitresses serve the last of the vodka and coffee, and everyone checks their watches. That evening, they gather by the hundreds at a 24-hour bar where they used to go to decompress. They call out to each other, a parade of Johnnies and Kennys and Joeys and Ritchies and Debbies.
Some left the Plaza years ago for the greener pastures of casinos in other states, but many spent their entire careers there. “We spent 30 years together,” says Debbie Fortier, a cocktail waitress. “We were together longer than most marriages.”...

Trump Properties (click here) 

His activities are really diverse. It was set up that way to create a portfolio of financial security. If one aspect of his holdings was doing poorly, the others were earning money. So, he knows what he is going. The Trump Casino being in business for thirty years had no depreciation value and the staff was the only real expense on a regular basis. There are other issues like promoting the business and maintenance, but, that is far less a concern once the building is paid for and the cash flow is good. The issue was obviously the lack of recovery when the US economy went bad. One can only be attached to a business so long before it is obvious things have changed.

The gambling business market in Atlantic City will pick up for remaining casinos as there are some that shut down. But, Atlantic City was an attraction for honeymooners.  There is far less than that. As a matter of fact the top ten honeymoon locations according to "" (click here) are international resorts. The top of most lists is Acapulco. People like to travel and that is promoted by airlines through travel agents and the like. There are some advertisements from resorts such as "Sandals" but all this foreign travel is promoted by the airlines. When listening to any promotion it will nearly always state, "...air travel included." 

And, NO, I don't believe Donald Trump decided to run for President to find answers for Atlantic City. He doesn't need to do that. I think he is sincere when he states he is disillusioned with the field of candidates. 

From Salon:

July 6, 2015
By Joan Walsh

...I have no sympathy for Trump, (click here) but I can certainly see his point. Why would he have worried about a backlash against his anti-Mexican racism, when corporate America and the Republican Party let him get away with ugly racist birtherism regarding President Obama for years? Frankly, I’m pleasantly surprised by the backlash, but also a little sickened that it took this long.

I’m also surprised the other GOP presidential candidates are getting so much credit for their belated rebukes. The New York Times trumpeted an “indignant Jeb Bush” who “said he takes Donald Trump’s remarks personally.” That would be big headline news if Bush, whose wife was born in Mexico and whose kids are thus of Mexican descent, said it the day after Trump’s ugly outburst. Instead, it took Bush eighteen days to denounce the birther-in-chief. I wouldn’t call that indignant.... 

And this is it in a nutshell. The Republicans that have been in Trump's corner for years are exactly as bigoted as everyone believes. So, the quandary that is Bush and Rubio is the real fact, they have an anchor to hold back their popularity. They are affiliated with the Hispanic and Cubans. It is a sincere problem for Republicans that actually score elections with voter suppression while attracting racists. 

...He’s right; Trump represents a serious segment of the party base, and nobody in the GOP besides the long-shot Pataki was lining up to denounce him until he began losing his corporate support. He’s in second place, behind Bush, in national polling....

Atlantic City (click here) has a negative growth curve because of 2008. It never recovered.

When income per capita is reviewed within this same site, the trend was up and continued to increase in any fall off of business.

The demand for businesses to hire employees was always positive stress for the workers' market. The demand was good and the pay ever increasing. But and it is a big but. The number of jobs feel along with the loss of business. The jobs remaining still created demand and those unemployed weren't finding work in Atlantic City so they went elsewhere. Atlantic City was losing ground because of the crash of 2008 and it's deep financial results as well as having to pay good and even increasing wages because the competition for trained workers.

The graph above is the unemployment rate and the graph below is the wage rate. 2008 destroyed the consumer base of Atlantic City. But, the type of business left in Atlantic City required trained and certified/licensed personnel that could find work other than Atlantic City.

Atlantic City isn't going to recover. Not at this rate. The clients in 2008 have gone from it's income. Those people aren't going to be coming back. Maybe after minimum wage is increased and there is some disposable income there might be an uptick again, but, I don't expect it any time soon.

I am sure Hurricane Sandy didn't do Atlantic City any favors. The low income housing being replaced is primarily for the elderly. The Sandy funding for low income housing has been distributed throughout the state. Even if there were low income housing in Atlantic City, there are few to no jobs for them and/or are not consumers of the businesses in Atlantic City. The uptick in consumers would be negligible. 

Atlantic City was never prepared for what occurred in 2008, but, who was?

Atlantic City - Hammonton, New Jersey (click here)

Donal Trump and the GOP.

It is interesting, it isn't?

He said Jeb Bush never could solve the problem of immigration. Jeb Bush had a prime place in the movement of the Undocumented toward a path of citizenship while his brother George was in office. He never lift a finger to advocate for Immigration Reform. Florida had three borders with shore lines. We know for a fact immigrants come to Florida's shores from nearby countries, including Cuba. But, Jeb Bush never did anything about the Undocumented.

Jeb Bush went to Washington, DC to take advantage of "The Hammer's Leadership" of right to die laws and their status with Terry Schivo. I know with that trip to DC, Jeb Bush did have a way of getting there and was interested in controversy, but, not when it came to immigrants. His brother in the presidency with him as Governor of Florida could not get it done.

Trump stated Perry couldn't secure the border. Basically. Perry did not establish a state statue about the border to build his own fence if they moved it 100 miles north and out of the reach of the federal government.

Roughly two-thirds (click here) of the United States' population, about 200 million people, lives within the 100-mile zone that an outdated federal regulation defines as the border zone—that is, within 100 miles of a U.S. land or coastal border.

Perry really is all hot air and not much more.

A break in the border fence at the United States-Mexico border is seen outside of Brownsville, Texas, August 5, 2014. On the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, there are still barriers separating communities around the world, from the barbed wire fence dividing the two Koreas, the fence around the Spanish enclave of Melilla, to the sectarian Peace Wall in Belfast, the Israel-Gaza barrier and the border separating Mexico from the United States. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

June 16, 2015
By Paul Weber

...That was a small price tag (click here) compared with what Texas is about to spend. The new Republican governor, Greg Abbott, this month approved $800 million for border security over the next two years — more than double any similar period during Perry’s 14 years in office.
On Texas’ shopping list is a second $7.5 million high-altitude plane to scan the border, a new border crime data center, a 5,000-acre training facility for border law-enforcement agencies and grants for year-round helicopter flights. The state also wants to hire two dozen Texas Rangers to investigate public corruption along the border and 250 new state troopers as a down payment on a permanent force along the border.
Other states along the nearly 2,000-mile Southwest border — New Mexico, Arizona and California — do not come remotely close to the resources Texas has committed. And Texas is doing so long after last year’s surge in undocumented immigrants crossing the border has subsided....
Wall Street is reacting in a manner well known to the observers: "Run away, run far, far away." The panic isn't all that. 

The Greek economy is 80 percent service industry. The remainder of the Greek economy is shipping. Shipping has never been a bad investment and it still isn't today. The reality of the Chinese export economy is all too real and it requires considerable shipping lines to bring their products to the rest of the world. There is still oil exports through the world and shipping is a part of that. So shipping out of Greece is exceptionally stable.

The uncertainty is about the currency. 

The service industry requires employment of many Greece citizens. The key to the majority of this service economy is tourism. With a completely horrible reputation at this point due to bad press regarding it's currency, the service economy is not as vibrant as possible.

July 6, 2015

Greece's rejection (click here) of Europe's latest bailout offer has raised uncertainty for millions of vacationers planning to head there for their summer break.
With a "Grexit" from the eurozone an ever increasing prospect, banks remaining shuttered and concerns over shortages of basic goods, many will be questioning whether or not to cancel their trip.
The situation remains in flux, with few definitive answers.
But here's what we know at the moment:
Should I go?
On the downside, it's likely that a vacation in Greece will involve added inconvenience, particularly when it comes to financial transactions....

The problem of currency exchange can be an issue with banks closed. Let's say Greece retakes it's former currency called the drachma.

The exchange rate is One (1) Euro = 340.75 Greece drachma. That is advantageous exchange rate for those that transact Euros. Tourism should not be a problem. Greece will continue to accept Euros in transactions with hotels and vendors, but, the change one will receive will be from the Greek monetary system. That won't be a problem until a tourist returns home to exchange monies back to Euros or the USA dollar. 

If the drachma drops in value after it is reemployed as Greece's currency the current currency will be result in less on conversion. 

Let's say a tourist takes a trip and returns home with 1000 drachma. The conversion today would be about 3 Euros or 3.23 US dollar. That is a break even point and a negligible conversion. If the Greece's drachma falls in number to 681.5 per 1 Euro, then the consumer lost money and will only receive about 1.5 Euro or 1.60 US dollar. Here again it is more an aggravation than a penalty to a trip to Greece and it's magnificent tourism content.

Where this gets tricky is when business has large amounts of Greece drachma. Business will own drachmas by the thousands but more the hundreds of thousands or millions. It can cause losses to businesses that have commerce outside Greece. While in Greece the citizens and local economies will have greater stability than companies that import their products or have foreign interest in their holdings such as multi-national hotel chains. The international company then has to absorb their losses due to a drop in the Greece drachma.

The Euro doesn't have this problem and is more valuable than the USA dollar.  

Should Greece return to the drachma, the economy will continue to operate without severe impacts. The domestic economy will continue and quite frankly will grow with any multi-national company shuttering their doors. 

When the drachma begins to return to a better status with the growth of local and domestic economy the environment will be attractive once again to international interests. At this point, Greece may not really care about Wall Street. Any products imported to Greece will be too expensive to purchase, so Greece will concentrate on local economies and domestic products. Greece probably won't take their goods to international export markets because it will suffer losses on currency conversion that it cannot afford. 

Shipping can remain successful even though international in nature. The shipping is operating out of Greece, but, delivering to foreign markets. The Greece shipping companies can choose to operate on currencies that work for them and their customers. I would expect shipping to stabilize itself simply because it won't convert to the Greece drachma, except to pay taxes to the Greece government. The higher the exchange rate of the drachma to the Euro the easier it will be to pay their taxes. So, it is a winning strategy for the international shippers, too. 

As a matter of fact, the cost of shipping can see a fluctuation to higher rates in drachmas, but, that does not change the cost of the actual shipping in foreign currency. Let's say a shipping company takes in 1 million drachma from shipping a package. The conversion cost to the client is 2934.70 Euros. That cost will not change to the customer, what will change is the number of drachma the shipping company receives in conversion. The shipping companies will have to set shipping charges on a chronic rolling conversion as the drachma gains and losses value if that is it's primary currency. 

The baseline to the Greece drachma is based in the economy and national assets of Greece. That will be up to the Greece government to make changes needed to revitalize their economy. 

Currency a funny thing. If one looks across the USA there are cities and towns that even transact their own currencies. The currencies could be a one to one exchange with the US Dollar. The cities have a store front that converts their currency back to US currency. But, the transaction of all the economy in that city or town is based in their own currency. 

Why do it? Several reasons. Ideology. Protest. But, the most interesting reason is that the local currency could actually find itself in an interesting place. If it has greater asset value than the US Dollar that can be reflected in the exchange rate. What happens to a local currency if the US government defaults on it's debt? As the US dollar starts to fall, the local currency can still hold its higher value if it's asset value in the town remains unchanged regardless of what the rest of the country is doing. 

Now that local value will not translate internationally or nationally in the USA. As far as the markets outside the local economy is concerned, that currency is worthless simply because it is not recognized as legal tender. But, let's say the US Dollar falls and the local economy holds on to it's value. The local economy's sale of goods and services within it's own borders can remain static if all those in the town are valuing the currency in the same way.

Crazy stuff, huh?

But, I am not really worried about the Greece drachma. Greece can convert to their own currency, but, it will require scrutiny on the value and legislate to grow or even regrow the country's domestic economy. 

The clear definition to Greece's success is to realize borders mean something and can aid the country if it feels as though there is no other choice. My concern is severing of ties to the European Union. The EU is an asset to Greece and it needs to appreciate that. Allies can be hard to find when times get tough. 

The way I see Russia's interest is more about poking Europe in the eye over Ukraine than an actual benefit to Greece. The ruble is not doing well either as an international currency and unemployment is up in Russia. So, it may be Greece and Russia may have the same dynamics in their currency, however, I see the drachma recovering over time. I can't say that about Russia. If an international relationship is built on currency the relationship will change over time as one currency grows stronger and the other suffers for the growth. If the Greece drachma becomes more valuable than Russian rubles it would cause more damage to Russia. I don't see this as a productive relationship so much as a dangerous one.

How did the Greece economy get to this point? Greece is not Lehman Brothers.

July 6, 2015

...Yanis Varoufakis (click here) said it was felt his departure would be helpful in finding a solution to the country's debt crisis.
Eurozone finance ministers, with whom he repeatedly clashed, had wanted him removed, Mr Varoufakis explained.
Meanwhile, global financial markets have fallen over fears that Greece is heading for an exit from the euro.
The European Central Bank (ECB) is to discuss whether to raise its emergency cash support for Greek banks, which are running out of funds and close to collapse.
Greece's Economy Minister, Georgios Stathakis, told the BBC the ECB had to keep Greek banks alive for seven to 10 days so that negotiations could take place....

The European Central Bank needs to stand with Greece, no in opposition. The banks caused this. The banks should be responsible for any country's recovery and provide the funding needed to do so. 

The rest of this is politics. The reason the finance minister of Greece is resigning is to protect his standing with the Greek people. He refuses to abandon the people that elected him.

But, Greece has become a global political icon as well. Greece has had significant social programs and of course that is the reason for all the problems. LIES. But, they convenient lies for the politics of capitalism that wants to destroy any and all social programs of western governments.  

Greece needs to be a member of the European Union. It is weakened due to this mess and is vulnerable to a regional instability. It is important Greece isn't alone during a difficult time.

As a bit of a tourism note, Athena (click here) has always been my favorite Greek Goddess. No word of a lie. As soon as I studied Greek Mythology in elementary school she was a part of my personal ideology.

The Parthenon is on my list. 

Hayden, the captain of unreality.

March 22, 2015

...Given that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) (click here) would be the on-site inspection organization responsible for the verification of an agreement, the United States’ scoop would have to be forwarded to that body. Of course, both the speed and the extent of U.S. sharing would be affected by the need to protect sensitive human or technical sources of information. Only then would IAEA representatives begin talking with their Iranian counterparts about gaining access to disputed sites or activities. History suggests the Iranians would engage in protracted negotiations and much arcane questioning of the evidence. Iran could eventually offer some access while holding back key data and personnel. It would be only after tortured discussions that the IAEA could proclaim itself dissatisfied with Iran’s reaction. This process also could take months.

All of a sudden the political right wing has no real objection to the process to date, so why not make it a personal issue for the President and Secretary of Defense.

The control freaks of the political right wing doesn't even trust the IAEA, so why bother listening to their ranting that is for political purposes only. Personal attacks on the President and the Secretary of State is desperation for a political position and nothing more!

Hayden and his buddy Clapper are political operatives. They know nothing. Absolutely nothing, but, pretend to know everything. 

March 3, 2015
President Obama's Director of National Intelligence James Clapper (click here) said Iran has the capability to make a nuclear weapon "right now," but at this point, the country's leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has "not made a decision to obtain a nuclear weapon."

"It's a political decision for them. Not that they don't have the technical wherewithal, the technical competence, because they do," Clapper said Monday on PBS' "Charlie Rose."...

Let me make this perfectly clear.

All the political war mongers that carry out their culture of fear to create a burgeoning war with Iran or the entire Middle East for that matter, KNOW NOTHING.

How do I know this?

Good question.

Israel's Mossad ONLY learned the identity of Iranian scientists after the IAEA carried out inspections. Once the IAEA listed Iranian scientists as source of information in their reports, Israel killed them. Now. If Israel and the USA were omnipotent why would they have to wait for the IAEA report?

By the way, the Iranian scientists need to be given code names and numbers in order to protect them from the vicious Israeli Mossad. That needs to be written into the agreement of the P5 + 1.

Israel needs to end it's interference in Iranian sovereignty as it creates it's own reason for Iranian aggression no matter what form it takes.

Morning Papers

The Rooster


"Good Night, Moon"

Waning Gibbous

19.2 days old

79.6 percent lit

July 4, 2015
By Xeni Jarden

...If you think (click here for the photo) that it might be a case of sitting there with your camera and a clock, with one hand on the shutter release, you’d be absolutely correct! The ISS only passed over the moon for 0.33 seconds as it shoots by quite quickly. Knowing the second it would pass I fired a “burst” mode of exposures then crossed my fingers and hoped it would show up in review – and it did!
The setup was my Canon 70D attached to the rear cell of my Celestron 9.25″ telescope (2300mm / f10). The shutter speed was a quick 1/1650th of a second and ISO 800 in order to freeze the ISS in motion.
I took about a second of further exposures on either side of the pass to stack the lunar surface detail using AutoStakkert2, and the increased the saturation in post to create this colour enhanced version of the moon. The colours on the moon relate to the chemical composition of moon geology....