Saturday, July 02, 2011

Some day I will open the news section and find the headlines that read... all the flotilla ships have made it safely into port to unload their aid to the people of Gaza with the help of well coordinated efforts by the USA and Israel.

Someday the global community will realize since Palestinian charities are frowned on to bring aid to the people of Gaza the relief efforts are actually necessary to maintain regional stability.

Someday the children of Gaza will come to understand how much we all love them through the compassion they receive when a flotialla arrives with books, writing paper, crayons and LEGOS.

Someday, a dream will come true.  And it will be the dream of a Gaza child of God.

Until tomorrow.

Dreams Come True by Andrew Hill and Chico Hamilton (click title to entry - thank you)

Does it actually have to be this difficult to allow aid to the people of Gaza?

Isn't there an Israeli ambassador that can help coordinate all this? Seriously. Obstruction methods only increases the focus and the anger. Why isn't there pre-planning or at least a dispatch of government aids to assist in smooth operation of the event? Using military confrontation is really not the best venue for this flotilla, it only fuels more reason for acts in Gaza and other places.

Greece halts Gaza flotilla ship.

Activists aboard the Audacity of Hope, a boat which aims to sail to Gaza as part of an aid flotilla.
Photo: AP

...Up to 400 international activists had been due to sail this week to Gaza aboard 10 ships leaving from Greece to protest the naval blockade that Israel imposed on the Palestinian territory in 2007....

...The secretive attempt (click title to entry - thank you) by the activists to head out to sea Friday ended in failure after authorities in inflatable speedboats raced after them after their vessel tried to sail without permission from the port of Perama near the Greek capital, Athens.

"We shall overcome," the activists sang as security personnel watched from their boat just 10 meters away, according to updates protesters posted on the Internet during a brief standoff.

Greek officials appealed to them to turn around, arguing that it was not safe to continue, but activists responded that it was not safe in port because of fears of alleged sabotage of their vessels, organizers said....

To all our relief, the N.Y.Times (click title to entry - thank you) is fearuring an article about the Irish vessel ...

...that was to be one of the floatilla vessels to Gaza with humanitarian supplies. Certainly the global community and the USA cannot ignore this level of hatred against 'the innocent' in seeking to help those that 'time has forgot.'

I realize there is much that Hamas has done through violence in the name of their concept of freedom, but, it has been over two generations of hatred that creates these huge hurdles for everyone. The people need relief, not weapons, not munitions, not permission for more hatred.

Certainly, there has to be some kind of maritime authority that can insure Israel that the boats are seeking nothing more than to bring humanitarian aid to the Palestinians in Gaza and global attention to the plight of the people there. It isn't as though Israel is a filthy rich country. That is the truth of nearly every world power on Earth these days. The only entities with money are the filthy rich.

I have stated this over and over and over again, so long as countries feel threatened by each other, their resources go to soveriegn defense rather than domestic needs, the building of infrastructure, expanding their brain trust and economic harmony. 

This needs to end for everyone and Israel should not have to 'guess' what is coming into Gaza that could ultimately hurt, maime or kill any of their children or citizens. We have recently witnessed far more technical munitions fired into Israel killing a young man. There is every reason for the global community to react as Israel does, but, also to react to the sabotage that is all too convincing to launch an investigation to such a desperate act.

The shame also belongs to a USA Senator that advocates military intervention instead of PRECAUTIONS and resources to insure a successful flotilla. The military intervention would cost not only monies, but, lives as well. Shame on him.

I am grateful to the Captain and mechanics of the boat to be this astute in their inspections. We are all grateful the inspections did not lead to injury or death either.