Saturday, November 06, 2010

There is something drastically "W"rong in this country and everyone is treating it like an elephant in a living room. No wants to recognize it.

The Robert's Court facilitated a Plutocratic take over of an election process.

As if on cue, the Chairmain of the Fed releases $600 billion to purchase bad debt from Wall Street THE DAY AFTER THE ELECTION OF MANY UNQUALIFIED REPUBLICANS.

With new committee chairs seeking to undo financial reform, compromise the citizens to benefit the wealthy cronies that put them in office.

I mean here we go again an no one even wants to recognize the corruption that exists in this cabal?

With an entire global media network working 24 - 7 to defeat THE DEMOCRACY of the USA.

No amount of money the Democrats were going to raise would counter balance the chronic lies and messages of hate.

Only to have a new promising young Senator make a speech of nothing but rhetoric.  Nothing but lies.  Nothing but dreamscapes of 'exceptionalism.' 

Like WOW.  No one gives a damn about the innocent people that will fall victim to any of this.

I listen to C-SPAN's Washington Journal today.  People called in to criticize an eloquent speaker whom was very well versed in regard to the virtue of Health Care Reform.  The nation is scared.  They listened to media personalities and believed every word.  It is more natural for people to believe the worse than to believe the best in regard to any issue.  But, the people that called were completely uneducated to the bill and what it was all about.  They had no idea about how they were lied to and how they were mislead by the media that wanted to place their own priotiries in control of the USA rather than what is best for the country and the people.

Yet everyone ignores the "Conservative Cabal" that rode rough shod over the electorate to instill the most dysfunctional and vicisou assembly of Republicans ever in Congress.

The 'Old World" Republicans returning as incumbants have only one purpose and that is to discredit the President, his cabinet and the Democrats.  They don't care about the people, they care aobut power. 

What I am hearing from Republicans is HATE, while they pander to their BASE as grateful for "A Second Chance."

What I read from those that see the disaster at hand is how to frame a Republican revival. 

...Jobs are what Americans (click title to entry - thank you) want from you, not giveaways to billionaires. You could cut payroll taxes. Give us R&D (JOBS) and investment credits (INFRASTRUCTURE to support research). Chop the tax bills for small businesses that hire.

Use your imagination. Juice that big American economic engine. In these hard times, don’t waste $700 billion on a tax break for folks that don’t need it, who will only salt it away like Scrooge McDuck, or buy a villa in the south of France.

Innovate. Surprise us. No one will fault you. The Tea Party folks have no love for George W. Bush, the bailer-out of big Wall Street banks....

Republicans will seek to destroy those that have revitalized a destroyed natoin and will waste time and energy seeking to prosecute Democrats and the President to BULLY them into gaining ground they illegitmately took in the first place.

The FED is out of control and makes excuses that everyone needs to have the 'tools' to revive the economy.  THOSE tools never make it to the people of this nation that seek to rebuild their local economies and move away from corrupt corporate priorities for their lives and incomes.  Bernanke is out of line.  He is going to destroy the value of the USA Dollar and will drive the cost of living through the roof.  Oh, I know what he says, but, actions speaker louder than words and he is not acting responsibly, but, in tandem with elected understandings for his performance.  He needs to be investigated and the actions with the past week. 

I feel bad for the nation.  They really aren't in control of REASON, but, acting on emotion without basis for their fear.  They are fearing the "W"rong people, AGAIN and STILL.

Until tomorrow.