Friday, October 24, 2014

It is time for the USA to work with the WHO and other partners to establish a 21 day quarantine facility(ies) in West Africa for people traveling via jet. The other option is to quarantine those returning after working with Ebola patients in the specialized jet and then deliver them to a hospital to finish a 21 day quarantine.

October 24, 2014

Patient in New York City tests positive for Ebola – (click here) took subway from Manhattan to Brooklyn night before 

A doctor in New York City who recently returned from treating Ebola patients in Guinea tested positive for the Ebola virus Thursday, becoming the city’s first diagnosed case.

The doctor, Craig Spencer, was rushed to Bellevue Hospital on Thursday and placed in isolation while health care workers spread out across the city to trace anyone he might have come into contact with in recent days....

There is something wrong in West Africa with Isolation Precautions. For all these professionals to contact the virus while working their for weeks is really strange. They are all contracting it days before leaving West Africa.

None if this makes sense. They have to be dining with colleagues still working there or their is a degree of sabotage of some kind. It isn't fair to have the airlines carry the burden of maybe they have it or maybe not. It isn't a travel ban so much as quarantine for Ebola workers because of current problems. 

It is this particular population of people that have worked with Ebola having the virus when they arrive home. This particular population has to be isolated.

Can we keep it light out there, okay?

With all respect to the artists, no one is 100% of anyone. No one should give over themselves to the identity of another. Everyone needs to know their own mind and find a relationship that honors each other. The best relationship in the world is one where a couple can laugh at their differences and find the love that exists within those differences. 

Everyone is complete when they are born. Love is an enhancement and gift provided by someone that sincerely respects, honors and cherishes you. No relationship should be the end or beginning of anyone. Life is bigger than that.

Jaylen had it wrong.

American Indian children (click here) have the third highest rate of victimization at 11.6 per 1,000 children of the same race or ethnicity. In 2009, 7,335 AI/AN children were victims of child maltreatment (SOURCE: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2010).

Even as adults there is a lot of anger spilling over from young experiences. There are high alcoholism rates and domestic violence. Jaylen may have lived the prefect life and simply lost his perspective on life. But, in the Native American community there are significant numbers of them being abused and growing into abusers.

(Student) Brice - "When he went to reload the gun I was able to get away."

(Student) Austin - "I saw him stand up and heard a loud pop. I thought it was someone breaking an inflated bag, but, then I saw three student fall to the floor as if they were dead. I then dove under the desk. Then I heard the popping stopped, looked up and he was reloading his gun. I then ran in the opposite direction to get away."

"He was always a nice person, played on the football team. Yesterday, there was some kind of racist statement made, but, he seemed okay."

A clean cut kid, probably a good student, plays on the football team, liked by many became a shooter and a mental health wizard is suppose to figure this out and prevent it. Sure. 

I am sure his family is going to be equally as devastated as any family in that town. When are the innocent people in this country going to be saved from the gun lobby?

I take it the School Board never saw the need for metal detectors. Not that they are to blame, but, in this town in Washington State out of blue comes a shooter that is a high school student. Tell me anyone is going to be able to diagnose this and prevent it. If someone believes that is possible they are a liar.

The gun lobby is responsible for this as so many in the past. Don't say the work gun lobby now because it is close to an election. The gun lobby that is part of the political cult of right wing media infotainment. The gun lobby that will congregate in the name of liberty to protect those that break the law owing millions to the USA government and then position themselves not in protect or protest, but, to kill federal employees. They are part of the right wing media cult that advocates for every unworthy and immoral aspect of life that returns a profit. They are responsible today.

Help for Rural Communities.

October 24, 2014
WASHINGTON, Oct. 24, 2014 - Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack (click here) today announced the selection of 43 organizations in 27 states for grants and loans to help create jobs and boost economic development activity in rural areas. The announcement culminates a week in which the department has been highlighting products that are Made In Rural America.
"Many rural businesses and organizations are succeeding but with access to additional resources can create more jobs, promote growth and create an environment where more products can be made in rural America," Vilsack said. "The awards we are announcing today will not only provide funding, but they also will provide the critical training and technical assistance rural cooperatives and non-profit groups need to enhance the work they are doing to strengthen America's Main Street businesses."...

...In North Carolina, the Rural Advancement Foundation International–USA will receive a $200,000 grant to launch a program on agricultural cooperatives. Funding will be used to provide technical assistance to groups in rural North Carolina, South Carolina, northern Florida, and eastern Kentucky. Since fiscal year 2009, USDA has awarded 200 RCDG grants for approximately $38.4 million that have helped more than 2,500 businesses.

USDA's Intermediary Relending Program helps capitalize loan funds to alleviate poverty and increase economic activity and create jobs in rural communities. Loans are provided to local organizations that establish revolving loan funds....

From the time President Obama took office he has worked to improve the circumstances of rural communities to bring about opportunity. Opportunity is a requirement to citizens of the USA.
...Since fiscal year 2009, USDA has awarded 281 IRP loans for approximately $140 million. These loans have helped more than 4,700 businesses.
President Obama's historic investments in rural America have made our rural communities stronger. Under his leadership, these investments in housing, community facilities, businesses and infrastructure have empowered rural America to continue leading the way – strengthening America's economy, small towns and rural communities.

Does the Oklahoma government ever get themselves upset enough to end danger from tornadoes? Nah.

But when it comes to the demands of investors from China they can't seem to be upset enough.

October 24, 2014

OKLAHOMA CITY — A decade ago, (click here) leaders of companies interested in relocating to Oklahoma would ask state officials about available workforce, regulations and other issues.
Today, industry officials still ask about those matters, Oklahoma Secretary of Commerce Larry Parman said. But another concern has made its way onto the list — a ready, dependable supply of water.
Parman spoke Thursday in a panel discussion about water’s role in economic development at the Oklahoma Governor’s Water Conference and Research Symposium in Oklahoma City.

Parman said he recently spoke with officials from a Chinese corporation that was considering several states, including Oklahoma, as sites for possible expansion. The company insisted the state they selected provide them with a guaranteed water supply, he said.
Now who is regretting the climate crisis.

The four corner region of the USA emits 10% of all methane emissions globally.

Halliburton and Conductivity Endurance

Case History 4: New Mexico (click here)
Coalbed Methane Production
Increases Almost Four-Fold
Even though they had already been fractu...

Photo by Mary Shinn/The Durango Herald. A spiderweb of roads connects mostly natural-gas wells in the San Juan Basin south of Farmington. Advocates argue better planning could prevent hodgepodge development in southern areas of the basin where gas and oil companies are starting to use hydraulic fracturing to extract oil.

October 17, 2014

Chaco Culture National Historical Park (click here) is already surrounded by land leased for natural gas extraction, nearly 90 percent of the land in the San Juan Basin is leased for that purpose. A new network of oil wells developed by hydraulic fracturing along U.S. Highway 550 is being planned with companies planning to expand even more.  Three companies plan to invest $600 million in the next year to year and a half, with a single one, Encana, planning 45-50 new exploratory wells.  Environmental, archaeological and tribal groups worry about the lack of planning to continue to preserve the ancient ruins and pristine environment. One of the environmental concerns is flaring of wells, where the excess methane is burnt off,  leading to air pollution and smog. There is also concern about the possible contamination of drinking water. For archaeologists and tribal members there is concern about damage to these scared ancient sites that literally dot the landscape....

Ancient people left an impressive network of roads and ruins in Chaco Canyon.

Further north at Mesa Verde National Park there have been deaths of wild horses. The park service stated it was due to hydration but remained unsure the cause. 

The USA government should note the demonstrators never showed up with guns!

September 21, 2014

On July 29, (click here) protesters began demonstrating against the park’s policy of not aiding the horses. Some had heard rumors that the National Park Service had actually fenced off springs and seeps that the horses relied on for water, a charge denied by the agency.
The horses were found on Wetherill Mesa in June and July and were not discovered in time to do a necropsy, according to Mesa Verde Public Information Officer Betty Lieurance.
“If we find other dead horses in time to meet the short time-window required for a necropsy to be performed, we will definitely do that to determine the cause of death.”
Bonnie Loving, who lives near Mesa Verde, owns two adopted BLM mustangs, one from Wyoming and one from Nevada. She rode her horse Ringo to the protest, which took place in front of the visitors center just off Highway 160 at the park entrance, but she had to stop before entering the parking lot because horses are not allowed.
“Mesa Verde provides a designated First Amendment area at the Visitors and Research Center for public speaking,” Lieurance explained in a telephone interview with the Free Press on July 30. “The people can gather there, but the horses cannot come in the park.”
Loving said her two adopted mustangs are amazing....

Aqueous Methane will convert to cyanide if ammonia is present. The horses if found in time need to be tested for poisoning. In the meantime, the water sources have to be tested for poisoning either natural or man-made pollution.


Methane (click here) combines with ammonia in wastewater to produce hydrocyanic acid (aqueous hydrogen cyanide, HCN, also known as prussic acid, the Nazi poison Zyklon B). Commercially, this is known as the BMA process. All cyanide species are considered to be acute hazardous materials and have therefore been designated as P-Class hazardous wastes. The remediation target for cyanide in wastewater is 1:g/L (one part per billion), which is unattainable with presently known treatment technologies, even ultrafiltration, which at best can get to 10 :g/L and are prohibitively expensive.

While the water sources for the wildlife at Mesa Verde are not waste water, high concentrations of methane in the air can become suspended in water to form a methane aqueous solution. In that state it can easily mix with other chemicals in the water to form poisons. I think everyone would remember the skull and cross bone signs next to a pond in western movie pictures. Poisons will occur under the right conditions. The water sources in Mesa Verde National Park has to be tested in the face of the deaths of the wild horses. If the Park Service and Department of Interior would do that there would be many happy people in the area.

EPA has to check the methane concentration is the entire region where this accumulation as resulted. I guarantee you the air quality is not good.

Conductivity Endurance as a method of extraction of methane is now suspect for air quality problems. The procedure needs to be reviewed and decided about the safety of the technology. The Four Corners is enough proof there is something grossly wrong with it. It may also be responsible for water quality problems.

When the Department of Interior writes leases it needs to remember these are public lands and regardless of the drilling should be safe for citizens to visit and enjoy. This mess is appalling. I can't believe the federal government allowed this to happen for nothing but profiting off our land. This is an outrage. There is every reason to believe Interior never demanded "Best Practices."

Methane pollution is so bad at the four corners it is showing up on satellite visualization.

That is free release of methane from natural gas extraction.

...The team at NASA (click here) was finally able to take a closer look, and have now concluded that there is in fact a 2,500-square-mile cloud of methane—roughly the size of Delaware—floating over the Four Corners region, where the borders of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah all intersect.

A report published by the NASA researchers in the journal Geophysical Research Letters concludes that “the source is likely from established gas, coal, and coalbed methane mining and processing.” Indeed, the hot spot happens to be above New Mexico's San Juan Basin, the most productive coalbed methane basin in North America.
Methane is 20-times more potent as a greenhouse gas than CO2, and has been the focus of an increasing amount of attention, especially in regards to methane leaks from fracking for oil and natural gas. Pockets of natural gas, which is 95-98% methane, are often found along with oil and simply burned off in a very visible process called “flaring.” But scientists are starting to realize that far more methane is being released by the fracking boom than previously thought....

These are not natural emissions. This speaks to the density of production in that region of the country and the fact established practices in this industry are emitting large amounts of methane. The industry is not self-regulating to emissions of any kind.

Methane in its gas form is an asphyxiant, (click here) which in high concentrations may displace the oxygen supply you need for breathing, especially in confined spaces. Decreased oxygen can cause suffocation and loss of consciousness. It can also cause headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, and loss of coordination. Skin contact with liquid methane can cause frostbite.

If you think your health has been affected by exposure to methane, contact your health care professional.

For poisoning emergencies or questions about possible poisons, please contact your local poison control center at 1-800-222-1222.

An asphyxiant is a chemical that displaces oxygen in the blood. OSHA needs to examine health records of the companies in this region of the country producing natural gas for any and all exposures of employees. Natural gas is heavier than air and can cause breathing problems and ultimately unconsciousness. If an employee were ever in an unconscious state for very long there would be death of that employee. This is not simply an issue of methane emissions. With emissions this dense that allow for satellite data to register it's prolonged presence that is a good chance the employees have been effected which would be reflected by personnel records in the health office, if one exists. Possibly even citizens in the area and those records would be at the local hospital.

This level of emission into the atmosphere cannot be tolerated.