Thursday, May 11, 2017

It is winter in New Zealand. This is like Superstorm Sandy, EXCEPT, Sandy was a category 1, it is estimated Donna is a category 3.

Northland to Manawatu, including Coromandel Peninsula, Bay of Plenty and the central high country
Rain with some heavy falls, clearing this evening or overnight and becoming fine. Possible downpours and southeasterly gales for eastern Bay of Plenty today.
Gisborne and Hawkes Bay
Rain with heavy falls, easing to scattered showers tomorrow morning.
Horowhenua, Kapiti Coast, Wellington and Wairarapa
A few showers, clearing tomorrow evening.
Marlborough north of Seddon, also Nelson, Buller and Westland
Marlborough south of Seddon, and Canterbury
Cloudy with a few showers, clearing tomorrow afternoon and becoming fine.
Otago, Southland and Fiordland
Cloudy periods and isolated showers, becoming confined to coastal Southland tonight.
Chatham Islands
Rain easing to occasional showers this evening.

This is Cyclone Donna on May 8th. (click here)

The government (click here) of Vanuatu reported damage to homes, buildings, food crops and a cell phone tower in the northern Torres Island group of Vanuatu, according to Radio New Zealand. 

Philip Klotzbach

TC #Donna has now strengthened to a Category 4 hurricane (cyclone) with max winds of 115 knots - the strongest May Southern Hemisphere TC on record.

5:09 PM - 7 May 2017
Walnut Creek, CA

Is it true? Is Michael Moore one of the riders of the apocalypse? Some at the Traverse City Film Festival believes it might be so.

Michael Moore will be doing the impossible; he'll be in two places at once. It will be quite a trick when he carries it off.

...So here's my contribution: I've written a one-man play, a piece of original theater that I will perform on Broadway this summer to people visiting from Iowa to Oregon to Virginia (and for those who call New York home). It's not "Cats" or "Mamma Mia!" but it is live, it's on a stage and I'll be saying and doing things each night that I've been wanting to say uncensored for some time. And I'll be doing it in the city that is the seat of corporate power, the headquarters of Wall Street, the epicenter of our media and that wonderful home of free expression we call the American theater. This show will be subversive and funny and it'll be unlike anything I've ever done. I think you're really going to like it!...

Mr. Moore put your latest email on the State Website under "Mike's Letter" so everyone knows where you are during the festival.


Congratulations, Michael! I think it is great. He has been moving in the direction of a one man show for awhile now. While there was a "Winter Festival" he put on a stage production that was at least an hour in length if I recall. So, this venue is a move where Michael Moore has wanted to take his talents. 

He is very talented. He is quite an artist. He paints in oils, I think. He composes documentaries, rights comical scripts, sings (especially Irish songs), writes books and is a magnificent master of ceremonies every year at a film festival that sponsors independent filmmakers from all over the world. It is also a platform for young artists. As a matter of fact anyone who has a 'short' (click here) they want to have viewed by the master can send it to the festival. The submissions have to be in by May 15th. Send it overnight and hurry.

November 16, 2017
By Sean Martin

There is a one in 500 chance (click here) there is a global catastrophe on the horizon which will spell the end of humanity, according to a leading statistician.

A new report claims that there is a 02. percent chance the an apocalyptic event will happen this year, leading to the end of the world.


University of Barcelona mathematician Fergus Simpson says that as the population continues to increase, the chance of humanity being wiped out increases.
The report is based on the theory of the Doomsday Argument – a theory that essentially states that as humans are born in the random order, one person is born roughly in the middle....

Michael Moore does not know there is trouble with staffing for the festival. Everyone involved with TCFF is talking about going to the opening and then a day or two afterward. It is the end of the world for some witnessing the "Exodus (click here)."

I am thinking the festival needs a formal "Master of Ceremonies."

Tickets for the New York Show (click here)

Seriously, there needs to be a simulcast at the TCFF venue. Perhaps the "Open Space." LOL. But, seriously there needs to be an opening night simulcast at "The State" and "The Bijou." 

Good luck, Michael. I find your ambition most admiral and I wish you the best. I am sure the entire group involved with TCFF and the theaters feel the same way. I hope it is a hit to your satisfaction.

Word on weather danger from a real democracy that reflects its values and it's lead around by the nose by Wall Street.

New Zealanders are affectionately called Kiwis. They live on two tiny islands in the South Pacific very near Antarctica. It is a frequent stop over for scientists being ferried to and from their deep cold stations.

They are a fierce ally of the USA and Australia. They are a resilient people with sturdy infrastructure and stare down danger when these enormous storms envelope their country.

May 11, 2017

Bay of Plenty Civil Defence (click here) and Tairawhiti Civil Defence have issued heavy rain warnings for the region as the remnants of Cyclone Donna bring torrential rain to much of the North Island.
The ex-cyclone is expected to bring more than a month's worth of rain in two days for some areas.
Rainfall will be heaviest in the Bay of Plenty and Gisborne, with falls of up to 250mm in the ranges and 100-140mm elsewhere in the region.
The rain is expected to fall between 9pm tonight and 6am Friday.
A MetService heavy rain warning is also in place for Waitomo and Taupo across to Whanganui, as well as the Coromandel Peninsula. Those areas can expect another 70-90mm of rain overnight, with peak rainfall to reach 25-35mm in an hour.

Rising rivers and streams, slips and surface flooding are all possible....

I would expect the USA government to be keeping a close watch on New Zealand to see what needs are not being met and to offer help in whatever way New Zealand needs it, WITHOUT black mail or coercion.

May 8, 2017
By Doyle Rice

Tropical Cyclone Donna, (click here) packing 120-mph winds, is bearing down on the French territory of New Caledonia in the south Pacific.
On Sunday, as its winds soared to 130 mph, Donna became the most powerful tropical cyclone ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere in the month of May, according to Colorado State University meteorologist Phil Klotzbach.
As of midday Monday U.S. time, the storm was the equivalent of a Category 3 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale and was moving to the southeast at 9 mph. Tropical cyclones are the same types of storms as hurricanes or typhoons....

President Trump has NO RIGHT to use his board room tactics against any country, especially allies!