Sunday, April 18, 2010

Iran's Nuclear Summit - Annouced the day after President Obama convened the USA summit.

Iran lashes out at U.S. during Tehran nuclear summit 

Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei calls the U.S. the world's 'only nuclear scofflaw' for its advocating of arms control while having a huge stockpile and for accepting Israel's atomic arsenal.,0,3590707.story

I think we need to hold the participants of the Iranian Nuclear Summit to their promises.  That includes NO enrichment facilities.  

 There must be a clear definition to PEACEFUL USE OF NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY.  That definition MUST include no enrichment facilities.  It is an overt sign of a peaceful intention.

The IAEA must make recommendations for the modification to the Non-Proliferation Treaty to include the definition of peaceful use as demonstrated by lack of enrichment facilities.  Otherwise, it is obvious there is military aspirations intended.  There has to be that delineation, otherwise, there is too much uncertainty and covert activity, including the exclusion of IAEA inspections.

Tehran summit calls for nuclear disarmament  

Published 18 April, 2010, 21:37

As a nuclear summit in Tehran drew to a close on Sunday, the participants agreed on the need to observe the three tenets of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).
Non-proliferation, disarmament and the right to peacefully use nuclear technology are the three pillars of the treaty that Iran’s foreign minister, Manouchehr Mottaki, stressed during his closing statement after a two-day conference attended by nearly 60 international experts and delegates.

Mottaki also stressed that the treaty was in a need of a “fresh perspective.” “This is the common opinion of all the conference participants,” Mottaki added.

The Republican Crackpots are still on the loose only this time its financial reform.

April 18, 2010
Posted: April 18th, 2010 12:01 PM ET

The Republicans are bent out of shape because the new financial reform bill allows for 'bailout fund.'  Perhaps McConnell and Bohner (AKA Boner !) would like to roll back the FDIC as well.

The 'bailout fund' will work extremely similar to the FDIC concept, but, it bails out the banks instead.  The difference is that depositors are not the focus.  FDIC, as most adults in the USA know, provides insurance for depositors of banks.  It has been used widely in the past.  The funds in the FDIC was used to bailout the Savings and Loans during "H.W." years in the White House because Neil Bush had managed to push the S&Ls over the edge while Dad was in the White House.

But, the FDIC has paid depositors of hundreds (I don't think it ever reached a thousand.  Maybe, but, I don't recall that as the truth.) of banks in the last Bush Money Scandal of 2008, that included Goldman Sachs' Paulson, then USA Treasury Secretary.  In case folks forgot, they are REPUBLICANS.  Corrupt.  REPUBLICANS.

At any rate, the 'Bank Bailout Fund' will be accumulated by deposits to the fund by the banks themselves.  I have no doubt as soon as the REPUBLICANS can get back a majority of power again, the same thing will happen when they rollback protections of consumers enough to allow a scouring of the new 'bailout fund.'  The banks will 'play' to that end, no different than a gambler that can't find a bus ticket out of a casino.

33 States Reported Job Growth in March

Republicans don't believe in science and scientists? Everyone during the birth of the country did.

Dr. Benjamin Franklin

Page 23 of The Correspondence of Richard Price, Volume II: March 1778–February 1786 speaks about Dr. Franklin in detail.  
Benjamin Franklin was a scientist.  He studied oceanography and was the first to predict the arrival of ships to and from Great Britain.

John Boehner is a crackpot and a threat to human life on Earth.  It is all about crony money and nothing else.

60 votes needed in the Senate, Lisa.  SIXTY. 

...House Minority Leader John Boehner (click title to entry) of Ohio and other key Republicans plan to unveil a formal resolution that would effectively veto EPA's "endangerment" finding. That determination, issued last December, finds that greenhouse gases threaten public health and welfare, and allows EPA to move forward with a suite of rules aimed at curbing those emissions....

There are reports of interruption in communications and satellite signals, KLM better be cautious. (click title to entry - thank you)

It is North American Plate.  It is pushing everything around.  Earthquakes and now this.   It is a huge land mass and it simply lost its ice anchor.  Welcome to the Climate Crisis.


Volcano in Iceland is more than active  (click here)

In brief: Icelandic volcano continues to bear more and more problems to the Europeans, activity of volcano grows.
...Flights canceled, many airports are closed, there were problems with the satellite signal and communication....