Saturday, July 03, 2010

Here is a quesiton for the movie critics no one ever hears from anymore.

When is there going to be any real adult entertainment that moves "Toy Story 3" off the top of the movie charts this summer?

I haven't seen Toy Story, yet alone go to see "3" out of pure desperation!

Tomorrow is another day.

The political discourse in the USA has become grossly dysfunctional.  It accomplishes nothing except to raise the 'hatred' level of anything that seems as though it deserves to be attacked for any reason.

The USA has real problems.  The Gulf Fisheries are in serious condition and yet there has been no real discussion about the condition and the capacity of the remaining healthy fisheries in the USA.

I don't 'buy it' that the Gulf Fisheries are healthy.  That to me is irresponsible.  "Lack of hydrocarbons must be a new measure of success."  What does that mean?  What ever happened to 'Lack of Chemical Dispersants?"  or "Lack of dead whale shark consumption?"  It's nonsense.

That is only an example of the lack of direction the country has taken. 

I'll do something tomorrow. 

Good night.

This has got to be as hideous as Americana comes. Texas is like Dubai; it has its own gravity and extravagance in demeanor.

Texas never makes sense, it just is.  Always obnoxious, boistrous and self centered.

How to choose a Bum Steer of the Year (click title to entry - thank you) in such a bummer of a year? We thought we had an answer in February, when U.S. marshals raided the Houston headquarters of Stanford Financial, the house-of-cards money-management firm of the knight from Mexia, Sir Allen Stanford. He spent two days holed up at a girlfriend’s house while we rubbed our hands together, imagining his pugnacious mug frowning out from our January cover. But then he surfaced, and as the story unfolded of his “massive ongoing fraud,” as the Securities and Exchange Commission put it (with gusto!), we began to worry. Ridiculous as his “outside wives,” gold helicopter, and fake British snobbery were, Stanford turned out to be more villain than clown. The sins were too serious. The victims too aggrieved. He didn’t make you want to laugh; he made you want to punch him in the face.
But not to worry. The year was young. Another candidate would come along. Sure enough, on tax day, with tea partiers making merry all around him, Governor Rick Perry obliged, hinting strongly—though erroneously—that if the federal government didn’t watch out, the State of Texas might just have to see about seceding from the union. Visions of the governor storming Washington immediately began to dance before our eyes. There would be pitchforks! There would be torches! Someone would be riding a mule! But this one wouldn’t stay funny either. Next thing we knew, Perry was tied up in a controversy about the possible execution of an innocent man. Not a lot of yuks there. Then he was proclaiming that the president was “hell-bent toward taking America towards a socialist country.” It didn’t make you want to laugh; it made you want to cry.
Meanwhile, a dark horse had entered the race. On September 21, before a television audience of 17.5 million viewers, former House majority leader Tom DeLay pranced into our plans as a contestant on season nine of Dancing With the Stars. Unlike our previous contenders, the Hammer got off to a slow start. The fact that he had made a calculated decision to appear on ABC’s hit reality show, weighing the probable humiliation against the probable goodwill it would generate, initially hindered his candidacy.
Needless to say, any doubts we had were completely obliterated by the first close-up shot of the DeLay buttocks awkwardly shaking from side to side like two elderly lap dogs fighting under a blanket. Over the next three episodes, the former majority leader showed a surprising passion for ass-shaking. Who knew? Who wanted to know? The response from the judges’ table and the morning talk shows suggested that it was not necessary for us to see any more rump, but DeLay carried on gamely, tossing that thing around whenever he had a chance, putting the bum back in Bum Steers. He also favored the knee slide. And his outfits! In an early Entertainment Tonight interview from the rehearsal studio he explained, “Most of my costumes are going to be really classy and tasteful and reflect the grandfather image rather than the extreme fighter image.” That made sense until he came flouncing onstage for his first cha-cha looking like an extra from Boogie Nights. Goodbye, Grandpa. Hello, Fabulous. When you were done cringing, you had to laugh, and in a year as unfunny as 2009, this was no small feat. Thanks, Tom. We needed that.

30 June 2010Why 2010 Elections Are So Important for Texas Democrats

In seven short months we will have worked our way through an election and have seated and convened the 2011 Texas legislature. That January 2011 session will begin to deal with many issues affecting Texas for decades to come:
Redistricting: The 2010 National Census presents an opportunity to redraw state and congressional electoral districts to reflect population changes. It could present Democrats an opportunity to undo the Tom Delay "gerrymandering" or the Republicans the chance to continue and entrench the process. And, it is likely that Texas will pick up one or more House seats. It will, without any doubt, be the most rancorous issue facing the new legislature and will very likely spawn its own set of legal challenges and lawsuits regardless which party is in control of the process. You can expect this to be one of the, if not the most, dominant issue before this legislature.
State Budget Shortfall & New Taxes: The 2011 legislature will be presented with a budget shortfall now estimated to be in the range of $18 billion. Putting aside all else, common sense (I know, I know) dictates that there are only a few options available; amend the state constitution to permit a continued budget deficit, reduce spending through budget and service cuts, austerity programs, accounting tricks and devices, tap the so-called "Rainy Day Fund", find new sources of state revenue i.e. casino gambling, or raise taxes. Even if we were to see some or all of these measures except "raise taxes", there still would be a shortfall....
Sunset Review/Environmental Issues: Twenty-eight state agencies are to come under "sunset reviews" this coming session. The process will determine which agencies will continue and how and if they should be "reformed". Businesses and and established interests will be ready to fight any attempts to increase or impose new regulations. If the Democrats are in control they will target many of those agencies, which under Republican control, have all but given businesses and special interest veritable wave throughs in the regulatory and review processes....
Voter ID/Immigration: We do not expect these hot-button, emotion laden issues to even come forth in a serious manner this session. Frankly, this legislature is going to be so busy with the issues itemized above that there will no doubt be one, or even several, special sessions next summer. There will be some posturing and blustering, but no significant action.
Health Care Reform: Most of the noise on this will simply be Republicans and Democrats getting "on the record" for the folks back home. However, look to decisions on how Texas is to implement new federal requirements to generate a lot of spleen as the legislature confronts whether to join the federal high-risk pool, and at what level to set Medicaid reimbursements....

Posted by Shane Fox at 9:23 AM

...Records made available to the public make clear that Green Party leaders – particularly Executive Director kat swift and Party Co-Chair Christine Morshedi – knowingly conspired with Republican political operatives to use money from a secret donor funneled through a non-profit corporation to pay for the collection of ballot petition signatures. Green Party leaders have acknowledged publicly that they did not have the money or the organizational ability to collect the ballot signatures on their own (Source: Dallas Morning News, June 6, 2010)....

Everyone knows who replaced DeLay, right? 


The 'Bone Man' himself.

...Just ask John Boehner, the tan man who serves as the House minority leader. Early in the week, in an interview with the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Boehner said President Obama's Wall Street reform plan amounts to "killing an ant with a nuclear weapon."...

Casino Jack and the United States of Money

Follow the Money

The news out of Washington D.C. is filled with talk of "earmarks," "pork barrel-spending" and "goodies," but what do these expressions really mean, who is responsible for them and how do they affect the average citizen? The Social Action Campaign for CASINO JACK and the United States of Money highlights the corruptive role of money in politics with initiatives designed to educate citizens about their elected officials ties to special interest groups and provide tools to create a movement to bring real and meaningful campaign finance reform.

In Theaters May 7, 2010

Of course, the former Secretary of the Treasury had nothing to do with the mess we are in and of course, DeLay would know best.  Murdoch.
July 1, 2010, FOX, home of the great patriots.

Jack Abramoff's new job: Selling pizza, not influence

Convicted lobbyist hired to work in marketing for Reisterstown Road pizza shop.

June 22, 2010
By Jean Marbella, The Baltimore Sun
Convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff, still serving a sentence for defrauding clients and conspiring to bribe public officials, has a new job: He's selling pizzas in Baltimore rather than influence in Washington.
Abramoff, recently released from a federal prison camp in Cumberland to a halfway house in Baltimore, began working Monday at Tov Pizza on Reisterstown Road.
"I think people get a second chance," said Ron Rosenbluth, owner of the shop, which boasts of the city's best kosher pizza — which means lots of veggie options but no meat. "If they do their time, they deserve a chance."
Abramoff's job, first reported by the Baltimore Jewish Times, will involve marketing, Rosenbluth said, "to get us more business."...

Sixty one children including orhpans and 36 women are among the 230 dead from an oil tanker explosion...


Whether it is in wars or exploitaton of people, their land, their rights or nation's rights, oil kills for it !

For USA citizens to simply solve the Gulf of Mexico issues without completely looking at the global destruction by the petroleum industry is immoral. 

...Guardian reports, '"It's a terrible scene. There are lots of dead bodies on the streets. The population is in terrible shock – no one is crying or speaking,' said Jean-Claude Kibala, South Kivu's vice-governor. 'We are trying to see how we can co-ordinate [with the UN] to manage the situation.'"... (click title to entry - thank you)

AND they call it 'Western Civilization.'

I've had enough. Anderson, shut up. You don't even try to apply logic to THE RULES Admiral Allen has applied to the DANGER of RAW OIL.

There is going to be increased 'outings' in the area by eco-tourism that are concerned about getting 'the truth.'  See, Anderson, no one really believes the government is DOING NOTHING or that there is not an effort to stop the oil rupture.

Tansparency doesn't matter if people are hurt or killed.  Medical Units are requried to apply CONFIDENTIALITY to every patient it treats.


So, in realizing people are allowed confidentiality to insure their privacy and treatement, do you think there should be 'Carte Blanc Cameras' everywhere?

I can see it now, a person comes out of the examination room with some disturbing news and the first thing they meet is Anderson and a Camera; "So, tell me sir, are you going to live or die, our viewers want to know?"

Go to hell, Anderson !  And everyone that is as disgusted with this mess as I am should say the same thing !

Admiral Thad Allen is a valuied member of 'the team' that is trying to 'end this mess.'  I believe Presideent Obama needs to ask the scientists, engineers from both the government and BP to have an open news conference where they can ILLUSTRATE on 'White/Black Boards' the intricacies of the entire disaster and where this is all going.,

It would help end this 'media circus' that believes it has to be compeletey Anti-Government in order to acheive a goal for the public.  Whatever that goal is, is a good question because there is no satisfying them.

Give them millions upon millions of miles of boom to fight a hurricane and they cry for more when it was ruined in the first attemtps that should have never been tried.

I doubt a news conference would do any good either, but, what the hell.

We want booms, we want skimmers, we want dispersants, no, no, we want different dispersants, no, no, no we want no dispersants and just skimmers.  No, no, we want, we want and we want some more.

Well, the truth of the matter is that the circumstances are hopeless, they have been hopeless and every person that is an expert that I know has all their oars in the water trying to fight this disaster.

The only thing that is going to close that damn hole is a subterranian explosion and I have said that from the beginning, but, no one listens.

The RULES of what was to happen with such a disaster as this were 'set up' with complete disregard to the citizens of this country and their right to have a life and a 'way of life.'  The RULES were 'set up' a long time before the Obama administration came into the White House and I do believe the President is doing his level best at trying to end this mess.

No one will say it though.  All the USA media wants to do is create a circus for their ratings.  Capitalistic Media at its best.  Nearly worthless and crying like children that they can't have every opportunity to exploit a disaster that has cost the USA their Gulf Fisheries.

And I sincerely don't care if there are 'no hydrocarbons' in the fish.  There are more than hydrocarbons in the water.  There are chemicals in the water and no one is testing for that, are they?

The Untied States has budgetary issues.  While BP is 'footing the bill' in the Gulf, it still takes time and money to train recruits and develop strategies and plans to allow 'deep access' that will provide the citizens of the country the information they are looking for while keeping HUMAN BEINGS and BIOTIC content as safe as can be achieved. 

The Coast Guard is simply 'doing its job' and 'limiting the danger' to the public, including the media.

I realize there are people that have committed their lives to covering this event in US history to the end and Anderson is one of them.  He is a New Orleans resident and feels a deep commitment.  I admire commitment THAT MATTERS, but, to allow human injury or danger to exist among vessels that have never been achored this close together before in a SEA OF COMBUSTABLE material is insane.

There should be a PERIMETER where NO ONE has access except the USA military. 


Do I believe Admiral Allen is trying to HIDE something POLITICAL that benefits the PRESIDENT.

No !

I believe Admiral Allen has an impossible job and he is tired of having BP fail over and over and over again.  He has had to become a petroleum drilling expert in a very short period of time and he has done a remarkable job.  Absolutely remarkable and I don't give a damn who says otherwise !

The fact of the matter is FAILURE  HAPPENS  AT  MANY  LEVELS.  I also believe there has been really POOR coverage of 'anything' except 'adrenalin charged' moments so citizens continue to be aggitated enough to carry on until the elections in November. 

There have been no investigations by the media to the 'input' Louisiana Lawmakers had to implementing 'emergency measures' when such an emergency POTENTIAL existed.  NONE.  Everyone is Louisiana that is a lawmaker is PERFECT.  Absolutely perfect.  Do I hear Jindal apologizing for his LACK OF INSIGHT?  No.  Do I hear Parish Presidents' apologize for their insistance on 'greed' over 'livelihoods?'  No.  Do I hear anyone from Louisiana apologize to THE NATION for being focused on oil wealth over the best interest of the USA fisheries?  No.

What I do hear are a lot of whiney politicians that seem to ENJOY pointing to failure rather than success and how oil drilling is more important than the fisheries it destroys for generation after generation.  Not even a fisherman's death by his own hand when his value system was being destroyed day after day in the face of 'false hope' does it stop them.

Amazing and they call themselves moral men. 

I am demanding the US Coast Guard set up a 'protective layer' of distance from the oil rupture that will provide for citizens to witness the disaster in a way that satifies their 'need to know' while protecting their lives and well being.  If citizens are so concerned they will be 'viewing' the area to discern their own roll in this disaster then they have a reason to have their 'knowledge base DEFINED.'

Most biologists that work with complex issues have a clear understanding of how the public has a right to know what is transpiring.  The land, regardless of ownership, still belongs ultimately to the government.  The government oversees issues and protects the public no matter how much a private land owner believes they have 'rights' to its exclusive use and sale.  That is true with the leases of the land for mineral rights.  Ultimately, it is the USA that has domaine over all that occurs.  The USA is comprised of citizens that require their government to be honest and forthright in their dealings, otherwise, there are consequences.  Those consequences are being upheld under this President.  Thank goodness and finally.

The problem is the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is very complicated.  It has occured, with complications, by the indulgence of the petroleum industry in disgusting ways by past administrations.  That was pure unadulterated corruption and the current disaster is the RESULT.  That is not Admiral Allen's fault, but, gratefully he has consented to 'see this through' no different that Mr. Cooper has.  Admiral Allen is already sensitive to the needs of the public and how to best address them.  He is about as honest a man as the USA Coast Guard has and it would be a huge loss to the effort to resolve this disaster to have him leave now. 

Admiral Allen has to see his way through to stay and continue to oversee the Gulf Disaster and provide continutity to its resolve.  I don't see it any other way and if he says 'jump' everyone needs to ask 'how high.'  Just that simple.  If he says PRIVACY is paramount, then it is.  If he sees 85 feet or 65 feet or whateve that ridiculously small number is, is required for a SAFETY MARGIN, then it is. 


Let's hope the relief wells will stop this insanity. 

Until then. 

We keep on, keepin' on and BP gets to satisfy their conscience by paying the costs.

In the meantime, the 'experts' need to 'contribute' to the 'knowledge base' available to the citizens of the USA.  I thank them for their help in achieving a concern for the citizens as well as their roll in stopping and minimizing the damage to our fisheries.  We don't want, nor do we need offshore oil drilling anymore.  We are moving toward a 'greener' USA and that is the most moral way a citizen can see their roll in all this.