Friday, May 27, 2011

How happy are Americans with President Obama and the majority Democrats of 2008? Very happy.

When they looked at the Ryan Plan that literally demolished Medicare as it is today and realized the alternative to funding the wealthy and war; they ran in droves the other way.

Today, in Paul Krugman's Op-Ed an interesting statisitic is revealed.

...Tuesday’s special election in New York’s 26th Congressional District.  (click title to entry - thank you) It’s a very conservative district, so much so that last year the Republican candidate took 76 percent of the vote....

New York 26 not only abandoned the Republican Ideology but did it in a wave that is unmatched in Republican politics.  Even if the Republican candidate received the Tea Party 9%, which is never going to happen, she still would have lost constituents.  How many constituents?  Nearly a full quater of all voters in that district.  That is not a loss, that is a stampede.

To begin New York 26 is not exactly ONLY a Republcian stronghold, so the voters there are conservative and like conservative values, but, they ARE NOT rhetorical Republicans SET IN STONE no matter the subject.

They remind me of an electorate opened minded enough to BE AFRAID.  Michael Moore frequently has stated in his political perspective, "Be afraid, be very afraid." and that is exactly want happened in NY 26.

If I may?

Outside the federal House election, and not speaking to the State of New York House and Senate, NY 26 has not damaged the Democratic Candidates running for federal office.  The Huffington Post did a very good analysis and I have posted in below, Gillibrand and Schumer faired very well.

New York 26 Special Election: What To Watch For  (click here)

According to the Huffington Post both Gillibrand and Schumer saw over 50% of the vote.

As to why Republicans will never ABSORB the Tea Party Vote is because they aren't Republicans.  They are a singular party entrenched in regressive analysis of the country and they will NEVER, and I do mean never re-enter the Republican Party.  They don't believe in Republican methods and the attack on Ryan and House Speaker Boner is an important example of that.  The Tea Party is trying to 'get it right,' but, lack the ability to move outside their own ideologies to achieve good goverance and good policies  for the USA.  They will never step aside to a Republican; they are to invested both in philosophy and finances to ever make that jump.  If the Republicans are waiting for The Tea Party to apologize and come home it will never happen.

I have said it before and I will say it again, the Tea Party is an autonomous party and simply finds it convenient to use Republican monies after they win their primaries.  There are actually three parties in the federal House of Representatives, the Republicans, the Tea Party Republicans and the DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY.  Allowing the RNC to actually claim the Tea Party as their own has caused nothing but battles for power within the House between the two autonomous entities and a lot of lousy governance with defeats of completely bizarre concepts in the way of House Legislation. 

President Obama has been magnificent through all this in an economy that is finely balanced and continues to recover.  President Obama has reached out a hand to every Republican in the House and Senate as they represent Americans seeking solutions and he has been remarkably transparent in his methods of doing so.  All any patritoic American has to ask themselves is "Are we better off today than we were in 2008?" and the answer will be yes with a President that never ignores his responsibility or the demands of the American people and was dealt a really lousy hand coming into his presidency.  I admire President Obama and he has acted more than admirably through one of the most difficult times in this country.

A patriotic American's worst option in politics is to engage in the rhetorical rant of the Republican Party Primary.

They have nothing factual to say.  I do mean nothing.  It is more of the same ole, same ole denial to propagate populous lies to factiliate a victory in the 2012 in states across the USA.  The campaign for President by the GOP is nothing more than 'more of the same' to try to repeat the worst ideas any American every voted for in 2010.

On Medicare, the Ryan Plan is a dreamscape for the private insurance industry, more military, more taz breaks for the wealthy and more burden on the people of our country that are unable to sustain their lives without a compassionate and empower country.

Since taking office President Obama has extended the Medicare plan by twelve years.  END OF DISCUSSION.  One President, one act of Congress, and one signature after a year of vigorous debate has extended the solvency of the Medicare Plan of the USA for twelve long years.  If he can repeat that again after his re-election of 2012 he will have saved Medicare for an entire generation of Americans.  Everything else is simply horse play by the greedy to reverse the progress President Obama and the majority legislature of Democrats have made in one full year of debate.

Since taking office in January of 2009, President Obama has kept his promises to the American people on many venues, including removing troops from Iraq, re-engaging Afghanistan to effectively remove the 'figure head' of al Qaeda.  He has brought a dialogue of openness and freedom to the Middle East.  We are witnessing for the first time in history the fact ordinary people in Middle East countries are finding their 'voice' stronger than weapons while rejecting 'jihad' as an answer to misery.  None of that is bad.  Paradigm shifts are never easy to understand as to what the final outcome will be and it requires someone who can navigate the 'straits' of that transition to insure the outcomes are beneficial and 'peaceworthy.'  President Obama has proven himself to be that vital person to the outcome of peaceful processes in international venues.  We cannot do it without him and I have never felt more strongly about that statement in my life.  The Republican idea of paradigm change in the Middle East is more war and more killing.  That is not a solution.  It never was.

President Obama promised to move the USA forward on energy needs of the Americna people.  Within the American Recovery and REINVESTMENT Act he empowered the Alternative Energy Industry to make a lasting footprint on the energy needs of Americans.  That industry now has a voice at the table, a vital voice that keeps growing and proving to be worthy of that voice.  President Obama has taken the Climate Crisis seriouslly and sees a path to reducing carbon dioxide contributions by the USA by empowering the EPA.  The EPA has never before been so empowered to make rulings on these sciences that will bring about CO2 reductions Earth needs.  There is not one, not one Republican willing to permit the EPA to back up the science, instead, they want to role back that authority and allow windfall profits at the cost of LIVING AMERICANS in the path of record breaking storms and heat.  We need more from the EPA and the Interior Department to stem the GROWTH of fossil fuels, not less.  They have to empower the Alternative Energy Industry as it GROWS into an Americna Dream when it comes to energy use.

The Interior Department of the USA has to be empowered to continue to protect the Wildlands of the USA.  It has done a remarkable job of protecting our nation's forests while setting aside vital links for wildlife and birds that pass through the USA in internatinoal migrations.  The Interior Department has taken on the challenge of returning endangered and threatened species in recoverable initiatives and that has to continue.

On the wellness front, the First Lady has been pounding the pavement to bring enlightment to good nutrition and return activity to the lives our nation's children.  At a time in our history when childhood obesity and diabetes has never been so prevalent and 20% of our young people are suffering from hypertension they are allowoing themselves to be entertained by 'screens' rather than 'streams' and they need to return to healthful activity in the outdoors where they can engage nature.  Our First Lady has also found service to military familes as a vital capacity to our nation's national defense.  We are longing for and finding military commitments that provide for the heroes of Seal Team Six.  Their families and that commitment means a great deal to our cournty adn our First Lady along with our Second Lady makes it a priority to know where their lives can be unburdened from dedicated service to the USA.

I could go on and on with the changes that have occurred under the Obama Administration and his eager willingness to serve the best interests of the American people.  He has passed essential legislation during only two years of his Presidency that was never enjoyed by this nation of any Republican President.  The current lack of motivation found with controlling speculation is 'excused' by the powers that be in victiminizing the Middle Class all the more and stating their retirement funds and mutual funds are vitally linked to high fuel costs.  That has to change.  No one wants to see mutual funds deteriorate, but, when the Middle Class and Poor are asked to pay for their retirement in ways that are incideously going to cost the American economy progess and jobs that is no longer a vital role for the energy sector.  The energy sector based in fossil fuels has become draconian and not beneficial as a method of providing a retirement benefit for Americans.  We need this paradyme change and we need it now, not the next time a Repbulican Senator, House or Governor obstructs more vital legislation to make the lives of Americans better while fulfilling dreams of generations.

Thank you.