Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The cultural divide in Afghanistan is huge.

Rory Carroll in Los Angeles and Emma Graham-Harrison in Kabul,

Within the last month a high profile Pakistan terrorist came out on a video stating he was within the reach of the government so he doesn't know why the USA has him listed as "Most Wanted." Now in Afghanistan a Taliban Commander thought he was facing the same fate. His "Wanted" poster invited him to attempt to collect the $100 reward for coming forward.
Now, today we are seeing USA military photos and once again our troops are involved in scandal posing for photos in morbid rituals of treating corpus like a trophy. These events were in 2010. I have to wonder if this isn't some kind of cultural practice within the troops for morale purposes and/or to cause an impact on the psyche of the enemy or is this some kind of mindless idea of fun?
It will not build a better Afghanistan or improve the image of the troops or American presence. It is simply time to bring the troops home and out of Afghanistan.
In South Vietnam their government failed to serve the people in a meaningful way. Our troops became demoralized by the lack a cohesive vision of the future for the people they were fighting for. Afghanistan is reminding me more and more of the South Vietnamese government as it lost the confidence of the people and ultimately the troops.
I hope secretary Panetta is correct and this was all done in very bad taste. Two years ago is a significant time span, but, if this is the culture of the NATO military today, then we need to simply leave. The troops may be more discouraged and finding rewards that are inappropriate and not found in the reality of citizens they are suppose to protect while establishing a peaceful democracy.

Posted at 09:00 AM ET, 04/17/2012

Taliban commander turns self in... for reward on ‘Wanted’ poster (click here)

Sometimes, capturing a Taliban commander requires vast resources and complex operations. Last week in eastern Afghanistan, it required neither.
Mohammad Ashan, a mid-level Taliban commander in Paktika province, strolled toward a police checkpoint in the district of Sar Howza with a wanted poster bearing his own face. He demanded the finder’s fee referenced on the poster: $100.
Afghan officials, perplexed by the man’s misguided motives, arrested him on the spot. Ashan is suspected of plotting at least two attacks on Afghan security forces. His misdeeds prompted officials to plaster the district with hundreds of so-called “Be on the Lookout” posters emblazoned with his name and likeness.
When U.S. troops went to confirm that Ashan had in fact come forward to claim the finder’s fee, they were initially incredulous....

Propaganda is propaganda from both sides of the war. The troops may have their own, too.

In eerie comeback, Taliban return to airwaves (click here)
By Zia Khan
Published: April 9, 2012
After relative peace since 2009, the Taliban are back in Swat Valley – at least on the airwaves.
Almost three years after battle-hardened militants loyal to Maulvi Fazlullah or ‘Mullah Radio’ were flushed out of the region in a military operation, it appears they are now trying to gain a foothold once again by re-establishing FM broadcasts.
The broadcasts had earlier been used as a propaganda tool to galvanise public support through a mixture of terror and persuasion.
“The same voices we used to hear four years ago when the Taliban started their campaign are echoing in the valleys again … it’s scary,” said a local resident from the Matta subdivision of Swat, who runs a small business in Mingora.
Matta was one of the towns where militants first established their bases and remained in control till they were chased out of the region by the army in 2009.
The Taliban insurgency in the valley, like in the neighbouring Mohmand and Bajaur tribal regions, began with several FM broadcasts....

Wow, the Right Wing is really ticked off about the Buffet Rule. I think we ought to find one day and call it The Buffet Holiday.

...Warren Buffett by Barack Obama:(click here) "[Warren] uses his stature as a leader to press others of great means to do the same. The Sage of Omaha has handed down plenty of lessons over the years. Today, at 81, he reminds us that life is not just about the value you seek. It's about the values you stand for."...

According the frazzled Dave Ramsey the Buffett Rule (click title to entry - thank you) will effect 22,000 Americans that would pay for one day of operation of the USA.
Is that right?

Well, if that is the ONLY thing the income from the Buffett Rule pays for then I am impressed. An entire day of operation of the USA government across the spectrum can be paid by the Buffet Rule, then for one day a year the USA is "DEBT FREE."

Mr. Ramsey complains 44% of USA in 2011 paid zero income taxes. If that is the truth then what does that say about our country? If a full forty-four percent of incomes in the USA fall below responsibility for paying income taxes that is a statement about the USA no one should be gloating about.

The Right Wing is bent out of shape and the Buffett Rule didn't even pass, because, their politicians insist on holding the people of the USA hostage to their cronies will.
I think what Mr. Ramsey does for a living as a mentor to those that wants to be 'Debt Free' is admirable, but, I didn't know greed was an affection of his. I do believe Warren Buffet recognizes a moral gap in the income tax structure and he should be applauded. If this tax is ever passed and we have at least one day a year that is Debt Free to the rest of the country, we should have a cultural recognition of "The Buffet Day." Maybe the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Those that want to propagandize their responsibility for paying their fair share of taxes add to their immorality of their status.

Another immoral right wing-nut.

Rocker Ted Nugent says something outlandish during every political cycle. (click here)
The Secret Service is investigating Nugent for the remarks he made Saturday at the National Rifle Association convention in St. Louis about President Obama, including: "If Barack Obama becomes the president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year."
On Tuesday, Nugent found fire in his belly again on a radio show. He spewed venom toward Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who condemned Nugent's comments about Obama, and toward Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.
“Wasserman Schultz is such a brain-dead, soulless idiot,” Nugent said. “I could not be more proud that this soulless, heartless idiot feebly attempts to find fault with Ted Nugent, because I am on the right track and she just encourages me to stand stronger.”
Nugent then called the two female Democratic leaders “varmints.”...