Friday, August 07, 2015

Clue to Democrats, access all communication lifestyles for debates.

The Democratic debates should not get mired down in cable access. Reach out to voters in all venues of communication. The Democratic campaigns have to reach people on all levels of communication. Senator Sanders prides himself on grass roots support. Fine. Congratulations, but, before the debates begin make sure the broadcast is reaching them.

Go to the voter, don't expect them to come to you. Traditional venues of communication are important, but, there is a far larger audience waiting to be involved. If they aren't involved in the process, they won't vote.

The debates should be respectful of all points of view that will bring valuable insight to help voters discern their positions. The debates should be rich in diversity of culture and reflective of the American people. They need to know the candidates are real with policies that work.

August 7, 2015
By Med James

It's been two days of harsh reckoning (click here) for the entertainment industry
as long-simmering concerns about declining pay-TV subscriptions boiled up in
quarterly earnings reports, leading investors to dump shares of media stocks
amid worries that a key Hollywood money pot is threatened.

The massive sell-off — one analyst called it "the media meltdown" — came after
Walt Disney Co. warned investors late Tuesday that profit from ESPN and other
cable channels would not be as robust as initially thought because fewer
consumers are subscribing to full pay-TV packages.

The sell-off continued Thursday as Viacom disappointed Wall Street with weak
sales. Over the last two days, Time Warner slid 10%, Disney shares dropped 11%,
Fox fell nearly 13% and Viacom plunged 21%....     

I didn't see the debate last night. From what I heard it was no impressive. I am hearing things like Donald Trump did not hurt himself last and and Rubio isn't ready. Rubio might be ready in eight years.

When I asked others what specifics were stated; they said "What specifics?"

So, it was an entirely rhetorical stage presence and Donald Trump got tired of the only paradigm of engaging the public and called everyone stupid. He's right.

See the reason Republicans say, "I'll create jobs without specifics is because they haven't got a clue." Donald Trump can stand through all the political hubris and rhetoric because in the real campaign he already has a track record regarding jobs creation. All he needs is his own record to stand on (which is global by the way) and then demand everyone else to do better.

There is nothing solid being said. One friend said it was a two hour commercial for Hillary Clinton.

There are eight more Republican debates of which will be a 90 exposure for every candidate on the podium if they are in every debate. That should be a strategy to build on. Ten minutes should build on the anticipated next 10 minutes of exposure and so on. Otherwise, the debate process will stamp an identity on every candidates' forehead and they'll either win or lose the nomination and be stuck with that branding for the rest of their national career.
This whole Planned Parenthood thing is a reason for Republicans to defund the government and cause another fiscal crisis.

Go ahead, make my day.

As soon as the Republicans refuse to pass the budget and causes a fiscal crisis again they all need to be charged with ethics violations. Every one of them included Speaker Boner and McConnell. File the ethics investigations in the Congress since it is based in political purposes.

Then the contracts in the private sector can sue the Congress for breach in contract and get their lost revenues anyway. 

Vladimir, Really? Good bye, F35.

There are two resolutions to this. The first get rid of all the cyber anything in the military or use the military capacity to launch false information to international hackers. 

The USA national defense is completely compromised if there is more and more investment into cyber anything. The reason Russia and China have a strong cyber capacity when it comes to the USA Infrastructure is because of the plans for widespread drone warfare. Just that simple. If the USA launched a mission into Russia with cyber capacity, the jets would fall into the oceans and never be found. It's a perfect crime. There would be no detection of the reasons the USA's national defense failed. And then it would be all over. No need for bombs, foreign troops would land and take over DC. 

August 6, 2015
By Jacob Brogan
According to NBC News, hackers (click here)—allegedly from Russia— compromised an unclassified email system used by more than 4,000 employees of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The attack apparently began on or about July 25 and was “coordinated  … via social media accounts.”
CBS News reports that classified elements of the network were not affected. Nevertheless, the unclassified servers remain offline, “and senior members of the Joint Staff were provided with an alternative means of exchanging unclassified e-mail.”
While NBC News suggests that Russia is the primary suspect, the actual source of the attack is not yet absolutely clear. CNBC says “a state actor” is responsible, but it does not say whether the attack “was sanctioned by the Russian government or conducted by individuals.” The “attribution problem”—the difficulty of determining who is responsible for an attack—is increasingly part of cybersecurity discussions....

Russian celebrated the first anniversary with sanctions. That is what that was all about.

August 6, 2015
By Andrew L. Kramer

...Following an order by President  Vladimir V. Putin, (click here) officials threw huge piles of pork, tomatoes, peaches and cheese into landfills and garbage incinerators.

The frenzy, remarkable even by the standards of Russia’s recent politicization of food supplies, was gleefully reported by Russian state television.

“You can see behind me cheese that was made nobody knows where, without labels,” Yekaterina Mironova, a journalist on Rossiya 24 television, standing before a gigantic mound of orange cheese rounds, as a bulldozer revved its engine in the background.

The offending cheese, she said, would be plowed into a landfill in the Belgorod region of western Russia....