Saturday, July 28, 2012

Removing the last brick in the wall between church and state.

If the assessment (and I haven't read all the references of the decision.) by The Daily Beast is correct, the Eight Circuit has just destroyed the long established "Scientific Process" and the State can institute any policy of "Divining Science" it chooses. 

The Eighth Circuit basically has stated 'the professions' no longer have control over their own authority. If the Scientific Process can be discredited at the Eighth Circuit, what then is next? 

I am certain it will be headed to the Supreme Court, but, the decision appears to have an arrogant component of annoyance with all parties. The Eighth Circuit has ruled on this before and stood with the fact Planned Parenthood had proven it is a burden to women. It would appear the other Christian organizations and others simply went about getting more opinions to stack the deck for a majority greater than viewed in the first appeal.

It is ridiculous what is occurring here. It is fraudulent. The Eighth Circuit can't discern the fraud involved. It is definitely intended to confront Roe v. Wade. The Right Wing is sincerely seeking to destroy the freedom of thought in the USA.

If a legislature can decide what is appropriate research and what is not appropriate research and a profession's standards is determined by an unprincipled majority, then the USA is no longer a democracy, but, a theocracy. Next, the legislatures will be deciding what God is the True God.

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