Sunday, August 24, 2014

Post 911 Syndrome.

I wrote this on August 6, 2014. Decided not to publish it because I felt the country was too far gone and making the statements was simply more or less an empty pleading. But, then President Obama took up the call and I felt I needed to say thank you.

"There is a real problem in the USA. The federal government has provided local governments with DOD prepared hardware.

There is no invasion into the USA by any armed foreign military.

In addition, the reason this mess continues is because there are too many guns on the street and the police are convinced they have to be 'swat prepared."

There is so much I could bring to the blog tonight I actually feel a bit overwhelmed. The life we live has become laced with perversions of power and leaders don't seem to be able to find their way back.

It isn't just the violence on the streets of the USA, it is the violent and unconventional wars we are asked to face. After September 11th the entire globe came together in the horror that was the imagination of a madman. It was a point in time when we all could have resolved to be a single peace and vow to never allow any other priority divide us. It was squandered for an oil war that included personal vengeance. We were so close to being a world resolved to end war and unite to protect from terrorism of our people. We were so very close.

I am going to pass on tonight and unwind. I leave this though. It is a time in our world's human history when life was valued above all else even in the face of war.

Summary: Basic rules of international humanitarian law in armed conflicts (click here)

1. Persons hors de combat and those who do not take a direct part in hostilities are entitled to respect for their lives and their moral and physical integrity. They shall in all circumstances be protected and treated
humanely without any adverse distinction....

We need to find our way back from the brink of ruthless lives at any cost. We need to find civilization again.

Good night for now.

Dying on the streets of the USA.

As remote Michael Brown, Jr.'s survival seemed and if I had committed this act against him in a moment of pure stupidity and ego; I would have sought to have stopped the bleeding with my own two hands while yelling call 911, call 911, call 911. Would I have saved his life? I don't know, but, I do know I would have stopped the profound blood loss of an innocent person with nothing on his own mind but the beginning of college.

Why didn't anyone in the community run to Michael's side? Lots of reasons, but, mostly they were seeing in fear for themselves and they weren't empowered to act in a community where victimization is a daily reality. 

The crime scene is not as important as preserving life. It is murder to allow a person to die without the benefit of life support if one is qualified to administer it. Anyone owning a gun should be required to now basic CPR and First Aid. 

One important detail. In order to say a person is dead they have to be PRONOUNCED as dead. A police officer, especially the one that committed the shooting, aren't QUALIFIED to PRONOUNCE the death of a citizen.

We have very intricate laws in the USA dealing with death. There are legal documents requiring health professionals to provide the right to die. Dying on the streets by a police shooting is a very serious problem. The one question that needs to be answered is NOT what did they do to deserve to die, but, why did they die?

The New York Times validates police abuse.

Michael Brown Jr.'s Body (Please click here, thank you)

The police methodology has taken on a very different definition when there is a police shooting. Police now act as soldiers when they fire their weapons as they kill citizens.

When soldiers take aim at an enemy they are not thinking about reviving him/her. At the very best they are hoping to take a POW for information and survival. The real definition of war is not sincerely about killing, it is about winning. It is why the President of the USA is required to have a strategy as Commander and Chief. However a war is waged the definition is about winning not necessarily killing. So, in the purest sense of the word, Homeland police are bringing war to the streets of the USA beyond that of what the US military is required.

When a police officer has successfully 'dropped' a citizen to the ground by the use of a gun OR OTHERWISE, including Tazer or fists; their first thought of course is their own safety, but, that has to immediately be followed by calling 911 and beginning CPR and First Aid. 

In the case of Michael Brown after the officer decided to fire his weapon for no real reason at all, his next act should have been to run to his side and prevent him from dying. That should have occurred in New York City and in Sanford, Florida. But, that is not happening. When homeland police and armed citizens are using their weapons they are intending to kill as if they were on the hunt for 'human game.' 

There is a great deal of difference in firing a gun to prevent attack and killing. By using a 'kill' methodology within any gun violence one has to bring to the forefront of the discussion the fact this is 'eliminating' people, reducing population and limiting outcomes in the country. It is silly to think about that with more than 300 million people in the USA, but, it is a valid point of view.
It was techtonic plate movement.

"The Ring of Fire"

N. Redoubt Volcano, Alaska 
Hana, Hawaii
Nidoi Island, Fuji
Chichi-shama, Japan