Tuesday, March 03, 2015

I thought this guy was smarter than this.

March 3, 2015
By Ed O'Keefe

Presumptive GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush (click here) pounced late Monday after news reports revealed that Hillary Rodham Clinton had used a private e-mail account as secretary of state and didn't routinely turned over her correspondence for government records collection.
"Transparency matters," Bush wrote on Twitter just hours after the news broke. His message said that Clinton's "emails should be released" and he added a link to his own Web site, www.JebBushEmails.com.

He actually believes his emails are as sensitive as Secretary Clintons are. He is really showing he isn't prepared for leading this country. I can understand better now why Neocons are war mongers; they stumble over themselves and then go to guns.

There is absolutely no analogy between the emails regarding the State of Florida and email within the US State Department. 

Benjamin Netanyahu has no room to pass judgement.

The USA is actively pursuing an agreement with Iran and Secretary Kerry is working jointly with other nations that are as vulnerable to a nuclear strike than any other nation. If there were ever to be a nuclear war, it would not be Iran acting alone.

Israel is depriving the Palestinians a homeland. If Israel was honorable and acting to conduct a peace with Palestine, then Prime Minster Netanyahu has room to talk about justice in international relationships.

This is from the Palestinian News Agency:

WASHINGTON DC, March 3, 2015 (WAFA) – Around 60 Democrat (click here) congress members pledged to skip Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu controversial speech which is set to be delivered to a joint session of Congress, with Vice President Joe Biden and a number of top Democrats skipping the session.

According to The Hill, as of this morning, 56 Democrats are skipping the speech, including GOP Rep. Walter Jones (NC-3) who told C-SPAN that he will skip the speech as well. Several other Members of Congress have privately confirmed to constituents that they will not attend the speech either.

More than 10 percent of Congress, and more than 25 percent of the Democratic caucus, has opted to skip Netanyahu’s speech, an unprecedented breach in the historically bipartisan US-Israel relationship.... 

Prime Minister Netanyahu is carrying on with politics and grandstanding at a time when the USA is engaged in the region with many countries. That engagement by the USA is pivotal to bring about an end to the danger of Middle East lives as a heinous organization acts as barbarians.

The USA has many allies and friends in the world the Middle East is no different. The Prime Minister ignores the regional threat that requires all nations to work to end the killing. I am astounded by the political grandstanding of Netanyahu.  

This article says it all. It means something to Palestine to have elected officials to make a statement about the inappropriateness of Mr. Netanyahu's speech. 

At the same time the USA is demanding justice for Israelis:

February 23, 2015
By Benjamin Weiser

The Palestinian Authority (click here) and the Palestine Liberation Organization were found liable on Monday by a jury in Manhattan for their role in knowingly supporting six terrorist attacks in Israel between 2002 and 2004 in which Americans were killed and injured.
The damages are to be $655.5 million, under a special terrorism law that provides for tripling the $218.5 million awarded by the jury in Federal District Court....

The USA is not taking one side or the other; it takes on the responsibility to bring justice and a future of peace. 

If Netanyahu can make a televised public speech there is nothing in the speech the State Department doesn't already know.