Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I think Toyota has a great product line. I own a Tacoma. But, my first reaction to this 'fuel' thing was computer malfunction.

I believe it has to be investigated. The vehicles today rely on computer programs to maintain fuel economy. Actually, a computer patch will cost a lot less than a replaced brake petal, although it could be all three issues that are the problem.

I am not having any problems with my vehicle. That isn't it. It gets really good gas mileage.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says his Prius has acceleration 'software glitch' (click title to entry - thank you)

Apple Computer co-founder Steve Wozniak, who should know a few things about software glitches, says his 2010 Toyota Prius -- which is not listed on Toyota's sticky-gas-pedal recall list -- accelerates suddenly, and not in a good way....

I wish opportunities to address real issues of the USA weren't squandered by 'propaganda opportunities.''

...Of the top 50 largest metropolitan areas by GDP, Las Vegas-Paradise, NV experienced the largest growth, 31.2%, with its largest increase, 10%, between 2003 and 2004. (click title to entry - thank you)

I really don't believe there was any reason for ANY apology !!!!!

If I had to advise President Obama to insure he gets his message out without these morons interferring? I'd tell him, USE GENERICS. You know, like, "...and don't blow your money on gambling." That way PERHAPS, but only PERHAPS, the college students might actually hear your message. It's worth a try, but, I am sure the mayor of Las Vegas would take offense to that as well, but, at least we can measure it.

Gambling by underage college students: preferences and pathology (click here)

University students (N=995) residing in an environment which affords many opportunities to gamble were surveyed. For those participants over 21 years of age, 92.5% said they had gambled at least once in a casino, compared to 59.8% of the 18 year olds, 72.8% of the 19 year olds, and 86.1% of the 20 year olds. Casino gambling is legal only at 21. Preferences in favorite game showed no difference between the two groups except that those under 21 years were more than twice as likely to prefer sports betting to those over 21. The percentage of participants classified as probable pathological gamblers by the South Oaks Gambling Screen was 9.21% for those under 21 years, and 14.91% for those over 21....

Nevada lawmakers angry at President Obama's 'don't blow a bunch of cash on Vegas' comment (click here)

Will someone put these folks out of their misery and send them home rather than elect them. They know not what they do.

The conservatives in the country cannot get their minds around the fact they have failed the people of the USA.

Mike Pence has become the RNC strategist to return Republicans to the House. Isn't that great? He was hoping at the last minute someone would turn on health care reform and defeat the House vote as well.

They don't have good ideas, yet these men get sent back to serve over and over and over again.

The Bush/Paulson Bank Bailout was an abject failure to the Middle Class and Working Class and Small Business owners of this country, yet, the Republicans won't admit it. They got back their monies and then some when Wall Street investment banks had record profits over and over again.

It wasn't they that hired the "Pay Czar" either.

Somewhere in the House and Senate Ethics laws there should be an examination of the PROFITS those that wrote the TARP bill received AFTER Wall Street turned record profits. We hear about and object to the CEOs that receive all these bonuses, but, we don't bother to realize how much Congressional members have received in profits from TARP. There should be examination of the monies the authors of TARP received and why the Middle Class, Working Class, Small businesses and OTHER banks were left 'out of the loop.' I realize the FDIC was there for a reason, but, the number of banks that have failed following the TARP bailout is hideous.

Failed Bank List (click here)

This list includes banks which have failed since October 1, 2000. Total - 210 (According to closing date)

2000 - Two (2)
2001 - Four (4)
2002 - Sixteen (16)
2003 - Three (3)
2004 - Four (4)
2005 - None (0)
2006 - None (0)
2007 - Three (3)
2008 - Twenty-five (25)
2009 - One hundred and thirty-nine (139)
2010 - Fourteen (14) to date

Every one of these banks were lending to small businesses, had employees at all levels of the management sector including the bank teller. These people have families they contributed to, had homes and hopes for the future. The communities they served are now left with no venues for their needs and the Republicans, especially those that wrote TARP didn't and DON'T care about any of it. It is time to send these Politicians into retirement. The people of the USA should not make the mistake in believing these men actually care about them, they don't. The people of the USA never once crossed their minds, nor the minds of Bush and Paulson when they wrote TARP.

Rather than listening to the needs of the nation and asking what can be done to 'CHANGE' the poorly written legislation that gave TARP funds to investment banks ONLY and allowed the complete deterioration of the USA infrastructure, Gregg had a hissy fit.

The operative word with all conservatives is 'control.' Gregg was one of the authors of the TARP bailout. It explains why he had an interest in being Secretary of Commerce. Men like him aren't interested in what happened to the American people, he was interested in 'getting back' the monies he lost as a result of the implosion of the economic failure. Gregg is one of 'those people' that live in his own reality and have absolutely NO idea of the reality of the people of this country. He and Alito have a lot in common, they live in their own glory and completely out of touch with the Middle Class.

His ranting is completely inappropriate and is a victimization of the people of the USA to attempt to gain political favor with people that consider him important enough to dump money into a campaign that will be lased with more and more lies and propaganda.

Gregg Blasts Budget Director Over Lending Plan (click here for video)

Senator Opposes Plan To Divert Money For Small-Business Lending

POSTED: 5:18 pm EST February 2, 2010

While President Barack Obama was in New Hampshire, Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H., was blasting his budget director in Washington.Gregg opposes the administration's plan to divert leftover TARP money to a small-business lending program. He took budget director Peter Orszag to task Tuesday over the plan."This is the law," Gregg said. "It's not your piggy bank because you're concerned about lending to small businesses and you want to get a political event when you go out and make a speech in Nashua, N.H."The president's budget came out Monday. Gregg said it burdens future generations with debt.

Who hired Hunter in the first place? Young?

The fact of the matter is that Young was an enabler. He didn't love his country, he loved power and the wealth it would bring him. When he was disappointed he wrote a book that would make him some of the money that winning the Presidency might.

I won't buy the book. I find the entire episode hideous beyond belief and this is more proof of it.

..."It is lurid, as one might expect (click here) --fraught with details about Edwards and some justifications of Young's seemingly sycophantish relationship with the man ("Inside the campaigns, I found a cult-like atmosphere that eroded my ability to resist his requests for ever more extreme behavior.")...

This is about the sickest mess I have yet to witness and Young was in on it. What did they think they were doing?

If I have the chronology right it only goes to prove what I have stated all along. I don't know how many times on this blog I have stated, men leave women with breast cancer.

Elizabeth Edwards diagnosed with breast cancer

Posted 11/4/2004 12:46 PM
Updated 11/4/2004 10:12 PM
WASHINGTON — Elizabeth Edwards continued to stump through five key states in the final days of the campaign despite receiving a distressing diagnosis from her family doctor last Friday: breast cancer....

Elizabeth was diagnosed in 2004 and the affair occurred sometime in 2007 when everything around John was falling apart. He had already had an unsuccessful run for Vice President. He could not be more correct about the fact that there were two Americas and this was years before the economic engineering of Paulson. But, he was losing a campaign for a Presidential bid and he turned to the one place where he could find some success.

Surprise, surprise. He was attempting to deal with his wife's cancer and in 2008 after the baby was born Elizabeth was rediagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer.

Something to be learned here by a book from someone who was disappointed by life when his candidate didn't own up to his own genius?

I don't reward this mess with a purchase of a book. What John Edwards needs to do is pick up the pieces of his life and get on with it. He has lost not only a son, a wife to divorce, a Vice Presidential and Presidential bid, but, a good friend that exploited what was left of his dignity.

John needs to write a book about the insight he had about the two Americas, because, the American didn't listen. The Democrats treated the Edwards message as if it was tabloid journalism itself. John needs to write, no different than Spitzer has, about the insight he had regarding the reality that cost the American taxpayer $800 billion to corporate investment banks that took their money and ran. They left the current President holding the bag to stimulate the economy and pick up the pieces of the USA and find monies GRATEFULLY to add a loan possibility to Small Businesses.

How did you know all that, John? That is what I want to know.