Friday, August 31, 2012

Everyone ready?

Time to honor Labor. 

It is time to honor the Middle Class. 

It is time to honor America.

I wonder what the weather is going to be? No matter. It takes more than clouds to rain on the Middle Class Parade!

Hurricane victims, yes. Shooting victims, no.

Trying out their new wings, the plutocrats head to Louisiana to reassure the petroleum dependent state help is on the way.

Ewen MacAskill in Tampa 

...His schedule (click title to entry - thank you) took in a surprise visit to Louisiana to speak to – and be pictured with – the emergency crews dealing with the flood damage created by hurricane Isaac....

HOUSTON | Thu Aug 30, 2012 6:24pm EDT

(Reuters) - Most oil and gas companies (click here) in the U.S. Gulf Coast region on Thursday prepared to gradually restart installations there following Hurricane Isaac, while one refinery reported flooding and scrambled to prevent further damage.

Isaac, now a much weaker tropical depression moving north, posed no further threat to most energy infrastructure.

Phillips 66 (Conoco Phillps) said its 247,000 barrel per day (bpd) Alliance refinery in Belle Chasse, Louisiana, had been partially flooded. It offered no estimate on when the plant could restart and said personnel were trying to prevent damage by pumping water out....

May 1, 2012 two oil entities resulted out of Conoco Phillips. One kept the name Conoco Phillips and the other Phillips 66. It is a new split so the 'idea' Romney would take personal interest in the area was important. After all, we just don't know what it is going to cost the USA to put the refinery back on line.

4/30/2012 @ 9:58AM 
...It is spinning off its refineries, pipelines and chemicals division as a new company called Phillips 66. In a tax-free distribution,...

...The legacy ConocoPhillips will keep its name, (click here) its Houston headquarters and its oil and gas fields. The new Phillips 66 (its name based on the old brand) will be a giant in its own right. The company will vie with Valero Energy to be the biggest independent refiner in the U.S., with 2.2 million barrels per day of refining capacity and revenues of roughly $200 billion a year. Says Greg Garland, the new CEO,”We’ll be of similar size to Valero, and twice the size of Marathon. We’ll have geographic diversity with 11 refineries in the U.S. and 4 internationally.”...
By BRADLEY OLSON Bloomberg News 

Phillips 66, which became the nation's largest independent refiner after its spinoff from ConocoPhillips earlier this year, said Wednesday that second-quarter profit rose 13 percent on higher fuel margins and announced a plan to buy back shares valued at $1 billion.

Net income rose to $1.18 billion, or $1.86 a share, from $1.04 billion, or $1.64, a year earlier, Houston-based Phillips 66 said in a statement. Profit excluding the sale of the Trainer refinery, debt retirement and other one-time costs was $2.23 a share, 55 cents more than the average of 14 analysts' estimates compiled by Bloomberg....

And the price of gas is what? And the price of food is what? And the national debt is what? And the tax income from bloated companies is what?

They want Romney there all right.

The need for unions is steadfast among 52% of Americans according to Gallup.

August 31, 2012

by Jeffrey M. Jones
PRINCETON, NJ -- A slim majority of Americans, (click title to entry for graphs - thank you) 52%, approve of labor unions, unchanged from 2010 and 2011, and up only slightly from the all-time low of 48% in 2009. Americans had been far more approving of unions before 2009 than they have in the last few years....

Here is the ONLY economic strategy Romney is planning on. Meet his Secretary of Energy.

There are no surprises here. Romney has been alluding to this during his entire campaign.

l. Energy independent by 2020.

That will happen anyway. The jobs Romney states he will open up won't happen for ten years or more. The jobs in the petroleum industry will occur no matter whom is President.

2. 12 million jobs


And there was a third parameter. Whatever.

It is all about the petroleum industry. The ads for an "I am an Energy Voter," started a long time ago. The Petroleum Industry is afraid of being out of business if Alertnatives continue to grow as viable sources of energy each year that goes by. 

What's that guys name? Not Hamm, that is his picture to the left, the Romney Energy Secretary. There goes the oceans by the way. So, Romney's insults regarding our oceans is appropriate considering who has hijacked his campaign.

Oh, yeah, Pickens. He wants to put two natural gas powered cars in every garage. It doesn't matter if there are huge explosions in homes, across the highways when accidents happen or at the 'Natural Gas Pump Station." I always wondered how that would be controlled in the neighbood Natural Gas Pumping Station.

Romney's campaign is the last hurrah of the petroleum industry and they want to end the movement toward alternatives. Correction, Jeb Bush in 2016 will be the final hurrah for the petroleum industry.

The petroleum industry won't be able to stop the droughts, won't be able to drill for clean water for citizens, but, they will be able to satisfy their pocketbooks and end the Era of Oil and Gas by draining every drop from Earth. They will export everything Americans won't use and leave nothing for reserves into the future. 

Basically, the military is needs what? Which is why the Department of the Interior needs to withhold lands for future generations TODAY!

Willard Mitt Romney is no genius. He knows how to bring China's jobs opportunities back to the USA with far less pay scales and no benefits. Romney knows how to destroy companies and rob treasuries, but, he has no ideas. This is party of no ideas and long standing cronies. No surprises and the hope he is trying to sell to Americans is a field of oil and empty promises. This is a long planned for campaign by the "Oil Barrons in Oklahoma and Texas." 

Enjoy the show. If the reaction by Romney's family by Eastwood wasn't proof of a hijacked campaign, then I don't know what is. Ann Romney stated it caught her by surprise. She never expected dark humor at the cost of the standing President. 

Oh, one other thing, for those justifying this ? economic ? strategy, the oil barrons actually believe the USA has until 2050 before it has to worry about Human Induced Global Warming. Heck, 38 years is plenty of time to drain the wells.

Last night at the RNC it all makes sense when one realizes Cheney was the script writer.

In all seriousness, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is stating a unilateral strategy for Israel against Iran won't end the nuclear program which is yet to be proven to arm warheads. If that isn't a satisfying thought to the political Right Wing, why would I not be surprised.

The top US military official (click title to entry - thank you) reiterated Washington's opposition to a unilateral Israeli strike on Iran yesterday, saying that it would "clearly delay but probably not destroy Iran's nuclear program."
The comments by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey are only latest of months of such comments from top US officials, intended to tamp down heated rhetoric from Israeli officials about staging a unilateral strike on Iran. Gen. Dempsey himself has made similar statements in the past, although yesterday's were the firmest yet.
His comments came the same day that the International Atomic Energy Agency released its latest report on Iran's nuclear program, which stated that Iran has doubled its number of centrifuges and accelerated its nuclear fuel production – a clear sign that despite international pressure, it is moving forward with its nuclear development (although not a definitive sign that Iran has military intentions)....