Monday, March 26, 2012

The ? contaminated ? baggie. Where is the evidence pointing to that FACT? Forensic evidence.

While Zimmerman is stating self defense, the autopsy of Trayvon Martin is sealed.

...The Volusia County Medical Examiner's office, (click title to entry - thank you) the body that "independently, objectively and scientifically determines the cause and manner of death under certain circumstances," handled the autopsy.
For now, that report remains under seal, spokesman Dave Byron told The Times. It has been forwarded to the Seminole County branch of the Florida state attorney's office and won't be made public while the investigation is pending.
That office, as well as the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice, are among the agencies investigating the Feb. 26 shooting. 
Sanford law enforcement sources recently told the Orlando Sentinel that there's evidence to suggest Martin might have been the aggressor in the incident. Police say those leaks were unauthorized but confirm that the information contained in the Sentinel's article was "consistent" with the details the agency provided prosecutors....
Okay, if there are unauthorized leaks coming from Sanford law enforcement, I want an investigation to the leaks and I want the evidence sealed in an FBI facility where it can't be tampered with. It is a reasonable request and one that appears all too prudent for this case at this point in time. 

Sanford law enforcement AGAIN has violated the public trust and exhibits poor police conduct. The FBI needs to handle this from here out because there is nothing about Sanford law enforcement at this time that is trustworthy. Any reporting of 'leaked' material as FACT by any journalist is completely irresponsible as it cannot be validated. The facts in this case are sealed and the sources unknown.

The so called 'leaked facts' are as much myth as truth at this point.

Joe Oliver should stop lying for George Zimmerman.

Tonight, Mr. Oliver made a lame statement about the racial slur used by Zimmerman in the 911 tapes.  

Joking right?

Coon or Goon?


Okay, let's give Mr. Oliver his fantasy so he can lie to everyone and believe Zimmerman said Goon. According to Mr. Oliver's daughter that is an affectionate word used between high school students. Why an adult of 28 years would be using it is a curiosity, but, let's just say that is what Zimmerman said.

I have only one question.

Just one.

Is a "Fucking Goon" an expression of affection between high school students?

Delric Miller murder, person of interest questioned

This murder was cited on Murdoch's O'Reilly No Spin Zone. It was speculated the President of the USA did not comment on this murder of a black infant with an AK-47. The shooting and infant death occurred in Detroit.

Here again the Right Wing Media has no clue and they should simply not comment on 'comparison and compare.'

In this case, the police are very engaged in finding the killer. Again, the topic of assault weapons is an issue. Here again the advocacy of the NRA is still a problem.

It is not realistic for President Obama to comment on every murder in the USA, racial or not. The Trayvon Martin case has a sincere message of injustice and lack of expertise in its handling. An innocent young black man was killed after being pursued as a criminal while trying to defend himself without the benefit of a gun.

The NRA's answer is for both men to be armed, even though Trayvon was 17 and under the age of majority. The NRA would never come forward to be appauled if there was a gun fight between the two. The NRA would never come forward to denounce the evidence of the use of an AK47 in the death of an infant.

There is no comparison between the two cases and in both cases Americans, both minority Americans were victims of the agenda of the NRA and the propaganda of Murdoch's hate machine. If the Assault Weapons Ban was still in force, would this infant be alive today?

Dozens of bullets from an AK47 (click title to entry - thank you) pierced the windows and walls of a home on Detroit's west side early Monday, killing a 9-month-old baby sleeping on the couch.

Several neighbors, accustomed to hearing gunshots in the neighborhood, dropped to the ground and protected their pets and children.

Police arrived 24 minutes after the first 911 call, although they weren't told anyone was hit until a later call. Delric Waymon Miller IV was rushed to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead....

The attack on Reverend Al Sharpton by Bill O'Reilly is uncalled for, as after all, it is Murdoch that always claims if FOX News didn't cover the topics they do, ie "Tea Party" then no one would. When will Murdoch's media service simply admit their viewers prefer to hate minorities than solve the problems of a nation?

Obama asks for space on missile defense

I would expect any negotiations President Obama could enter into with President Medvedev of Russia would carry far less brevity in an election year, especially on Missile Defense. Missile Defense is a charged election year issue in the USA. The differences in views between Democrats and Republicans is well known.

Equity in missile defense in Europe is a delicate subject, however, parking the missiles at the Russian border is simply a bad idea and invites mutual threat. Poland would be caught in the middle. It is a matter of negotiations and with a change in the Presidency in Russia it is better to convene new negotiations with the Putin administration.

If President Obama attempted to address the missile defense system in an election year, there is a very good chance the measure would not pass and in that the reality the USA and Russia were cast into having profound differences. It is better to allow the topic to stay in anticipation of negotiations rather than have it acted on in anger by a GOP that likes to appear to be muscle flexing even when it is far less prudent to do it.

I am pleased to hear President Obama and President Medvedev were able to easily converse about missile defense for what seems less than 60 seconds without a pause in postponement of the negotiations to another time and another Russian administration. The ease at which they spoke shows a good rapport between the two and if there was any doubt missile defense was a impetus to USA and Russian conflict that can now be put to rest.

Joe Oliver, long time friend with Zimmerman was NOT an eyewitness.

Zimmerman stalked a young black man and was carrying a gun, that looks like intent to me, he believed to be dangerous and engaged in a confrontation. Trayvon had every right to defend himself. 

It is evident the NRA is involved. Defaming the victim is a classic trademark. 

Trayvon Martin, the teenager (click here) whose shooting death has sparked a national uproar, was suspended from school last month for having a baggie that contained marijuana residue in his book bag, a family spokesman said M0nday....
Murdoch is painting Zimmerman as a sympathetic figure. There is gross bias by Murdoch's media. Bill Hemmer stated, "Watch to see how this goes." as if he expected 'the truth' is completely opposite as to what is being reported today.

Because Zimmerman has cooperated doesn't mean a thing. A person cooperates to seek a statement of character before a judge. There are plenty of criminals in prison that cooperated, too.

Zimmerman did not do the right thing, he was told by the police dispatcher not to pursue. He pursued and he pursed a young black man that posed absolutely no threat to him. Zimmerman confronted Trayvon and he did so armed with a weapon to kill him.

We do know what happened after Zimmerman got out of the car. He pursued Trayvon up a sidewalk. Trayvon was moving away from him and we know Trayvon believed he was being followed by testimony of his girlfriend while they were having a phone conversation. We also know Trayvon's phone fell to the ground. 

Zimmerman would have to drive his car/van up the curb in order to pursue Trayvon if he didn't get out of the car when Trayvon turned off the road an up a sidewalk. 

Zimmerman was acting on his estimation Trayvon was dangerous. He was carrying a weapon because he believed Trayvon was dangerous. What else has to be understood? Nothing. Zimmerman was acting as a vigilante and there was no self-defense on his part. He was in pursuit of someone he estimated to be dangerous after the police told him not to do that. Zimmerman fully expected to 'handle the situation' while carrying a gun. Zimmerman is guilty of pursuit of an innocent unarmed black young man with intent to bring deadly force.

The Sanford Police didn't notify anyone of the death and the family had to discover it three days later. The Sanford Police did not do everything right.

SANFORD, FLA. - A neighborhood watch captain (click title to entry - thank you) told police he fatally shot Trayvon Martin after the teenager punched him, knocked him down and slammed his head into the ground, the Orlando Sentinel reported on Monday.... 

...The Feb. 26 killing of the black teenager as he walked through a gated community by Zimmerman, a white Hispanic, has triggered protests around the country and calls for Zimmerman’s arrest.

Zimmerman had followed Martin and reported him to police before their deadly encounter. He said believed the young man in a “hoodie” hooded sweatshirt looked to be “up to no good.”...

The Penalty in the Affordable Care Act is a revenue issue. I think Ginsburg has derailed the purpose.

The penalty for not purchasing health insurance is to be used to defray the costs of the uninsured on the country. So, it is a revenue with a purpose. It is not a revenue if everyone has a health insurance policy, but, then there would be no reason to defray costs.

It is a tax called a penalty because it is mandatory if a health insurance policy is not evident. I think these arguments are superfluous to the purpose of any of the law.

DAVIS v. HALPERN (click here)

768 F.Supp. 968 (1991)

Roberts asked if Mr. Long was expecting the Court to overturn the Davis v. Halpern Case, so, there are cases already decided law under Stare Decisis.  But, the Robert's Court loves to seek destruction of Stare Decisis. Iam not surprised Robert's stated that as well. It very well may be the case before the Court is being used for other purposes than health care simply because it brings the case law into force. Robert is an activist judge and he does not accept precedent as important. So, we are up against a politically motivated court, regardless, of what is stated.

The Anti-Junction Act stands in this case.  Has to. It was established in 1793. The Anti-injunction states the federal courts cannot act against the states before they decide their case. The penalty does not take effect until 2014, in that, there is no state decision regarding the penalty until there are cases in which to decide. So, the states are trying to 'fashion' a case through imagineering of what is going to occur in the future. The states are saying they are injured because there will be grievances in the future, therefore, they want the court reverse the Anti-Injunction Act. An act that has stood over two hundred years. This is a mess. I just don't see it.   

The states have no idea what their 'injury' will be under Medicaid in 2014 in 2012, they can only guessing. In the case of Georgia, it's Senator Graham complained there will be more people that will fall under Medicaid in 2014 than today. Gee, that's a shame. So, having more people falling into the poverty statue of the ACA in having 133% of the poverty level then being eligible for Medicaid says more about the state of Georgia then it ever says about the compassion of the federal government in that requirement. I can't believe we are going through this exercise. 

"Freedom of Conscience"

Now the Right Wing is going to accuse the US Constitution of mind control. This is a representative government, conscience is exhibited in the voting booth. This is not a method of dictatorship and the argument is mute.

The Affordable Care Act is based on Insurance Exchanges whereby the cost of premiums is a cumulative methodology. The chances of being in an exchange where ones 'conscience is insulted' is as good as being insulted outside the environment of a church. If one expects too have their conscience insulted by the very society whereby they are citizens then that is their reality in knowing they have no control over others behaviors.

Conscience is an individual process and we all should be grateful for the Burger Court. Conscience is not a process of legislation, nor should it ever be.

President Obama has an obligation to speak to minority issues. (A prayer for Trayvon Martin - click title to entry - thank you)

President Obama’s remarks on the Martin case at a Friday Rose Garden press conference “disgraceful” for focusing on race. 

I find the comment by Gingrich offensive, out of context and racist. 

The nation is very lucky to have a minority President. He is brilliant. 

President Obama was compassionate and it is his obligation as the leader of the free world to speak out about minority issues, especially when those issues exist in the USA.

Maybe Mr. Gingrich wants to be seen in that light. One of the favorite venues of the GOP is Anti-Affirmative Action, and in that reality is a definitive bias against minorities. So, from a political point of view he 'took them on.'

The lack of action in the death of Trayvon Martin by authorities is an obvious and egregious racist decision. Everyone along the way DECIDED the young man was a criminal based on the testimony of Zimmerman. They believed the gunman before they ever thought the young black man was a victim to hatred. Actions speak louder than words. Trayvon could not speak for himself, but, the reality before us speaks for itself. An unarmed young black man was ambushed by a Hispanic man with a gun. Based on what? Based on the fact he was walking through a gated community? Walking is not a crime. 

If we are to believe Zimmerman was acting in defense of his 'point of view' we are back to the days of the KKK. A point of view is indefensible at gunpoint. There is nothing that validates the actions of Mr. Zimmerman. Nothing along the way validates his fears, anger or hatred. If we are to believe Mr. Zimmerman, then police are ineffective in preventing robberies. This entire disaster is at the hand of a man without a valid reason. In a gated community, I would fully expect homeowners would have alarms systems, watch dogs, etc. There simply is no way I have been able to validate Mr. Zimmerman's actions, except, for his profound discrediting of police and the death of a young black man. There was absolutely no reason for any of it, especially the fact he has not been arrested.

"Morning Papers" - It's Origin

Good Night, Moon

March 25, 2012

The Waxing Crescent

3.1 days

10.7% lit

Stranding of citizens is malpractice of government. When a country bases it's government in rewarding profits of companies, it isn't taking care of it's citizens any longer. The rights of citizens has to be well incorporated into the rewards of the private sector otherwise stranding in the only real outcome.

What is the function of the Department of Commerce if it isn't looking toward the future of it's citizens. The idea a USA government agency official should have spent so much time in China while receiving a salary from the people of this country, only to have the people suffer at the indulgences of that priority is not only malpractice, it is criminal.

The people of the USA have been stranded by the malpractice of it's government due to the corruption of its politics. The people are not put first in at least half of the parties of it's political system. 

The people have a right to a life within the sovereignty of the USA and to be protected from economic failure of an incompetent and greedy private sector. I often consider those that seek to ridicule citizens for receiving SSI or Disability or other entitlements to be Anti-American because they place 'the citizen' in lower stature to their high regard of money/gold. A country is it's people. Without its' people there is no functioning private sector. There are no profits. The companies of the USA should relish the vitality of the society in which it exists, for it is that vitality that provides a company its purpose.

Companies are not people and they cannot have a purpose or profit without them.

Support President Obama in his bid for re-election. He was always been there for us.