Sunday, June 16, 2013

We don't belong in Syria.

We never did.

Something the USA doesn't pay much attention to. "The World Cup." Think on that awhile.

Egypt, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Tunisia and Algeria Sunday (click here) became the first countries to reach the play-offs in the Africa zone of the 2014 World Cup qualifiers.

A spectacular own goal by Bernard Parker gifted lowest Group A seeds Ethiopia a 2-1 triumph over 2010 World Cup hosts South Africa in Addis Ababa and an unassailable five-point lead with one round left.

Mohamed Salah followed up a hat-trick against Zimbabwe last weekend by scoring the goal that earned Egypt a 1-0 win over Mozambique in Maputo and created a five-point Group G gap over Guinea....

It would seem as though the French are more confident about the outcomes in Mali.

Published: June 14, 2013 at 10:06 AM

June 14, 2013 - UPI - Two French soldiers (click here) were wounded this week in clashes with Islamic militants in Mali, France's defense minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, said Friday.

Le Drian did not say where the clashes occurred in the West African country.

"There are still some incidents [in Mali], since this week there were two wounded among the French special forces," he told Radio France Internationale.

Le Drian said most of Mali has been pacified but "we have to be extremely vigilant about sporadic elements."

There are about 3,500 French troops in Mali. The number is to be reduced to 2,000 by the end of the summer and 1,000 by the end of the year, Le Drian said.

Al Qaeda is not in the heart of every person in Africa, north or south. I think the French are doing fine. This isn't the first time France has been involved in Africa. It is sort of their regular territory. They keep an eye on things and intervene if it gets out of control. I don't think there is so much instability there needs to be a huge movement of military into the region. That type of activity in these small nations only raises fears and drives people to al Qaeda rather than the other way around.

These nations are not big huge militarized nations like the USA. I think the more control the nations of Africa have over their affairs the better the outcome for the world, actually. I fully endorse the current USA effort to stabilize the nations of Africa by allowing them to find their way to peaceful existence within their continent.

Latest update: 05/06/2013
By France 24

Malian soldiers (click here) have launched a deadly assault on armed Tuareg rebels near their northern stronghold of Kidal, in the first clashes between the two since a French-led offensive to drive al Qaeda-linked groups from northern Mali.

Malian troops seized a village after heavy fighting with Tuareg separatists on Wednesday and are advancing towards the town of Kidal, the last rebel stronghold, the army said.

“Our troops have taken Anefis this morning after intense fighting,” army spokesman Colonel Souleymane Maiga said.

Moussa Ag Acharatoumane, Paris-based spokesman for rebel group MNLA (National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad), said in a statement that MNLA forces were fighting Malian soldiers in Anefis, but did not provide further details.

An army source quoted by AFP said that ten Tuareg rebels and two Malian soldiers were killed in the fighting.

Another army officer said rebel fighters had abandoned their vehicles and fled Anefis, heading towards Kidal....

Ethnic cleansing

...His government has accused MNLA guards of ethnic cleansing in the region.
“The government must protect the citizens of Kidal – just a few days ago nearly 200 people were arrested by the MNLA just because they are black,” he said.

The sudden drive to reclaim the rebels’ last bastion comes as the government prepares for national elections, hoped to be held next month....

 No negotiating

 ...France said it supported the Malian government’s efforts to reestablish its presence in the whole of Mali.

“There can only be and should only be one army in Mali and it must be able to be deployed in every part of the country,” the French foreign ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.

“That is why we call on all armed groups to lay down their weapons and pursue peace talks with Malian authorities,” it said.

The MNLA was not targeted by the French offensive and has since been able to retake some areas, including Kidal. But this has strained relations between France and the transitional government in the southern capital, Bamako....
Why is it Republicans only concern themselves with North Africa? To much trouble for the amount of oil every place else? Angola? Right. 

Nigeria is just a mess with oil in every corner of the country. Literally. And well we know about the Sudan and what greed did for that nation.That entire region of the world was so beautiful once. Ethiopia was a Garden of Eden.

And they call it progress.


Is there any wonder why the people of these nations believe The West to be evil?

I would really like to see the nations of Africa sort of settle in and find some footing in their democratic processes before The West goes and disrupts everything again. Don't you think? 

I would think the USA's State Department would be especially concerned about any tensions between Israel and other nations. People have a right to return to their homeland after all.

June 13, 2013

Israel has said (click here) it wouldn't disclose the name of the third country mediating the return of Sudanese refugees and migrants, but Khartoum appears to be in the know, according to news reports.

Sudanese authorities have been interrogating citizens who spent time in Israel and have returned to their country secretly via Jordan, Sudanese news organization Alrakoba has reported.

Israel and Sudan do not have diplomatic relations, meaning that Israel cannot return citizens directly to Sudan, which has vowed to punish citizens who have set foot on Israeli soil. Sudanese passports even state that the bearer is entitled to enter all countries except for Israel. 

Israel earlier this year admitted that it has repatriated about some 2,100 migrants to Sudan via a third country but refused to disclose the name of that country. The repatriation was done secretly, over the last few months, without the knowledge of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees....

The Democrats on the other hand aren't really worried about national interests.

Some Democrats believe it is obvious. But, they do fret about strategy. You see, the Democrats almost had Bush where they wanted him with the Iraq Study Group. But, Georgie slipped away when he and Condi came up with "The Surge."

I thought the strategy was fairly obvious. The Prez would check in with European allies regarding North Africa and otherwise. Talk with President Putin. Seek peace protocols to set up a government sharing process, whereby a constitution will be drafted. And while all that was transpiring, elections would be formulated to elect the Shared Power Structure and the rebels would receive enough arms to sustain them from annihilation.

Countries like Jordan would receive humanitarian assistance and possibly a No Fly Zone to protect them from any instability and feed the refugees as well as medical care. Vaccinations and all that stuff.

Once there was a more stable military presence for the rebels I would expect the refugees might return as soon as they could to their homes to rebuild and resume their lives.

Now, that definitely sounds like a strategy every nation could live with and provide confidence to the nations of the Middle East.

I think Egypt removed ties with Syria because they don't want to be dragged into it in any way. Egypt's Morsi can't seem to garner approval from any corner of Egypt these days. I am confident he moved away from diplomacy to make room for the USA and Russia and to avoid being seen as a hostile partner to either of those nations. I think Morsi is correct.

Syria has condemned Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi (click here) for cutting off diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Mr Morsi had joined a "choir of conspiracy and incitement led by America", an "official source" told the state-run Sana news agency.

Mr Morsi also demanded that the Lebanese Shia movement Hezbollah withdraw from the fighting in Syria.

Some Sunni Muslim clerics have urged support for rebels in Syria.
Addressing a rally in support of the Syrian opposition on Saturday, Mr Morsi said that Syria's embassy in Cairo would be shut and Egypt's representative withdrawn from Damascus. 

He also called on the international community to impose a no-fly zone over the country.

Syria said the move was "irresponsible" and was part of an attempt to "implement a Muslim Brotherhood agenda" designed to deflect attention from Egypt's internal problems.

Sunni clerics from several Arab countries issued a statement after a meeting in Cairo on Thursday calling for "jihad to help our brothers in Syria by sending them money and arms"....

Republicans today wanted to know, with skepticism, what the national intereest of the USA was in Syria.

True. They don't believe the President has laid out the reasons why the USA would have an interest in Syria. They think he is being frivolous with national interests.

But, in the same breath each Republican stated, "He has pointed to the release of Sarin as a Red Line causing 150 deaths. But, what about the other 97,000 dead?"

If the USA has no national interests in Syria, then what are they complaining about? Deaths mean nothing if the USA national interests aren't involved evidently.

At least 93,000 people (click here for video) have been killed in Syria since the start of the conflict, according to the latest United Nations figures. 

But it says these statistics are an underestimate as it believes many deaths have not been reported.

Paul Wood reports.

"...more of the regime's troops have been killed than civilians or even rebels."


The civil war in Syria began on March 15, 2011. It has been over 2 years this struggle has continued. During that time the rebels have made incredible sacrifices, but, they have made incredible progress. Many refugees have been accommodated by USA allies in the region. We are all grateful for the loyalty other nations in the region have shown toward those displaced because of violence.

But, let's put this into context outside of the war theater. The First World would expect deaths within any civil war. Let's just say there are 100,000 dead in those 2 years. That would mean 50,000 dead per year. 

The First World country of the USA now experiences 30,000 dead per year by gun violence and that is without a civil war.

50,000 dead in Syria is about 0.25% of the country's population. 30,000 dead in the USA is 0.001% of the USA population. I suppose both are acceptable statistics all considering.

But, the point was "What is the USA interests in helping Syria?" It is a loaded question. If President Obama aims high he might even be trapped into invading. 

But, my answer is simply, "Ask Jordan."

Richard Cheney stated today, "The IRS is the worst abuse of power ever in American history."

He stated he worked closely with the IRS in the past and experienced nothing but professionalism. There is no way, in his mind, any employees could have come up with this plot. It had to come from the administration, from the White House.

He believes Susan Rice is part of the Benghazi cover up. That working at the NSA was the only job she was qualified for because both she and President Obama have no credibility.

He states North Africa is in shambles and the USA will be attacked again. He said the next time it will be worse and with nuclear capacity. 

He believes the NSA was doing a great job and if these programs were in place before 9-11 it would never have happened.


He stated Snowden is a traitor. I would have asked him if he knew of any more.

He stated Snowden was entrusted with national security and he disregarded it, that is the definition of a traitor.

Mr. Cheney believes Snowden was an agent for China. He thinks they will work Snowden over before they turn him over to authorities in the USA.

Hm. Just don't trust China, huh, Dick? I don't know. I think the Chinese learned a great deal about USA computers a long time ago.

Sunday, 10 June, 2001, 00:04 GMT 01:04 UK

A Russian company (click here) has won the contract to fly out the US spy plane stranded on a Chinese military base. 

The company, Polyot, told Russian news agencies an Antonov 124-100 cargo plane will airlift the dismantled US EP-3 spy plane which has been grounded in the southern Chinese island of Hainan since April.

Leonid Shirobokov, a spokesman for Polyot, told the Interfax and Itar-Tass news agencies that his company was making preparations for the flight but did not specify a date....

I have one question. Only one. Does Mr. Cheney believe national security in the hands of the under qualified and opportunistically employed by private equity is good use of our government's authority?

There is no way to commit to any war anywhere with the Congress as divided as it is now.

The Libyan militias are seeking to remove The West from the nation. There were attacks on the Italian embassy in Tripoli this week and for the most part, most nations are leaving the capital.

It is unrealistic for anyone to believe Libya will be an ally to The West. It just won't happen. There is still a great deal of hate in Libya. We saved a people from annihilation at the hand of a desperate man. Now, the Libyan people have to save themselves.

A war in North Africa would be huge a mistake. Huge.

TRIPOLI, Libya -- A spokesman for a Libyan national army brigade (click here) says the head of his unit has been killed and three soldiers wounded in an ambush en route to a southern city.

Brigade spokesman Ali el-Abed says his unit had been delivering army vehicles from Tripoli to the southern city of Sabha when they came under attack by unidentified gunmen around 100 kilometers (62 miles) from their destination.

A military official in Sabha, where the unit is based, says three assailants were also killed in the fighting Friday. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to media. 

Abed says wounded from both sides have been transferred to hospitals in the capital Tripoli. The ambush occurred in the town of Kira, once a Moammar Gadhafi stronghold.

Read more here:

Returning USA and Western legitimacy.

If I had to find an ally in expressing the future of the USA and it's military, it would be Mr. Fujimoto. 

He focuses on the Pacific, but, realizes China is seeking to prepare for war. China mimics the USA a great deal in their military model. I also believe most of the world has little to no confidence in the USA since Iraq. I don't know how anyone can expect to build relationships of any kind when there is such fear of this country.

Iraq taught the world many things, even allies learned their lessons, too. The USA was no longer reasonable and succumbed to leadership without benevolent intent. That is fairly scarey stuff when one considers the place we have globally to maintain a balance of strength and benevolence.  

January 11, 2012
by LTC Kevin Fujimoto, U.S. Army War College

...The United States (click here) must also address ungoverned states, not only as breeding grounds for terrorism, but as conflicts that threaten to spread into regional instability, thereby drawing in superpowers with competing interests. Huntington proposes that the greatest source of conflict will come from what he defines as one “core” nation's involvement in a conflict between another core nation and a minor state within its immediate sphere of influence. For example, regional instability in South Asia threatens to involve combatants from the United States, India, China, and the surrounding nations. Appropriately, the United States, as a global power, must apply all elements of its national power now to address the problem of weak and failing states, which threaten to serve as the principal catalysts of future global conflicts....

...Any effort to legitimize and support a liberal world construct requires the United States to adopt a multilateral doctrine which avoids the precepts of the previous administration: “preemptive war, democratization, and U.S. primacy of unilateralism,” which have resulted in the alienation of former allies worldwide. Predominantly Muslim nations, whose citizens had previously looked to the United States as an example of representative governance, viewed the Iraq invasion as the seminal dividing action between the Western and the Islamic world. Appropriately, any future American interventions into the internal affairs of another sovereign nation must first seek to establish consensus by gaining the approval of a body representing global opinion, and must reject military unilateralism as a threat to that governing body's legitimacy....

Rove in regard to Peace Talks, "Obama is hoping for his Irish Blarney."

Blarney  is a town and townland in County Cork, Ireland. It lies 8 km (5.0 mi) north-west of Cork and is famed as the site of Blarney Castle, home of the legendary Blarney Stone.

By kissing the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle, it is claimed that one can receive the "Gift of the Gab" (eloquence, or skill at flattery or persuasion). The legend has several suggested roots, involving members of the MacCarthy dynasty – builders and original owners of Blarney Castle.

In case President Obama is not familiar, there are an estimated 123,000 people that travel to Blarney Castle each year to kiss the stone. It will take President Obama's will, his insight, his love and promise of peace to bring about stability in the Middle East.

June 16, 2013
By David Edwards

Republican strategist Karl Rove (click here) is encouraging Americans to support massive National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance programs because fictional police officers monitor phone calls on television dramas.

“If you don’t like this program, which we now know was accessed 300 times last year, then you’ve got to be against local law enforcement being able to access routinely business records of the telephone company in their local investigations as well,” Rove told Fox News host Chris Wallace on Sunday

“You cannot turn on a cop drama on television where there is not somebody who’s pinging somebody’s cell phone or taking a look at the phone calls made from some landline or telephone booth to help solve some crime on television,” he added. “And it is routinely done in a large scale at the local law enforcement level.”...

I wonder what Soap Operas he likes best? Rove and Cheney have a very long history.He shows up in this video at 3 minutes and 53 seconds.

One might think this was written yesterday, but, it was July 2000. That fateful election wtih all Repubican guns drawn.

I don't debate of conversation in the USA needs any catalyst. I don't think it has to be focused for a pre-determined outcome and I sure don't believe there is any national interest of the USA that can't be assessed and reassessed to it's importance.

The danger point is to hang elections on focused issues that become wedge issues and lynch pins. That is what the Republicans are seeking to achieve in the next weeks ahead.

The Commission on America's National Interests (click here) was established by a bipartisan group of Americans who are convinced that, in the absence of American global leadership, citizens will find their fortunes, their values, and indeed their lives threatened as surely as they have ever been. The Commission is concerned that after five decades of extraordinary exertion, the US is in danger of losing its way. The fatigue of many, and distraction of some with special interests, leave American foreign policy hostage to television images and the momentary passions of domestic politics. Lacking basic coordinates and a clear sense of priorities, American foreign policy becomes reactive and impulsive in a fast-changing and uncertain world.

The goal of the Commission on America's National Interests is to help focus thinking on one central issue: What are the United States' national interests? What are American national interests today and as far forward as we can see in the future for which we must prepare? In the short run, the Commission hopes to catalyze debate about the most important US national interests during this season of presidential and congressional campaigns. It also hopes to contribute to a more focused debate about core national interests, the essential foundation for the next era of American foreign policy.

The Commission is organized by Harvard's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, the Nixon Center, and RAND, and is supported by the Hauser Foundation.
It is a strategy for impeachment. Every move and word President Obama makes. Every initiative the First Lady starts and continues. It is all a strategy for removal of the President from his office.

It has never been so evident as now and Speaker Boner should be ashamed of the rhetoric he carries on that enforces it.
"It's Sunday Night"

"Every Move You Make" by the Police (click here for official website)

Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I'll be watching you

Every single day
Every word you say
Every game you play
Every night you stay
I'll be watching you

O can't you see
You belong to me
How my poor heart aches with every step you take

Every move you make
Every vow you break
Every smile you fake
Every claim you stake
I'll be watching you

Since you've gone I been lost without a trace
I dream at night I can only see your face
I look around but it's you I can't replace
I feel so cold and I long for your embrace
I keep crying baby, baby please

Every move you make
Every vow you break
Every smile you fake
Every claim you stake
I'll be watching you

Every Republican is owned by wealth and power.

It is the demands of those that own the Congressional Slaves that make them toe the line of self-righteousness and salvation of their sorry assed souls. See, if abortions were touched by federal monies, their souls may be damned to hell regardless of the hardship and starvation they may cause.

Hardship builds character and every person in the USA needs to learn that!

When it comes to guns, "The South shall Rise Again!" 

"John Boy, you finish unloading that truck I brought here from Capital City?" 

"No, Daddy, I didn't"

"You best get it done before your mother has supper on the table."

Where do these southern folks get off about abortion?

I was listening to some complaints about how the Right is always complaining that the Left is stating any abortion measure has to provide for the well being of the mother, especially in the case of rape and incest.

Kindly, remember this.

The South is where entire towns were owned and operated by wealthy business owners. In Greensboro, North Carolina; Cone Mills ran the town. When they ran the town, that means they were their employees landlord, grocer and what was left over went to purchase fabric for their wives to sew clothing.

That was not that long ago. Maybe 50 or 60 years ago. That means the people with the money were still young adults while cultural changes were occurring. People like Mr. Pope have held onto their wealth and sought to continue the families influence and power.

People like Mr. Pope don't believe others deserve health care or good wages. They believe in a CLASS STRUCTURE and you simply need to know where you belong within it. 

So, when these men are approached about 'the place' for women, their 'classification' is simple and closed to change.
I spoke with a couple of Small Family Farmers today. You know the ones that seek to provide good products to local markets. One even runs their own market. I stopped to say hello and ask if they heard about the Trillion Dollar Farm Bill. They both said yes, one of them said "I suppose you are here because you heard about the Trillion Dollar Farm Bill." 

I asked if they would be seeking their fair share of the bill over the next five years. Their answers were the same. "No." I stated, "Oh, come on now, you have to be in there somewhere." One just laughed and took his tractor further down the road. The other stated, "The only way anyone gets a piece of that action is if you have lawyers and not just one either."

Well done, Congress. You have managed to massage your Big Agribusiness Contributors without seeking to help the men and women that need it the most.

The Southern populous is NOT smarter than the system.

What does that mean? It means that the criminals within the prison system are ignorant to their options BEFORE they commit a crime.


I was walking my dog, a Chow-Chow by the name of Rusty though a park behind my home on a Sunday morning. There was virtually no one in the park or in observation of my activities except those that might have a window toward the path I was on. The park had hours of operation when attendants were in the park. When there were no attendants the park was considered closed. The only thing indicating the park was closed were gates at the front and side entrances.

So, basically, besides my dog Rusty I was walking alone. It was a very pretty park with a lake and a waterfall in the middle of an urban area. There were small islands in the lake and wooden walkways connecting all the areas of the park. So it was fun. Birds and all kinds of small wildlife were there, especially when few people were around.

True story, no lie.

I walked up a small hill and at the top of the hill a view of the park was open to me. At the bottom of this crest in the direction I was walking was a boat launch which also had small row boats for rent. Those boats were locked with chains when the park was closed.

On this particular Sunday at the boat ramp was a large red and fairly new looking red pick up truck. I don't know how the truck got into the park, it would be easy to drive around the gates and out of sight of the public at the side entrance to the park. There were two black men out of the truck and currently seeking to remove chains from the boats. There were already two black men in a boat on the lake they had removed chains from. 

I don't know what silly laws there men had already broken, nor do I care. I was walking my dog. If they wanted to remove chains of publicly owned row boats to go fishing on a beautiful Sunday morning basically what did I care. I didn't they were welcome to fish there all day for all I cared.

However, the circumstances got really, really dicey for as hideous as they were.The men on the dock got scared. They became afraid of a white woman and her Chow-Chow. There was no reason to be afraid of my dog, he was on his leash and a basically good dog that only paid attention to me. He could not care less there were men at the boat ramp or fishing, nor did he pay attention to the truck, he was walking with me. It would be Rusty that caused my safety that day. He didn't attack anyone.

I continued my walk and crossed one of the wooden foot bridges to the other side of the lake which was closer to my home when the red truck was coming around to meet me as I approached the shoreline. One of the men was stationed at each end of the foot bridge now and I knew there was trouble coming.

When I got to the other side of the lake via the foot bridge the man in the truck was now on foot and within about 50 feet of me. I grabbed Rusty's leach and told him to behave that everything was all right. I stopped to pet him as if to calm him. At that point the dog was now focused on someone nearby. He made no sound, made no aggressive moves, but, he had a menacing presence. Rusty was a very sweet dog and a good companion, but, in all honesty he looked like an animal you didn't want to mess with. So the man on foot had a dilemma. Who would he attack first, me or the dog. Either way he didn't have much of a chance. He had no gun. The other men did not have guns. Besides on a Sunday morning if there was that much noise on the lake it would be very noticed. It was a quiet place.

When the man standing near me realized he had a dilemma which he didn't formulate until he was faced with it; I passed by without confrontation. 

I didn't really get upset while all that was transpiring. What I did think was how foolish these men were for even considering my presence as important. But, they didn't know I didn't care about their fishing venture on a beautiful Sunday morning. They were discovered. They got scared and their reaction was to attack and not run away. 

I worked with minority populations over my lifetime. That dynamic is common in those communities. Their need for control in fear of 'the system' is overwhelming. Their understanding that they have rights and should never over react for control is absent. In other words, that morning should I have had a cell phone and called 911 and reported four black men fishing illegally on the lake they would have to face the police and they would be in trouble BEYOND the trouble they assigned themselves by breaking the park rules.

Their best outcome for the dilemma we faced as five people in a park without permission was hideous. We were all there to enjoy the park in silence on a beautiful Sunday morning. At some level we all bargained for trouble, but, the most trouble I bargained for was a complaint by some jerk which would result in a police officer telling me to leave the park. However, the trouble they bargained for was far greater in their minds than I ever bargained for. They were going to control their outcomes no matter what they were faced with including the idea murder was a possibility. 

There was something in their actions that morning that gave them permission to commit murder. Their circumstances were beyond any reasonable answer to the plans they made that morning. They laid out the odds and they went forward without conscience about their outcomes or the outcomes of others. The worst happened and their resolve was to control the crime scene and not to simply defuse their fears and commit to a resolve of non-violence while laughing at their stupidity for even trying such a thing in the first place. 

If they carried out their fearful resolve and committed murder that morning they would have consequences beyond simply taking row boats on the lake without permission. That level of fear of the system and any other dynamic that plays into those deeply seeded fears has to be dissolved. Those four black men should have had a greater sense of their BELONGING to this country than they did. They were convinced they had to be covert to resolve their need for fish and possibly enjoyment. Their demands of their own lives was depersonalized and depraved. They were abusing their own outcomes while convinced they had no good options.

There is a greater evil here than behavior. There was a profound understanding in the community that no matter what they did nothing was going to work out well. Their value of murder was a survival pact. This society has done this. It is not their priority to murder, but, it is a life strategy. There is a lot wrong here and the community alone does not own it.

Barley is used in the production of beer, including microbreweries.

This is the commodity price of barley. It is a price based on metric ton.

One metric ton is slightly more than 22 hundredweight. Now that is metric ton and not ton. A ton has less than 20 hundredweight.

So, for 22 hundredweight the price for barley is currently $223.00. That is drop in price over the past year. The Farm Bill price falls short by $10 per hundredweight.

U.S. Commercial Bushel Sizes (click here)

That market price doesn't come close to the cost of producing barley, though.

Below are figures from the USDA regarding barley production from 2010, 2011 and 2012. Due to drought conditions in the USA, yield of crops per acre are down. So under this farm bill, American agriculture is not only caught between a rock and a hard place as far as 'per bushel' prices, they are decreased in 'bushels per acre' production because of climate.

The figures below is from this chart, (click here) which was randomly selected. It could have been any state in comparison to the USA.

Barley          :             :                                                                                 
  Planted       : 1,000 acres :        2,872       2,559       3,637 
  Harvested     : 1,000 acres :        2,465       2,239       3,244 
  Yield         : Bushels     :         73.1        69.6        67.9 
  Production    : 1,000 bu    :       180,268     155,780     220,284

(D) Barley, $4.95 per bushel.

Many of the costs per acre production do not change regardless of the yield. Farmers take the money offered to them by the government, but, it doesn't come close to their losses. 

Below is a chart from USDA for years 2011 and 2012

The Farm Bill is the only place where production costs are compensated for losses in revenue to make 'parity.' 

The loss of parity by the Small Family Farm is what drives them out of business.

The loss of the Small Family Farm allows only 'agribusiness' and not 'agriculture' and the USA is reliant on poor farming practices by large farm operations.

In the chart above one might note the increase in acres of barley planted. There is one reason for that and it is the demand of microbreweries across the country. Demand is up. Now, explain to me why demand is up and yet prices are down. I want to hear that one because it makes absolutely no sense to me. 

American farmers growing barley should develop 'custom production' that works with local contracts with local microbreweries. At least they will be able to get better prices than any subsidy is paying.

Small family farms are the way the USA has and will get QUALITY food products. It is not going to be the huge agribusiness producers. The quality production is the Small Family Farm. 

This chart is dated, but, it makes the point (click here).

The USA needs to return land use for agriculture back to Small Families and stop the insane misuse of crop land. Small family farms make the investment of protecting the land and seek maximum yield from it. The least the American consumer can do is provide parity for their operations.

Large agribusiness does what is PROFITABLE, not what is best. It is doesn't pay to irrigate then Agribusiness won't irrigate. 

Returning crop lands to Small Families will return PROTECTION of the land, not just 'cash efficient' use of it.