Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bill O'Reilly is lying and taking advantage of Secretary Powell's lack of prepared facts for the interview.

Bill O'Reilly is attempting to make a fool out of Secretary Powell. He is leveling baised questions at Secretary Powell based in half truths. Secretary Powell is not prepared to discuss any of these topics.

By Doris Nhan and Rosa Ramirez
Updated: October 5, 2012 | 2:39 p.m.
October 5, 2012 | 9:20 a.m.
Unemployment rates for all minority groups (click here) fell for the first time in four months, a sign that people of color, who have higher unemployment levels than whites, are finding work in the highly competitive job market in a still-uneven economy.
Asians, currently the nation’s fastest-growing racial group, experienced the largest drop in unemployment rates, falling 1.1 percentage points to 4.8 percent. 
Hispanics, which account for 16 percent of the U.S. workforce, were on par with the national average, declining 0.3 percentage points to 9.9 percent unemployment.

Comparatively, whites fell just 0.2 percent to 7 percent unemployment.

African-Americans still experience the highest rate of unemployment compared with other racial or ethnic groups, though their rate dropped by 0.7 percentage points to 13.4 percent in September. This is the first month since June that the jobless rate for blacks fell below 14 percent....

African Americans have always had high unemployment rates. There are issues with the community that have not been adequately addressed and that reality is still a part of this.

But, what Bill O'Reilly doesn't bother to bring to his discussion with Secretary Powell is the fact regardless of their CONTINUED high unemployment rate IT IS IMPROVING along with all others.

According to the graph at the article above, African Americans had an unemployment rate of over 15% at the end of November 2011. According to the graph the African American unemployment rate of came down to below 14% by late summer of 2012.

O'Reilly has no conscience, but, only gripes to enforce hatred of minorities. O'Reilly rather back the racism of Senator Sessions than actually speak intelligently to an subject.

O'Reilly needs to apologize to Secretary Powell, he was rude, manipulative and victimizing.

A viewership poll. He follows up the interview with a poll. Oh, wow. He really doesn't care about the content of the program, he simply wants to worry about the ratings of the racists in the audience. O'Reilly will waste his mother for the sake of a paycheck.

Bill's panel did nothing about criticizing him for his rudeness, manipulation of the facts and biased interview; they simply gushed all over him. I guess if anyone wants to continue on "The Factor" there is an allegiance to the truth that has to be set aside.

Oh, good, now he is going to encourage suicide by gun violence. Real good. Real quality.

Half truths in O'Reilly's dialogue. Rubio wants border security and the President does not. THAT IS A LIE. President Obama has one of the most aggressive border security demands of all the agencies that has ever existed in the history of the USA. Anyone want to say thank you? "Thank you, President Obama." What is objectionable about Rubio's border measures is the fact the THRESHOLD to the definition of a secure border prevents any movement forward by the illegal immigrants already in the USA. It mutes the entire purpose of the bill, so why do it at all? These obvious two faced measures by Rubio makes him the White Man' Figure Head. Rubio likes the power and the pay. What are ya going to do?

It has been an interesting day, but, I'm getting bored. 

Bill Hemmer at FOX is a liar about Gitmo.

There is no office to close Gitmo. The office to transfer detainees to their native homelands was ended, but, that doesn't mean the they will remain permanently at Gitmo. FOX is lying to their viewership.

Every report FOX news delivers is not fact, it is a manufactured view of the world. They want to project an authority that is defeating President Obama. They are terrible and it sure as heck isn't a news service. They lie. It is propaganda that has cast the USA into intractable political dialogue.

The manufactured dialogue of FOX News causes people their lives and considers violence as an enhancement to their ratings. They call their panels fair and balanced. They aren't. The panels have an agenda to deliver perverted justice over a faux political reality. The news service is worthless. I am sure there are some locals that seek to project reliability, but, beyond that they are worthless and agitators.

There is not one news point today I did not have to comment on to correct the propaganda. Not one. The only one I didn't comment on was the change in policy of the Boy Scouts of America.

What the hell is the FCC allowing on the airwaves of the USA? This has to be nothing but violation and violation of the public trust.

The men on FOX News need to check their Androgel at the door along with their guns. They have some of the worst demeanor I have ever witnessed. They can't come close to calling themselves gentlemen. Ain't no way. I think there is one on The Five that attempts to be civil, but, the lousy pissy attitude of the women don't allow it.

It is by far the worst and most inflammatory broadcasters I have ever witnessed. The people of the USA have a right to sane television. I don't know how to classify FOX News. Is there a Terrible rating, because they deserve it.

2013 Winter X Games: Caleb Moore Snowmobile Crash (click title to entry - thank you)

This young man could die? To begin, the machines are too heavy and not designed for safety specifically to this sport.

...where he developed bleeding around his heart.
On Sunday, members of his family said he had a secondary complication involving his brain, but did not give details.
Caleb’s grandfather, Charles Moore, told the Denver Post on Monday that the prognosis was “not good.”
“It’s almost certain he’s not going to make it,” Charles Moore told the newspaper.
I am sure he has been looked at for heart surgery to create a window to relieve any pressure inhibiting the beating of his heart. I confident that has happened already.

The head issue is an entirely different problem with the exception that if his oxygen supply was blunted long enough it would have caused brain damage. Anoxia.

I hope the anoxia isn't due to any negligence that failed to realize he was failing when his cardiac output was falling. But, if he is entering a vegetative state that is very sad. It could have been he couldn't survive the heart surgery, but, if he is failing this badly the risk doesn't matter.

My thoughts to the family in coping with this tragic reality.

Gitmo costs the American Taxpayer $114 million per year to maintain forever detainees.

The remaining detainees need to be moved to existing and staffed facilities in the USA. Keeping the camp open is political. There is no rational purpose anymore. Even the military has no purpose in interrogating them. They have been at Gitmo too long to have important information. 

Many of the detainees remaining can't be transferred because they are residents of places like Yemen where there is active extremist activities, so Mr. Fried's services aren't need there anymore. Hopefully, he will be an enhancement to the sanction issues with Syria and Iran to bring about a good outcome.

By BRADLEY KLAPPER | Associated Press – 5 hrs ago
WASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department (click here) has reassigned its special envoy for closing the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in another step away from one of President Barak Obama's first campaign promises.
Ambassador Daniel Fried is starting this week as the department's sanctions coordinator, according to an internal notice, focusing on governments like Iran and Syria.
And no one is replacing Fried as lead diplomat to persuade countries to resettle Guantanamo inmates approved for release. Instead, those responsibilities will now transfer to the department's legal office....

There is a GAO report stating there are currently 373 prisoners on USA soil convicted of terrorism. They are housed in 98 different facilities of which six are military. So, there are facilities capable of handling them. But, ah yes, the reason they are on Gitmo is because they would corrupt the thinking of existing inmates in USA facilities and cause increased attacks inside the country.


No daylight for the blind sheik

Tell the radicals he’s staying here, Obama

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Al Qaeda-linked terrorists (click here) who took hostages in Algeria reportedly demanded that we release the so-called blind sheik, Omar Abdel Rahman, in return for the lives of the captured Americans. This is the latest turn in a story that began 20 years ago and that hits close to home.
In February 1993, Islamist terrorists struck the World Trade Center. A bomb blasted a crater 100 feet wide and several stories deep, nearly toppling one tower into the other. A thousand New Yorkers were wounded, and six were killed. Among the dead was my neighbor, Monica Rodriguez Smith of Seaford, L.I.
Smith was seven months pregnant when she was murdered — on the day before she was to begin maternity leave from her job at the Port Authority. Her killers were radicalized by the imam of Brooklyn’s Al Farooq Mosque, the Egyptian-born blind sheik.
Rahman was arrested for plotting more attacks. He became the first man since the Civil War convicted of seditious conspiracy to wage war on the U.S....

The only terrorist emcampment I know of in North Carolina belongs to Blackwater or whatever they are called now.

Money talks. They manufacture and sell militarized guns and over the counter enhancements for money without conscience. If money is what they understand then they need to understand the power those that disagree.

Rham Emanuel as Mayor of Chicago, with its gun violence and murder rate isn't suppose to demand pressure to stop it? He has a responsibility.

If the city's unions are making the change and Rahm is worried about economic downturns because of the movement of monies out of those investments, then he has to speak up and let banks know they are headed in the wrong direction with loans and investments to gun producers.

There is nothing controversial about Rahm Emanuel's actions. He is the Bird in the Coal Mine. He is asking the banks to pay attention to the movement of monies and quite possibly out of their banks for reasons of social responsibility. I congratulate him.

January 24, 2013|By James B. Kelleher | Reuters
CHICAGO (Reuters) - A pension fund (click here) for Chicago public employees has voted to divest its holdings in three companies that manufacture assault weapons, an official with the fund confirmed on Thursday.
The Municipal Employees Annuity and Benefit Fund (MEABF) voted on Wednesday to sell off just over $1 million in investments in Freedom Group Inc, Sturm Ruger and Co Inc and Smith & Wesson Holding Corp, MEABF Executive Director Jim Mohler told Reuters....

Right Wing - "Shut up, go away, be grateful you have a job and stop seeking financial assistance for higher education."

The lost generation that has yet to have jobs they educated for after the 2008 banking collapse. The Republicans have OCCUPIED the federal government for over 4 decades while deregulating banks and financial institutions that have resulted in the worst job infrastructure in the USA since the Great Depression.

And, oh by the way, don't hold them responsible, simply look the other way.

Students who graduated (click here) into the Great Recession have struggled to find work that fits their learning. But according to research released on Monday, millions of college graduates over all—not just recent ones—suffer a mismatch between education and employment, holding jobs that don't require a costly college degree.
The study, from the Center for College Affordability and Productivity, says that nearly half of all American college graduates in 2010—some three years after the recession began—were underemployed, holding relatively low-paying and low-skilled jobs....

Any excuse is a good excuse to oppose immigration reform for Senator Jeff Sessions.

Morton was unanimously nominated by the Senate to his current post May of 2009.

Published March 5, 2012
There may not be a job (click here) in Washington harder or more thankless than the one John Morton holds.
As director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Morton is the point person for the nation’s immigration enforcement—and the main target for everyone who disagrees with the Obama administration’s approach.
Whether you’re listening to his critics on the right, who think Morton is an apologist for the administration’s back-door amnesty policies, or those on the left, who argue he’s destroying hundreds of thousands of families a year, the conclusion is the same: He’s not first on many Christmas-card lists....

Rock 'n' Roll, here we go. The GOP is building the rhetoric for their base.

By Pete Kasperowicz 01/29/13 11:40 AM ET

..."It's well documented (click here) that the Obama administration has unilaterally weakened our outright waived the enforcement at the border, in the interior and at the worksite, and at the welfare office, of existing immigration laws," Sessions said on the Senate floor. "At the center of this misconduct is John Morton, the director of ICE....

So, let me get this right. John Morton was unanimously voted into office at ICE. Unanimously means Senator Sessions voted for him. There was absolutely no opposition to this former Virginia Prosecutor, including Sessions in May of 2012; but; today the guy is no good. Has the ink dried on the sign outside his office door yet?

Sessions is a hypocrite. Come on these people are bigots plain and simple.

Senator Reid needs to bring the Senate Immigration bill to the floor with an up or down vote and let people know where they stand. This cannot go on forever. Either the immigration bill will pass or it won't. The people have the right to know if it will be filibustered, too. This is nonsense. President Obama needs to start to contemplate the next Executive Order to facilitate the protections for the Dreamers. I don't know, call it "Protecting the American Brain Trust" or something.

Get rid of the gerrymandering and put Democrats back in office for passage of these bills in 2014.

Mayor Bloomberg recently donated and added to his lifetime total of $1.1 Billion to John Hopkins. Amazing work.

"The nerves regenerate at the maximum speed of about one inch per month."

By CHRISTINA LOPEZ (@JournalistLopez) and MATTHEW LAROTONDA (@mattlarotonda)
Jan. 29, 2013

A team of surgeons at Johns Hopkins Hospital (click here for video) has performed the hospital's first successful bilateral arm transplant -- giving two new arms to Brendan Marrocco, an Iraq war veteran.
"I feel great. I'm doing a lot better now," said Marrocco, 26, during a news conference Tuesday of his recovery from last month's procedure. "It gives me a lot of hope for the future."
Members of Marrocco's surgical team, led by Dr. W.P. Andrew Lee, provided details today in Baltimore on exactly how the doctors did the rare transplant and prevented Marrocco's body from rejecting the new limbs....

It would seem John Hopkins is living up to every expectation.
Mon, Jan 28 2013 at 10:25 AM
With a staggering $350 million gift (click here) to Johns Hopkins University on Jan. 27, Michael Bloomberg has become the largest living donor to education in American history.
The NY Times broke the news that with this latest sum, the 70-year-old financial giant has gifted more than $1.1 billion to his alma mater. Not bad for an engineering major whose first gift to the school was a $5 donation in 1965....


President Obama just gave every Republican in the House and Senate a reason to refuse to do the right thing for immigration in the USA. 

So much for Bi-partisanship, huh? 

President Obama spoke words. English words, too. That is where he went wrong, should have been in Spanish with an interpreter. That would have really freaked them out. No more English as the official language.

Holy smokes, what next!

Lead has been used in bullets since the beginning of The Iron Age.

Matchlock musket balls, alleged to have been discovered at Naseby battlefield. From the collection of Night of the Museum and Art Gallery.

The elimination by the EPA of lead in bullets will not effect the USA military. The military uses 'Full Metal Jackets.'

Lead in bullets is used as a 'soft tip' that will expand on impact. They are considered more damaging to flesh than steel or copper. It is lead in the environment. I am quite confident lead is distributed widely in nature / woodlands / wildlands where hunting is allowed. That would include some of the National Parks. There are families that camp in national parks, so the idea there is lead in the environment is a bit outrageous. Water contamination and a threat to wildlife.

As a matter of fact, metals have been substituted in bullets to improve their impact on the environment.

Tungsten for hardness and ecological sensitivity in military rounds

Bismuth for eco-sensitivity

So, it isn't as though sportspersons and the military aren't conscience about the environment where they hunt or work. They do worry about it. They have actively sought changes in bullets to make them more safe. The USA EPA needs to finish cleaning up the mess. That's all. 

No one is saying bullets can't be produced, they just have to be environmentally responsible. The Right Wing is complaining about nothing. MORE RHETORIC. Didn't Senator Tester try to pass legislation to accomplish this, but, McConnell filibustered it for the benefit of the paranoid NRA? I thought he did.

JAN 24, 2013
(Washington, D.C.) - Montana's Senators Jon Tester (click here) and Max Baucus today introduced the Veterans Employment Transition Act or "VETS Act" of 2013. Baucus announced this would be his first bill of the new Congress during a speech to the Montana Legislature in January, where he "declared war" on veterans unemployment....

He worried about re-election, too. Oh, well.

Former Vice President Gore can now set up his own SuperPac by himself.

Every major television service receives funding from the petroleum industry. So, let's get rid of that. This isn't about Qatar which is NOT the problem on the Climate Crisis. The USA has the problem. Canada has the problem, so there should be no focus on Qatar as a climate offender, except perhaps, by their exports reaching the USA and Canada.

This is about radicalized Islam and nothing else.

Oil Funded Al Jazeera Makes Al Gore Richer Than Mitt Romney (click here)

...When former Vice President Al Gore ran for president more than 12 years ago, he had less than $2 million in assets to his name. Now it appears he is on the verge of making more than 50 times that amount from just one deal....

The problem is that Al Gore is proving to be a businessman and not an ideologue. Not only that, but, his new wealth is a real threat to Karl Rove. Whether or not that comes to pass is anyone's guess, but, Vice President Gore has been a dedicated critic to those that ignore the Climate Crisis. I don't see that ending.

Qatar has been under attack for per capita emissions before, but, in fact in 43 years since the leadership of that nation realized what the Climate Crisis was and what CO2 does to cause it; have cut their 'per capita' emissions of carbon dioxide by over 50% in 43 years. Qatar has worked at their emissions since the earliest days of awareness of the Climate Crisis in 1963. It has never exceeded it's emissions of that year. They have done better and better to reduce and eliminate CO2. There is no doubt there is room for improvement by that nation, but, they observe things like Earth Hour and many climate meetings have been held there.

I congratulate former Vice President Al Gore on his new CAPITALISM focus. We can only hope he will bring about leadership in the USA that will change the warming landscape of the nation with political initiatives.

If I had a wish for VP Gore, it would be to seek a consultant that can actually achieve his goals rather than being exploited by opportunists who promise results but can't deliver.

Radical extremism in the USA? All one has to do is look at the political agenda of FOX News. Guns, lack of compassion for the poor, attacks against health care initiatives that have been nothing but rhetorical and now body guards of elected officials. I don't believe al Jazeera can do worse, can they?

The push back by France is having wider implications in Africa.

I don't think it is going to take much to stabilize Africa. I really don't.

The Islamic sect Boko Haram (click here) reportedly says it is ready to "lay down arms" to negotiate peace, after a 42-month onslaught that left approximately 3 000 people dead and property and infrastructure destroyed.

The primary drivers to the instability in Africa is corruption in government, such as the oil pollution in Nigeria and exploitation of natural resources including forests.

...Briefing Journalists (click here) after their marathon meeting, the acclaimed Commander in-charge of North and Central Borno, Sheikh Abu Mohammad Abdulazeez Ibn Idris, said after due consultation with the leader of the sect, Shiekh Abubakar Shekau, as well as intervention and pleading from respectful individuals/groups in the state, they have all come to terms and agreed to lay down their arms, but insisting that, Government should immediately released all their members from custody unconditionally, re-build their places of worship, and compensate them, among other demands....

The 'sense of authority' in Africa is so diluted they seek structure through the ICC (International Criminal Courts) resulting in over burdened staff.

The governments are overwhelmed with their own internal disarray, the people seek authority where structure actually exists. The ICC is empty authority. It can arrest individuals, but,it cannot clean up widespread corruption.

29 JANUARY 2013
London — Concerns are being raised (click here) that the International Criminal Court (ICC) investigation into alleged war crimes in Mali is placing a serious strain on an already over-stretched and cash-strapped institution.
Announcing her first formal investigation since taking office, prosecutor Fatou Bensouda on 16 January promised justice to victims of "brutality and destruction" in three northern regions of Mali. But with a shrinking team of investigators and a budget that has barely increased despite a doubling of the workload, some analysts are doubtful she can deliver.
"There are serious questions to be asked of the new prosecutor as to whether it is a drastic overstretch to have eight African countries being dealt with simultaneously with essentially the same level of staff and the same level of finance as her office was operating on before," said Phil Clark, a lecturer in comparative and international politics at the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies. "Is it really feasible for the office to be dealing with so many cases?"...

The leaders of these nations seek power where they can find it. It is silly. Some of this prejudice is linked to fighting HIV/AIDS, but, the reality is transmission of the disease happens regardless of the video. There are holy men banning condoms. Does FOX have access there?

The National Broadcasting Commission ((click here) has denied claims that it banned a number of new music videos from being broadcast in the country, citing "sexually suggestive and immoral" dances.

Is there any doubt as to why there are murders in Africa after elections? The mess never stops and it is because the leaders have no real purpose. The rebels rule the countries. Elections promise lives will improve, but, it never happens. The leaders find clean water and free money and they never leave.


PRESIDENT Mwai Kibaki (click here) is about to end his second term of office. He will soon retire in honour and dignity.
In Rwanda President Paul Kagame's second seven-year term of office expires in 2017.
Some RPF hardliners now want to change the constitution so he can stand for a third term. Wisely Kagame has indicated that he is not interested.
Events in neighbouring Uganda show that removing term limits is very risky.
President Yoweri Museveni led Uganda very successfully from 1986. He served as president for two terms under the 1996 constitution and was supposed to step down in 2006. Instead he allowed the constitution to be amended so that presidential term limits were removed.
Since then Uganda politics have become a quagmire for him. Last week he was reduced to threatening rebel MPs of his own NRM party that the army could take over again if they did not cooperate with him.
Without presidential term limits, there is no longer a clear handover mechanism. Sycophants fight to keep the incumbent president in power. Opposition is criminalised rather than institutionalised. The economy stagnates....

If there are real chances we can stop the rebel groups, there is a real chance Africa will have a future for their children other than child soldiers. 

"Bring it on!" Hurry!

It will be far easier to stabilize the nations of Africa. The people want it. Soldiers won't be necessary.

...The U.S. ambassador to Niger, Bisa Williams, (click here) made the request at a meeting on Monday with President Mahamadou Issoufou, who immediately accepted it, the source said.
"Niger has given the green light to accepting American surveillance drones on its soil to improve the collection of intelligence on Islamist movements," said the source, who asked not to be identified.
The drones could be stationed in Niger's northern desert region of Agadez, which borders Mali, Algeria and Libya, the source said....

If Governors are resisting the federal health care laws it is because of their political follies surrounding the Medicare expansion.

How is a state going to establish a health care insurance exchange without the Medicaid expansion? So, basically, the politics sabotaged the Red States. They literally can't get out of their own way.

WASHINGTON -- The federal government (click here) conditionally approved eight additional states to run health exchanges Thursday, bringing the total to 20 states that will have the programs that were authorized by the 2010 federal health care law.
The newly approved states that will run their own exchanges are California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Vermont and Utah. Arkansas will partner with the federal government for its exchange.
Although states with Republican governors have fought the law, such as Texas, four of them -- Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah -- have created the exchanges....

In Missouri, the politics literally took the state into the ballot box to approve state laws to resist any application of the Affordable Care Act. It all has to be litigated to establish compliance. The politics in the USA is terrible. 

There is no respect of human rights as demonstrated by this bill alone. Add to that the vast numbers of people killed in the USA everyday with a political ideology that only sees higher militarization of the civilian in the USA and what is left is profound human rights issues. 

The militarization of the citizen opens up all kinds of constitutional laws including the overthrow of the constitution itself. Where do these folks think this is all going and why do they want to spend the money in opposition rather than getting on with compliance? The politics are ridiculous.

Missouri voters passed a ballot measure (click here) that prohibits the adoption of a state-based health insurance exchange without legislative or voter approval. This led to Missouri missing the deadline established by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to set up a state health insurance exchange for 2014.

The ballot measure also restricted the ability of state agencies to work with the federal exchange that will be established for Missouri.  This paper concludes that the ballot measure, as enacted, could have detrimental effects on the functioning of a federal insurance exchange.
Assuming the USA pilot made his way to the water, one has to look to the currents as where he may have floated. The longer he is victim to the currents, the more of a chance he can even be carried into the Mediterranean Sea.

Depths are given in meters. (click here) CTD and biogeochemical sampling transects are marked by lines, while the mooring positions are marked by open circles. 

With poor visibility, please don't run him over. Think small rescue boats.

AP/ January 29, 2013, 6:39 AM

U.S. and Italian aircraft (click here) on Monday searched the Adriatic Sea after losing contact with a U.S. fighter jet believed to have crashed during a training mission off the coast of Italy.
The headquarters of the 31st Fighter Wing, at Aviano Air Base in Italy, said in a statement that the F-16 fighter had one pilot aboard when contact was lost Monday evening.
There was no early word on the fate of the plane or the pilot....

Peter Brooks from the Heritage Foundation believes in huge military budgets.

Senior Fellow, National Security Affairs (click here)

  • Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Plicy Studies

In an interview on FOX he cites September 11, 2001 to justify his position. What is he going to do sterilize the world?

Brookes is serving his third term as a congressionally appointed member of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission. He previously served in the administration of President George W. Bush as deputy assistant secretary of defense for Asian and Pacific affairs. In this post, he was responsible for U.S. defense policy for 38 countries and five bilateral defense alliances in Asia. (Think Axis of Evil and North Korea. Yep.)

After the loss of nearly 3000 citizens on September 11, 2001 a very interesting thing happened, New York City launched its own intelligence network to protect its citizens. I doesn't really involve bombs and boots on the ground.

Counterterrorism Units (click here)

Mission StatementThe New York City Police Department (NYPD) is the primary local authority defending against a terrorist attack in New York City. Built upon the realization that the City could not rely solely on the federal government for its defense, the Counterterrorism Bureau was created by Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly in 2002 as the first unit of its kind in the nation....

The Counterterrorism (which wasn't a word with a definition until it became a word. okay?) mission does need DOD weapon build up. Quite the contrary, the Cold War is over and the focus of preventing such devastating problems in the USA requires intelligence and a responsive judiciary that can act to intercede in any attempts before they happen. 

The Counterterrorism mission in the USA is sophisticated and does not need huge DOD budgets at all. There is no reason why the nomination of Former Senator Chuck Hagel should reflect any needs for weaponry within the borders of the USA.

There has been the initial effort in Africa today to build an intelligence network with cooperation of sovereign nations to stop any build up of extremist networks that become to well armed and to powerful to stop within their borders. That doesn't speak to me of large USA military presence. The nations of Africa and at this point Northern Africa need to be able to defend their own sovereignty. In the recent episode with Algeria, the nation performed rather well in response. But, there is room for improvement. Algeria won't be able to do that themselves, but, there is absolutely no reason to put NATO troops in those nations. The nations of Africa need to be lifted out of poverty. War enforces poverty in the citizen populations. It is a hideous idea.

In case Mr. Brooks hasn't left the OLD WORLD, poverty empowers radicalization of people and extremism. That is a fact. Fighting poverty in Northern Africa is as important, if not more so than any other measure, to stop extremism. A decent radio network where people actually have the hope of 'being heard' by their government of their grievances is a heck of an idea. Unless, a tank is needed to protect the RADIO FREE towers, I doubt they will be needed.

Recognizing The Cold War is over DICTATES non-proliferation. National Debt after all. I am sure The Heritage Foundation recognizes the concern by the electorate of the National Debt, too. So, I would hope Mr. Brooks would seek to come up to speed on these Breaking News Alerts and stop his hideous rhetoric.

Oh, one other thing.

Focusing on the New York Mayor's Body Guards, their identity is endangering the Mayor himself. What's next, a movement to harass body guards in the way the Pro-Life harasses Abortion Clinic Providers?

FOX News seriously needs counseling in their focus of what is considered news to their viewership. Perhaps HEARINGS on the exploitative nature of their newsey AGENDA and how it is actually endangering the public and the public's interest in an intact and safe government.

I sincerely believe FOX is promulgating assassinations. They are seeking revenge when their agenda is not addressed in a way they can further it. They are creating news rather than reporting it.

We have witnessed very potent agendas with this media service which has resulted in citizen deaths. "George Tiller the Baby Killer." What else needs to be understood. O'Reilly and FOX supported and enforced the extremist network called Pro-Life to the death of an abortion clinic provider whom by the way was a highly competent provider. Dr. George Tiller's death was no accident. It was a hate crime backed by hate mongers at FOX.

Now, they are starting in on body guards of our government content. The children of the President and now the Mayor of New York.

News Alert for FOX News - Sarah Palin disbanded a militia in Alaska. Horror

In 2008, the Anchorage Daily News (click here) ran this deck bellow the headline: “NO MORE GUNS: Alaska State Defense Force stripped of many powers.”

Irony knows no bounds when it comes to the Tea Party.

In 2008, Tea Party Queen and Shoot ‘Em Up and Hang ‘Em Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK) disarmed brigade members of the Alaska State Defense Force (think volunteer militia) at the recommendation of the state military officials, based on a report by an investigator with the Washington National Guard.

Since then and due to the controversy the ASDF has been enthusiastically supported by the current Alaska Governer. Boy was that a close one, huh? Palin almost cost the entire State of Alaska it's Second Amendment rights.

The Alaska State Defense Force (ASDF) (click here) is a volunteer organization whose primary role is to augment and support the Alaska National Guard.  Our soldiers are equipped and trained for various missions including communications, emergency management, medical, logistical support, chaplaincy, and shelter management.  Our soldiers meet for training on a monthly basis.

The ASDF made such a huge impression on the security of the populous of Alaska the former citizens are saying this:

I grew up in Fort Wayne, (click here) but I haven't lived there since I joined the Air Force in 1978. I don't know if the IGR was around back then.

FOX Newsey Agency should have gotten that reaction on camera, huh?

Maybe FOX Newsey Agency and Charles Krauthammer doesn't realize this because they don't have ideas and facts, but, GOSSIP is not news. Seriously.

Counseling? Really? I thought FOX might need counceling instead.

Jason Mattera doesn't know when he is brushed off. Rude. Crude and nothing to add to the discussion on Gun Control.

Somehow, the latest retreat from a real debate on Gun Control involves focusing on the BODY GUARD MOVEMENT of protecting elected government officials in the USA.

The American people are getting paranoid about the number of body guards and the fact their leaders need them at all. Radical, indeed.

So, I guess a talking point for Jason Mattera can hope that if there is profound gun control body guards won't be needed at all.


Rubio states the reason the Senate has not had a budget is because Democrats are unable to make tough choices.

I don't think it is the Democrats that cannot make tough choices.

Rubio is such a joke. He simply mimics everything the media expects him to say. He really has no ideas of or will of his own.

I have an idea for him. Ready? This is an easy one. He should get out of his Senate chair and walk to his Minority Leader's office and tell him they need to work for a living MAKING DECISIONS. ON VOTES to stop avoiding them!

I mean Rubio is in his office, right? He needs to go back to State of Florida, enter a race at the State level again, be a real legislator again rather than a figure head and this time get it right.

Those are pathetic vortexes.

January 29, 2013
UNISYS Water Vapor Satellite of North and West Hemsiphere (click here for 12 hour loop)

On 12 hour loop, the velocity of the vortexes in the troposphere is enormous. Earth's physics is struggling to find water vapor 'enough' to disseminate the heat. The Intertropical Convergence Zone isn't going to recover. It is nothing but a shunt to move water vapor from one heat driven storm to another. 

The velocity of the vortex crossing the USA will result in high turbulence.

Severe Thunderstorm Outbreak (click here)
Kevin Roth, Lead Meteorologist, The Weather Channel
Jan .29, 2013 4:55 am ET

- High temperatures will be mainly in the upper 60s, 70s and lower 80s across the region.
- Highs in the middle 80s to near 90 are likely in southern Texas and central Florida.

This temperature distribution across the USA is hideous. The warm temperature are coming directly off the Equatorial Intertropical Convergence Zone. What does anyone expect? A good outcome from the pollution of greenhouse gases?

Watch CO2 now (click here) and know the score on global warming, practically in real time.

The current CO2 level is 394.39.
DO NOT tolerate Mind Speak victimizing immigration legislation with the idea 'at least there is something.' The Hispanic Community in the USA is powerful, they don't have settle for anything.

Today, John McCain stated some of the most extreme measures of the Senate bill is a matter of compromise. THE NEW GOP. Baloney.

The way the Senate bill exists today no current Non-citizen Citizen will ever get recognition yet alone a Green Card.

No border security threshold.

No investigation to determine if expired visa holders have exited the country.

The Senate bill is a SET UP to defeat citizenship of currently non-citizen citizens.

The current Senate bill is political fodder of the White Man and Rubio is the front man for them.

Now, Krauthammer has something to really fear from alien invaders.

"Since regular sky surveys began (click here) in the 1990s we've never seen an object this big get so close to Earth," said Don Yeomans, a planetary scientist with NASA's Near Earth Object Program at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.