Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jan Brewer is practicing to be a Gossip Columnist in her next life. Can we move on from here?

The fact of the matter is Arizona is heavily reliant on tourism for their GDP.  I covered this some time ago.  I think it was during the '10 elections. 

But, tourism is recovering since 2008.  Most areas of THE WORLD, including places like Belize are seeing increases in their GDP due to the recovery of tourism.

So, while the Governor wants to annoint herself as the Queen of Job Creation, she isn't.  The reason Jan Brewer is Governor is because she doesn't believe in government and thus stays out of the way of a recovery when it occurs.  There is nothing exceptional about her leadership, most third world countries are experiencing the same effect.

The places she concentrates her 'jazz' for election purposes is in 'harassing law enforcement.'  The problem with Mexico is a federal problem because it spans several states and not just an Arizona problem.

When Reagan reformed immigration the southern border states should have done then what they are doing today to stop employers from breaking the law and exacerpating the problem.  Decades have gone by and it is too late to attempt to undo those years of negligence.  There has to be another immigration reform bill with a resolve to secure the southern border of the USA.

After the immigration reform is in place, then and only then can the border be secured.  There is no way the USA can afford to spend time routing out illegals currently in the USA.  The focus of law enforcement has to be on securing the country from extremists and not people risking their lives to obtain work for less than minimum wage.  The illegals may have raucous behavior on Saturday Night, but, they don't aim to destroy the civilization after they risked their lives to be here.

The Red States along the southern border rather control the situation by 'being tough' because they don't want the expense of offering food stamps and medicaid to those that find themselves the USA side of the Rio Grande.  California is the only state not taking a hard line because it has put in place support systems for the illegals for decades.  They are human beings, not animals to put in a cage.  They came to this country for opportunity.

The children of the migrants have come to call the USA home and there is nothing anyone can or should do about making their lives nightmares.  They love the USA, have known nothing else and seek to be productive, responsible citizens with happy lives where they EARN their living and pay taxes.

The entire 'culture of control' as practiced by the Republican Party is detimental to human beings and I don't care if it is the 'legal citizens' finding themselves impoverished and needy or if they are illegal citizens finding their way here due to the lack of government responsibility since Reagan tackled immigration problems.  The responsibility for the illegals being in the USA directly falls on the states that allow them to be employed and have for decades because it served cronies to make money on the backs of the naive.  There is nothing moral about 'the culture of control' in the Red States.  It is not about crime, it is about money!