Thursday, April 07, 2011

In the year 2000, the Clinton Administration was submitting a surplus budget for the THIRD time. This is the "Citizen's Guide to the Federal Budget" printed by the Clinton White House that year.

The President.s 2000 budget click title to entry - thank you) promises the third balanced budget of this Administration. With it, the Nation.s fiscal house is in order and we are prepared to meet the challenges of the next century. It continues on the path the President has followed for the past six years of maintaining fiscal discipline and investing wisely in our Nation.s priorities.

It invests in education and training so Americans can make the most of this economy.s opportunities. It invests in health and the environment to improve our quality of life. It invests in our security at home and abroad, strengthens law enforcement and provides our Armed Forces with the resources they
need to safeguard our national interests in the next century.

The President.s budget makes these investments while maintaining the fiscal discipline that allowed the Federal Government to record its first surplus in a generation last year. The budget forecasts that the Government will produce a surplus again this year, and will continue to do so for decades to come. Our success in eliminating the budget deficit proves that we are capable of fulfilling great responsibilities, and there is now every reason for us to rise to the next challenge. The President believes it is now time to work together to save Social Security.

The Budget Surplus disappeared the very year Bush and Cheney took office and it was before the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Nowhere does any budget 'standard' state it can be substituted for legislation.

The Regressives still again reach back in time to attempt to legitimize their rantings.

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This is the 2008 Bush Budget.  It acts in duplicity to fund the "The Global War On Terror"  was funded at 5% of the federal budget while the Department of Defense was 16%.  That is 21% of the budget requuired to run Bush's wars and spying departments.  The same departments that have some many employees they can't keep count, yet alone understand and consolidate informatiion to make it work for the peopleof the country.

The domestic budget to the USA is grossly underfunded in 2008.  All one has to do is look at the incredible strides the FDA has taken in regard to safeguarding children's medications since President Obama took office to know the domestic budget is FINALLY swing back to protect the people of the USA.

It is very safe to say, the 2008 budget was only about Republicancronies and not about the well being of the American people.  One of the reasons Republicans chronically push patriotism where there is war, weapons and soldiers is because that is where much of their 'coffers' are for their consitutents and their cronies (campaign contributors).  The one reason why the USA military is larger in cost and size then all the other major military powers in the world is becuase it is 'pay backs' for election donations.  There is no real reason the USA mlitary is as large as it is.  It is weren't we would not be seeing 'war by choice' anywhere.

FDA Drug Safety Communication: Death resulting from overdose after accidental ingestion of Tessalon (benzonatate) by children under 10 years of age  (click title to entry - thank you)

Safety Announcement
[12-14-2010] The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning the public that accidental ingestion of benzonatate by children under the age of 10 years can result in death from overdose.
Benzonatate is a prescription drug approved for relief of cough in patients over 10 years of age. The safety and effectiveness of benzonatate in children under 10 years of age have not been established. Benzonatate is sold under the brand-name Tessalon and is also sold in generic preparations. 
Benzonatate may be attractive to children because of the drug's appearance (it is a round-shaped liquid-filled gelatin capsule). ...

Tessalon has been around for a very, very long time.  In order for the FDA, or any other protectiion agency,  to be able to investigate issues involving dangers to the Ameican public it has to have THE STAFF and THE TIME.  All that is an important part of the budget.  Evidently, Surgeon General Vice Admiral Regina M. Benjamine, MD, MBA has been taking her responsibilities seriously and encouraging such investigations. 

There are times we just don't hear enough from the Obama cabinet.  But, then they don't see their role as political so much as function so the people of the USA receive the services they deserve.  The USA cannot effectively operate on the 2008 Budget.

...The product will remain on the market, (click here) but new label information will be added about risks of accidental ingestion resulting in overdose and death in children younger than 10.
Benzonatate was approved in 1958 for treatment of coughs in patients 10 and older. It is available in 100- and 200-mg dosage forms....
An FDA review of adverse event reports disclosed 31 cases of overdose in children and adults, ranging in age from 1 to 66. The overdoses involved as many as 30 gelcaps and as few as one....

Speaker Boner and the Tea Baggers continue to play politics with the USA Budget.

The continued practice by the House Regressives to interject POLICY into the USA budget only proves incompetency and their inability to discern the way legislation is suppose to work.  The Tea Baggers and extremist Republicans know if they actually legislate against abortion and the EPA it would never pass the Senate.  Not only that but separate legislation would be held in ridicule in trials across the coutnry.

The Tea Baggers and Boner along with the rest of the Regressives at holding the country hostage in order to 'power play' their political agenda.  It is at the very least unethical.

...Reid (click title to entry - thank you) is accusing Republicans of holding up a deal because they are insisting on keeping so-called "riders" -- amendments that passed in the House -- related to government funding for abortion and limiting the Environmental Protection Agency's ability to enforce restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions. He additionally blamed the situation on "rambunctious" freshman Republicans in the House.

Boehner's aides insist they are still negotiating on numbers and "nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to."

"There's no agreement yet -- No agreement on the numbers, and no agreement on the policy issues that were moved through the House," Boehner said. "There are a number of issues on the table and any attempt to narrow it down to one or two would not be accurate."...

The USA budget is NOT where policy is made, it is made in debate and subsequent legislation.  This is outrageous.  The Regressives are discriminatory and seeking power over an entire nation to benefit their cronies and special interests that funded their campaigns. 

More proof that Americans mean nothing to the Republicans. They don't care if Americans lose jobs, they care about their cronies on Wall Street.

Small Business is a talking point for Republicans because their cronies like Bechtel are classified as a small business.  It is not.  It is an international conglomerate. 

There is no sense in the President trying to resolve the Republican's issues regarding the budget.  They don't want to resolve them and Speaker Boner is nothing but a slick talking con man.  This is at least the second time the President has meet with the leaders of the House and Senate and the same thing happens all the time.  The meeting ends, eveyone is closer to closing their differences and in less  than 12 hours they are further apart than they were before and Speaker Boner always says, "The numbers don't match."  It is the same 'mind speak' everytime there is a meeting. 

...At a Thursday morning press conference, (click title to entry - thank you) House Speaker John Boehner disputed Senate Majority Leader Harry’s Reid’s claim that the two sides have essentially agreed on a base number for spending cuts and are now squabbling only over unrelated policy provisions....

Boner lies and lies and lies again and he is counting on their crony donations to win elections.  It his how they had an illegitmate majority after the 2010 elections and it is their methodology going forward.

The Democrats have a majority in the Senate and the nation should be grateful they do, otherwise, Social Security and Medicare would be destroyed by now as they would have overriden every Presidential veto.  We have witnessed their viciousness toward the American people in Wisconsin and there is no reason to believe differently of any of them.

Speaker Boner is not a leader capable of guiding their illegitmate majority to a reasonable budget this year.  Quote, " negotiating here or disclosing the contents of those private conversations probably is not helpful to OUR goal of cutting spending and keeping the government open...."

I didn't know the USA budget in any venue 'had a goal.'  So the Republican goal is far more important than the lives of the American people and the economy of the country.

Speaker Boner's insistence on a goal speaks loud and clear to his POLITICAL GOAL and not a budget that sustains the people of the USA and their economy.
One of the most important aspects to the 'negotiations' is quote, "...the people in the room actually get along and like each other..."

So, what Boner is saying is that 'He tolerates' the company in these meetings, but, let's face it he isn't changing a damn thing.
How cozy.  That is not much reconciliation to the people facing trouble in their lives because Republicans are using every issue under the sun, OVER THE PAST THREE YEARS, to politic every opportunity including this one.  I don't believe they are 'getting along' at all and every statement to that effect is a blantant lie.  How can people in the room 'get along' if they aren't sincerely trying to achieve the goals of the nation, but, their party.

Obama: Progress, but No Deal to Avert Shutdown

The bargaining that exists with the USA economy has to stop.

The values of the House as reflected by the budget cuts will hurt our economy. Not just the spending, but, in the way it is spent. The monies in volley are minor compared to the redress of the nation's debt.

Military spending has to be brought into a reasonable portion of our national budget. The steps President Obama has made with NATO in regard to Libya is very important. I am impressed by France's prowess in removing the removal of destructful leaders, in this case from the Ivory Coast. For far too long, our allies have not had a public profile in the USA and they should. They are competent leaders that can contribute to the overall dispatch of efforts to secure peace. Their participation should be showcased as a measure of honor and loyalty for long standing friendships that at times, unfortunately, have been tense.

The USA cannot consider a global role in all aspects of military deployment. Allies are suppose to be exactly that and having the USA dominate the entire military theater of the world is not good for the strength and competency of our allies. The National Debt can be reduced in a movement to encourage the growth of allies military capacity and competency.

It is my opinion the since reduction in the national debt has yet to be addressed in a meaningful way.

The discretionary spending in the year 2011 is vital to continue an improving trend in the USA economy. It is the last place this Congress needs to demand cuts in areas that support economic growth.

I remind, the USA was abandoned by corporate banks that should have assisted in domestic recovery. In actuality, the bailout was not suppose to be 'an allowance' for corporate banking institutions to restructure their priorities and companies. The bailout was suppose to save the country the severe recession we entered when we were abandoned.

It has been the federal government that has been instrumental in providing small businesses and homeowners the support they needed to recover and grow.

There have been many stumbling blocks along the way since 2008, this episode of budgets battles should not yet be another. If it is, there will be serious consequences to the USA economy.

The Regressive Republicans will add another feather to their hat of obstructing the continued recovery of our economy and the many cultures that compose it. I am confident President Obama has made strides in his meeting this evening with the leaders of the House and Senate, but, to date the House has failed to realize their folly and come to an understanding of compromise. Let's hope it does not continue.