Sunday, May 09, 2010

Let me make this real clear. BP is not going to be able to solve their problems at this deep water site. WILL NOT BE ABLE TO.

The issue currently existing with the 'hydrates' is an issue ALSO inherent to methane.

The 'methane clathrate' at the site is causing the issue with the extraction of the oil.  It is my opinion the entire field in this location is heavily laden with methane and this will be a continuing problem regardless of any plans to stop the leak.  Another well head won't make any difference either. 

The reason there are three holes rather than one is because of the continued instability with the methane field that has been cut loose now that there is a breech to the field.

This is NOT an oil site, this is a methane field.  The reason the oil is rushing out with such force is because it is under high pressure from the methane gas.  The issues that BP is encountering with this field is going to continue to be an issue for its entire existence.

While there are other geological issues that accompany 'gushers' there is a gas component that is like a propellant.  The high content of methane at this site will continue to cause real problems.  I don't believe it will ever be a 'safe' field to drill.

No drill site is usually compromised by escaping oil under high pressure with high level of methane in the area as well.  To continue to believe this is a manageable site is ridiculous and completely foolish.  

The coastal costs are not prudent to continue this charade.  The Petroleum Industry has no interest in the coastal economy of the Gulf Coast and it will continue to experiment with solutions while the oil continues to surface and the danger to regional and global circulation becomes greater and greater.

BP should cut its losses and allow the USA Navy to formulate a solution to this crisis.

This is not going to resolve with conventional methods.

The reason the deaths occurred may have been ACCOMPANIED by lack of application of industry standards, but, there is a lot more at work here than simply industry negligence and poor practice.  We are looking at an industry in the sunset of its existence and willing to take chances with life and 'content' in order to find some sort of profitability when in fact it should have been shut down a decade or more ago.

The entire crisis is related to the 'denial' by the West to come to terms with its dependence on fossil fuels.  It is time to end it and bring this tragedy to a close.

It is an unmanageable emergency and needs to be brought to an end.

Case in point, the Petroleum Industry does NOT have engineers and oceanographers that are the Brightest Bulbs in the Box.

My money is still on torpedoes.  That is not going to change.

That said, the government seems to think that environmentalists, conservationists and oceanographers always go to the highest bidder.

"W"rong  !

People involved with the well being of this planet are NOT involved with toxic industries.  They are far more moral than that.

The people that are the smartest and best centered on the well being of this planet and its oceans and its fisheries are opposition to the industries and ALWAYS are in consultant to the government in activism and in positions within academia and the government such as NOAA and NASA and the US Forest Service.

So, that said, British Petroleum has a decision to make and that is they are going to do the right thing and blow the ruptures of the planet closed or they are going to continue in an ineffective and untested manner at a depth they should have never drilled in the first place.

That said, there is a roll by the USA military and federal and State governments to demand a quick resolve to a set of circumstances that are out of control and have been from the beginning.

British Petroleum and Halliburton have breached EVERY safety standard in the industry and killed eleven people while doing it. 

Eminent Domaine comes into play here and it is time to call this what it is.  It is a corrupt government structure that has allowed this level of negligence and the federal government needs to take up the responsible position and recall the rights to the leases that surround this tragedy. 

The USA military needs to have war games at 5000 feet down and close the rupture to the planet. 

There are currently eleven people dead and entire coastal economy on the way to being destroyed for an indeterment length of time and I am calling it half a century recovery, if at all.


I have held this point of view from the beginning and I will not be changing it.

Haliiburton has prepared this concrete structure to use at the cost of who knows how many millions of dollars and NEVER took into account the EXTREME conditions at 5000 feet down.  Where did they think they were engineering this structure to be placed, at the surface, in the tropics, with full sunlight and temperatures exceeding 60 degrees Fahrenheit?

Halliburton has NO CLUE what it is doing and this is suppose to be state of  the art.


There are limits to going into deep spaces of the planet and this is one of them !