Monday, August 01, 2016

Donald Trump will eventually apologize. He has started his lead in to an apology already. BUT, first he has to bleed all the Muslim haters for their donations.

He will do this over and over again throughout the election until he has apologized his way into American hearts.

Republican leadership wants to win, not carry out decency and justice to the American people.

Republican leadership will not care about the level of bigotry in any legislature either. They are not signing the final document and they will leverage power for their croines. Paul "No Clue" Ryan will gavel the bigots in and enjoy the majority the silence created in January 2017.

Count the dollars to the RNC during this period and understand why this continues.

By Friederdorf
...Enter Donald Trump. (click hereHis transgressions are many. Ryan himself declared Trump’s comments about a Mexican American judge “the textbook definition of racism.”
Now let’s return to Trump’s latest egregious affront against an ethnic minority: trying to discredit the parents of a fallen soldier by prejudging them as a chauvinist husband and a cowed wife who wasn’t allowed to speak; ignorantly spreading that stereotype; and offering no retraction even after knowing it to be false.
If that were the end of the story, it would be bad enough for Paul Ryan. He would be relearning this about himself: that electing a Republican is more important to him than opposing naked racism and prejudice. Few partisans want to think that about themselves.
Yet there’s more than the personal cost of knowing it about himself.
The father of a fallen soldier intends to keep reminding Paul Ryan about this, to keep insisting that it is a moral failure, until Ryan changes his mind. As Josh Barro put it, the Mexican American jurist, Gonzalo Curiel, “is a sitting judge presiding over a Trump case, so he couldn't camp out on TV and keep the story alive. Khizr Khan can.”
That will have consequences.
Before, Republicans could always maintain, with at least some veneer of plausibility, that they would of course repudiate a politician who crossed a certain line.
With Donald Trump as their standard-bearer, that line has been shown to encompass a candidate who, feeling attacked by the father of a fallen soldier, finds that his first instinct is to lash out at the man’s grieving wife, the fallen soldier’s mother, impugning both with ignorant, derogatory speculation rooted in prejudice....

Since there won't be any presidential or vice presidential debates in the USA...

...John Oliver will have to develop a virtual set of four debates. The Supreme Court virtual reality with pets worked for me.

We all love the late Justice Scalia and his sense of humor on the bench. He rarely sat silently during any argument presented to him. He enjoyed carrying the words rather than Justice What's his name....Oh, Justice Thomas.

One of the most important messages conservation groups have this November is the dangers of fracking need there own homes.

Every Pennsylvania citizen lives in danger of a fracking well that effects their water and air quality. Fracking is not a viable method of sustaining an economy. 

June 15, 2016

About 1.5 million Pennsylvanians (click here) live within a half mile of an oil or gas facility. (USGS/Wikimedia Commons)

Harrisburg, Pa. -- Methane pollution is a health hazard, studies have found, and now an online map can tell you how close that risk is to you.

About 1.5 million people live within a half mile of one or more of the more than 100,000 oil and gas facilities operating in Pennsylvania. Studies show that those people are at greatest risk of the negative health impact of methane exposure, including fetal damage and respiratory ailments.

Conrad Schneider, advocacy director for the Clean Air Task Force, said the new online map can help people assess the risk they face in their own homes.

"We hope that, armed with this information, they will demand protective safeguards requiring the industry to clean up its act and reduce these serious risks to public health," he said....

"Fracking is uneconomic...." This is GAS, not a mineral like coal. Gas per well is hideous to think about. Substantial amount of methane escapes from wells. The wells have grossly under performed. The leases to the owner of the land is a complete lie to their income. The danger to the land is not worth the potential royalties.

"...Over 90 percent of the wells are uneconomic...."

Fracking has always been a bad investment FOR THE OWNER OF THE LAND! Don't do it. The average well produces methane for seven years. The entire sales pitch to land owners is a lie.

"Diminishing returns with plummeting revenues." The economic benefit of these wells is the initial start of the well. AGAIN, this is gas and not a solid. When the initial gas is accessed it leaks. There is a profound danger to this science in well drilling to the land, water and air. Fracking is without doubt the 2008 Housing Crisis of the petroleum industry. 

Jobs are lost in the tourism industry (which is completely sustainable to the future) when a state fracks its land.

Continued oil and gas drilling beyond profitability and at a loss to pay the debt service. The drilling of the land produces NOTHING to the land owner because beyond the initial drilling there is less income per dollar of debt for the petroleum company. Land owners MUST examine their royalty contracts to be sure they do not share in a negative balance sheets when the well is accruing losses and not profits.

The SEC allows corruption without independent third party assessments of the gas reserves. Every state has an environmental/conservation/resources agency. Where is the honest assessment by the state's own infrastructure?
"Morning Papers" 

The Rooster


Pennsylvania was named for William Penn. (click here) William Penn identified refugees in the colony that was the 13 united states. He dedicated land to protect religious refugees. He identified liberty out of the suffering of others.

Almost 70% of Pennsylvania's agricultural (click here) income is generated by livestock and livestock products. Milk is the state's most important livestock product and Pennsylvania is a leading state in the production of milk.
Beef cattle rank second among the state's products in this sector.
Chcken eggs, broilers (young chickens), and hogs are also valuable livestock products generating revenues in the state. Pennsylvania is a leading egg-producing state.
Some turkeys are raised in the state and there is some activity in aquaculture and in raising sheep and lambs....

Local economies are extremely valuable to cities. Cities don't have enough land to do it's own farming. The beautiful part of local economies is that the shipping into the city is minimal. Definitely do this thing!

Locally grown,  harvested, raised, roasted, baked, and brewed products have pride of place in our stores, not only for their quality and integrity of materials, but also because the true value of being a community market is in making contributions to the lives of our neighbors and the local economy. We carry local products on many of our shelves and work with over 100 local producers in the Greater Philadelphia area....

Good Night, Moon

The waning crescent

27.7 days old

3.7 % lit

July 31, 2016
By Belle Smith

The world was recently introduced to Mimikkyu, an adorable little character who wears a Pikachu costume in "Pokémon Sun and Moon". But will fans get to learn more about the Pokémon in the Nintendo games big reveal on August 1?...
Mimikkyu was first seen in the Coro Coro magazine, where the Pokémon was featured alongside a new "Pokémon Sun and Moon" character Kiteruguma. Fans immediately fell in love with the Pikachu pretender that hides under a veil. Will people finally know more about Mimikkyu in the major reveal on Monday?...
...What To Expect In The "Pokémon Sun and Moon" Reveal On Monday
Fans can look forward to new gameplay features which include fourway battles (via The BitBag). There could also be a new Pokémon that will be introduced in the "Pokémon Sun and Moon" big reveal.