Monday, February 21, 2011

"Morning Papers" - Its Origins

The Rooster

I hope all enjoyed President's Day.  It might be the last year the nation will celebrate federal holidays.  The Plutocratic Tea Baggers in all their ideological glory want to remove federal holidays from the calender.

That is what their priorities are.  Somewhere lost in the 2010 elections was the understanding that Republicans of any vairety are ideologues without ideas.  How did that happen?  No one learns what extremists these people are and how they are pandered to by the Plutocracy?

Dissolving federal holidays is like dissolving unions, it a Plutocratic priority and very, very Anti-American.  Without unions the country will sink into a 'two class' system, the rich and poor with very little chance to move out of poverty without education to facilitate that movement..