Sunday, May 11, 2014

In the USA, today is "Mother's Day." 

Be happy.

I am not a big fan of Pew Polls, but, the focus is interesing in this instance.

I found this poll about Russia interesting. 55% of Russians believe it is a great misfortune the Soviet Union does not exist. However, 37% believe it was not a misfortune the Soviet Union dissolved.

I think with 8% undecided, the potential for political parties within to emphasis Russian autonomy is important. The Russian people are regressing. They don't believe they are a great country as they are today. That's the communists talking. The communists are pushing a regressive agenda.

That is an opportunity for a different political party to lead the people into a new day in Russia. Is there a reason why they should be ashamed of their country without all the trappings of a huge landmass? The tasks of protecting the Russia people have not been accomplished by the current government majority. 50,000 people died in fires not long ago. There are many issues facing the Russia people and they aren't engaging them.

May 8, 2014

...In the past, (click here) Vladimir Putin has described the collapse of the Soviet Union as a “catastrophe,” and many Russians seem to concur. A 55%-majority agree with the statement: “It is a great misfortune that the Soviet Union no longer exists.” Views on this question have been relatively steady since Pew Research first asked it five years ago. In 2009, 58% described the collapse of the USSR as a great misfortune, and 50% expressed this opinion in 2011.
Nostalgia for the Soviet era is particularly common among older Russians. About seven-in-ten Russians age 50 and older (71%) characterize the end of the Soviet Union as a great misfortune, compared with 46% of people ages 30 to 49 and 40% of those under 30....

Russia needs a different political dialogue. How can other parties begin to map out a better path for Russia if all there is is a singular dialogue regretting the fall of the Soviet Union? 

May 6, 2014

As Russia’s central bank (click here) struggles to shield the ruble from the standoff over Ukraine, Vasily Isaev says it may already be too little, too late to save his Italian vacation plans. 

“If you get your salary in rubles, a trip to the beach in Europe is going to be difficult this year,” said the 37-year-old sales manager, looking up from his English homework in the park near Tverskoy Boulevard in central Moscow. “We’re going to Bulgaria instead of Italy this year and we’re renting an apartment a little further away from the sea.” 

Consumers like Isaev, spending more than a few months ago to fill a shopping cart with everyday items, may be squeezed most by the currency’s decline as inflation quickens. Wobbling consumption threatens to knock out another pillar of the economy reeling from sanctions that stoked capital flight....

The current path Russia is on isn't in the best interest of the country. President Putin is finally 'getting it.' He realizes the economic community is not interested in instability and uncertainty. He did make this statement about the Ukraine rebels and their elections. He states he has pulled back the Russian troops from the Ukraine border. That is 40 thousand troops. The West hasn't verified it yet, but, the financial community is giving Russia a new look.

May 7, 2014
Oren Dorell 

Russian President Vladimir Putin (click here) on Wednesday called on militant Ukrainians to cancel a referendum to join Russia that many feared would ignite further killings in volatile east Ukraine.

The planned referendum appeared similar to one held in Crimea that Putin used as a pretext to invade and make part of Russia - creating what Europe said was its greatest crisis in decades.

"We believe that the most important thing is to create direct, full-fledged dialogue between the Kiev authorities and representatives of southeast Ukraine," Putin said....

That is the new path for Russia. It is one of the BRIC countries. The communists are not a good influence within Russia if the country is to move forward with all the other emerging economies. That is the new dialogue. The new image of Russia is to be a partner in global relationships without playing brinkmanship with nukes. Nukes are old world. The financial turbulence of the global markets with the Russian annexation of Crimea is proof of that. No investor wants to wake up and find out his money doesn't belong to him anymore because there was an overthrow of government.

Infrastructure of any kind is extremely expensive. War? You've got to be joking. 

The West is moving forward with a better quality of life for it's citizens since the 2008 global economic collapse. War? That isn't the path for Russia and it will be left hopelessly behind if that type of image of Russia continues and is enforced with similar events as occurred in Ukraine. The future isn't about destruction, it is about healing and healthy economies. China doesn't want war either. It is busy establishing it's Middle Class. War is not on the agenda, that is why all this 'island' stuff is so silly. All those old issues need to be resolved without military conflict.

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, left, and President François Hollande of France, center, in Stralsund, Germany. Credit Alain Jocard/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

In a joint statement, (click here) Ms. Merkel and Mr. Hollande, both 59-year-olds but of quite different backgrounds and political beliefs, warned Russia that it would face tough sanctions if it did not help defuse the crisis in Ukraine, including taking “visible steps” to pull back its troops from Ukraine’s border. Last week, President Vladimir V. Putin said he had already done so, but NATO and Western leaders said they had seen no evidence of a withdrawal....

I think President Obama and members of the EU are going to join President Putin on D-Day. We were allies then. 

Do human beings know how much they don't know about the final outcomes of the unleashed monster CO2?

This is the kind of nonsense that goes on with this mess. HAARP (click here)

These jerks actually believe the USA government has control over the climate. If only the government would "get it right" this would all be okay and we could still keep burning carbon. Gee whiz, what is it with Obama already.

That 'idea' that the USA government has control over the future of the planet provides the platform 'this is all political.' If it is all political than Obama is feeding his cronies. These jerks are the worst predatory political nut cases I have yet to witness. 

The overwhelming evidence regarding a very dangerous troposphere cannot be disputed. Yet, these political weirdos don't care if the USA stops polluting the troposphere with carbon. They don't care about the very lives in Kansas they purport to control. They are god. They control everything. 

The dialogue is over! 

July delivery of wheat $14.8700 per bushel.

By Nancy Gaarder / World-Herald staff writer
Published Saturday, May 10, 2014 at 1:00 am / Updated at 7:18 am

Drought and poor winters (click here) continue to take a toll on Nebraska's winter wheat.

Yields on winter wheat this year are expected to be below average but significantly above last year's even poorer returns.

Winter wheat, which isn't irrigated, is a hardy crop but vulnerable to the vagaries of weather.

It needs moisture to germinate in the fall, a blanket of snow to insulate it while it goes dormant, and then more moisture to nourish it to maturity after it breaks dormancy.

Nebraska's wheat growing region has been in drought, and the past two winters have been lacking in insulating layers of snow.

According to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln CropWatch, average yield is likely to be 40 bushels per acre this year, down 5 bushels from the longterm average. That's based on the analysis of Royce Schaneman, executive director of the Nebraska Wheat Board.

A loss of 5 bushels per acre means a loss of $74.35. The average family farm is 400 acres. That is a total loss to the farm of $29,740 for one wheat season.

The USDA is forecasting similar yields, about 39 bushels per acre in Nebraska. The USDA notes that yields like that are slightly higher than a 10 percent improvement over 2013 yields.

If the USDA is correct that means there will a loss of one additional bushel per acre or $5,948.00 per wheat season in addition to estimate of the University of Nebraska - Lincoln Crop Watch. A total of $35,688.00.

Another factor in improved harvest this year is that more acres of wheat are expected to survive. This year, 95 percent of the acres that were planted are expected to yield a harvest, compared with 77 percent a year ago.

Overall, the USDA is forecasting a 40 percent increase in Nebraska's winter wheat harvest.

What does that level of loss mean? Irrigation is an investment. Besides the hardware needed for irrigation and taping into an aquifer, the actual pumping of the irrigated water is a direct investment to the income from the crop. It is a cost to the final income from the crop.

...The performance (click here) of the pumping plant (Pp) in terms of energy use per acre-inch of water is then the ratio of the amount of energy used per hour divided by the volume of water pumped per hour: 

Pp = hourly fuel use rate (gallons of fuel/hour) / Vw (in acres inches/hour)

If tens of thousands of dollars is lost to the farm operation of 400 acres that translates into rebalancing the farm budget for production. It could mean the farmer will hope for good weather if the budget doesn't allow for the purchase of diesel fuel or gasoline.

The cost of diesel fuel today is $3.946 in the Midwest and gasoline is $3.640. Farmers don't have to pay the tax. If production falls the farm enters into a failure curve that is exponential. We know for a fact family farms do a better job of protecting the land and preventing erosion. They are vital to the food supply in and out of the USA. This entire trend is disastrous. People can't eat emergency funds to farmers to help them pay their bills.
In general, about half the state's winter wheat crop is in good to excellent shape.

Here's the breakdown:
Very poor: 3 percent
Poor: 16 percent
Fair: 35 percent
Good: 42 percent
Excellent: 4 percent
Source: University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Nebraska Wheat Board, USDA

There are real people worried about their livlihoods and how the nation is going to feed itself and the right wing pulls these stunts to confuse the public and illegitimately effect elections.

The Climate Crisis is not a democracy.

There is no discussion by laymen. The average citizen needs to pay attention. The Climate Crisis is not a ballot issue. This is a matter of physics. Earth is a dictatorship and civilization needs to get their mind around that. Earth is only mildly plastic, but, there are extremely solid limits to the abuse of it's tropospheric balance.

Spring weather continued to wreak havoc (click here) on Saturday with two possible tornadoes ripping through Orrick and Marshall in Missouri....

What about this does the USA media not understand? This is life and death. Get out of the way. There are no politics here. Earth does not provide options.

There is no choice in the approach to resolving the Earth's troposphere. There is no generating revenues unless it is wind and solar energy. It's over. The dialogue is over. GET OUT OF THE WAY!