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The more the words Climate, Human Induced Global Warming and Climate Crisis are used in the media, the more people begin to realize it is important. That is a fact. 

The United States of America has FAILED to meet the challenge of the Climate Crisis. It has failed for nearly a century if one measures the warnings of Alexander Graham Bell.

An entire century of notable Americans stating this was coming. An entire half century since scientists in the 1960s were able to harness the attention of the citizens of the USA.


Is the only thing the USA 'good at' war? I want to know. I want to know if the only thing the USA is 'good at' is war. It would seem to be the case.

War is not going to stop the Climate Crisis. I don't fault the military, they are seeking to protect the national security of the USA with 50/50 mixtures of bio fuel for jets. I am sure they do the same thing with many other aspects of their forces.

It was the USA military that stated Human Induced Global Warming WOULD CAUSE disruptions of nations globally and be the single most important challenge the USA has to face. The USA military stated that. They stated that a long time ago.

The United States of America is not a successful country. It has been lead by primarily men that do not have ideas as to how to build a sustainable future for generations to come. These same men have sought to destroy forests, increase offshore oil drilling and introduced Hydraulic Fracturing without regulation to water, land or air after Cheney's Energy Committee met.

The United States of America has failed to lead when it comes to Human Induced Global Warming. It has failed to secure the future for it's children. It has actively lied to the citizens and people of the nation while 150,000 human beings die every year from the egregious sins of this country.

The USA is the primary driver to human induced global warming. It and The West. Europe at least has entered what was the Kyoto Protocol. But, the USA has done nothing, continues to do nothing and seeks to do nothing.

The United States of America is corrupt from sea to shining sea with Wall Street interests that can't even fathom they are destroying the very ice roads they seek to transport materials to the arctic to drill for more oil.

It is immoral. The United States of America is immoral. It was immoral in entering into a war in Iraq. It is immoral in ignoring the scientists well invested in good outcomes for this nation. It is immoral for every death it's greenhouse gas emissions causes globally. 

If abortion is immoral to many in the Political Right Wing, then they haven't even begun to please god in stemming the immorality before them.

The United State of America is not a global leader, not even close. It is a global pain in the ass and it thinks nothing of death or killing. I defy American to PROVE otherwise.

When will the USA take responsibility for it's indulgences, neglect and hostile political ambitions that cause such suffering among allies and nations across this planet? When will the USA ever be worthy of the title leader?

Right now, I'd be asking whom exactly is leading on the way out of the Climate Crisis?

A good place to begin to look for the answer to that question is here:

Stanford University
Carnegie Institution for Science

Department of Global Ecology

Christopher B. Field, PhD (click here)

Good luck, the sooner everyone gets started in this mission to save a planet, the better the outcome.

By the 2080s, there could be as much as a 91 percent increase in heat deaths compared to 1980s levels:

Warming weather could make summer in the city deadly (click here) in the next few decades, according to a study published this week in Nature Climate Change. By the 2020s, New York City will see 22 percent more heat-related deaths per year compared with 1980s, the researchers predicted.
Urban centers like New York City are especially sensitive to extreme temperatures because of the heat island effect. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the annual mean temperature of a city with a million or more people can be up to 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than its more rural surroundings. (NYC currently clocks in with more than 8 million.)
Using 16 computer models of present and future climate change, scientists at Columbia University and the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that while warmer temperatures would reduce the number of deaths due to cold in the winter, the increase in heat-related deaths in summer months would cause a net 6.2 percent spike in weather-related mortality per year in the city by the 2020s....
Is your infrastructure ready for this? Are your electric transmission lines underground, because, all the air conditioners in the world won't matter if there is no electricity to run them.
The poor will be hit the hardest. They won't have options. Are they allowed to live in the calculations regarding Human Induced Global Warming? Or are they calculated losses? Just curious, because, no one is doing anything to accelerate the use of alternative energies in the USA or providing mass transit. 
Hint: When the temperatures in Traverse City, Michigan hit 100, the State Theater opens their doors to those that can't find relief from the heat.

Was an 80 year old man in the calculations to Human Induced Global Warming? Do you think the scientists involved took deaths of human beings into their calculations and dedications?

Last Updated: Jun 9, 2013 9:14 PM ET
Thousands of people (click here) have been evacuated from their homes in a region of eastern Germany where the Elbe river has flooded and burst through a dam, officials said Sunday.
At least 21 flood-related deaths have been reported in central Europe, as rivers such as the Danube, the Elbe and the Vlatava have overflowed after a week of heavy rains and caused extensive damage in central and southern Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary.
The latest fatality was an 80-year-old man who died of a heart attack in Austria on Sunday while cleaning up debris caused by flooding, the German news agency dpa reported.
In Magdeburg, the state capital of Saxony-Anhalt in eastern Germany, more than 23,000 residents had to leave their homes Sunday afternoon after many streets and buildings were flooded and electricity was shut off, dpa said....
Was the 80 year old man allowed to live? I mean he is just a calculated loss, right? I mean the petroleum industry needs to have every right to destroy the land in the USA and pump their junk out of the ground after destroying water supplies and causing seisemic activity. So, I ask you was the 80 year old man allowed to live? Yes or no. Was his life ever valued ENOUGH?

This was the prediction that appeared in the journal "Nature" in 2005.

There are two interesting numbers here.

The World Health Organisation (click here) estimates that the warming and precipitation trends due to anthropogenic climate change of the past 30 years already claim over 150,000 lives annually. Many prevalent human diseases are linked to

climate fluctuations, from cardiovascular mortality and respiratory illnesses due to heatwaves, to altered transmission of infectious diseases and malnutrition from crop failures. Uncertainty remains in attributing the expansion or resurgence of diseases to climate change, owing to lack of long-term, high-quality data sets as well as the large influence of socio-economic factors and changes in immunity and drug resistance. Here we review the growing evidence that climate–health relationships pose increasing health risks under future projections of climate change and that the warming trend over recent decades has already contributed to increased morbidity and mortality in many regions of the world. Potentially vulnerable regions include the temperate latitudes, which are projected to warm disproportionately,
the regions around the Pacific and Indian oceans that are currently subjected to large rainfall variability due to the El Nin˜o/Southern Oscillation sub-Saharan Africa and sprawling cities where the urban heat island effect could intensify extreme climatic events.

Given the numbers of dead in only two events cited, one in 2010, here that estimate is more than accurate. 150,000 people are estimated to have already died annually. 

If there were 150,000 dead in the USA annually from the Climate Crisis would the corrupt politicians do something about it then?

Russian wildfires not the USA's problem. Right? We have wildfires all the time in the USA. Just nature, right?

From The Boston Globe. The fires started on July 29, 2010. The last set of fire outbreaks were on September 2, 2010. Russia burned for over a month.

A woman raises her hands to her face, walking away from a scene filled with heavy smoke and fire near Vyksa, Russia on July 29, 2010. (REUTERS/Mikhail Voskresensky)

Last month, (click here) Russia endured the hottest July ever recorded since records began 130 years ago. The intense heat and drought affecting central Russia has been drying out trees and peat marshes, which have been catching fire recently, burning forests, fields and houses across a massive region. Some 500 new fires have been reported in the last 24 hours alone, and a mobilization of hundreds of thousands of emergency workers is underway to combat them. President Dmitry Medvedev has now declared a state of emergency in seven regions. To date, over 1,500 homes have been destroyed and 40 lives have been lost. as wildfires continue across over 300,000 acres.

In the beginning there were reports of 50 dead. Only 50 dead, these things happen after all. By Amie Ferris-Rotman

MOSCOW, Aug 5 (Reuters) - The Russian government (click here) warned on Thursday that the country's deadliest wildfires in nearly four decades posed a nuclear threat if they are not contained, as the death toll rose to 50 and the blazes continued to spread.

The worst heatwave in more than a century is set to intensify on Friday, with record temperatures of 40 celsius (104 fahrenheit) expected and to continue into the next week, weather forecasters said....

The Russian health care system was stressed and the final count of the dead from the Russia Wildfires of 2010 is 56,000 people. This count came from Munish Re, an insurance company.

The deaths of 56,000 people are attributed to the effects of the wildfires. Never in the USA or Australia has there been such devastation.

June 9-14 declared Monsoon Awareness Week by Gov. Brewer

This is not a monsoon, but, it is Arizona. Pheonix to be exact. Governor Jan Brewer also knows that while monsoons happen every year in Arizona, there are climate dangers that will accompany this year's season.

June 9, 2013
By Steven Thorvardson

..."While most of us delight (click here) in the soaking rains that are synonymous with the monsoon," said Arizona Division of Emergency Management Director Wendy Smith-Reeve, "the season is also full of severe weather dangers that can damage property and threaten the safety of Arizonans."...

The Republic | azcentral.comTue Dec 18, 2012 10:14 PM
...The team, led by an Arizona State University (click here) life-sciences professor, found that shifts in temperature, moisture and species ranges will have profound effects on human activities, from commercial fishing to storm preparedness.
“U.S. ecosystems are undergoing massive change due to climate change,” said Nancy Grimm, a senior scientist with ASU’s Global Institute of Sustainability.
Grimm collaborated with officials from the National Wildlife Federation, U.S. Geological Survey and others on a technical report contributing to the ecological segment of the Third U.S. National Climate Assessment, due for release this winter. It’s a four-year report ordered by Congress.
In the Southwest, they said, foresters may have to replant devastated forests with drought-resistant trees. In the Rocky Mountains, threatened fishes such as the cutthroat trout will be pushed to the brink.
The report notes that more than 694,000 acres of forest burned in Arizona and New Mexico during 2011. The ash and dirt that washed into the Rio Grande, the source of half of Albuquerque’s water, clogged treatment plants and reduced withdrawals for months....

The worse the drought the higher incidence of huge dust storms reaching 10,000 feet high. You want to get hit with debris falling 10,000 feet? It isn't fun. You like being blinded while driving or choking on particulate matter in the air? Maybe masks are the style when the Climate Crisis continues to cause droughts, fires and dust storms.

USGS and partner research shows that there are many causes of dust storms. Two contributing factors are low vegetation cover and disturbance to soil surfaces.

Vegetation contributes to ecological integrity. The presence of plants reduces soil erosion and dust storms, because it keeps the soil intact, reduces wind momentum, and traps moving soil particles (See Figure 1). In spaces between the plants, many undisturbed desert soils are naturally armored by hardened physical and biological crusts.

Low vegetation cover can especially be a problem in drought years in abandoned agricultural fields, which are generally dominated by annual plants. This means that the consequences of dust storms, including motor vehicle crashes, are high in a drought year and low in years with more precipitation (See Figure 2)....

In the face of all the facts, ask Jan Brewer is there such a thing as Human Induced Global Warming.

What are the Republicans doing to change the direction of the Climate Crisis?

Not a darn thing. As a matter of fact they are making it worse. 

I have stated on many occasions when a country has no ideas for their economic growth they exploit their natural resources. That is exactly what is happening in US States with Republican extremist governors, like Snyder in Michigan.

This is not an economy of ideas. It is an economy of destruction due to lack of ideas and desperation for re-election. Snyder can add this to his Michigan Improved Economy Balance Sheet.


This is not Michigan private property owners longing for logging on their property as a means of success. This is private property owners harvesting money for the sake of money.

This isn't private property owners doing what they do best year after year in sustainable logging practices, these are property owners supplementing their incomes with open season on trees. This has nothing to do with a business, this is pure exploitation.

By Jonathan Oosting
June 6, 2013

LANSING, MI -- Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (click here) on Thursday signed into law legislation designed to boost the state's timber industry by encouraging more private owners to allow logging on their land in exchange for tax breaks.
"This is an opportunity to export more," Snyder said during a press conference in Lansing, where he was joined by lawmakers and lumber company owners. "It's the made-in-Michigan concept. Whether we manufacture it, grow it, or come up with an idea, this is a way to create more commerce and opportunity for Michigan."...

"This is an opportunity to export more,"... is rhetorical. At the time of the Iraq War, Bush stated there wasn't enough plywood in the nation to supply Iraq with building materials for the reconstruction, so the logging had to increase. 

Now, Snyder is going to balance the trade deficit with China by logging. There aren't enough trees in the USA to supplement that trade deficit so let's just state this for what it is. Exploitation of natural resources because Snyder has no ideas for a real and sustainable economy in Michigan.

Across the board natural resources are being used to fill in the gap for economic vitality in Republican states. The latest jobs numbers reflect increases in mining and logging. How long does any Governor believe exploiting natural resources will sustain their economy? Seriously, how long? And then when the boom is over the economy will retreat into a depleted status again.

China receives most of it's lumber from Russia. A vast amount of it. The transportation costs for China is far less if they deal with Russia.

This is a drought of historic proportion, not a Cat 5 hurricane into New Orleans.

The heatwave of 2003 (click here)

More than 20,000 people died after a record-breaking heatwave left Europe sweltering in August 2003. The period of extreme heat is thought to be the warmest for up to 500 years, and many European countries experienced their highest temperatures on record....

...About 15,000 people died due to the heat in France, which led to a shortage of space to store dead bodies in mortuaries. Temporary mortuaries were set up in refrigeration lorries. There were also heat-related deaths in the UK (2,000), Portugal (2,100), Italy (3,100), Holland (1,500) and Germany (300)....

Where were the minds of Americans when this was happening?

In Iraq, that where. The illegal and immoral war. Not at home, not Afghanistan, but, Iraq. It was a rather interesting distraction from the other emergencies the USA was facing, wasn't it?

Below is the climate data at the time of the Europe drought of 2003. 

The map below (click here) shows places on Earth where the average surface temperatures were either warmer (yellows and reds), cooler (blues), or the same as (white) the climatological average. The areas where temperatures were most above average were Alaska (upper right), the Antarctic Peninsula (bottom), and Central Asia (right of center), particularly the region just east of the Caspian Sea.

Scientists are not to be taken seriously? Really? After spending decades of time and money? Really?

This is a graph from "China Daily." (click here) It is a Chinese newspaper.

There is a direct relationship between increased greenhouse gases and the "Hot House" effect of the Earth's Greenhouse Effect.

Below is a graph of the Arctic Ocean Sea Ice Minimum as of September 2012. Summer ends on September 21st each year and the sun begins it's transit to the southern hemisphere. September is when the sea ice of the Arctic Ocean is  measured for it's minimum. The white dot in the picture is the North Pole. The lines extending out to the edges of the Arctic Ocean is where the minimum was measured in September 1999. This is the extent of deterioration in just 13 years.

...In the summer of 2007, (click here) Arctic sea ice extent set a record low in early August—more than a month before the end of the melt season. That September, the preferred northern navigation route through the Northwest Passage opened. In the following years, summer sea ice had some relatively higher extents, though nothing approaching normal conditions. Then in 2012, a new record low was set—more than 700,000 square kilometers below the 2007 minimum. The driving factor in 2012 was the large amount of thin ice, which is more susceptible to melting from warming temperatures and to break-up by winds and waves. An unusually strong storm in August 2012 brought both of these conditions, resulting in a rapid disintegration and ice loss in the Beaufort, Chukchi, and East Siberian seas....

Everyone involved with climate or in opposition of it knows the famous hockey stick graph. It was researched and published by NOAA. The people of the USA commissioned NOAA to report pertinent data to them to prevent dangers to their lives where the natural world is involved. 

There is some reason why NOAA would consider this frivolous activity? Where are all the citizens looking out for their own safety and stating, "Hey, why isn't my government taking all this research and data seriously?"

Farmers care more about the BANK and losing their land. It isn't the natural gas they are farming. It is the money.

This commercial is very manipulative, but, rarely if ever does America's Natural Gas Alliance produce any information other than propaganda to the electorate. This is corruption of American values. 

The discovery by science of the Greenhouse Effect occurred nearly two centuries ago.

“It was in the 1820s that Joseph Fourier (click here) first explained that the Earth's atmosphere retains heat radiation. He had asked himself a deceptively simple question, of a sort that physics theory was just then beginning to learn how to attack: what determines the average temperature of a planet like the Earth? When light from the Sun strikes the Earth's surface and warms it up, why doesn't the planet keep heating up until it is as hot as the Sun itself? Fourier's answer was that the heated surface emits invisible infrared radiation, which carries the heat energy away into space. But when he calculated the effect with his new theoretical tools, he got a temperature well below freezing, much colder than the actual Earth.

It isn't suprising Joseph Fourier would begin to ask questions about Earth's heat. The steam engine as used in trains began in development in the early 1800s. So, it seems to me as soon as coal began to be used to produce steam, scientists started to ask questions about Earth's heat capacity.

The Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming are separate topics. 

The Greenhouse Effect is vital to life on Earth. It is what allows Earth to sustain life. Typical of science and scientists there were others that followed the work of Joseph Fourier. In 1827 and 1838 Claude Pouillet documented this phenomena that was Earth. He was followed by John Tyndall in 1859. It was not called "The Greenhouse Effect" then. It was primarily studies of Earth's ability to sustain life through warmth induced by it's gaseous atmosphere.

Research (click here) shows that due to the retention of the heat by the Earth’s atmosphere, the planet became warm enough to sustain life. If the greenhouse effect did not exist, the planet would be too cold for living organisms or plants.

In 1896, Svante Arrhenius wrote formulas for the physics of wavelength involved with the warming of Earth. (click here) Earth is warmed by infrared radiation produced by it's surface after absorbing light rays from our sun, Sol. The full article of this genius can still be read online.
It was 21 years later that Alexander Graham Bell called this warming process "The Greenhouse Effect." Yes, the same man that invented the beloved telephone and has lead to post 9/11 surveillance also predicted the human race would be in trouble due to a hot planet.
Alexander Graham Bell wrote, "The unchecked burning (of fossil fuels) would have sort of a greenhouse effect." He went on to advocate for the use of alternative energies stating, "The net result is the greenhouse becomes a sort of hot-house." He was the earliest pioneer to advocate solar energy.
Alexander Graham Bell (click here) was the first to add to the 'dynamic' of Earth's Greenhouse effect. He was the one that stated, we can make Earth too hot if we continue to effect it's gaseous layers. In other words, Mr. Bell would state we could have too much greenhouse effect due to unnatural increases in the gases that warm Earth in normal amounts.
Alexander Graham Bell. Today the commercialized USA accepts him as a pioneer to profit in discovering the telephone, but, they completely reject his own writings about what would be called high greenhouse gas emissions in the 1960s.
In support of his own scientific conclusions he stated, "Coal and oil are...strictly limited in quantity. We can take coal out of a mine but we can never put it back. What shall we do when we have no more coal or oil?"
What Alexander Graham Bell was discussing was Peak Oil.
Peak oil. 
Most scientists agree Peak Oil occurred in 2005. When the consumer data is examined it is all too obvious. There was the oil embargo in 1973. According to historic records that was the first time in five decades the price of oil would move out of the 30 cents per gallon range into the 50 cents per gallon range.
Gasoline at the pump would remain below a dollar US until 1980 when issues with inflation troubled the markets. It would fluctuate in the range of a dollar per gallon until the year 2000.
Then in 2000 the price moved to a dollar and fifty cents. It would remain that price until the markets took inventory and pushed the price up to over $2.00 per gallon in March of 2004.
The American Automobile Association (click here) tracks gasoline prices across the nation and publishes state averages. The 10 states with the highest prices are shown in blue. The 10 states with the lowest prices are shown in green. The first graph shows prices for April 4, 2005. The second graph shows prices from about a year ago (March 16, 2004), and the third graph shows prices from almost two years ago (April 22, 2003). The states with the largest per gallon price changes from 2003 to 2005 are Georgia, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan, where prices rose by 70 cents or more.
As Alexander Graham Bell predicted, Peak Oil occurred in 2005. Rather than preparing for it and accepting it, the US federal administrations receiving a lot of money over the years from the petroleum industry sold out their country and denied the scientists were accurate. They pandered to their political cronies, rather than heeding the warning and moving to alternative energies and different strategies for personal and public transportation.
This is corruption of the USA political system to elect our government authorities and it continues even today. The petroleum industry is no different than the gun lobby. Same thing.

Americans have lived so long with denial of the problem of a heating planet they are only now asking what happens after Peak Oil. Peak Oil already happened. Stop living in denial.

June 7, 2013
By Margo Ashmore, Northeaster
...Jon Freise, (click here) a national trainer on the subject, told a recent gathering that the Transition Towns movement came out of concerns about three things: Climate change—temperature extremes brought on by pollution, “peak oil”—fossil fuels running out, and economic instability....

It is Sunday Night

"It's Too Late" by Carol King (click here)
Stayed in bed all mornin' just to pass the timeThere's something wrong here there can be no denyin'One of us is changin'Or maybe we've just stopped tryin'
And it's too late baby, now it's too lateThough we really did try to make itSomething inside has died and I can't hide itAnd I just can't fake it
Oh, no no no no(No no no no)
It used to be so easy livin' here with youYou were light and breezyAnd I knew just what to doNow, you look so unhappy and I feel like a fool
And it's too late baby, now it's too lateThough we really did try to make it(We can't make it)Something inside has died and I can't hide itAnd I just can't fake itOh, no no
Ru ru ru ruLa la la la la
There'll be good times again for me and youBut we just can't stay together don't you feel it too?Still, I'm glad for what we hadAnd how I once loved you
But, it's too late baby, now it's too lateThough we really did try to make it(We can't make it)Something inside has died and I can't hide itAnd I just can't fake itOh, no no no no no
It's too late, babyIt's too lateNow darlin', it's too late

Up north community rallies behind movie magic (This was the first year of the Traverse City Film Festival)

I found this in my notes online when reflecting on the success of Independent Filmmakers with the recent listing of The State Theater by the Motion Picture Association of America (click here) as the best in the world. It has been an interesting journey.

August 1st, 2005 4:13 pm

TC Film Fest Tallies 50,000 Admissions

Up north community rallies behind movie magic

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. -- The first Traverse City Film Festival was an overwhelming success, with nearly 50,000 admissions, 500 volunteers pitching in, the resurrection of a historic downtown theater, and sell-outs at most of the festival's 31 films.

"It was a success beyond anything we had imagined," said festival founder and Oscar-winner Michael Moore. "For a city that has a population of only 20,000, to have 50,000 admissions at a film festival here, words can't describe how we feel."

The festival screened 31 indie flicks, foreign films, classics and documentaries. Festival award winners, announced on closing day, included:

Scariest Film: "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room"

Preservationist Award: "Les Miserables" and "Italian for Beginners."

Stanley Kubrick Prize (for taking risks): Jonathan Caouette, "Tarnation"

Best First Film: Andrew Wagner, "The Talent Given Us"

Nonfiction Prize: "Czech Dream"

Fiction Prize: "Downfall"

Audience Grand Prize: "The Baxter"

Founders' Grand Prize: "The Edukators" and "Grizzly Man"

The festival will purchase copies of all 2005 films for three county library systems, providing free public access to the movies for all.

The July 27-31 festival's free daily panel discussions with directors, writers and Hollywood insiders were packed, and more than 6,000 turned out for the festival's free outdoor cinema along Grand Traverse Bay, where "Casablanca" and "Jaws" were shown. With 50,000 overall admissions, turnout for the inaugural festival was triple what organizers hoped for. Downtown businesses reported record sales for the week.

More than 115 local individuals and businesses rallied behind the festival to underwrite costs, including Michigan's former Republican governor William Milliken, founding sponsor Herrington-Fitch Foundation, and a local radio station that airs conservative icons like Rush Limbaugh. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream was the festival's sole national sponsor. Festival partners included the world-renowned Interlochen Center for the Arts and its new film school.

The Traverse City Film Festival aims to bring "just great films" to the region. It was organized in about nine weeks by a core committee of about 20 local film lovers and a growing army of volunteers that soon numbered about 500 people.

Volunteers worked nonstop for four weeks to revive the State Theatre, which had been largely shuttered since the mid-1990s, and local businesses donated everything from carpeting and paint to pizza and tile to help restore the venue. Opening night at the State featured a lighted marquee, a packed house and the pre-teen dancers who'd starred in the acclaimed documentary "Mad Hot Ballroom."

For more information, visit

S. Amendment 711 - legal guns - continued

[[Page S2604]]
       ``Lakefield Arms Mark II Bolt-Action Rifle(below - for sale online for 
$106.00 - click here)
``Magtech Model MT Bolt Action Rifle ``Magtech Model MT-22C Bolt-Action Rifle ``Marlin Model 15YN `Little Buckaroo' ``Marlin Model 25MN Bolt-Action Rifle ``Marlin Model 25N Bolt-Action Repeater ``Marlin Model 880 Bolt-Action Rifle ``Marlin Model 881 Bolt-Action Rifle ``Marlin Model 882 Bolt-Action Rifle ``Marlin Model 883 Bolt-Action Rifle ``Marlin Model 883SS Bolt-Action Rifle ``Marlin Model 915 YN `Little Buckaroo'(below Marlin Model 915 Rimfire Rifle for sale online for at Gander Mountain for $219.99 - click here) There is
no indication this is "Little Buckaroo."

       ``Marlin Model 915Y (Compact)
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Rifling (below - Rifling in a .35 Remington microgroove rifled barrel)
Rifling is the process and/or the actual groves themselves. The process of rifling is making helical (spiral_ grooves in the barrel of a gun or firearm. Such spiral groves creates SPIN to a projectile around its long axis. This spin serves to gyroscopically stabilize the projectile, improving its aerodynamic stability and accuracy.
There are physics of rifling. The spin put on the LONG axis of the bullet 
provides a steady travel without a WOBBLE. That is what rifling does.
Rifling of a 105 mm Royal Ordnance L7 tank gun.
...In firearm examiner lingo (click here) we refer to the rifling as lands &grooves. The lands are the raised areas between two grooves. A rifling pattern of eight grooves with also have eight lands.
Firearms can be manufactured with any number of lands and grooves in their barrels.  They can also spiral either left or right.  A few of the more common rifling patterns are 4/right, 5/right, 6/right, 6/left, 8/right, and 16/right....
``Marlin Model 917
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Thank you for your interest. More later.

This was an expensive Triple Crown at the betting window. All the higher odds won in every race.

June 8, 2013
By Maxwell Ogden

Palace Malice (click here) has won the 2013 Belmont Stakes after outlasting the field at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York. Mike Smith guided the underdog to a contested victory, as the 145th edition of this race was all but equal entering the final turn, when Palace Malice put on the jets and separated from the pack....

Placing in Belmont shows top three year colts of 2013. 

First Place - No. 12 - Palace Malice - Jockey Mike Smith - Trainer Todd Pletcher

Second Place (Preakness) - No. 7 - Oxbow - Gary Stevens - D. Wayne Lukas 

Third Place (Kentucky Derby) - No. 5 - Orb - Joel Rosario - Shug McGaughey

Who will be "Horse of the Year?"

June 6, 2013
By Bob Ehalt
...In Unlimited Budget, (click here) you have the perfect storm of an owner willing to gamble, a year in which the top 3-year-old fillies might be as good as the boys, and a female jockey whom the owner called a good fit for his horse not because she's a good female rider but because she's simply a "good jockey."...