Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tagg Romney is absolutely correct, they are simply biding their time. Republican corruption of the American democracy.

Romney doesn't have to run, he has to be on the ballot and show up for work.

The Republicans don't care about Americans or America. They are not working for jobs for Americans, they are working for themselves.

From "The Grio"

...Pennsylvania state House Republican Mike Turzai (click title to entry - thank you) got very candid in a speech to the state’s Republican committee. He said that newly passed voter ID laws would allow Mitt Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania. Politics PA reports Republicans cheered, but his remarks hit a nerve with critics of this kind of legislation, who considered Turzai’s claim an admission that the laws are an obvious effort to suppress Democratic voters....

Typical to these systems, "Debbie" skipped over land and reorganized in the Atlantic.

June 26, 2012
UNISYS Enhanced Infrared Geostationary East Satellite (click title to entry - thank you)

June 26, 2012
UNISYS Visual Southeast Satellite 

These are the remnants of the system. Some kind of remnants, huh?

Thousands told to stay home as Debby's floods hit Florida, Georgia (click here)

"You go around once, may have take on impeachment. That was the goal in the first place after all."

Impeachment of President Obama with a House Republican majority has always been the goal. The death of Border Patrol Brian Terry was never the most important aspect of Issa's attack dog venture.

The circumstances surrounding Mr. Terry''s death has already been addressed, the program has been stopped. The only reason Issa has to go forward is to attack the President and his cabinet. What does Issa hope to prove? He knows who provided misinformation to the House Committee and the information has been restated. President Obama is correct and he does not have to preoccupy his daily priorities with Issa's rantings and Speaker Boner's aspirations to the Executive Office through default. Why settle for Obama, there needs to be a plan for the Vice President, too.

Associated Press
June 26, 2012

...Obama's claim broadly covers administration documents about the program called Operation Fast and Furious, not just those prepared for the president. But Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that recommended the contempt charge, maintains the privilege is reserved for documents to and from the president and his most senior advisers....

Who knew Syria was at Defcon 5?

Syria reacted far too quick without any diplomatic confirmation regarding the incident. A country never wagers their military has done the right thing in an isolated incident. 

The Turkish jet was a single incident and Syria never bothered to confirm it was an error. Simply shooting down another country's jet without confirming hostile intent or establishing a warning to a repeat offense is dangerous business. 

I'm telling you Assad is looking for a larger scale war, it is the only way out for him. If he can justify being attacked, anything goes and he'll call upon Russia and China to engage NATO in hostilities. Right now Assad is cornered into his own reality and the only way out is to seek a larger war in hopes to win. He knows he is defeated, he is looking for a way out of his own creation. I think of him as a wildcat pacing the cage.

Selah Hennessy

How many co-anchors has Matt Lauer had?

He has been with the Today Show since January 1994.

Ann Curry started with the Today Show in 1997 and anchoring since 2011. It would seem as though Lauer can outlive any woman in the business.

Lauer has seen three women co-anchors since taking a seat on the Today Show. Katie Couric started her debut in 1991 with Bryant Gumbel. Katie left in 2006 and was replaced with Meredith Vieira in 2006.

I do remember a rather bruising interview with Meredith where she stated working with Lauer was more than difficult. Now there is speculation Ann Curry can't withstand the it either?

I really think NBC needed to examine their motives in demeaning Ann Curry in such a short stay at the Today Show and why women don't have good experiences co-anchoring with Lauer. If I was Curry I'd hold the network responsible for every dime they owe in the contract and then some considering this is causing some diminished image.

This is crazy, Curry can't even get a foothold before egos are pushing her out the door. Anyone thinking of replacing Curry must be giving the possibility a second, third and fourth rethink before engaging the commitment.

Ann Curry is reportedly (click here) getting at least $10 million to leave "Today," the nation's No. 1 morning show.
If TMZ's "network sources" are correct, Curry will find herself amid the ranks of millions of Americans who are out of a job, albeit with a nice chunk of severance thanks to a three-year contract guaranteeing her that amount annually....