Monday, December 28, 2009

This is the 'left overs' of the Bush Regime. We have seen this 'lack of government interest' before with the September 11th hijackers.

The American Way, every living, breathing moment is an opportunity for political volley.

THAT is disgusting.

And I'm callin' it !

Basically, the problem was never sincerely solved after September 11, 2001. The 'populous' mindset is what was pursued to facilitate economic reassurance for the airline industry and exploitation otherwise. The 'real problem' AND 'dangers' were never actually addressed, ie: The Shoe Bomber, etc.
Nothing has changed. More inconvenience for purposes of reassurance and the sincere deterrent that results because of it, but, 100% security is not possible when attempting to detect a biological agent.

However, I recall a 'detection device' that was developed with the funding from the USA military to find 'traces' of VX liquid on concrete after the incidence of September 11, 2001. The reason I bring this up is because all the 'biologicals' have similar elements and are non-metal. Whatever radiation a biological substance has to be exposed to in detection is higher than repeated exposure is prudent for people. I don't recall clearly the 'type' of mechanism to this device. BUT. If there is a development of such a mechanism to find extremely small amounts of VX liquid on 'concrete' (another biological compound) it CAN BE INVESTIGATED to look for other biological materials, including PETN. This possibility needs to go forward.

I'll get to the lack of oversight in a minute.

Above is the chemical formula for PETN. It is highly reactive because of the 'oxygen radical.' It is highly stable because the nitrogen atom is positive and stabilizes the oxygen radical until it meets with conditions that cause its instability.

There is a central carbon atom in the middle and the structure of the molecule is highly stable with carbon to carbon single bonds and two hydrogen atoms at each connecting carbon. It is completely a 'biological' molecule and why it is so reactive. That positive state on the nitrogen atom is a 'natural steady state.' Nitrogen enjoys having a positive charge in 'its neutrality.' It is the oxygens that cause the instability. Once there is a destabilized state on one, it is all over, the double bonded oxygen cuts loose and things get to be a mess.

Oh well.

The 'thing' is this. To detect this stuff is nearly impossible, however, I find it odd that there isn't some kind of 'sniffer' dog that can pick up some kind of scent, but, maybe not.

The Brits caught the guy. We have seen this 'lack of focus' by the system before. Back in the day, Europe was warning the USA of these attempts. See the Europeans have a good handle on folks. The countries per square mile are sovereign to authorities that can detect anti-social extremism without too terribly much trouble. If one looks at the 'sovereign effort' per square mile in Europe compared to the USA there is a lot more intense scrutiny 'per person.'

That said, there is a DISCONNECT. I don't know if there is a USA arrogance issue, not enough folks to go around to connect all the dots or what the problem is, but, if I were leading the USA intelligence efforts, considering the 'dynamics' Europe and Interpol bring to that continent, if they stated, "JUMP," I would simply ask 'How high?' Europe's capacity enhances the abilities of the USA and that should be factored into USA intelligence as well.

The fact of the matter is the Brits had it right and something went "W"rong. There is some speculation there is corruption at the European end of this mess. There is concern this idiot talked his way onto the aircraft. There is speculation the person taping the incident was actually a PR person for al Qaeda. Speculate all you want, it is healthy to do, but, at the end of the day the Brits had it right. What transpired from there is a good guess. If the Brits decline passports that means something and no one should be allowed, at any level of a passenger plane administration be allowed to change that. EVER. I don't care if the President of the nation or company CEO is getting on board. If people 'want special treatment' they need to have a court order. I am sure there are 'odds' that say there are 'individual circumstances' whereby that is a burden and imprudent, but, who the hell cares? Excellent quality service sucks.

Passports are an exclusive club to people that abide by the law and seek to work within the infrastructure of a society. I wish everyone in the chain of command at airlines would 'GET IT RIGHT.' The airline is responsible for this. No one else. It happened ON THAT FLIGHT. Okay?

I admire the criminal's father. He was most brave. He could have endangered his own life by coming forward and that should carry a great deal of brevity, especially given his credentials. He is the hero here and I thank him for his ability to see the sanctity of the lives of strangers as important. There was also an incentive to stop his son from killing himself as well and I recognize that. But, it is difficult to make the decision to actually believe one's instincts when it comes to believing 'the worst' about a precious son. He did that. His father believed in what was occurring and acted on it, no doubt in hopes of saving his son's life in order to find a way that would rehabilitate him. I understand Saudi Arabia has a magnificent program for that purpose. That says something about the Saudi's value system. Unlike the USA, it doesn't allow prisoners to decay, but, actually has found methods of rehabilitation.

Society let its guard down. It occurred in Europe. The 'impetus' needs to be thwarted and stopped. CEOs can go straight to hell. Basically, how did this mess occur on that airline on that day? There was every precaution in the world for it to stop and it didn't. Who failed? And why? Where was the system inadequate or corrupted to allow this to happen?

NO PASSPORT? Huh? There needs to be prosecutions for the allowance of such possibilities. There were hundreds of people threatened with their lives, actual damage to property and the list goes on.

Oh, by the way. Behavioral screenings would not have made any difference as the plane was in the air and there was nothing a Behavioral Screener 'on the ground' in the USA could have done to stop it. Just thought I'd clear that up.

What I am most tired of is loss of sanity and grasping by whoever at whatever for an answer while the OBVIOUS goes unaddressed. There is a lot of 'image' issues in the USA. That is a dangerous 'condition' in a society that is highly dependent on visual acuity in 'content of character, purpose and morality.'

In this case, denying the OBVIOUS should be a relief to the CEO of the airline. He needs to be fired by the way, along with everyone else making decisions that day.

It is very easy to get off track in a 24 hour news cycle where 'toxins' enter the language on a regular basis. Preparedness is a good thing, but, believing in the OBVIOUS when people are to board a plane is something that should not be toyed with.

I doubt there will be 'safe' screening procedures to stop PETN (
pentaerythritol tetranitrate) from occupying airline cabins along with pilots and other people. They require too much radiation to allow that on a regular basis. I guess getting naked is an option. So, is 'surface transportation.'

I forgot to mention there is a 'resonance' between the two outer oxygens and nitrogen. The double bond actually 'flips' between each oxygen. Believe it or not 'resonance' actually helps stabilize the molecular relationship because it happens so quickly and never leaves any one oxygen radical, too radical for too long. Resonance is not a bad thing. Biotic life would not be possible without it.

The Weather at Glacier Bay National Park (Crystal Wind Chime) is:

Just a reminder that Alaska has a shorter seasonal sun period than the lower 48 states, regardless of the location above or below the Arctic Circle. AND. The ice fields are still melting and the temperatures are still above zero.

The picture above is the North Pole's midnight sun. It is there 24/7 during the Arctic Circle Summer. I thought this was a better reminder than a completely dark sky with maybe some stars. Hard to capture the essence and project the sky as real.

Local Time: 10:06 AM AKST (GMT -09)

Lat/Lon: 58.8° N 137.0° W

Temperature :: 34 F (This is the 'wilds' of Alaska, not the center of Juneau or Fairbanks or any other 'heat sink' on December 28, 2009. There is something very "W"rong with this picture.)

Conditions :: Overcast

Windchill :: 34 F

Humidity :: 100%

Dew Point :: 34 F

Wind :: Calm

Pressure :: 30.15 in (Rising)

Visibility :: 0.0 miles

UV :: 0 out of 16

Clouds :: Overcast 500 ft

(Above Ground Level)

Elevation :: 33 ft

In Alaska’s Arctic National Parks, the Winter Solstice Will Bring No Warming Sun (click title to entry - thank you)

If the sun shines bright and warm on your skin today, count yourself more fortunate than the people in Alaska’s four arctic national parks. They’ll get a few hours of ambient light if the sky is clear, but there’ll be no warming sun.

Alaska has four National Park System units situated north of the Arctic Circle (66.5 degrees North), to whit: Gates of the Arctic National Park & Preserve, Kobuk Valley National Park,
Cape Krusenstern National Monument, and Noatak National Preserve. These arctic national parks have much in common besides physical factors like large size, beauty, and harshly cold and snowy winters. They also have some interesting solar effects rooted in the fact that they are on the poleward side of the Arctic Circle. This insures that all four will have some summer days when the sun never sets below the horizon and some winter days when there is no direct sunlight. From the former you get “Land of the Midnight Sun.” From the latter you get “Land of Twilight.”...

Bipartisanship is Dead.

Set aside the idea that Bush/Cheney had a regime that basically demoralized a global community and the American people. Forget for a few minutes that is a reality.
Health care in the 21st century is a necessity in every human life and if you don't believe that then you know nothing about child rearing or the 'moral content' of life.
Many people of all walks of life have been in the health care debate for a long, long time. Perhaps one of those most dedicated is Senator Max Baucus. I don't necessarily agree with all he brought to the bill within the Senate, but, it would be very wrong to nto recognize the importance he played in carrying this issue as a priority for so many years. That same is held true as a reality with some House member that had 'at the ready' bills to present to their legislatures when called upon.
In the closing hours of the 'hearings' in the Senate on health care reform legislation, there were all types of accusations by the Senate Republicans about bipartisanship. It was a time when Senator Baucus was leading the Democrats for the day. As he listened to those peers it was obvious the words and tone was becoming quite a painful issue for him.
He stood in ridicule of the complaints. He stated during the years he worked on this issue there were many opportunities for bipartisanship. He said there were many of his peers that consulted with him and agreed on aspects of the bill. But, as the bill went to the floor those same peers left the legislation to the Democrats and sequested themselves in a 'proverbial huddle' (my words, not his) in a political posture. He stated the Senate Republicans abandoned all intent to engage health reform in the USA and instead decided it was a 'hot topic' for their political 'play.'
Senator Baucus probably holds dignity at a higher level for the esteem of his collegues than many in the Senate. But, that ended at that moment and he called his peers 'liars.' Simply liars. He was astonished to hear the words leveled at him and his Democratic collegues and he simply wasn't going to 'take it' anymore. He had been miligned enough along with the members of the Senate attempting to cure the ills of the health care system of the USA.
That means something. When a Senator like Max Baucus stands in contempt of the words and slander of his Republican peers, it is nothing to dismiss. It has brevity. He rarely participates in such verbiage and seeks to be 'the peacemaker' on many instances.
It's over. There is no cooperation from Republicans. They have decided they are against this President, the Democrats in the Senate and primarily the majority of Democrats in the House. There is no reason to attempt any more 'outreach' to Republicans. They need to FIRST reach across the isle and seek to repair the damage they have caused with their 'good will' to their collegues. Quite frankly that will never happen and the Democrats need to stop seeking the relationship. It is not forthcoming. The Republicans are simply 'political animals' and nothing else.
When they 'mimic' talk show hosts verbiage in order to relate to their constitutents, there is something gravely wrong within that party. It isn't a legitimate political party anymore. Sadly they have drifted from protecting Americans into 'practicing ideology.' Their methods don't work for the country. If that isn't plainly obvious now, then I don't know when it will be. To continue to live in denial of the damage done to this country over eight years of whatever one wants to call that mess is a hideous concept.
The only venue of power the Republicans have today is opposition, denial and lies. It's over. The Health Care Reform debate was one the most profoundly important issue this country has faced domestically for decades. If they couldn't find their way to 'the table' then there is no reason to continue to expect they ever will.
The RNC saw only 'one hope' for their survival and that is to the party of 'same' and that is the direction they took regardless of the opportunity to serve the people of this country in a productive way. They don't want what is best for the country, they want what is best for 'the party.' The Democrats continued on path with growing resistance because it needed to be pursued. That takes strength of character in knowing when political peril is a hideous element to a vital change in policy.
If the Republicans can't 'join the country' in reform of it's corrupt systems, then they don't belong in office and the extremism noted in the Senate over this issue is proof of their resolve. They are Anti-American and no flag waving will ever change that ever again. They did NOTHING to promote change, they only attempted obstruction of it.
"Doing nothing" and regressing was never an option. Never. To learn as we go forward is the best path we ever had and the path that will lead to our best outcomes.
Health Care Reform is so enormous it is not at all an 'equation,' but, a process. Those that sought to obstruct it didn't live with reality or understanding the needs of the USA. That is called incompetence in government.