Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Doing Bi-partisanship well.

The last time the nation's well being hung in the balance there was an interesting outcome facilitated by the Political Right Wing media.

The Affordable Care Act was debated as the Democrats were plundered by the media despite their good work. The Right Wing media sought out a soldier for their cause and provided every opportunity for him to be a wedge issue all by himself. As a result his attitudes and statements became toxic in the next election. There was no sound reason for the high disapproval public rating of The Affordable Care Act. It was after the constitutionality of the law was resolved the public opinion finally saw the political circus rendered during the entire time.

The Huffington Post and Roll Call (click here) are both reporting that Joe Lieberman notified Harry Reid that he will filibuster health-care reform if the final bill includes an expansion of Medicare. Previously, Lieberman had been cool to the idea, saying he wanted to make sure it wouldn't increase the deficit or harm Medicare's solvency (and previously to that, he supported it as part of the Gore/Lieberman health-care plan)....

The President is absolutely correct in his methodology in resolving the fiscal problems of the nation. He is taking the lead. He is meeting with representatives of our economy, including Small Business folks. I think that meeting was today. Can you imagine meeting with President Obama as a Small Business Owner, the most important aspect of the Obama economy, in the White House? Enviable. The brevity of his comments were extremely important. Awesome responsibility.

But, President Obama, being the brilliant man he is, has taken a sincere path to understanding the impacts of the economy on all aspects of our economy, including inviting Wall Street CEOs, too. But, taking his resolve to the people is very important. It is an overt way of leading the nation in a discussion and focus to resolve the country's problems. It is not a campaign; it is a way of saying "I am on the job and the Buck stops with me."

It is very important the resolve by the Congress is done well. This is vitally important and the 'end of the road' strategy of the Republicans cannot be a viable answer to these issues. So, while I sincerely believe waiting for the next Congress to convene a far better opportunity for real talent to act in the interest of the country, it has to be done well. There is a lot at stake. I believe the meetings by the President also examined the possibility of waiting for the next Congress and asking everyone for patience with the process. At least I would expect President Obama to leave no stone unturned to that possibility. 

The Democrats have to talk to the nation through this effort by the party. I believe the leaders of the Democrats in the Senate and House can find real partners when working across the aisle. It is important that partnership is shared politically as well as 'just in the numbers.' I also believe anyone reaching across the aisle will find there is a real political uptick for conducting themselves exactly that way. All anyone has to look to as an example is Governor Christie.

It is important to the nation bi-partisanship is done well. They want thi8s. They want their government to work and they don't want to be angry about it. They want to be satisfied to the final outcome. I believe the Democrats are more than capable of the discussion necessary with the nation to close the door on these important resolutions. The tax reform, preserving our entitlements in meaningful ways and reducing the national debt.

I wish them all well. They should know they have the hope of a nation that wants a great leader in the White House and a Congress that can get the job done. I want the Dems to shine in their outreach and give the folks back home the show they are hoping for. 

We can do this. Oh, yes we can.

Kelly Ayotte is incorrect. She knows she is incorrect,

Focusing on Ambassador Rice as a person of interest in promoting incompetency in the Democratic administration is a witch hunt. The intelligence of the day was compromising everyone along the way.

If Ms. Ayotte was not getting answers to her questions in the meeting with the UN Ambassador and the CIA Director; it was because she had no right to have answers to questions that are unreasonable and unanswerable.

The investigative findings of Secretary Clinton will be more than interesting. 

But, in regard to Ms. Ayotte, the GOP once again is sacrificing their young in order to put forward some kind of political front engaged by a woman more qualified to be Secretary of State than Ambassador Rice. 

What sincerely concerned me was the small army of body guards surrounding Ambassador Rice as she left her meeting today which tells me she is receiving threats to her life. The circle around her was very small and it would have been difficult causing her harm. Given that as a potential reality, there were many reasons to seek peace with the GOP.

Byrd: The Filibuster is Not a Right Intended to be Abused

Uploaded by SenateDemocrats on May 19, 2010
Senator Robert Byrd spoke today before the Senate Rules Committee about the importance of Senate rules but the need to reign the abuses of them. "I share the profound frustration of my constituents and colleagues as we confront this situation. The challenges before our nation are far too grave, and too numerous, for the Senate to be rendered impotent to address them, and yet be derided for inaction by those causing the delay," said Byrd.

While Senate Minority Leader McConnell likes to call on the great Senator Byrd he does so in disrespect of his memory because it is taken out of context. The great Senator Byrd is rolling over in his grave along with the Founding Fathers of our Constitution for the abuses of the Republican Senate since his death. He would never consent to the abuse and would insist Senator Reid proceed with the return of the spoken filibuster.

Harry Reid is being blamed for the Wall Street Blues.

Evidently there was a drop in the DOW today and Harry Reid expressed a lack of CONFIDENCE in the willingness of USA Republicans to address the problems of the country. There are 'Harry Detractors' seeking to blame this drop on Harry's words. 

Freedom of Speech issue if you ask me, but, are there other underlying problems responsible for the changes in Wall Street.

Let's see, Warren Buffet wants higher taxes to pay the national debt. That might have a minor effect. Very minor. Can't imagine Harry Reid's words are any worse than Buffet. Warren wouldn't be saying these things if the Republicans weren't being stupidly difficult. So, Buffet is at least equally responsible as Harry.

Apple is still seeking control over some issues with maps or some darn thing. I think they are still mourning Steve Jobs. He isn't easily replaced in his dynamic and wonderful insight, faith and personality. The good news and there is good news for Apple. They are putting out Apple Minis or something and an iPhone IV. Right? No?
Today: Apple (AAPL) keeps cleaning house (click here) in the department in charge of its mapping app while announcing launch of new iMac. Also: San Mateo's SolarCity will be first solar installer to go public, Wall Street dips.
Apple dismisses another exec in charge of maps
Apparently, ridding itself of one executive who oversaw its Maps app wasn't enough for Apple: The Cupertino company reportedly fired the worker who directly oversaw the troubled mobile offering just a month after dismissing his boss....

Sorry, iPad Mini. I knew it was some kind of mini. If Apple could come out with an Apple Twinkie or an Apple Twinkie Mini they would have a real winner there, but, they are hoping they'll sell computers and not other goodies.

And Apple has some kind of groundbreaking IPO, too. So. that didn't cause any problems with Wall Street. It isn't an Apple IPO, it is a solar company. How about that, huh?

That is part of the Obama Economy and it is a failure I am sure.

Solar City. I hear Solyndra is jealous. They didn't make it all the way to an IPO as they were hoping for. Well done Solar City. I can tell there is Republican bias in this IPO though, the guy is wearing a cowboy hat.

Green energy (click here) company SolarCity has just announced share prices for its upcoming IPO; at between $13 and $15 per share, the initial public offering should raise approximately $151 million for the company.
In an SEC filing, SolarCity said it would release 10 million shares in the offering, and shareholders would sell around 65,000 shares total.
Shares will debut on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol SCTY. Underwriters for the deal include Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Needham & Company, and Roth Capital Partners....

Considering it is probably a Republican company owned by cowboys an investigations should start immediately.

Now, this might be something. Warren Buffet is nominating Jamie Dimon for Treasury Secretary. Geithner is leaving? I just perfected his name and he is leaving?

Outlook Talking of Mr Carney, (click here) he must have shuddered just a little bit yesterday after no less than Warren Buffett suggested his old pal Jamie Dimon, the chief executive of JP Morgan, would be a great candidate for US Treasury Secretary....

Now, this might be a shock to Wall Street, but, in all honesty Jamie is not the man for the job. Seriously, Warren. Just because you are tired of getting phone calls from all the others begging for money doesn't mean Dimon is all that.

Jamie is a good guy, don't get me wrong, I think he has an admirable career, but, Morgan has a glide pattern on sheer size alone. So, while Dimon does well with all his responsibilities I do have a question he would have to answer before becoming a nominee for Secretary of the Treasury.

I want to know if he has mastered 'micro-managing' out of the London office yet?

I really think if there was a mood disorder today on Wall Street at the DOW it was over taxes and the idea American workers might be coming on strong for civil rights known as 'A Living Wage.' Now, that might be it.

Minority Leader Pelosi needs to assess the potential for function of the next Congress.

It may be the next Congress will be more functional than the current Lame Duck Congress.

The current House of Representatives and Senate have had their chance. They didn't address the nation's problems. It is because Republicans have been unwilling to move forward with any agenda item on the sincere list of problems of the USA.

Minority Leader Pelosi needs to be able to assess the possibility of the next Congress actually solving the problems of the nation. It may be there are enough returning and new Democrats in the House to have some Republicans join them to bring about the forward movement the country needs on the nation's debt, deficit, tax reform and protecting Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid and the needs of our children.

It may be the nation has to allow the new Congress to take their seats before there can be resolution of their problems.

It would be nice if the Lame Duck Congress could actually solve these problems but it isn't going to happen, so why bother.

Why compromise what can happen with the next Congress? No reason to put the country at risk when there is potential otherwise.

I want one. Yum-yum. No, I want two. Better make sure it is purchased from local merchant, too.

Completely inevitable.

Internet sales does not necessarily help USA economy.

If an online sales front is out of the USA it does not necessarily enhance the USA economy.

These shopping days have an effect for Wall Street regardless of what sells. It does not necessarily reflect a measure of the "Made in America" brand and could easily move monies outside the country.

"Shopping Local Always" needs to replace "Wall Street Sales Days" of merchandise manufactured outside the USA.

November 27, 20129:27 a.m.
And if Cyber Monday's online sales (click here) weren't impressive enough, Adobe says that mobile shopping doubled from last year and accounted for 22% of Cyber Monday sales.
On the opposite end of that spectrum was social, which referred only a dismal 2% of total site visits on Cyber Monday. Even worse for Facebook and Twitter is the fact their number of referrals stayed the same as last year's, while Pinterest's referrals for the holiday grew 105%, accounting for 15% of social referrals.
As for what people were buying, Adobe said that toys and sporting goods led the way, followed by health and beauty. Home and auto was the third most selling category....

Japan reported children having seizures while in front of computers.

Hollywood needs to remember if there is a bad incident with 'the brand name' it will destroy it forever. This is especially true when children are involved.

The human mind has limits to its exposure to technology. Knock it off!

The federal government needs to be sure these movies are meeting a safe threshold. Once a child has a seizure it is a forever diagnosis. Enough already. Hollywood is taking digital too far!

November 27, 20126:00 a.m.
Wendy Aylsworth fixed her eyes on a screen (click here) at the Landmark theater in West Los Angeles, carefully studying a scene of hobbits preparing a lavish feast.
"We're seeing good detail and a richness in the characters," Aylsworth said. "It's right on."
The Warner Bros. senior vice president of technology was reviewing a test reel for the "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey," and a new projection technique that will show the highly anticipated Peter Jackson movie at 48 frames a second.
The controversial new technology could revolutionize traditional movies, which have been projected at a standard 24 frames per second for almost 90 years. Warner Bros. will become the first studio to release a major Hollywood movie in 48 frames a second when its "Hobbit" premieres in the U.S. on Dec. 14....

The Senate Filibuster is causing economic hardship.

The filibuster is being use for political outcomes in elections. When it is used as a means to a political outcome it has lost its meaning. 

The American Jobs Act would have passed along with many other initiatives to effectively improve our economy.

It is easily stated, the GOP is single-handedly causing the unemployment rate the USA currently faces. It is easily said that will continue without a functional Senate.

Posted at 05:04 PM ET, 11/26/2012

Full speed ahead on filibuster reform? (click here)

On the Senate floor today, Harry Reid offered the clearest confirmation yet that he will move forward with filibuster reform at the start of the new Congress. He confirmed he is proposing to “do away with filibusters on the motion to proceed,” which was already known. He added that under proposed reforms, Senators who want to filibuster will have to “stand up and talk about it.” That means Reid supports the “talking filibuster,” the proposal to force filibustering out into the open — on the theory that this will make it politically more difficult....
Senator Reid is exactly correct in gradually walking back the filibuster to a talking filibuster. Those calling for it should be far less lazy about being on the Senate floor to take responsibility for their actions.

The GOP continues their witch hunt after meeting with Ambassador Rice. It accomplished nothing.

Ambassador Rice made statements that were not inflammatory to the circumstances in the Middle East at the time of the Benghazi attacks resulting in the deaths of four Americans. The only presence in the Benghazi area at the time of the attacks was the CIA. The assessments of the day provided for low balling the security to Ambassador Stevens while providing a security detail by the State Department that was basically body guards. The consulate was established in Benghazi where it was believed it was a safe place in a safer neighborhood.

...Petraeus testified (click here) that the CIA report he approved was apparently altered to downplay the terrorist angle....

The entire danger to the USA Ambassador was based in faulty intelligence. It was faulty from every estimation and the evidence to date continues to reflect the fact the threats to Ambassador Stevens was on his person. In the reality 'after the fact' even Former CIA Director Petraeus is inconsistent in his recollection of the facts as presented to Congress.

...Another lawmaker, Republican Representative Peter King, (click here) said Petraeus' account in the closed-door session differed from the assessment the CIA chief gave to Congress two months ago, just days after the September 11 attack that killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.
"He also stated that he thought all along he made it clear that there were significant terrorist involvement, and that is not my recollection of what he told us on September 14," King said....
The GOP is engaged in a witch hunt backed by 'the turd blossom gardeners' at FOX News. It is nonsense and the entire meeting today was a result of the  political exploitation of the GOP of the death of a US Ambassador.

The Senate GOP is attempting to put their stamp on the new Obama Administration by inhibiting nominees to the cabinet. Who knows why except it appears as though a Republican has the power to dictate the outcome of the election of a Democratic President.

As usual it is all politics all the time by the GOP without sincere governance. 

The talking point of Ambassador Rice was more than correct for the violence spilling over to US Consulates post film. It was her responsibility to speak to a global incident that was growing. Silence was not an option and acting against intelligence was not an option either. To start to change the focus of the incidents to specifically speak as if Benghazi was not in reaction to the film was incorrect to the intelligence of the day.

I don't believe anyone really knows, even today, what happened that day in regard to the 'decision to attack' the consulate in Benghazi. It happened after Cairo erupted. There is no way of knowing if a well armed militias decided to act due to the reaction in Cairo. Where is the evidence otherwise?

What mattered more than anything else to everyone in our State Department and our UN Ambassador was ensuring the safety of our consulates and their staff. The State Department State was completely innocent of what occurred to them. It was necessary to secure our interests abroad. 

The issue with Benghazi was being handled exceptionally well by Secretary Clinton. No one else needed to do anything in regard to the loss of four Americans. Secretary Clinton was taking the incident with complete brevity. If she wasn't, the communications with the public by others would have been paramount, but, that was not the case. 

The GOP was not in control of the Executive Branch and are not now and that is the point. The State Department and our UN Ambassador carried out their duties based on what they knew at the time. It was a failure in intelligence. They acted to protect their staff and our consulates.

The one question the GOP can't seem to find to ask is, "Why was the CIA report Former CIA Director Petraeus approved apparently altered to downplay the terrorist angle/reality (which ever applies to reality)? 

Either there was 'an angle' averted to stop inflammation of post Libya Civil War to a greater involvement of the USA by screaming 'al Qaede' by war mongers such as Lindsey Graham and John McCain or there was a reality of a terrorist danger to Ambassador Stevens. 

I also don't believe that question is a yes or no answer. I don't believe it was a simple answer at all. There were many dynamics of which I am not going to repeat here (which appears on this blog), but, the paradigm shift in the Middle East has created different power balances and power vacuums. I also believe it was very difficult for the CIA to assess the sincere danger as opposed to any traditional understanding of the danger.

One can play arm chair quarterback all one wants after the fact, but, the USA had an interest in maintaining diplomatic relations with the new government of Libya for the national security of the USA. The inflammatory nature of iconic events such as September 11th anniversaries and a You Tube film is not measurable. If it were measurable the loss of four American lives would not have occurred. It is why people in foreign service die.

If anything, the GOP never takes responsibility for the muscle bound USA capacity due to their wrongful involvement in Iraq. They never stop to realize their wrongful invasion of a country has caused its own national security backlash which will probably last for at least another decade or two until the USA is more predictable, again. The "Axis of Evil" speech caused greater dangers to the nation and not less. The GOP never accept responsibility for that fact but simply exaggerate it for political purposes. It is very safe to say we face dangers to our country due to lack of trust by the international community we never faced before. 

It could be safety stated the USA CIA estimates are less robust for the real reason it would allow for political grandstanding that would actually increase the country's danger to national security. All factors play into the CIA estimates. They have to. There is a limit to the ability to put a tank deployment on every corner in the world.

There are no obligations to answer any of the Turd Blossoms by FOX News either. One might ask why that is done at all. The Republican majority in the House is by gerrymandering and a naive public.

LIberty University has no other 'good works' to pursue with the monies it wastes on health care reform?

The Supreme Court has not endorsed the objection to the Affordable Care Act. It has provided a reason to offer a procedural issue to go forward. Liberty University knows it has a legitimate request as a very weak challenge to the law, but, basically view this as 'what the heck, why not.' Liberty is hoping corruption of the judiciary rules rather than the USA Constitution.
The Wall Street Journal: Court Orders New Review Of Health Law (click here)
The Supreme Court told a federal-appeals court Monday to consider several lesser-known legal arguments against the national health-care law, in an order backed by the White House. The move came in a case brought by Liberty University, a Lynchburg, Va., college founded by the late Rev. Jerry Falwell, and observers said the challenge was unlikely to succeed (Bravin, 11/26).
Politico: SCOTUS Orders Appeals Court To Hear Liberty University Health Care Lawsuit
The Justice Department declined to comment on the Supreme Court order Monday, but it told the court last month that it wouldn’t object to the 4th Circuit taking up the case. In that brief, Solicitor General Donald Verrilli wrote that Liberty University’s arguments “lack merit” but that the Obama administration wouldn’t oppose a hearing because the issues weren’t fully aired the first time around. Some legal experts are skeptical that Liberty would get anywhere with its arguments against the employer mandate if the case does get to the Supreme Court (Haberkorn and Smith, 11/27).
The Hill: Supreme Court Revives Challenge To President Obama's Health Care Law
The court's decision Monday is purely procedural and does not indicate that the justices believe Liberty is likely to win on the merits. The lower court will still be bound by the Supreme Court's decision upholding the healthcare law as constitutional (Baker, 11/26).

There is no negotiations on The Bush Tax Cuts. They have to go and will expire. End of discussion.

As of midnight New Years Eve there will be a return to a previous tax structure. What about this does the President not understand? The reason this is going to happen is because the Republicans are unable to save the Middle Class and the USA economy. What does the President not understand about that?

The Bush Tax Cuts expiring on New Years Eve at midnight is going to happen. There needs to be tax reform. There has needed to be tax reform for years now. I do believe President Obama convened a tax review lead by Simpson-Bowles. It was rejected and that was a mistake. It was a huge mistake and as of midnight on New Year's Eve the Bush Tax Cuts will expire.

We have a National Debt. Maybe the Republicans haven't noticed. That is possible. The Republicans live in a parallel universe. They sincerely do and the fact there are issues with a dysfunctional House of Representatives is the direct fault of the American people. They had a chance to address this problem and haven't. I suppose the question arises whether they can adequately address the problem in their own ability to discern the truth, but, it is the problem of the people. 

The Bush Tax Cuts will expire and if the President plays with that reality it would be huge mistake. The tax structure of the USA needs to be reworked. Until now the leadership on this issue sucks! The elected in DC have viewed this issue as a 'toy of politics.' Hello? When the Bush Tax Cuts expire and the sequester begins reducing the National Debt, the country will begin to understand the impact of a Dysfunctional House of Representatives that continue to return to settled law, including the sequester, as a plan for political fodder.

No more. That is the lesson of the 2012 elections. The Middle Class is no longer the hostage to the Plutocrats and their supporters, namely the Republican Party. We are not hostages. The President forgets how the Republicans view the Middle Class as the 'beast of burden' to their political outcomes. The Middle Class is not a priority of the GOP. The GOP deceive and lie and gerrymander to manipulate the will of the people.

The Nation is more than government. We have lives. We need to demand change in our society. We need to demand higher wages, paid benefits and vacation time. We need to demand the forty hour work week mean something again. It means nothing today. There is a lot that has to happen in the USA and it is not all about government and government control.

Now when the Bush Tax Cuts expire the national debt will finally begin to be addressed. What has to occur is for Americans to be Americans. They have to demand better products manufactured in the USA. They have to demand better wages to counter the higher tax rates. They have to return to being the people their parents and grandparents used to be. They need to demand huge profits to stockholders be converted to 'a living wage.'

The Bush Tax Cuts are going to expire on New Years Eve and the sequester is going to begin. It is up to Americans to handle their social structure in a way that empowers them. Is there something about that the President doesn't understand? He needs to be the leader of the Executive Branch that will empower the Middle Class to achieve their status again. 

What's so hard about this? 

We have bills to pay.

We need a new tax structure to empower the Middle Class. 

Warren is correct. It is time the people get on with their agenda to empower their lives and pay down the national debt. The Republicans have been unable to govern the country for years now. Decades even. It is the job of the Democrats to point to the reality of this folly and continue to push the nation in the right direction. What else is there to do? More bartering with the future of our children? No. The time has come for the country to stop the manipulation of the GOP and begin a government that facilitates their lives and the promise of their country. 

The USA is a representative democracy by majority. It should mean something. The problem is the elected Republicans don't care about the majority of this country once they are 'over the hump' of being elected. That is a reality and it has to change. If the American people are unable to solve their problems because the House is unable to govern it is their responsibility to change that. Americans can do this, it is time they did.

Warren Buffet (click here) could well be the most fascinating American of this or any generation. Combining common sense and shrewd calculation, his rock-star status in the financial markets is earned. Lately, the second-richest man in the United States has been surprisingly vocal on the subject of taxes, and when Buffett speaks, it’s wise to listen.'

Wall Street and Washington were both abuzz Monday after Buffett published a national column that essentially mocked the idea that higher tax rates on capital gains discourage investment. According to Buffett, legislators should increase taxes on those earning more than $500,000, including minimum rates of at least 30 percent on all income above $1 million....