Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The journalists NOT AT the Rixos Hotel that can find a way to bring attention to their peers....

Journalists sit it out in a hallway as gun battles continue around the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli, Libya.(Dario Lopez-Mills / Associated Press / August 23, 2011)

Behind his aviator shades, (click title to entry - thank you) the driver of the silver sedan had that hired-killer stare as he pulled up alongside our minibus. He kept pace as the bus, ferrying 13 journalists away from Libya's crazed capital in June, lurched toward the sanity of post-revolutionary Tunisia. He pointed his rifle directly at us.

We dived for the floor or crouched down in a pathetic bid for cover, but there was no escape: The Kalashnikov rounds would penetrate the bus' skin like hot arrows tearing through papier-mache....

...at the Rixos Hotel would be best to approach some commander or trusted military agent to ask them to please not kill every journalist in the building.  They might ask to negotiate a settlement with TRAPPED loyalists to Kadafi.  The loyalists could be allowed to exist the hotel, unarmed and without retribution so journalists that have supported the rebels can continued to do so.

If the loyalists will fight to the death there is little to no chance they will surrender to be prisoners of war.


They might very well kill the hostages.

Romney to unveil jobs plan Sept. 6 (click title to entry - thank you)

That is pure genius.  Completely.  It might actually be PURE GENUINE GENIUS if Mitt Romney was the first to announce that as the date he would unveil his new Jobs Plan.

The truth of the matter is, Mitt Romney has NO CLUE why he is unveiling his new jobs plan on September 6, 2011, BUT, President Obama might.

Gee, whiz.  President Obama, now campaigning for his second term thought it would be FUN  to announce his new jobs plan to the Working People of the USA after LABOR DAY.

Why would he think it would be fun and not funny?

Because Congress will be returning.  

It is a notable day to bring memory to the initiative.



It is HIS idea for his campaign and campaigns are suppose to be fun to those that volunteer for him.

Something "W"rong with that?  Seems interesting to me.

In case there are honest Democratics running for office against big money candidates...

...they need to take example of Gerry Brown's career, especially interesting is his run for President in 1992.  (click title to entry - thank you)

In 1992, during the Democratic Primaries, Gerry Brown stated in his run for President he would accept only $100 donations for his campaign.

He raised a considerable amount of money and came in third in the primaries.  He received matching government funds during those primaries.  He didn't win that nomination, but, he was an wonderful example of how average Americans believe in HONEST candidates.

He is again Governor Brown of California.  I am confident any candidate needing insight on how to raise campaign contributions can reach him for advice.

Oh, yeah.

There is another Democrat that FIRST asks his 'grassroots' for support through contributions they can send him.  He raised nearly $700,000 alone from his grassroots this year.  That HONEST Democrat is President Barak Obama.  I believe he did that through internet requests and keeping in touch on a regular basis to update all those that support him.  Interesting guy, the President.

Good luck.

For the extremist faithful in the USA that have no other explanation.

The earthquakes today, near the country's capital and effecting its architecture, started near Mount Vernon and extended to Lincoln's Illinois.  It was caused by our forefathers rolling over in their graves.

OH, My Lord God Bird !

East Coast Offshore Fissure

There is a fissure offshore of the East Coast.  It is at the edge of the continental shelf I believe.  NASA and NOAA need to REASSESS this area.  I'd bet good money on the fact there was slippage along there.

One more thing.

If "Irene" hits open ocean without contact with any land mass it will accelerate to Cat FIVE within a short period of time.  I have already noted how quickly it accelerated once it crossed into the Atlantic.  Expect the worst.  Sorry.  It is the way I see it.  Earth is one hot troposphere.  There are still tornadoes in the USA while there is a huge storm in the Atlantic.  There are a lot of verified reasons to make this statement!

Monster Earthquake with epicenter in Virginia. Reports from New Hampshire at least as far south as North Carolina.

An earthquake (click title to entry - thank you) sent tremors from the nation’s capital to New York City Tuesday afternoon, the result of what officials said was a 5.8 magnitude earthquake based in Virginia.
There were no immediate reports of damage.
It is not clear how far the earthquake spread, but tremors were felt throughout New York City office buildings and as far north as Concord, N.H....
There was an earthquake in Colorado as well.  I am telling you the hydraulic fracturing the petroleum industry is engaged in destroying the North American craton.  I wonder how this vibration translated in Haiti?

Magnitude 5.3 - COLORADO (Click Here)

2011 August 23 05:46:19 UTC

15 km (9 miles) WSW of Trinidad, Colorado
33 km (20 miles) NW of Raton, New Mexico
54 km (33 miles) S of Walsenburg, Colorado
290 km (180 miles) S of Denver, Colorado

This isn't going to be the end of it.  The craton is being altered in its 'attitude' both internally from dissolving chemicals of hydraulic fracturing therefore changing the distribution of weight in the magma AND due to the loss of Arctic Ocean ice CAUSING "Isostatic Rebound."  

There will be more quakes.  Absolutely.  The North American continent is huge in mass and it will effect a lot of movement of the plates it touches.
Haiti and adjacent PLATES will have to be checked by phone calls and assessment.  Any tremors can be misreported due to Irene striking this region.

Hurricane Irene to Hit Bahamas, Could Become Category 3 Storm (click here)

The tremor in High Point, North Carolina lasted at least 30 seconds.  Easily.  It began, grew in strength, diminished about 20 seconds into the tremor and then accelerated again.  It was significant.  

Whom in Guatemala is being paid off by Drug Cartels? Belize is running into trouble with enforcement cooperation agreements regarding Border Patrols.

Major Dalton Roches, the operations and training officer of the BDF (Belize Defense Force)

...The incident unfolded (click title to entry - thank you) at approximately 11:05 a.m. today, Monday.
Major Roches explained that the BDF conducts routine “linkups” with Guatemala about three times a month, as part of Confidence Building Measures between both countries, done under the auspices of the Organization of American States.
Under the program, the Guatemalans and Belizeans exchange information on the events taking place on both sides of the border. However, the BDF ended up abandoning today’s “linkup” mission, Roches reported.
He told us in an interview this evening that while the BDF soldiers were “on patrol at the ‘linkup’ position; …doing their security of the area”, they saw 5 Guatemalans coming across the borderline into Belize. “One of them had an AK-47 assault rifle,” he recounted, “and the others had short arms along with machetes. The Security Century [the patrol group]...asked the individuals to halt.”
According to Roches, the illegal Guatemalans reached for their weapons: “At that point, the security team, BDF, had to open fire at the individual who pulled the assault rifle. It is believed that one person got injured, because they saw this individual fall and the others grabbed that individual and pulled him in the bush, “ he said....

This is AT LEAST the second such incident along the border.  It is getting to be a habit that the Guatemalans are abandoning their agreement and allowing violence to intimidate the Belizean Defense Force.

Earthquake Jolts Colorado

According to USGS records there have been NO earthquakes greater than 3.5 in North Dakota, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia for 30 years.  Let's see if that trend continues.  I have my doubts.

Colorado was rattled by a 5.3-magnitude earthquake (click here) Monday night, the largest tremor to hit the state in 40 years. The quake was felt in Trinidad, a few hours south of Denver, and was preceded by at least two smaller ones. "I thought maybe a car had hit my house," a 70-year-old Trinidad resident told the Associated Press. Back in 2001, Colorado experienced a smaller series of earthquakes. Geophysicist Shengzao Chen tells the Associated Press, “The area seems to be active again.”