Thursday, August 15, 2013

Nationalism. We witnessed it and experienced with the Bush/Cheney administration.

loyalty and devotion to a nation; especially : a sense of national consciousness exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations or supranational groups 

Nationalism took many forms in the years following September 11, 2001. It still lingers in the culture remaining through the efforts of extremism.

Russia is not going to move off the idea of heterosexuality as a form of nationalism. Why? 

If gay journalists go to Russia to intimidate the government, they will face consequences. I don't know that, but, it will more than likely be viewed as an insult and they will probably be asked to leave at the very least.



It is a good guess a visa won't be issued for those suspected to cause problems.

The Russian Disapora is real. 

I am only stating this because at this point it is better to avoid a national movement that can't be stopped. 

Russia's birth rate has dropped. There are many reasons for it, but, there have been many changes in the Russian society to improve their self-identity. Russia is more open, more stylish and inviting in many ways. That is to boost the egos of Russians and effect a level of comfort that promotes loving and babies.

It has been a national effort. The government recognized a falling birth rate and a falling population rate. The Russian government has invested in bringing the Russian diaspora home again. It is not about to be derailed with an emotional assault against baby making when it occurs. As far as the government goes the religious suits them just fine. 

It is a form nationalism. It is either understood or covert, but, their athletes will be indoctrinated to populous behavior to emulate the society's needs.

I suppose folks are welcome to bring demonstrations or undermining the Russian structure, but, it won't be tolerated. At all.

Americans had to get used to the idea that Gay Couples have children. All that is counter intuitive in Russia. 

To be perfectly frank, I live Radio Free Russia better with "Salon Dialogues" to break down barriers and educate the Russians to the truth rather than the myth.

Good luck. You were told.

One other thing to realize how serious Russia is about this issue. Where is the best time and place to instill nationalism? When and where is the best venue to elevate the esteem of Russians and instill their nationalism? 

Don't know?

How about when competing against other nations, win or lose. All the people have to do is take pride 'enough' to carry out 'that feel good feeling' to improve the population of Russia.

I promise you this is no joke and there is no reason to assault the Russian Bear. 

I don't want to hear any bull about a clown.

During the Bush/Cheney paranoid years, Peace Protesters were targeted as dangerous. Peace Protesters. When there were marches snipers were deployed on rooftops and there was the occasional tank. Bulls? That ain't nothin'.

"Peace Fresno" has taken a break for the summer.

Restore the Fourth (Amendment) (click here)
Thursday, July 4, 2013 
10:00 am – 11:00 a.m. in Madera
  The revelations about the National Security Agency’s surveillance apparatus represent a stunning abuse of our basic rights.
Join Peace Madera and Peace Fresno for a street demonstration to protest the NSA’s surveillance of Americans – Restore the 4th Amendment!
We will be there to stand up for our rights under the 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and to educate passers-by about the need to speak out, take a stand and join with others who oppose the illegal actions of the National Security Agency. As always, this is a peaceful demonstration....

"Cool Globes"

The Drought Monitors between the 6th and 13th are basically the same. Deepening Colorado and Kansas.

New London Church (click here)

Significant damage at church south of New London. Hundreds of trees impacted homes in Hortonville. Peak wind estimated at 115 to 120 mph. Image at right is of the church on the south side of New London.

Tornado Damage Exceeds $30M in Wisconsin (click here)
August 14, 2013
 Officials in the Fox Valley say damage from recent tornadoes exceeds $30 million.
The National Weather Service tells WLUK-TV that six tornadoes have been confirmed during the storms. It had previously confirmed five tornadoes as part of the weather system that moved through the region late on Aug. 7 and early on Aug. 8.

The television station reports the sixth tornado hit the Huckleberry Campgrounds near New London. Two people were injured.

Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson tells Post-Crescent Media about $25 million in damage to private property and almost $6 million to public property has been reported so far. He says the total is expected to increase as more reports come in from communities.

Military exercises with the Egyptian military would provide the extremists with fuel for anger.

President Obama does not approve of the violence and only sees Free and Fair Elections as a reasonable resolve to the current policies of the military.

WASHINGTON -- President Obama (click here) on Thursday canceled a joint military exercise with Egypt that had been scheduled for next month, but stopped short of cutting off $1.5 billion in US aid to the country, in his first response to Wednesday’s bloody military crackdown.
Obama, speaking during his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, did not use the word coup to define the Egyptian military takeover, which would have triggered an end to the aid under US law. The closest Obama came to threatening financial penalties was the threat of “further steps we may take as necessary.”
The president used some of his harshest language against the military crackdown, calling on Egyptian leaders to end the state of emergency.
“The United States strongly condemns the steps that have been taken by Egypt’s interim government and security forces,” he said.

“Violence will only feed the cycle of polarization that isolates Egyptians from one another and the world...

Six weeks ago Mr. Morsi was removed from power because of charges against him. The actions by the Egyptian military did not dissolve the democracy the Egyptian people are seeking. The elections are still to go forward. What has ensued in the weeks since Mr. Morsi was removed from office is objection to the removal of a President. At the time Mr. Morsi was removed he was not acting in the best interests of all the people. He pledged to be a President to all the people and he broke the law while compromising that promise.

It is my opinion, the Muslim Brotherhood is causing their own problem because they are afraid of the democratic process and the laws of Egypt. They want to return to their understanding of what Egypt is about while not realizing there are many more people in Egypt with different interests that have to be served as well. The Muslim Brotherhood sees a dead end to their ambitions, hence the violence. 

It is the violence, the deaths, their dedication to 'take Egypt' rather than govern it that brings the conclusion a power sharing arrangement will best serve the country. 

The elections have to go forward and the sooner that happens the future of Egypt will be better defined. In the meantime, the urgency to seek a resolve to humanitarian aid to the Egyptian people is in order. The global community could provide medical assistance to the people as well as food and other needs. The Egyptian economy has spiraled severely downward under Mr. Morsi and it's ability to provide basic needs of the people has deteriorated. The global community has to take that into consideration to help achieve non-violence with the people.

The Recall Election in September are drummed up by the NRA and have no interest in the people of Colorado.

The recall elections in Colorado is for a power grab to promote a vicious and violent agenda the NRA has in Washington, DC. This recall is about gun violence and what stops it. 

Currently the BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) is attempting to exert some degree of gun control along our southern border to protect our Border Patrol. The work of the BATFE along our southern border is very focused. The BATFE is attempting to stop the flow of weapons into Mexico across the USA Border. That purpose cannot be inhibited by the NRA. The NRA isn't supporting the sovereign nation of the USA by impeding the purpose of the BATFE.

The NRA wants to prove it has more power than the USA itself to insure it's flow of monies from it's memberships. That is not in the best interest of the people of the USA or it's sovereign borders. 

Posted on July 19, 2013
Yesterday, a Denver District Court Judge certified that the language in the recall petitions for state Senators John Morse (D-11) and Angela Giron (D-3) is valid, putting in place the final piece of the recall election puzzle.  This ruling forced Governor John Hickenlooper (D) to set the first recall election date for state legislators in the Centennial State’s history.  These recall elections are now set for Tuesday, September 10, 2013....

Published: July 28, 2013
...Mr. Morse was first elected (click here) to the Senate in 2006 and won re-election in 2010 by just 340 votes in a district in the Colorado Springs area that is split roughly in thirds among Democrats, Republicans and unaffiliated voters. He is barred by term limits from seeking re-election next year. But as the Senate president, he became a high-profile target for gun advocates in the recall vote. 

“I just go back to Dec. 14 and July 20, and think about the families that had to bury their children,” Mr. Morse said, referring to the Sandy Hook and Aurora shootings. 

Ms. Giron was elected to the Senate with 55 percent of the vote in a Pueblo district that leans heavily Democratic. Only 23 percent of voters are Republicans... 

...Ms. Giron and Mr. Morse are raising and spending far more than their opponents. Ms. Giron’s supporters have raised more than $87,000 and Mr. Morse’s more than $153,000, according to campaign disclosures. Each campaign has received thousands from progressive groups in Colorado and $35,000 apiece from the Sixteen Thirty Fund, a Washington group that supports liberal and environmental causes, and $3,500 each from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. 

As they make their case, Ms. Giron and Mr. Morse are trying to expand beyond the gun debate. He emphasizes his years of public service as a police officer and paramedic. She talks about the $40 million in community college funding she helped to secure.... 

NRA Wins Important Appropriations Victories in Congress (click here) 

Posted on July 19, 2013 

...Such legislation could improperly affect hundreds of thousands of people. The ACLU has estimated that the number of people on government terrorist watch lists is over one million, and that the lists have ensnared those with no unsavory affiliations whatsoever. Thankfully, this amendment was defeated 29 to 10.  

And finally, there is good news on a pro-gun amendment successfully offered by Rep. John R. Carter (R-Texas) to end the BATFE’s abuse of gun owners and dealers in the Southwest. Since 2010, dealers in the four states bordering Mexico have been required to report to BATFE the sale of two or more center-fire semi-automatic rifles, of greater than .22-caliber and capable of accepting a detachable magazine, to a single seller in a five-day period, in the same manner that has  been required for handguns since passage of the Gun Control Act of 1968. The policy subjects buyers of multiple rifles to de facto federal registration and creates an additional paperwork burden for the dealer.

 Further, as NRA has explained previously, this policy is an abuse of BATFE’s “demand letter” process, which allows the agency to query firearms dealer records in the course of a legitimate investigation. The process was never intended to be used in such an a broad way, and Congress’ refusal to include long guns in the Gun Control Act’s multiple sales reporting requirement makes clear its intent not to subject gun owners and dealers to this burden. So far, the courts have proved unhelpful in correcting this matter, which makes this week’s vote even more important. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t the end of the appropriations process, and the future of all these provisions remains uncertain. For now, however, the NRA thanks its allies on the Appropriations Committee for working to protect the rights of their constituents and of gun owners everywhere. While such actions may not always garner national headlines, committee members can rest assured that NRA will remind our members of who did--and did not--stand on the side of freedom.

Additional challenges face the Gay Rights community in the USA.

There have been additional court challenges in California that have been rejected. The issue of a constitutional amendment also exists to end the discrimination in the USA.

Trenton, NJ
August 15, 2013
By Geoff Mulvihill
Oral arguments (click here) were scheduled Thursday in a state court in Trenton on a request by six gay couples and several of their children for an immediate ruling, without their 2-year-old case going to trial.
They want a judgment legalizing gay marriage in New Jersey and recognizing as valid same-sex marriages performed in other states.
New Jersey now allows only civil unions for same-sex couples.
A ruling from the bench by Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson is possible, though it would be a rarity on such a weighty case.
Even if Jacobson agrees with the couples, it's not clear whether nuptials could happen immediately.
An appeal to a higher court is likely no matter what the ruling, and there could be a stay on any actions while that court sorts it out.
Thirteen states in the U.S. now recognize same-sex marriages, with New Jersey and Pennsylvania the only Northeastern states not among them.....

There are only thirteen states allowing Same Sex Marriage in the USA, Massachusetts, California, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York,  Maine, Maryland, Rhode Island, Delaware, Minnesota, Washington State and Washington, DC.

This is kind of interesting. In January of 1990 there was virtually no political movement in the USA for Gay Marriage. There only six states banning it at that time. Gay marriage just was outside the realm of possibility, but, there was no real legal standing. Being LGBT was simply not something the country was going to deal with. Then it began to change. The face of the USA is very different today, but, there is still much work to be done. 

Same-sex marriage in the United States (click here for animation of change)  

This map is interesting as a cartogram as well. First the dialogue wasn't even in the USA, then Gay Marriage was made illegal in most states, then came civil civil unions and today the right to marry is growing. A constitutional amendment would make marriage for everyone simply that and would end the chronic tug of war that  goes on politically in all states. There is still much to be done.