Wednesday, August 02, 2017

There have been tipping points along the way to the climate crisis.

The question is, will they continued to be ignored? There is really no reason to go to Mars since Earth will become uninhabitable. There is and will be plenty of challenges right here.

August 2, 2017
By Peter Hannam
Australia and the rest of the world (click here) must keep global temperature increases to 1.2 degrees - more than promised at the Paris climate talks - if the Great Barrier Reef's biodiversity is not going to deteriorate further, a panel led by former chief scientist Ian Chubb says.
The report by a panel of 15 scientists also called for the urgent revision of the reef's Plan to 2050 to account for "inexorable global warming"....

This isn't about tourism, it is about oxygen.

When I think of humans being capable of saving themselves what comes to mind is Easter Island and the Mayans. They didn't face declining breathable oxygen levels due to burning of fossil fuels and loss of carbon sinks, they simply ran out of forest and food. 

"Emperical View" by Max Rosen (click here)
Emperical is an excellent word. When it comes to discussing science and Earth, emperical is a precise word.

Until later. I am off to try to save a river from corruption today. I won't earn one thin dime doing it.