Sunday, January 03, 2010

There is your Afghan Corruption Leader and leader of the 'death squads' in Pakistan.

That is what the 'roving Taliban patrols' are that walk into Pakistan villages and attack police stations and innocent people. They are death squads. The sooner they are recognized for what they are the sooner the Pakistani police and military can simply target them as they enter a village or city. They are not peaceful people that have come for pilgrimage to trade. They are 'drug lord' sponsored death squads. And this is their 'organizer.' He has sustained intelligence about operations in and out of Afghanistan for decades. He is very valuable to the Taliban 'network.'

Afghanistan: Several activists detained (click here for original article)

Afghan forces and NATO have arrested several militants Monday in Khost province near the Pakistani border in the east, according to a press release issued by the International Security Assistance Force and Security ( ISAF).

According to the statement, the activists were arrested Monday morning Parukhil, a village in Sabari district, during a joint operation by Afghan and international forces.

The statement did not mention the exact number of militants arrested, adding that among those arrested there is a collaborator in the field of weapons of top Taliban commander, Jalaluddin Haqqani Mawlawi.

The''collaborator Haqqani has confirmed his identity and went, "said the release.

Moreover, international forces have suffered no loss during the operation, the statement said.

Until now, the Taliban militants have made no comment.

Source: Xinhua

Evidently the CIA strike was 'Tit for Tat.' Yes? In true warlord style. I guess that was a warning as to whom it boss. Evidently the USA, Afghanistan and Pakistan forgot for a second, huh?

It is called corruption. Meet Karzai's downfall. At least until now.

Published: Dec. 30, 2009 at 6:10 PM
KABUL, Afghanistan, Dec. 30 (UPI) -- Afghan and international military forces seized several Taliban and Haqqani commanders during operations in the country's volatile south and east.

In southern Afghanistan near Kandahar, Afghan forces uncovered a weapons cache containing several rocket-propelled grenades and around 800 rounds of ammunition. Near Khost along the volatile Pakistani border, Afghan forces uncovered the components used to make suicide vests.

Also near Khost, a team of Afghan and international forces captured several members of the Haqqani terrorist network, the U.S. Defense Department said.

The Haqqani network is believed to have strong ties to al-Qaida leaders in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Taliban last week released a video of U.S. Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl, who was captured by Haqqani fighters in June.

Other Taliban commanders were detained during separate operations in Kandahar. The Defense Department said no Afghan civilians were killed and no shots were fired during the latest operations.

Western forces came under fire by Afghan President Hamid Karzai following the death of 10 Afghan civilians, including eight schoolchildren, during an attack by Western military forces in the northeast province of Kunar during the weekend.

Karzai complained that civilian deaths from military activity in his country only gave insurgents additional recruitment tools to fight Western forces.

I don't believe the NATO forces of which the USA is a part even intend to kill innocent civilians. Ever. I guess he can complain, but, the end of the warlords has to be resolved and the southern provinces cleaned up and populated with lawful civilians. There isn't anything to complain about when one realizes the outcome. Perhaps Karzai is worried about losing his soldiers to 'recruitment' by vengence. He needs to have the people deal with their confusion on the issue of the current military operations in their country. Their lives aren't threatened by the USA military or NATO forces, we are there to stop the violence and bring them peace. They need a President that complains less and acts to return sanity to their country. Karzai seems to forget there are some real 'bad guys' in his neck of the woods.

I understand the Afghan people are tired of the wars. I understand that completely. But, this isn't 'the same' post Russian violence they always USE to complain about. That was a long time ago. This is the 'mistake' the USA made by putting the Mujahideen in control of Afghanistan and a place for Osama bin Laden to call home. We aren't simply annihilating villages of people. If we were that would be an atrocity the world could judge. The more the Taliban and al Qaeda and their associates hide among the people the more civilians will find issue with the military operations.


The H1B Visa. What does it do to our college graduates?

Unemployment demographics: (click title to entry - thank you)

Under educated with less than a High School Diploma is currently 15%.

USA High School Graduates is currently 10.4%.

Some College or an Associate Degree is currently 9%.

Bachelor degree or higher is currently 4.9%.

The primary issue in the USA when it comes to unemployment is education. Does the H1B Visa hurt our unemployed? Probably a little, but, not significantly enough to stop the program. The primary threat to our USA Labor force in regard to unemployment comes from illegal immigration and employing undocumented workers.

The REAL question in regard to H1B Visa, is not does it cause unemployment, BUT, does it actually 'displace' USA college grads OUT of their chosen field and into lower paid labor employment. That is the real question in regard to H1B Visas. If the Visa is shown to 'displace' our college educated labor force, then the program needs to be reexamined.

But, from an 'emergency' stand point, it is the USA UNDER-EDUCATED that are hardest hit by illegal immigration. Ask the folks in 'tent cities' across the USA if they will accept lower minimum wage employment rather than live as they are, I have a feeling they would welcome the opportunity.

When I was in Junior High and High School, I really enjoyed working as a farm worker and being paid by the 'basket' (or the pound depending on the produce.) at a local produce farm. It kicked butt, you know? Tan lines, muscles and some cash in the pocket to boot. No taxes taken out and plenty of 'whistles' when we worked near a roadway. Lunch under a shade tree was fun. That was all good until I landed a Dental Assistant job at the age of 16 (No special certification was needed then, only on the job taining. I was a good worker, ya know?) when I finally applied for an SSI number. That's different now, one has an SSI number at birth these days. I was never lazy and enjoyed being an American. I took advantage of the 'employment and education opportunities' all my life.

Immigration Reform - "What did Joe Lieberman know and when did he know it?"

The Immigration laws of the USA are so weak and suffer from profound lack of enforcement there is NO 'Cracking Down' on illegal immigration, but, simply 'living with it.'

There are two approaches, "prohibit" or "allow." Both are necessary. One is a matter of bureaucratic policing through obstructions to 'paperwork processing,' while the other supports humanitarianly the people already here, protecting the American people from health hazards and upholding compassionate efforts to provide children born in the USA with their families.

THE ANSWER is solving Mexico's problems and stopping the 'spill over' of citizen's across the USA border. If citizens can easily escape through border crossings, including tunnels, semi-truck and planes to the USA that will be the only viable solution the Mexican government will seek.

The influx of illegal immigration across the USA/Mexico border increased dramatically in 2004 under Bush/Cheney. They thought it was a great idea, cheap labor and a drug economy for the USA. What could be better?

Protecting a human being from dying is one issue, but, allowing illegal immigration to overrun the country while changing the culture of the American people is quite something else. The USA should not become Little Mexico. Sorry. Then there is this whole 'VISA' mess, too. (click here) Our domestic work force doesn't have to be replaced, okay?

...About 6.3 million illegal immigrants from Mexico live in the U.S., (click here) according to the Pew Hispanic Center, and an average of 485,000 more arrive every year. In response, state legislatures considered nearly 300 bills on immigration policy in the first half of 2005 alone, but passed just 47. While some states address the challenges facing migrant workers with families, others are trying to crack down on illegal immigration SUPPORTIVE LEGISLATION Washington State Reversed a 2002 measure and restored health-care coverage to children regardless of their immigration status

Illinois In November Governor Rod Blagojevich set up an office to study immigrants contributions and needs; a new law allows illegal immigrant children to obtain health insurance

Idaho Rejected a bill that would have required counties to pay for transportation of undocumented workers back to their home countries

New Mexico Became the ninth state to extend in-state tuition benefits to undocumented immigrant students


Virginia A recent bill would make it the first state to prohibit illegal immigrants from attending state colleges; a new law restricts other benefits

South Carolina A bill passed the state house and senate requiring Medicaid applicants to present proof of legal residency if asked

Arizona Passed a law prohibiting cities from maintaining public day-laborer centers, where migrant workers congregate to seek employment

Kentucky Enacted a law requiring anyone seeking licenses for various professions to show proof of immigration status Illegal immigrants in the U.S. are largely from Mexico ...

...WHEN the song The Farm hit Mexico's airwaves late last year, (click here) it quickly became a sensation in a country increasingly frustrated by a three-year-old war against drug cartels.

The song tells the story of a fierce dog, perhaps representing drug traffickers, that causes no trouble until a fox - perhaps former Mexican president Vicente Fox - provokes it, unleashing a wave of bloodshed.

The song by Los Tigres del Norte, along with ''drug ballads'', has stirred a debate over the role of popular music as Mexico tries to break the cartels. About 13,000 people have died in drug-related violence since the crackdown began in 2006.

Drug ballads, known as narcocorridos in Spanish, have long been a part of Mexico's norteno music, which is driven by accordions and a polka-like beat. As the body count climbs, though, some experts worry that such hits are undermining the Government's efforts.

''It's possible that this kind of music desensitises Mexicans to what's going on,'' says Ruben Tinajero Medina, a musicologist at the University of Chihuahua....

Where was Homeland Security for the last three years? Between Bush, Cheney, Lieberman and Collins the USA was left wide open to the infiltration of violent drug gangs supported by USA weapons moving south into Mexico and drugs moving north to fund the near overthrow of the Mexican government. Hello?

The Republicans like especially open borders with Mexico to stem the cost of USA labor. Why not invite all the problems they have with them?

By Steven Kreytak


Updated: 12:31 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2009

Published: 7:33 p.m. Monday, Dec. 28, 2009

They shipped pounds of cocaine at a time via FedEx from Austin to cities up and down the East Coast the drugs secreted inside hollowed-out electronics components sealed with spray foam insulation to hide the smell and then packed in cardboard boxes.

Shipments of cash from customers — one that was intercepted contained $141,000 — were returned in similar packages and brought to a local "stash house" — a 2,900-square-foot home on a quiet and neatly kept Pflugerville street.

The operation was run by members of La Familia, a violent Mexican drug gang that set up shop in the Austin area in recent years and moved millions of dollars of cocaine a month through town, according to authorities.

The details of the gang's inner workings come from federal court testimony and court affidavits unsealed after four people accused of working for the cartel in Austin were arrested in late October....

Masquerading as illegal cheap labor farm worker by day, after Fed-Ex delivery, illegal drug crime boss at night. Why not? Only in the USA can one get their illegal substances delivered by Fed-Ex. Not UPS? Rates too high? Detection better? Why Fed-Ex? Faster? Easier to 'pay off?' More consistent delivery drivers maybe?

Maybe this is the future of the Drug War, ya know? Donkey the opium out of Afghanistan to Pakistan and Fed Ex the stuff to Europe, Japan, Asia and the world. What the heck, it worked once, it will work forever.

Over night delivery. Exceptional Customer Service. I get it.

Pirates in the Gulf, Threats in Sanaa, it looks as though The West is finally getting this thing right.

Government forces launched an offensive in August 2009 to stamp out the uprising around Saada in the north

...Obama said that because of past attacks by the Al-Qaeda affiliate, he had, even before the December 25 attempt, stepped up US cooperation with Yemen. (click here)

"Training camps have been struck; leaders eliminated; plots disrupted," he said. "And all those involved in the attempted act of terrorism on Christmas must know: you too will be held to account."

Yemeni forces launched raids on suspected Al-Qaeda targets in the central and the Sanaa regions on December 17 and 24, killing more than 60 Islamist militants.

Several others were also wounded in clashes this week in a western province of the impoverished Arabian peninsula state which lies north of Somalia across the Gulf of Aden.

Petraeus praised the Yemeni president "for the success of the operations" against Al-Qaeda, and reaffirmed Washington's support for Yemen in its efforts to fight terrorism, Saba news agency reported....

I think we got them cornered. Where is al Qaeda going to RUN AWAY to now?

I don't know how proud young Islamic men reconcile their identities with such a spineless group of extremist men? I mean that sincerely. They don't have a country, they are parasites to established infrastructure and to 'direct' deaths of their 'soldiers' in order to 'scare' citizens is like something that happens on 'fright night.' It doesn't really interrupt lives enough to bring about rebellion. Al Qaeda seems 'stuck' with its methodology. They want to turn people against their governments, but, in The West it worked in opposition to that goal. Why would any young Islamic man ever believe Allah would accept such mindless violence, without profound purpose as a means to his graces? It doesn't make sense. Allah is more instrumentive than that. It is brainwashing. There isn't anything spiritual about that, it is the work of men and not of god that turns beautiful Islamic souls to violence.

Oh, well.

I find Saleh a very interesting and good looking man. I think that is true of most all the Arab leaders. They are wonderful human beings and good looking men. Handsome, self-assured, dedicated to purpose of loving Allah and their people. Something very wonderful about that combination.

As 2010 starts, Saleh hopes 'a new leaf' turned over in Yemen (click here)
Date: 01/01/2010
SANA'A- President Ali Abdullah Saleh hoped on Friday the new year to be the year of tolerance in which Yemen turns over a new leaf, urging the Houthi insurgents, separation seekers, misled Jihadist militants and the opposition, all political and social forces to make up their minds and put the interest of their country above all other interests.

In an article on the New Year published in the state-run Al-Thawra Daily, Saleh called on the rebels, who have been in a sporadic war with the army since 2004, to stick to the ceasefire conditions the government announced months ago....

President Saleh (click here for website)

Get used to thinking about this man as a good friend. He doesn't seem to be interested in holding onto al Qaeda within the country and he must have an incredibly loyal military to secure 'the move' against them. Interesting guy. I had gotten used to the idea, there were immoral leaders in Yemen. It is good to know I was wrong.

I really think The Republicans were too afraid of their Wall Street revenues to 'press their luck.'


They simply didn't have 'the guts' to believe The West would prevail.

It was probably both.

You know something, Bush was a gutless wonder, wasn't he? He allowed the proliferation of crime networks, al Qaeda, La Familiia in the USA, the sovereignty crisis in Mexico.

If The Republicans didn't talk about it, it didn't exist.


Cowards every one.

And there is a crisis within the Arabian society infrastructure with parents losing children to violence and murder.

It hasn't gotten better over eight years, it has gotten worse.

The Republicans wanted to build walls around their castles and live happily ever after while the world fell apart around them.

That is not morality, it is the lack of it.

Isolationism invites disaster, courts it actively as the world views the 'power brokers' as a threat to their stability and their country's ability to enforce law.


Negligence, everywhere I look, domestic, international there is negligence.

This is really a lousy set of circumstances to inherit. Really lousy. I don't know any other man on this planet that would take it 'head on.' They'd be too worried about their politics to be effective.

We have engaged the monster, it is time to finish this. In time it would have sought to finish us. Forcing 'the hand' of al Qaeda where it lives is the best venue possible. Strengthening Yemen's infrastructure is what is needed here.

...Al-Qaida threats have forced the United States to close its embassy in Yemen today amid increasing concern about the roots of terrorism in the Arabian peninsula in the wake of the Christmas Day bomb plot.

A statement posted on the embassy website said the office in the capital, Sana'a, had closed due to "ongoing threats" from al-Qaida. It said the embassy sent warning last week to US citizens in Yemen urging them to be vigilant.

An embassy spokesman would not comment on whether there had been a specific threat.

Yemen has been under scrutiny since the failed attempt by the Nigerian-born Umar Abdulmutallab to blow up a US airliner on Christmas Day. Abdulmutallab was trained in Yemen and yesterday Barack Obama said al-Qaida's branch there was behind the attempted attack.

Gordon Brown today confirmed that he and Obama had agreed to back a counterterrorism police unit in Yemen. In an statement, Downing Street said the unit was part of a plan to "intensify joint US-UK work to tackle the emerging terrorist threat from both Yemen and Somalia"....