Friday, November 11, 2016

The USA's new food stamp motto, "Work to Eat or Die."

November 11, 2016
By Josephine McKenna

Vatican City (RNS) Pope Francis (click here) has urged Donald Trump not to forget the poor and marginalized in his first comments on the president-elect to be published after the Republican’s stunning election win.
In an interview conducted Monday (Nov. 7) on the eve of the election and published Friday by an Italian daily, the Argentine pope declined to make any judgment about Trump.
“I do not judge people or politicians,” the pope told Eugenio Scalfari of La Repubblica when asked what he thought of Trump. “I only want to understand what suffering their behavior causes to the poor and the excluded.”...

Ready for this? We all know how the poor like being dependent on charity and are nothing but lazy. In response to this plague of laziness in North Carolina, food stamps can only be distributed for three months if you don't have work. The fourth month the food stamp recipient has to have work in order to keep the food stamp benefits. After the recipient has work then the Social Service Department will adjust the amount they get according to their paycheck. 

It is pathetic in Red State America and it needs to change. 

FOX News will be dictating White House decisions.

FOX News is the best propagandist in the world and it will put Russia's propaganda to shame. Donald Trump will never have to make a decision, they will be made for him before an issue takes shape.

Look, Donald Trump was actually getting pretty good at having patience with his teleprompters.

October 31, 2016

A senior U.S. official (click here) says there are grounds to take seriously Turkey's contention that a Pennsylvania-based Muslim cleric was involved in the failed July coup attempt.
Ankara is accusing Fethullah Gulen (FEH'-too-lah goo-LEN') of orchestrating the attempted coup and is asking the U.S. to extradite him. Gulen denies any involvement and has condemned the coup.
A senior State Department official told reporters Monday that there are "reasonable grounds" to take the Turkish government's accusations against Gulen seriously, but the US has also said Turkey has provided little evidence to extradite him. The official briefed reporters on condition of anonymity.
The official said that organizations run by Gulen have suspicious structure and financing. The official added that the idea that Gulen's followers could have been involved in the coup attempt is "persuasive."

The Mexican Peso is heading into a direction that is not conducive to deferring illegal immigration.

If Mexico is to stop illegal immigration to the southern border of the USA there needs to be work that is valuable in Mexico. This is not a new insight; Mexico has been deeply impoverished with the exception of tourism areas and in order to improve Mexicans reason to stay home is to improve their country including it's currency.

Mexican products at this point should be of interest to the international markets and the Mexican President should promote tourism and international trade for their products.

There are less immigrants at the southern border than any other time in modern USA history and that did not happen overnight. But, the loss of the reason for Mexicans to stay home is happening overnight. This is a self-affirming negative loop. The more poor Mexico becomes the more illegal immigrants will cross the southern USA border. 

Those people climbing the border wall are human beings. They are not animals and they are not going to be treated as an enemy. They are not enemies, they are desperate real human beings that will be met with compassion at the border by border police.

If the Republicans want to build a billions $US wall (Donald Trump's infrastructure) it will do little to inhibit the will of desperate people that have traveled not just from Mexico by Central America and sometimes South America as well.

The USA will not be killing or maiming people that are unarmed and scared of their own desperation.

Right now the Mexican Peso is losing strength and holds little potential to any money sources, except, the IMF. Mexico is returning to impoverishment as I write this. This is the impact that is real when hate from a US President is spoken.

Simpleton solutions is not the answer to global problems, including the US southern border.

Democratic leadership needs to be loudly heard in the country and globally. Give everyone a reason to push back against the hate and the destruction of forward movement. There are two more Democrats in the USA Senate. That should be a footing to build a stronger Democratic message. There are examples now of the idiocy that is the Republican Party. There are real reasons to believe in the expertise of the Democratic Party.

I will not dress up Donald Trump and his Congress. They are horrible people and it about time the USA realize that hatred is at the center of their hubris and zealotry. The Republicans are supposed to be the reality party, then I suggest a very strong reality to be made. There are no advisers that can cure this mess.

November 9, 2016
By Michael O'Boyle

Mexico said on Wednesday (click here) it would work with Donald Trump for the benefit of both nations after his surprise U.S. election win, but reiterated it would not pay for his planned border wall, which stirred up deep resentment during a fraught presidential campaign.

As Trump strode toward victory, the peso plunged 13 percent in its biggest fall since the Tequila Crisis devaluation 22 years ago, before paring losses to trade down 8.7 percent at 19.91 per dollar. Still, officials held back from taking action to support the peso despite it hitting lifetime lows overnight.

Trump's threats to dump the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) agreement with Mexico and Canada, and to tax money sent home by migrants to pay for the controversial wall on the southern border, have made the peso particularly vulnerable to events in the U.S. presidential race....      

"Minecraft" needs to be evaluated for it's purpose and success in learning.

That also is true of the K-12 electronic school. Children and students should not be set up for failure. These computer resources have migrated into the education system without questioning it's sincere purposeful and successful outcomes.

Having lived with computers the entire time I was raising my children, they were tools and resources, not teachers.

November 11, 2016
By Julia Ramirez

...The pitfall of this edition (click here) is that creating a Minecraft world can be quite time-consuming which means it will be another burden on the part of the educators. The success of "Minecraft: Education Edition" is on the hands of the community of educators.
Senate minority leader Harry Reid is correct. There is a significantly and rather surprising history with young women. There is also the issue with the relationship with Russia and Cuba during times when the USA had embargoes and sanctions. It is serious and it needs to be investigated and assessed. Donald Trump will serve his own businesses regardless of who is the CEO at the moment.

His breach in lawfulness is a matter of national security. Breaking such laws directly effects the national security of the USA. There is every indication he violated national security of the USA.

November 11, 2016
By Burgess Everett

President Barack Obama, (click here) Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi — all of them offered conciliatory statements about Donald Trump's election victory.

Then there was Harry Reid.

In a blistering statement Friday, the retiring Senate minority leader attacked the president-elect as a "sexual predator who lost the popular vote and fueled his campaign with bigotry and hate" and said that he fears for the treatment of Latinos, African Americans, gay people, Muslims and young girls under a President Trump. He also criticized the media for covering the transition to Trump as normal, even as Obama and Trump had a civil meeting on Thursday and Schumer, the incoming Democratic leader, spoke with Trump on Wednesday....

Comey. We need to identify male strongholds and promote women into authority.

The attack of Hillary Clinton by FBI Director Comey was completely unexpected and completely unnecessary. During the time of Comey's shock attack occurred, the electorate shifted. It was palpable. Comey couped the USA 2016 elections.

Comey's hatred of Hillary Clinton was obvious even months ago. He stated she was completely irresponsible in handling her emails. That is a political statement. She never handled her emails, her lawyers did.

Hillary Clinton's only sin is that she was not a computer expert. She is among the millions of Americans that can type a message into a Blackberry, but, have no clue about what computer literacy actually is. There is that commercial of two young people arriving at their grandparent's home and before they can hug each other, the young people are handed the household computers to FIX IT, PLEASE. That is where most of us live when it comes to computer literacy; Hillary Clinton is do different.

How many times do I have to state this? President Obama's administration is the first to have an electronic White House. That means the majority of the communication within the administration was often done over the intranet and internet. I guarantee you when any person in the White House was asked about the workings of their handheld devise they would say, "Oh, that is a question for IT." How many people do the same thing? Why would Hillary Clinton be any different. AND COMEY KNEW IT. There were no computers in her office when she met with American intelligence.

Get over it. Comey played politics with the country and that is from the time of his testimony before any Congressional Committee.

That is a ridiculous picture. 

November 11, 2016
Gail Collins

It took Hillary Clinton (click here) a while to talk about the first-woman-president idea. She didn’t stress it early in her 2008 campaign. But people kept coming up to her with pictures of their grandmothers who got to vote for the first time in 1920. Others begged her to get the job done so they could see a woman in the White House before they died.

The dream sank in.

“Now, I — I know — I know we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling,” Clinton told her grieving supporters. It was already late Wednesday morning by the time she gave her concession speech, winner of the popular vote but loser all the same. She told all the little girls who were watching — and there probably still were little girls watching, since the excitement had been so grand — “never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.”

And so it ended. But when we look back on the Clinton campaign as part of history, we’ll see something different from the abrupt, shocking defeat her backers experienced last week. It was a big step in a journey that’s been both inspiring and really, really long....   

Having classified documents among generally circulated documents is not unusual. When considering the tens of thousands of emails passed to the State Department from Hillary Clinton's documents the classified percentage is nearly invisible.

This happens all the time and the documents are not emails. It is called human error.

It is not uncommon (click here) for non-governmental repositories to discover classified records among their manuscript collections. The accessioned papers of former federal employees as well as those of prominent scientists and research entities who interacted with the U. S. government occasionally contain information marked CONFIDENTIAL, SECRET, or TOP SECRET. Archivists in universities and colleges, research institutions, state archives, and historical societies frequently uncover these records and are unsure—even afraid—of how to handle them. Fortunately, there are established means, codified in the Code of Federal Regulations, for non-governmental repositories to properly safeguard and to obtain the declassification of these records, as appropriate. This information paper will help you recognize classified material in your collection and deal with it in the right way....

It is sexism. Hillary Clinton was held to an impossible standard. GOT THAT? IMPOSSIBLE STANDARD. There is a margin of error to any statistical finding. No one involved with Hillary Clinton's emails is guilty of any sabotage to the USA government or otherwise. These issues occur and the PERFECT standard is victimization.
Volume of traded stocks is not an indication to a rally influenced by political surprises. 

...The S&P 500 indes SPX, +0.20% (click here) had just suffered its longest losing streak in 36 years, to close at a more-than four-month low on Friday. The slump came as Clinton’s lead over Trump in the polls narrowed following the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s decision to look into thousands of freshly discovered emails it deemed “pertinent” to its investigation of her use of a private server while secretary of state....

There were real losers to those losses. Gains do not mean losers regained their financial hold. The middle class of the USA have to monitor their retirement funds and where the monies are invested. There were huge losses in 2008, they need to settle on safe investment for awhile.

Be bearish until an obvious trend in investment is realized.

Don't look to ride a bubble with the majority of investments. In this case the bubble can burst without warning. This is no joke. Serious attention to details in investment is necessary. Middle Class Americans can't afford a "Whale."

When the financial sector is deregulated, beware of 'fast cash.' 

The American Middle Class needs to believe in their ability to understand rock solid investment. Where they don't understand the investment of their monies they need to question the wisdom of that. This is a DC that will provide volatility. They will pass legislation that will turn the knowledge into myth. The changes will be unpredictable. 
The DNC needs to think outside the box. A co-chairmanship (power sharing) leadership may be the answer. 

There is a power void in DC.

Where there is a void in power there is an opportunity to take that power.

The people of the USA need to take that power and build their lives empowering each other into self-sufficiency.

There is an economy within voids of power.

Where there are people threatened by the new instillation of the comedic festival in DC, look to taking positions at the state level for protection. Go. Don't wait. The states are available to build strong political protections. When states have positions different from the federal legislature it is an automatic lawsuit.

It is survival of the fittest. Go survive.

501(c)4 and/or 3. It is a tool. It is not an answer, but, it can be a good tool.

When Trump went bankrupt he made the banks his servant. Create an economy that cannot be destructed without a profound cost to the country. Make a living that matters. Self-reliance has been the strength of immigrants in the USA for the past century.

Tammany Hall was a New York City political organization that endured for nearly two centuries. Formed in 1789 in opposition to the Federalist Party, its leadership often mirrored that of the local Democratic Party's executive committee.

That is an example how a district of political creation had authority that could not be challenged. Flip a district and build an economy. Just do it. Build towns and cities that survive political strategies. Build cities and towns benevolent to the aggrieved. The aggrieved will stand together and will have power. It is called culture and it is a requirement in survival. 

Build local economies. Do not build illegitimate economies such as drug economies. Ministers and Priests are incredibly wonderful leaders that are also legitimate advocates. Think about morality when building an economy too valuable to destroy. The American people will not allow an entire town to be razed for the political benefit to a figure head.

Veteran's Day at Standing Rock

October 30, 2016
By Will Griffin

I was in Iraq when President Bush (click here) announced the “surge” in January 2007. I was in Afghanistan when President Obama announced the “surge” in December 2009. But it wasn’t until I visited Standing Rock in October 2016 when I actually served the American people. This time, instead of fighting for corporate interests, I was fighting for the people.

The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), or Bakken Pipeline, is a 1,172-mile oil pipeline project that will transfer crude oil across four states: North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois. From the Bakken fields of North Dakota, the pipeline will carry in excess of 450,000 barrels per day of crude oil to Patoka, Illinois, and possibly on to Texas and near the Gulf Coast areas for refinement or export. The project will cost $3.7 billion, while creating 8,000-12,000 temporary construction jobs and only 40 permanent operating jobs.

But I didn’t visit North Dakota to learn about the whopping 40 permanent jobs. I traveled to North Dakota to stand with the people of Standing Rock. The Standing Rock Sioux tribe has called people across this nation and around the world to prayer, action and support for efforts to stop DAPL or, as the people of Standing Rock call it, the Black Snake. They, along with over 300 other Native American tribes, realize that the pipeline will eventually leak and spill oil into their fresh water supply. A spill into the Missouri River would affect 17 million Americans downstream that depend on the river for their drinking water. The people of Standing Rock are not just fighting to save themselves, they are fighting for tens of millions of others.

The Sioux struggle against the pipeline embraces so many other struggles in this nation. It encompasses struggles against climate catastrophe, a history of breaking treaties with Native Americans, attacks on the right to assemble, assaults on journalists, the militarization of police, and placing corporate profits over human rights....
Donald Trump didn't win the presidency, he was handed the presidency by Comey.

Donald Trump is an illegitimate president.

"If he fails, we fail?" What kind of statement is that? He is failing. He hasn't got the ability to assess the people demonstrating against him and address it as a leader. He lied. He lied and propagandized Americans demonstrating against him. That is not leadership, that is ego driven idiocy after the close of a very contentious election that continues to be contentious.

The media is not going to gloss this over. That isn't going to happen and neither is President Obama.

The financial sector is LOST. They don't understand the policies they will be facing. The real pictures is that even Congress isn't prepared to deal with any of this. The Congress isn't making decisions and haven't made decisions that serve the American people and THEIR STRUCTURES. The Congress is willing to destroy all the entitlements and destroy the infrastructure of the USA. They allowed the USA to default on budgets and close the American infrastructure for a long time. People that worked for the federal government were out of work for the length of time the federal government was closed. Then if that wasn't bad enough they politicized the closing of the federal government for the entire time. They closed the federal government because they could, not because they should and now they have a leader that will continue to validate such antics and not oppose them.

THIS IS NOT GOING AWAY. The actions of the Republicans over the past eight years has been destructive and not to benefit the USA. 

The people of the USA are under attack by a government that is a toy to the power brokers. This is not going to stop.

Donald Trump's cabinet is lined with loyalists as a reward for their roles in his election. That is not leadership, that is hubris and it is real. If Chris Christie is smart he will take the position of Chief of Staff. At least the USA will have a chance to maintain order.

Trump's cabinet is a FOX News design for leadership. I don't know what FOX is going to do when their propagandists are all in positions of power, but, it will be a real circus. A real circus. 

Trump is a figure head. There are governments with figure heads in this world, but, a good number of them are Russian satellites.