1] The Palm Jumeirah and Madinat Jumeirah: The shoreline along these two developments is a ringside seat to witness Dubai’s world record attempt, plus a viewing perch for fireworks from the Burj Al Arab hotel...

The lack of direct routes into Dubia's Palm Island helps it's security. I suppose boats prove a challenge, but, the view of any boats coming and going is easy because there isn't that much to block the view of the horizon.

This is Federation Island at Sochi, Russia.

25 November 2007, 16:06

...The territory (click here) of the Russian Black Sea resort city of Sochi will be enlarged by the year 2014. It is planned to build an artificial island in Black Sea waters in front of the city. Its shape will remind of Russia on the world map and thus received the name of the “Federation Island”. The landscape will also repeat that of Russia....
Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2007/11/25/164080/

When Russia took on the 2014 Olympics the idea there could be attacks to satisfy terrorists was on the table. So, Russia built a brand new facility off the coast of Sochi. There is very limited access to Federation Island. The security to protect world class athletes found no limits in the Russian economy.

Federation Island is a 330 ha artificial archipelago, located off the coast of Sochi, in the Russian Black Sea. The archipelago offers residences, hotels, cultural, leisure and recreational facilities. Federation Island will be built in the shape of the Russian Federation and reflects the country’s major geographical features. The Russian river network is used as a reference for the island’s waterways; the high mountains inspire the island relief.

The venues, hotels and residence for the athletes are self contained on Federation Island. The only question that remains with me is the international airport that will receive the guests of Russia and the secured route to and from the island. 

Federation Island Sochi (click here)

37 days until XXII Winter Olympic Games

Sochi/Alder International Airport (click here)
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