Saturday, March 22, 2014

Stop Oil and Gas Subsidies.

This is old news. When is society going to ask the question, what is wrong with marriage?

A clarion call went out decades ago when women were discarded by divorce without the ability to support themselves. Being a good mother and a housewife rarely prepared them for being alone with their own financial responsibilities.
Now women know the delusion of being ONLY a mother and a homemaker to their husband as a mirage. It is an idea little girls have when they are playing with dolls, but, by the age of 12 to 13 they clearly get the message the world is about work and if lucky a real career. 
Today, the single parent be it men or women, is the norm. The real worries are still teen pregnancy, pay inequity for women and substandard pay for work in the USA. Marriage isn't a priority anymore with men or women. I think that is classic of an impoverished society. 
By Rob Stein and Donna St. George
Washington Post Staff Writers
Thursday, May 14, 2009 

Katrina Stanfield, 25, (click here) is raising her 3-year-old daughter in Middletown, Md., without a husband because she and her boyfriend decided that marriage would not work for them. 
Heidy Gonzalez, 21, is living with her two children and their father in Mount Rainier, but tying the knot is not a priority for them now.
Emily Smatchetti, 38, is a single mother of a toddler in Miami because she had not found the right man and worried that time was running out. So she found a sperm donor.
The mothers are part of a far-reaching social trend unfolding across the United States: The number of children being born out of wedlock has risen sharply in recent years, driven primarily by women in their 20s and 30s opting to have children without getting married. Nearly four out of every 10 births are now to unmarried women.... 

Read it and weep. The depression and stress of low income creates too much tension for marriages to survive. Marriage is a temporary high that loses it's luster within the first few years. Two or three or four low income jobs to a marriage doesn't make it more viable.

The facts are the facts. Marriage when successful usually belongs to the Middle Class and wealthy.

...But here's the rub: (click here) stable marriages – the kind that are most likely to produce successful, socially mobile, healthy children – are disproportionately available to people who are already financially stable and well-educated. Those people are likely to marry later in life, when communication and relationship skills are well-honed, and they're less likely to experience the kind of profound economic stress that helps to end marriages in lower economic brackets. 

They're also more likely to find marriageable partners and have a reason to delay childbearing until they're financially stable and emotionally ready. As Dana Goldstein details in this excellent piece, unplanned pregnancy is primarily disastrous for those who have a reason to delay. If there's little chance of college, a stable career and an upward financial trajectory, why delay childbearing? Marriage to an unsuitable partner, though, may logically be delayed or avoided all together. And when unemployed or chronically under-employed men are a financial burden on the family rather than a contributor, there's a real incentive to avoid tying the knot.... 

The top three reasons for USA divorces are young age, less education and less income, in that order.

In the United States, (click here) researchers estimate that 40%–50% of all first marriages, and 60% of second marriages, will end in divorce. There are some well known factors that put people at higher risk for divorce: marrying at a very early age, less education and income,... ...Barriers to leaving a marriage, such as financial worries, can keep marriages together in the short run. However, unless there is improvement in the relationship, eventually the barriers are usually not enough to keep a marriage together in the long run.... 

Like I said, the problems remain as teen pregnancies, pay inequity for women and substandard pay for work in the USA.

Isn't a Boss others turn to be sure the work gets done well?

What would anyone expect from a US Surgeon General?

20 March 2014
Michael  Cohen  

...“Radical gun control measures”! Go on. (click here)

Murthy has some crazy, crazy ideas about guns. For example, he wants to bring back the federal assault weapons ban. He supports universal background checks; mandatory-waiting periods of 48 hours for gun purchases, mandatory safety training for gun owners and limits on ammunition purchases. He even wants to do away with laws that would prevent doctors from discussing gun safety with their patients; he wants to see laws that prohibit physicians from documenting gun ownership be repealed; and he wants to restore CDC and NIH funding to conduct firearms research....

That's radical? Could have fooled me. It sounds like he is interested in protecting and saving lives. Is that what a US Surgeon General is suppose to do? I mean call me crazy but I would not expect him to make it easier for Americans to die.

Let's see.  :He wants to bring back the federal assault weapons ban." That is not crazy there are many Americans with the same view.

The poll, (click here) which also inquired about views on immigration, budget cuts, jobs and the economy, included 13 questions on guns.

Would you support or oppose a law requiring a nationwide ban on the sale of assault weapons? 56 percent supported, 42 percent opposed.

He supports universal background checks. Most American support that measure so it appears the NRA is crazy if majorities count.

Would you support or oppose a law requiring background checks on people buying guns at gun shows or online? 86 percent support, 13 percent oppose.

Mandatory-waiting periods of 48 hours for gun purchases.

The goals of a waiting period are to: (1) give law enforcement officials sufficient time to perform a background check; and (2) provide a “cooling off” period to help guard against impulsive acts of violence.

1. In 2000, (click here) in homicides where the weapon was known, 50 percent (1,342 of 2,701) of female homicide victims were killed with a firearm. Of those female firearm homicides, 1,009 women (75 percent) were killed with a handgun.  

2. More than five times as many women were murdered by an intimate acquaintance (605) than by a stranger (113) in the year 2000. Additionally, while firearm homicides involving male victims were mostly intra-gender, 95 percent of female firearm homicide victims were murdered by a male. 

Mandatory safety training for gun owners.

July 2012 Poll (click here).
I especially thought keeping guns out of the hands of those on the terrorist watch list was prudent.

Limits on ammunition purchases.

Would you support or oppose a law requiring a nationwide ban on high-capacity ammunition clips, meaning those containing more than 10 bullets? 56 percent support, 41 percent oppose.

Nope the good doctor is not crazy. As a matter of fact, it appears to me President Obama went out of his way to find a US Surgeon General that most matched the views of Americans.

I think President Obama is spot on about Michigan State. Have you seen them play? Wow.

NCAA College Basketball (click here)

They are up against Harvard today. (click here)

SPOKANE, Wash. (click here) — It is a cute bracket entry — “Harvard” — nestled into the long left column, alongside the royalty of the sport from Florida, Syracuse, Michigan State, Connecticut, Virginia, Kansas, Villanova, and UCLA. 

Harvard? For those who don’t follow college basketball, seeing Harvard in a bracket is more of a shocker than seeing the Shockers of Wichita State. It’s as if a guy named “Einstein” appeared at the NFL Combine....

What is the one sure way to create doubt in government so viewers will turn in?

Create a scenario whereby there is no significant explanation that a government will recognize. Why not UFOs? 

There are many strange things about our world yet to be revealed. But, when a news agency or news agencies deny the one most serious problem the world has today, namely human induced global warming, why should anything they report be taken seriously, yet alone UFOs.

Here is one picture the Martine family was able to take of the flying object that hovered over their cattle fields. (Sam Martine)

'I've never seen anything like that before,' says Sam Martine (click here)

CBC News  
Posted: Mar 21, 2014 7:23 PM MT Last Updated: Mar 21, 2014 7:23 PM MT

A mother and daughter who live on a ranch just outside of Nanton are scratching their heads after a couple of unidentified flying objects flew over their southern Alberta home late last Sunday night.

Sam Martine says she and her daughter were watching TV when they saw two bright lights hovering over a field less than a kilometre away from their home....

It's populous television. Everyday is Halloween. Boooo!

If CNN is trying to be a FOX wannabee there is a reason why both political stations don't have the following they want. The reason? There are alternatives to television. Cable priced itself out of the market.

By Chris Caesar Staff
March 21, 2014 

CNN’s obsessive coverage (click here) of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has attracted some backlash—and chuckles—from media critics, other journalists and, of course, their social media audience.
Take CNN Newsroom host Don Lemon, who took some Twitter heat this week for his use of a toy plane in his coverage and for raising the possibility that a “supernatural” explanation may exist for the plane’s disappearance....

Perhaps Massachusetts needs a federal USFish and Wildlife mediator.

Mountain Lions are beautiful but they are also dangerous and are predators. This is not a small matter. If it hasn't attacked people it can be relocated. They love living in Yosemite by the way. 

This has been a really rough winter and it is rough for wildlife, too. The cat could be disoriented and hungry. There is every reason to seek the identity of the animal before something happens everyone will regret. 

The mountain lion (Puma concolor) (click here) is also known as the cougar, puma, panther, and catamount, and is the largest wildcat in North America. Mountain lions have powerful limbs and can leap as high as 15 feet and as far as 40 feet.

Posted by Doug Saffir   
March 21, 2014 05:37 PM 

An ongoing dispute (click here) between Winchester police and wildlife officials has resulted in nothing but confusion for Winchester residents who are concerned a wild mountain lion might be roaming their town.
In two separate incidents, people have reported spotting an animal described as a large cat. But in neither instance has the animal been confirmed as a mountain lion.
According to CBS Boston, Winchester police sent footprints collected from each incident to a wildlife expert. A statement on the Winchester police website said the expert determined that the prints belong to a mountain lion.
But that is where things start to get cloudy. Multiple reports have said that Massachusetts wildlife officials were quick to refute the claims made by Winchester police....