Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Challenge for #Occupy - Voter Registration that is otherwise impossible.

Jim Crow has returned to some states in the USA in the way of a poll tax. The states are making a legitimate run as inhibiting people that usually vote Democratic to vote in 2012. There are a variety of venues for the alienation of voters from their BIRTH RIGHT, but, one of the most egregious states is Georgia. Literally, the Georgia legislature has made it nearly impossible to register unless the voter does so in person and even then they will obligated to bring photocopies of themselves.

In Georgia, the new laws state a photo identification has to accompany the voter registration. So, how does an organization attempting to register voters without taking them to a city or county building do that?
It seems to me if #Occupy wants to accelerate their cause and make their footprint count registering voters is a good idea. If I was faced with such a challenge, a non-profit status would be good, seeking funding, taking donations and then planning a way to carry out the voting registration requirements as the new laws dictate as expeditiously as possible.

Above is an iPhone or cell phone or digital camera that took a picture of a check. With a vehicle that is carrying a portable printer or photo processor a voter registration in Georgia could be taken along with a picture of the required photo ID of the voter and processed to attach it to the registration form. I hesitate to believe the digital photos could wait until they could be processed and then attached to the registration because there is a greater chance of error. But, if the printer of the photograph were at the place where the registration was being taken, all the requirements could be completed at once.

I believe voter registration, especially on college campuses, is consistent with the #Occupy vision, purpose and mission. It solves the problem of human rights violations in the USA as it defeats the return of Jim Crow. The states attempting to disenfranchise voters have passed hideous laws, but, they can be served if they aren't overturned before November 2012.

The #Occupy organizations that already have their 501(c)3 have a better start then the organizations that have achieved that standard yet, but, I am confident there is funding available. I wish everyone luck. It might be interesting to check in at local election headquarters to say hello and be sure everything is in place to facilitate voting including 'free rides' to the polling places. OR. Absentee ballots delivered to residents that are unable to travel and want to vote. There is a lot be done before November 2011.
...Despite the real progress (click titel to entry - thank you) that has been made in the United States towards eliminating the legacy of Jim Crow, as the ACLU and other civil rights/human rights organizations have documented, racial and ethnic minorities -- and especially peoples of African descent (i.e., black Americans) -- "continue to face intentional, structural, and de facto forms of discrimination which manifest in unequal access to quality education, housing, health services, and employment, as well as electoral disfranchisement and discrimination in the criminal justice system." For example, recent U.S. Census Bureau statistics show that 36 percent of black children are living in poverty, the highest rates of any racial group (by comparison, 33 percent of Hispanic children and 12 percent of white children are living in poverty)....

The methane is also the problem with fracking.

It is easy for the petroleum industry to point at its fracking fluid as a means of distraction from the ENTIRE problem.  I am quite confident the petroleum industry will pander to the EPA and attempt to change the content of the fracking fluid to satisfy the legitimate dangers these chemicals cause to human health, but, that fracking fluid alone is not the problem.  The fracking operation and its products and by-products are as much the problem.

The fracking fluid is only the beginning of the problem.  When the fracking fluid enters the ground and contaminates ground water and aquifers it also is melting rock and soil.  The COMPONENTS of the MELTED rock and soils also become fluid and enter the ground water, too. 

Then the fracking operation reaches the methane there is a rush of the gas to the surface.  Methane will travel as a gas along the path of least resistance.  The methane released from hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is under pressure and it is a lot of pressure.  The land above the methane is over a mile and a half deep, that provides a lot of pressure to force the gas out of the deep earth chamber where it was contained.  So what occurs is what is noted in this video.  As a flow of methane is released through an open garden hose the volume of the methane increases as time goes by because the path of least resistance is under growing pressure from previously blocked routes. 

The man in this video states at the end he can't even put the flame out.  That is due to the ever increasing volume of methane finding its path out of containment.  If he let this burning go on long enough the flame would increase until it reached its capacity to discharge at the end of the garden hose.  Then the garden hose would explode either under pressure due to the increased volume of methane it contained or becaue the volume of gas would become so great it would then be inside the hose opening of the hose itself melting the metal and the hose and causing failure of the integrity of the garden hose.  As far as I am concerned this gentleman was lucky the ignited methane didn't travel back into the hose and into the well head to really cause some damage to both he, his land and his home and all those he loves in it.

This is ridiculous.  No one should have to live with this kind of danger in their water supply, cistern or no cistern.

When large volumes of ice melt off glaciers and icefield the land under it rebounds upward.

This is confirmation there is global warming that is causing huge shifts in Earth's climate.

In case the word 'confirmation' is alien, then the word PROOF should mean something!

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 9 (UPI) -- A 2010 spike (click here) in the melting of ice cover in Greenland caused a large part of the island's bedrock to lift almost an inch, a U.S. researcher says.

A network of 50 GPS stations measured the uplift as the ice loss was accelerated in southern Greenland by 100 billion tons, Ohio State University researcher Michael Bevis said....

I would not take any of this lightly.  Ice sheets, glaciers and ice fields all contribute to a cooler troposphere.  As fresh water melts into the North Atlantic the ocean circulations change. 

Why Does the Greenland Ice Sheet Matter? (click title to entry - thank you)
The Greenland Ice Sheet blankets 81 percent of Greenland Island. This monstrous ice slab stretches 2,480 kilometers (1,540 miles) long and up to 750 kilometers (465 miles) wide. The ice sheet is so big it would stretch from Key West, Florida, to 100 miles beyond Portland, Maine, covering a swath as wide as from Washington, D.C., to Indianapolis, Indiana. It’s 80 percent as big as the entire United States east of the Mississippi River. It’s not only huge, it’s also thick—an average of 2.3 kilometers (1.6 miles) thick. It contains roughly 8 percent of all of Earth’s fresh water….

At any point in time does the Petroleum Industry have a conscience?

Endangered species, a country trying to fight a drug war and the lousy petroleum industry makes it easier for the cartels to travel through the jungle. 
The oil derricks don't belong there.  I wish the American petroleum industry would respect the sovereignty of countries like Belize.  Their jungles and species protections are vital to their tourism industry.  Belize is just beginning to recover from the 2008 economic crash.  This year saw better tourism than any year since 2008 and now this.  The country doesn't need it !
This article is appearing in "" a travel sight that promotes tourism. 
...These are seismic lines, (click title to entry - thank you) cut on the orders of US Capital Energy, and the normally silent Temash and Sarstoon rivers are buzzing with river traffic as their workers are transported to cut new lines. The comfra palms are protected as their fruit provide food for the large, cow-like peccary, but they, in their herds of 50-60, have deserted the area since the oil company commenced its explorations.

We trek through the jungle for several hours, crossing the only known low-lying sphagnum moss bog in Central America, before arriving at our rendezvous on the Temash River. The seismic lines are cut clear to the river’s edge – this is another infringement of the regulations which mandated leaving a ‘buffer’ of rainforest, but makes our departure far easier – the mangroves abutting the river present a major barrier to those seeking to enter or leave the rainforest, particularly those in possession of illegal rosewood.

Making the dense, frequently impassable jungle into a network of straight paths with access to the rivers poses a danger that has already been borne out on the lines where cutting work has been completed and which now lie silent; the previous patrol discovered new trails branching off these seismic lines to newly felled hardwood stumps. Many lines lead directly to the Guatemalan border – the home of the many armed gangs who enter the park to poach resources, and equipped as they are with radios, can now escape more easily from the Belizean authorities....

I believe the young man stated he is from Iowa.