Saturday, December 19, 2009

There is dearly little cold over Antarctica this summer.

The entire coastal regions of Antarctica is hot (click here for loop). The heat has nearly enveloped the entire continent. The Blue Ice definately has severe warming and the coldest is noted to be about -3o F on this loop. It is easy to note the vortices in the Southern Hemisphere that are carrying heat from the equator into the ice continent. This is about as severe has I have noted the warming to be and SUSTAIN. The equatorial heat has been invasive to Antarctica to this degree for at least the last week.

Vostok is -32 Fahrenheit. Like, what?

Base St. Martin, Antarctica is 46 Fahrenheit. Not good.

December 19, 2009
0600 PM UTC

December 19, 2009
1929 GMT
Antarctica and Southern Hemisphere

The Troposphere has a new maximum.

It would seem as though every species of inhabitant in Washington, DC is enjoying the newly fallen snow. This is Bo's winter. I bet he is cute today. I hope the Obama children are having fund with him in the snow.

It is a serious weather pattern, there have been deaths and property damage of all kinds.

December 19, 2009
USA Temperature Map

December 19, 2009
UNISYS Water Vapor GOES East Satellite (click here for 12 hour loop)

The GOES East Satellite images are 12 hours apart. The 'vortex' delivering all the 'moisture' to North American is a full 25% of the Northern Hemisphere in size. There is nearly not enough room in the frame size of satellite image to capture this vortex. It is huge.

The center of circulation is also very odd. It is very, very south of Greenland and Iceland. It is directly east of Massachusetts in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. If one draws a straight line between the eastern seaboard of Massachusetts and the two small islands noted to be outlined in red on the right of the frame, the center lies along that line. That is very south of where this North Atlantic Vortex is usually found.

The vortex is moving huge amounts of frigid air from the north polar region to the mid-latitudes. The moisture is coming off the tropics at the equator and it is why the storms over the country are dropping high percipitation rates. One might note it is only the 19th of December.

I noted on CNN the folks along Route 77 are having trouble. Route 77 is a very dangerous road, especially for tractor trailers. They crash along that road all the time. Route 77 is primarily on the sides of mountains and it has a lot twists and turns and a lot of changes in sun exposure and wind exposure and it is dangerous. Very. I traveled Route 77 in July and within 75 miles of each were two very serious tractor trailer accidents. It is a rough road. The speed limit should be lowered for 'semis' along that road.

It is my guess the snow dropped today won't be around for more than a day or so. The temperature map shows warm temperatures. As the vortex moves off, the warmer temperatures will come north from where they are now.


December 19, 2009
UNISYS Water Vapor GOES East Satellite

There are some whoppers in the Southern Hemisphere, but, I'll get to that. The frigid air mass is gone over Antarctica as well. I am going to explain what I see here.

December 19, 2009
20:30:14 z
UNISYS Infrared Satellite of the North and West Hemisphere (click title for 12 hour loop - thank you)

Hello, to the Senate Democrats. You are all doing a great job. I am listening to every word.

I want to tell you all something. To begin, these filibusters would not have happened under the Bush/Cheney Regime. We all know that and we all know how inequitable the Senate Republicans are handling their responsibility to the American people. They are playing politics with the American people's lives and personal treasure.

I am currently healing from a torn cartilage in my left knee. I will be back to my old self in about another week or so. I achieved the intervention for my knee after fighting for my COBRA through the USA Labor Department. The (federal) Labor Department was wonderful, they make good rulings that facilitated me keeping my health benefits.

I want to thank everyone of you and the President for protecting me from the ravages of 'raw capitalism.'

I will have to write a letter to the State Attorney General in North Carolina because CIGNA (My health insurance company is Great West, a subsidiary of CIGNA.) is being difficult in paying the bills. They are also giving the UNC Hospital System in Chapel Hill a terrible time over a contract that would provide REASONABLE reimbursement for services.

I received a letter from UNC Chapel Hill Hospital System. It is the State supported hospital in North Carolina. It has a significant university and medical school that keeps North Carolina supplied with good doctors and surgeons, like the one that fixed my knee.

They are in very difficult negotiations with CIGNA. Now, as the State hospital they will have to absorb any of the costs they cannot get payment for through the contracts they make with all these insurance companies. They have to provide care. If the patients can't pay due to the lack of good payment contracts then they have to qualify for charity care and/or Medicaid. The UNC Hospital System does not turn anyone away and they give excellent care. Their Family Medicine Department is ranked second in the nation.

The thing is this, North Carolina has many 'family homes.' By that, I mean, that land and homes are passed down generation after generation. If people that have CIGNA don't get good coverage at the UNC System they will be liable for the balance of the cost. That will threaten possible foreclosure on homes in NC. It will not be just another chapter in the failed economic strategies of the Bush Regime, but, sincere and sorrowful losses to families that have treasured their heritage.

I have to laugh when I hear how the unemployment rate is so stubborn. It is very stubborn in North Carolina. It was slightly improved last month, but, it is not due to the actions of the State legislature. You see, the State Legislature only meets twice a year, in May for approved budget appropriations and in January for a General Session. So, the North Carolina Legislature hasn't even begun to address the stimulus dollars at the State Legislature level, except, for what buoyed the budget in May. Basically, there hasn't been any new programs or spending yet.

AS A MATTER OF FACT, in January 2009, the North Carolina State Legislature was looking more toward controlling costs and shrinking the budget. They increased the State income tax to make budget adjustments. So, the entire 2009 year is lost to growth in North Carolina. Definitely.

So, for all those that are quick to criticize the Stimulus of 2009, they are really simpletons not to take into account that State legislatures around the country haven't even BEGUN to assign those funds to job creation. What is occurring in States like North Carolina is a negative feedback loop.

When the Stimulus Funds were appropriated and distributed there were no jobs programs initiated for those funds. The State administrative infrastructure is so deprived of effective departments that the monies are not immediately absorbed and people immediately begun to be hired as in...say....Massachusetts, where there is a complex State infrastructure that can immediately act to begin hiring.

As a result, the unemployment rates in 'lethargic' States cause the 'run' of benefits while awaiting new job programs and State spending. That in turn forces the Federal government to add to the cost of the stimulus and add more unemployment benefits and COBRA monies to support those that are still lacking jobs.

The truth of the matter is the States without effective State infrastructure that cannot immediately begin new projects and/or return immediately to hiring are exacerbating the problem of the economic failure of 2008. So, to say the Stimulus isn't working is silly and ignorant of understanding of the way in which States work across this country.

2010 will be a better year for employment. And. There will be a new understanding in States that their Stimulus funds will be with them for 10 years and that will be an added dynamic to the economy.

To return briefly to Health Care, the Public Option has to be in place to protect the people of North Carolina in order to deal with ruthless health insurance companies such as CIGNA. Don't give up the ship. I am proud and are appreciative of all of you.

I would bring some warm cider tied with a holiday bow to the Senate, but, I just can't get there right now.

Chin up, the Democratic Senate is awesome.

The Republicans can't hold a candle to you guys. They are obstructionists and are allowing the exploitation of the people of this nation. Americans need this bill for health care, many don't understand that and may not understand. The propaganda is terrible and instead of educating the public to the rigors needed to secure them from future personal fiscal tragedy, many media services like to defame the current administration and its majority House and Senate.