Friday, April 08, 2011

The Slippery Slope of GOP lies.

Alabama (click here) has a higher teen pregnancy rate than the national average; a slightly lower AIDS rate;  and has among the worst STI rates in the nation.

One of the most astounding statements I heard today came from a Republican from Alabama.

The Need for Title X in Alabama

In 2008, 271,200 women in Alabama were in need of publicly supported contraceptive services and supplies.  Such women are sexually active; aged 13–44; able to become pregnant and not pregnant, postpartum nor trying to become pregnant; and either have a family income below 250% of the federal poverty level or are younger than age 20.

In Alabama, 21% of women aged 15–44 are uninsured, compared with 22% nationally.  Title X–supported family planning centers play an especially important role in serving the uninsured, who often cannot afford to pay out-of-pocket at private health care providers.

Martha Roby not only wants to shut down the Department of Education (click title to entry - thank you)  she was fully engaged today in the lies of the GOP in regard to Title X and abortion.  Roby is not only irresponsible, she is dangerous. 

Alabama is among the poorest states in the nation.  Is Mr. Roby worried about bringing responsible jobs to her constitutents.  No.  She is worried about breaking down the wall between church and state, at any cost.

This is where it really gets interesting.  Supported Title X Clinics in Alabama:

In 2006, 81 family planning centers in Alabama received support from Title X.  They included:

Health department clinics: 77

Community health centers: 4

Planned Parenthood clinics: 0

Hospital outpatient clinics: 0

Other independent clinics: 0

How a woman with two children can turn against other women in far less a capacity than herself to protect their lives from further impoverishment and illiteracy is anyone's guess.

Ms. Roby has no morals, no snense of whom she serves or any 'unique' statement to her purpose EXCEPT to destroy the Public Sector in Alabama.  How can I say that?  Because Roby, if successful, will remove public education (which is already far too overburdened with 'social adminisration' than actually educating) so the only schools left to Alabama children in her district will be PRIVATE education, and in Alabama that means Christian only DOGMA will be taught.

Senator Kyl's lies were more than interesting.  He is simply throwing his vote with the extremists to give them some form of legitimacy.  Kyl is not running for re-election because he wants to leave the Senate with a legacy rather than be thrown out. 

...Kyl, (click here) who has become a leading conservative voice on foreign affairs, said at a news conference it was time to give someone else a shot at the seat he's held since 1994. He said he announced his retirement now to give fellow Republicans time to raise money and formulate their campaign strategies....

Kyl was ranked as the most conservative Senator under the Capital Dome.  If he can throw weight to the extremists it might improve the next contenders chances of being elected or influence the national elections which is more the case.  I haven't heard Kyl speak about the need for gun control yet.  Now.  That.  Would be a very interesting 'fairwell' to the Senate.

Exposing the lies of the Regressive Republicans in the last few days has resulted in a 'Wizard of Oz Effect."
They seemed to be melting as each one was exposed.  "Help Me, I'm melting..."  It will be interesting to see how they REGROUP their paranoid caucus over the weekend.

$60+ billion in discretionary spending cuts is NOTHING in relation to the national debt.

So then why go there?

A stopgap bill that Democrats (click title to entry - thank you) hope to pass in the Senate today to avert a shutdown would fund the Pentagon through the rest of the fiscal year and other arms of government for another week at current levels, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid said on Friday.

Discretionary spending is where all the wedge issues are for the 2012 elections.

The real challenges to the country is not about their discretionary budget, it is about Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the Miliary Budget.

The reason those items are not 'on the table' is because they cannot be solved in a Budget proposal.  These issues have to be addressed through HONEST debate, requires a COMMENT PERIOD from the citizens in the country, well written legislation that will probably far more than three pages long and should begin ASAP.

The BEST 'rider' that should have been attached to the 2011 and the next 2012 budget bill would be to start a 'five year or ten year' process to take PUBLIC COMMENT on major spending programs.  It would provide a time period during which citizens could learn about the spending in these large budget topics, learn where waste is occurring and seek to investigate ways to resolve those problems in order to bring these programs under control from what the country can tolerate and what it cannot not.

On most areas that effect the average citizen, such as banking, which when out of control can cause use impacts to the USA economy should have the same 'frequency' of citizen review, every five years.  In other words, once the Banking Regulation Act was passed, the Affordable Care Act was passed a 'time component' that accepts PUBLIC COMMENT should be nearly automatic in a way the public would expect it to be a part of any significant bill.

PUBLIC COMMENT means something.  It goes into the record and it is reviewed by the administrative departments involved.  The comments cannot be dismissed.  There needs to be a measure by which the American citizen can 'redress' the bills after they are passed an implimented.  Public Comment does not mean the legislation changes, however, it gives a chance for Americans to be heard and that is made a part of teh record, so that individuals or organizations such as AARP can review the statements of citizens that have gone through the trouble of making comment to understand where the legislation worked and where it missed the mark.

To have this 'seesaw' of passing bills and recalls and attaching social wedge issues to budgets is hideous and results in real ramifications in the world.  It really isn't appropriate.  A bill doesn't sincerely reach its implimentation until 2 years after its passage due to the irregular implimentation at the State level.  It requires at least three additional years to come to understand the implications of a bill and it is the citizen that finds out FIRST the impact of most legislation.

A five year review of major legislation should be a standard in the House and Senate and not simply an accommodation.

To completely demonstrate how completely "Two Faced" this House majority is, they are violating their own rant about "States Rights."

The Regressive Republicans, up to now, have stated, Gay Marriage and Abortion are "States Rights" and not a topic for federal elections.  Yes?  Yes.  All of a sudden in the USA federal budgte the Wedge Issue to end all wedge issue is abortoin.  Oh, so the federal government is now the place for this issue or not?
As Congressional budget talks continue (click title to entry - thank you) Washington, women's health is in the spotlight. Lawmakers were reportedly wrangling over funding for Planned Parenthood, a major provider of health care for women, ncluding abortion and family planning services.
"This all deals with women's health," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told reporters in an exchange broadcast on CNN, the New York Times reported.

Whatever is decided, it could have broad implications for women, especially the poor. Seventy-five percent of Planned Parenthood's clients live close to the poverty line, according to the organization.
Planned Parenthood provides a wide array of medical services including reproductive health care, cancer screenings, and STD testing at more than 800 locations across the country. They are also the country's largest abortion provider.

And that's where they run into trouble with conservatives....

Abortion CLEARLY is an issue that involves religious beliefs and the division of church and state.  This topic is not a matter of whether abortion involves 'unborn citizens' rights.'  There is no such thing as unborn citizen rights.  If a person is not born, then there are no rights to violate.  Where the law makes a distinction, in the case of murder, it is a matter as to the nature of the death of the woman and whether her pregnancy enticed the murder and her intention to the hopes of giving birth to another life. 

If that sounds like it is splitting hairs, it is not.  The focus on the fact that women make conscience decisions to become pregnant and carry that pregnancy to the birth of a child that she may or may not nurture to adulthood is the focus.  A women's right to decide to be pregnant and give birth is a huge leap for women.  They commit their lives and fortune to the well being and up bringing of that child.  It is not a minor commitment and for the woman that dies while pregnant due to murder the focus is more than appropriate to understand the 'special circumstances' that she entered.

So, either States Rights in regard to abortion and other matters are important to the Regressive Republicans of the Hosue or they aren't.  Which is it?

Government shutdown eminent because Republicans created a 'wedge issue' by writing policy into the USA Budget.

Expect the same type of obstructionism with every measure the House writes. 

The Republicans have become the Party of the Extremists.  It is just that simple.  They have been destroying the USA Constitution for as long as I can remember.  The Republicans elected into office in the 2010 elections are a profound representation of what the RNC is all about.  Republicans have painted themselves into being the party that can deliver a Plutocracy to Wall Street and this is the result.  They want to knock down the wall between church, state and Wall Street.  It is their goals that are the problem.  They don't do the people's business anymore because they sold out to big money for a long, long time. 

It is unfortunate the Plutocrats are able to pollute the democratic process in the USA, but, they have.  I refuse to have Regressive Republicans destroy Planned Parenthood over unsound fiscal principles based in ideologies.  Planned Parenthood has been invaluable in their services to women, men and families alike and it is an atrocity to continually attack decent people that perform valuable serves to the American people.

The Regressive Republicans are extreme.  There is no dealing with them because they are ideologues.  Ideologues do not belong in politics in the USA.  People able to understand the NEEDS of this country and how best to solve those problems are those that should be in office.  It is unfortuante the American people are so disconnected from their own understanding of the nation's problems and the best solution that this mess has to exist.  That disconnect is why the Plutocrats are able to 'manipulate' elections.

When one really reflects on the 'purpose' to the Republcan's anti-Americansim, it is desperation for being elected.  The entire party has sold out to those that want greater and greater profits without regard for the citizens of the country.  CEO decisions are based on profit and loss, not loyality to citizens.  It has been that realtiy that has brought the Republicans to 'their state of play.'  The country is in real peril with Republcans in control of any branch of office, it would seem at any level of government as well.  We are seeing it in Wisconsin and most of the Midwest states.  States mostly abandoned by the Plutocracy of Wall Street.  The 'neediness' of the people of the Midwest due to that abandonment opened them up to considering alternatives that excoriate the deceny they had remaining in their lives.  It is unfortunate what is occuring with what was once considered the Greatest Democracy on Earth.  People are losing their rights due to Republicans.  They are losing them in the courts and at the ballot box because 'the conditions' of living have become adverse at no real fault of the citizen, but, the manipulation of eight years of abuse of power in Washington under Bush and Cheney.  It is rather sad to witness.

This shutdown is more than about abortion and abortion rights.  It is about how the Regressive Republicans MANIPULATE their power to bring pressure on the country as to SARIFICING their freedoms versus political domination.  That is huge.  There is a dynamic at play here that if allowed to continue will destroy the very democracy Regressive Republicans state they love.  They are destroying the USA Constitution with every wedge issue THEY CREATE. 

Repeated earthquakes are shaking economic confidence.

...The survey (click title to entry - thnak you) comes in the same week as the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research's quarterly survey of business opinion, which is one of three key surveys measured by the Reserve Bank when determining monetary policy.
Still, the country's economic recovery had already stalled prior to the quake, narrowly dodging recession through the latter half of last year, and the temblor may have shaved as much as 1.5 per centage points from GDP growth, according to the Reserve Bank....

What I can't understand is why Republicans are against The Affordable Care Act.

...Rep. Ryan’s budget proposal (click title to entry - thank you) would radically reshape both the Medicare and Medicaid programs. It would turn Medicaid into a block grant, which would give states more discretion over benefits and eligibility. And it would radically redesign Medicare, changing it from what is essentially a government-run, single-payer health plan to one in which people would choose coverage from competing private insurance firms, many of them for-profit....

According to Ryan, Medicare recipiants would be 'dumped off' at the State Insurance Pools, once they go into effect in 2014. 

The electorate has to remember, the Republicans were against it until they were for it.  While they openly state they are opposed to what is coined as "Obama Care," (which I would think could be understood as Obama Cares, but who am I to criticize Regressives) they restructure their approval as it appears in Ryan's proposal.  In other words, they know the insurance companies love the Affordable Care Act because it requires all Americans to be insured.  So, the Republicans simply go about trying to syphon more monies off the government and put it in the nads of their cronies.

The Ryan Proposal is a dangerous one and one the electorate should take seriously in realizing how their reality can change overnight in the hands of manipulators such as Ryan and those that stand with him.  It is my guess Ryan had 'interesting' help in crafting this disaster to the people of the country.

One has to realize, the Republicans CHRONICALLY focus on Medicare.  Bush did after being re-elected in 2004 and now Ryan and his party.  Why?  Why would that be the case?

It is easy for Republcans to come up with plans to scalp Americans, they are written by their Wall Street buddies.

In actuality, this level of corruption validates the need for a single payer system without a doubt.  That is what Americans are competing against.  They either decide to have a single payer and rid themselves of the corporate corruption of Wall Street in their health care system OR they continue to be 'watch dogs' for their own well being day after day.  Sooner or later that decision needs to be made.  It is EXPENSIVE to continually 'police' Wall Street, so why do it?  Rid the health care system of corporate corruption and instill Single Payer.  We already have it for Seniors and we know it works.  Give the "Dividends and Bonuses" to the American public for a change.

Waukesha County post election result needs to be dismissed.

It is an issue of the electronic 'hanging chad.'  It sounds as though the 'methodology' of Waukesha County, Wisconsin is clearly corrupt and one has to wonder about the election returns of previous elections where the electronic vote was in place. 

It is really terrible there.  Why do the people let her get away with it.  According to others they do not believe the practice is wise.  It is completely unethical.  The problem sincerely is that objections to Kathy Nickolaus have been ongoing, it is just she has the authroity at this point to refuse invetigation.

...The County auditors (click title to entry - thank you) said it was eminently possible -- including historical precedent -- for Nickolaus or a rogue employee to tamper with data. Why? Nickolaus insists on controlling password access and has unilaterally decided to move sensitive files, like election results, onto her personal computer....

Corruption is a terrible thing and once again the people of Wisconsin lack confidence in their state government.  It is more than obvious the results are manipulated.  Downloading anything is a manipulation and what happens from there is anyone's guess.

Aug. 18, 2010

...County Corporation Counsel Thomas Farley (click here) told the committee Monday that as an elected official with responsibility for elections, "If she wants to keep everything secret, she probably can.
"I don't know if that's wise or what she should do, but if she wants to and the public is satisfied that that's what they want - someone who keeps everything secret - that's up to them."
The issue came to a head when Nickolaus removed the election results collection and tallying system from the county computer network this spring and installed it on standalone personal computers in her office. She has said they are backed up with redundant systems.
Director of Administration Norman A. Cummings said Nickolaus has been uncooperative with attempts to have information technologists review the system and confirm the backups....