Thursday, July 18, 2013

Larry Summers? The For Men Only Club?

Oh, the GOP can't wait for this one and the War on Women.

Larry Summers will only issue QE4 after he screws up QE3. The global currency is messed up enough.

No Larry Summers at the Fed. How about NO FED. 

July 18, 2013
President Obama (click here) has only a few months to pick a candidate to replace Ben Bernanke as chairman of the Federal Reserve, and while the betting website Paddy Power has Fed Vice Chair Janet Yellen leading the pack at 1:4 odds, Larry Summers remains a strong contender at 11:2. 

Despite an impressive resume that includes stints as Treasury Secretary and chief economist of the World Bank, there is a very good reason Summers shouldn't be in charge of monetary policy: He seems to have trouble with interest rates....

Janet can do math. Without a calculator even.

July 18, 2013
The speculation (click here) in Washington over who will succeed Ben Bernanke as head of the Federal Reserve reminds me a little bit of the speculation last fall over Timothy Geithner's successor as Treasury Secretary. It was clearly going to be Jack Lew and yet people kept writing "who's it gonna be?" speculative pieces and capsule bios. By the same token, Janet Yellen—currently vice-chair at the Fed—is clearly going to be the choice.

The Empire Strikes Back!

A State Police sergeant, (click here) incensed by the controversial Rolling Stone magazine cover of accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, has released dramatic photographs of the apprehension of the accused terrorist to a local magazine without permission from his agency.

The pictures, taken by Sergeant Sean P. Murphy, a State Police tactical photographer who was working during the massive manhunt on April 19 in Watertown, first appeared on the website of Boston Magazine Thursday evening. and other media outlets posted them afterward.

Murphy told the magazine that the photos, showing Tsarnaev bloodied and with a police sniper’s laser-projected bead on his head, display “the real Boston bomber. Not someone fluffed and buffed for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.”...

But, I mean there is a trial last I heard. A magazine cover? You've got to be joking. A police sergeant has some since problems with control. We don't need it. Really. Most of us are on the side of the law enforcement over this. But, we also believe in freedom of speech. 

Everyone needs to calm down. A magazine cover is not treason, okay? I sincerely believe Rolling Stone took on the topic in a way that hasn't effectively been approached yet. PREVENTION. I think they did a great job. I get the feeling as though 'the establishment' has a real problem with Rolling Stone for absolutely no reason at all. They have a readership. 

What kind of feelings does "Penthouse" bring to mind by the way, because, Texas law makers believe women's health isn't important enough to have safe abortion clinics. I find it strange that "Maxim," "Playboy," "Penthouse," and isn't regulated into oblivion considering the impulse to have sex might result. I am sure if an army of women confiscated every sexual magazine in the military there would be mass exotus. 

So, perspective is everything. It is realizing the USA allows Freedom of Speech that is the tough part, I suppose. And tolerating it knowing everyone's rights relies on the same foundation of freedom. A magazine cover? What is going on already?

I've got no grudge against Alyssa.  She is a very pretty girl. But, oddly enough there are women who might be offended by that very picture. Go figure.

Okay, it is time to say what I think since the juror came out to brag about herself.

#forTRAYVON (click here)

To begin it is time for an African American Foundation to join the voice of so many about gun violence. I thank the Trayvon Martin family for taking that difficult step.

I also am grateful for Rachel's friendship with Trayvon until his dying moments. Little did she know she was the best friend he ever had. Now, the African American community has a role model for people to react and speak out when people they care about are being followed, attacked and ultimately killed. I applaud that young women every time I hear or see her. She is full of demonstrated strength for young women and men just like her. She has to continue to speak the truth and fill friends and young people full of the values that carried her through to the trial and afterward. 

I am not certain whether Mr. Tracy Martin and Ms. Sybrina Fulton have formed a 501(c)3 and/or a 501(c)4, but, their goals are admirable to seek to assist with education costs for other young African American children. However, they should seriously consider joining the ranks in the USA of other American families in voicing their demands for a safer USA.

There are so many others:

"Brady Campaign for Gun Violence" (click here) 

"Americans For Responsible Solutions" (click here) 

"Sandy Hook Promise" (click here)

There are many good people that share the same values. 

I see the trial very differently than what I have heard so far. I believe the outcome was determined by a tainted jury pool facilitated by Right Wing propaganda and the defendant's attorneys themselves.

The juror that spoke to Anderson Cooper was very self-righteous. Sure, everyone wept, but, she knew how to make that "Not Guilty" verdict count. A leader, I would say. I believe her spouse was an attorney. It is all too convenient the names of the Jurors are not known. The Department of Justice can overcome that in their investigative process.

I want the Federal Department of Justice to investigate any possible corruption in the jury process including any relationships the Jurors and their spouses may have had with O'Mara and West other than all being licensed attorneys. I also want the DOJ to investigate the propaganda campaign that occurred through FOX News and other media outlets that tainted the jury pool. The propagandists had a political agenda.

One might recall Mr. Zimmerman was first offered attorneys provided by the NRA. That matters.

I believe Mr. Tracy Martin is correct. I believe the juror that was interviewed knew how she would decide the case before she was choice and I believe her own political views tainted the outcome. I also believe she was determined to have it turn out in the way it did.

When she stated, "Some of the jurors wanted to sentence him with something." She was stating the other jurors were cheating and not following the law. That can be an outcome if Mr. Zimmerman's PEERS understood something about Trayvon Martin's reality that was never stipulated in the law. There is a very real reason the USA Constitution states, "By a jury of his peers." There is a specific reason for that and that is the fact there is no way the legislated word can offer every real life scenario in words of written law. 

I believe the "Stand Your Ground Law" is written to protect the gun owner no matter the reason and in doing so provides a platform for gun sales through fear of not owning or carrying one. It is an egregious law and one that kills innocent people with the most minor of excuses. 

A review of every killing that was dismissed under "Stand Your Ground" will find a reality most Americans have not ever bargained for nor would consent to. The DOJ has it's work cut out for it and they have every right to do it.

Freedom of Speech has it's cost I suppose. We have some whistleblowers in the world who know that all too well.

Now folks won't be reading about "On the Bus With Willie Nelson" or "The Arctic Ice Melt." 

The issue explores the facts as people surrounding him knew them. "Rolling Stone" boldly went where no one else did; understanding how young men are radicalized and where we failed them.

I mentioned while the manhunt was on that Watertown proudly welcomed immigrants and had a program for young people entitled with words like, 'The Kings of Tomorrow.' That is not the exact title, but, that isn't the point. The Boston area prides itself on caring for everyone living in their communities. 


Indeed. Where did it all go wrong? 

The USA Capitalists are all too willing to impose CENSORSHIP on the free market system when it insults the common sense of political correctness.

I heard comments today stating "Who can understand what is occurring with these crazy temperatures? North - Hot; South - Cooler.

It is not that difficult.

If I may?

July 17, 2013
0100 GMT (8:00 EST)
The Weather Channel Actual High Temperatures

In the water vapor satellite below it is very easy to discern the PATH tropical water vapor is taking and it ain't along the ICZ (Intertropical Convergence Zone - click here)

July 17, 2013
1730:18z (1230 PM EST)
UNISYS Water Vapor Satellite of North and West Hemisphere

There is a water vapor system that descended from the arctic region cooling temperatures and causing storms over the orange colored region of the country. That arctic air movement was documented here on this blog. As a result the water vapor along the ICZ migrated north and carried equatorial and hot air north. Once it hit the Jet Stream at the Canadian and American border the movement of that tropical air mass took a sharp turn directly east. That is the reason there are hotter temperatures in the northern regions of the USA than southern temperatures. Got it now?

The engineers of the Petroleum Industry have no moral or ethical standards.

They use the crudest methods to obtain their goals. 

What if the world needed engineers to build nuclear power plants on stable land if it can be found?

What if the world needed engineers to build alternative energy structures?

Where are they?

What if Wall Street needed engineers for projects to move the world forward?

Where are they?

MONOPOLIZED but the most destructive form of energy on Earth.

Who can afford them other than the petroleum industry?

What if China and India wanted desperately engineers to build nuclear power plants on stable land? Where are they going to find them? Brazil? Why are some people in Africa still practicing slash and burn? Who is going to build all the new energy structures in the world? Who can afford them? 

Right now. This very minute a town in Texas can be declared a Superfund Site. Did anyone know that? Why? Because of hydraulic fracturing. SUPERFUND SITES. Now, the people of the USA have to carry the burden of hideous and unethical and immoral standards of an entire industry, YET AGAIN?

When is this going to stop? When are the people of the USA going to stop this hideous industry from destroying the future of their children? Never? Forever and ever the USA and other nations are going to be held hostage to the petroleum industry?

I don't think so!

Nuclear power for electricity is being destroyed by Fracking.

The objection to nuclear energy is not simply a propaganda issue and whether or not a person is green enough. It is a profound danger to human beings and the world as we know it.

If I may?

Nuclear energy and hydraulic fracturing are in direct competition with each other. Hydraulic fracturing can take place anywhere in the world. There are efforts globally to promote this dangerous option.

I haven't yet seen this film, but, will have viewed it by August 2nd or so. I can't YET dispute the graph in this movie trailer, but, I have a pretty good idea it is based in a limited point of view. We, environmentalists seeking energy grid adequacy, know for a fact there are alternatives when applied on a national scale in the USA which will fulfill the need the nation has. I have to challenge the validity of the graph in the trailer based on what I already know. I'll know exactly what this is about after I view the film.

The point is nuclear energy POWER PLANTS demand geological stability. There is no further research needed to prove that point. I mean dear god how many more people have to die to be added to statistics that dictate the removal of nuclear power plants from the landscape? That danger increases with every FRACKING WELL drilled. Absolutely. We are seeing seismic activity across the country in places where it never existed before. The North American Craton is seeing seismic activity never witnessed before. 

A craton of any geological plate has deep lithospheric roots that extend as much as several hundred kilometres into the Earth's mantle. The cratons of the continental plates WERE rock solid stable and if nuclear power plants were safe anywhere it would be on those craton areas of any plate. But, that is changing with Fracking. 

Where are nuclear power plants going to exist safe from seismic activity if Fracking continues? I have always been open to the suggestion of nuclear power IF it is completely safe WITH guarantees of containment to insure the health of any and all citizens. I just don't believe that is possible anymore with the addition of Fracking. Hydraulic fracturing is dissolving rock. The methodology is destroying cratons and rock formations. It is completely hideous science. Not surprising, by the way, of the petroleum industry. For the number of engineers they purchase out of the market place so no one else hires them, they aren't worth shit when it comes to drilling.

Fracking came completely out of the blue and never given a public hearing. The petroleum industry was given a green light after the Bush Administration took power in DC in 2000 without public comment or caution. I just don't see nuclear power being viable with such massive change in stability of land formations. It is no longer an option. The land is becoming unstable.

Josh Fox. In his latest documentary, Gasland 2, has witnessed people abandoning their TOWNS. Not even just their homes, entire towns. Fracking is very bad news. Land is precious. Land and private landownership is the backbone of the American Dream. The petroleum industry is not only dissolving rock they are dissolving the future of the American people.

Marine Protected Areas are vital to scientific investigation

These are the larger protected areas in the world. The Ross Sea would be among the largest protected area in the world and rightfully so. The Ross Sea would provide a valuable area to contain sealife of Antarctica void of fishing and tourism.

Currently, most shoreline biotic areas are interrupted by commercial ventures and skews the results by scientists to understand delicate balance of Arctic Species. 

Marine Conservation Institute (click here) 

The marine environment in Antarctica is unique. The waters of Antarctica are coastal where the waters of the Arctic Ocean is an ocean based environment. Coastal areas are very different than ocean environments. It is necessary to understand the arctic shoreline environments of Antarctica impacted by discharges of unique ice structures from sea ice to the massive glaciers themselves. This is not a frivolous pursuit. It is important to the marine scientists that call Antarctica home with their graduate students. 

Antarctica is the highest continent on Earth. (click here) It is also the world's fifth largest continent with an area of approximately 13.8 million km2. This is about 58 times the area of the UK....

The contrast in life (click here) between the continent and the Southern Ocean is amazing: the largest land animal supported by the terrestrial ecosystem is the midge; whereas Blue Whales, the largest animals on the planet, are found in the surrounding seas. Even though seals and penguins spend some of their time out of the water, they too rely entirely on the sea for their food supply and are therefore part of the marine ecosystem....

The terrestrial mircrofauna supports the macrofauna in the sea. A marine protected area would assist in linking the relationship and how best to understand it.

Land fauna is nearly completely invertebrate. Invertebrate life includes microscopic mites, lice, nematodes, tardigrades, rotifers, krill and springtails. The flightless midge Belgica antarctica, just 12 millimeters (0.5 in) in size, is the smallest land animal in Antarctica. The Snow Petrel is one of only three birds that breed exclusively in Antarctica. They have been seen at the South Pole.

Some of these investigations have implications in understand and applications to other areas of science and medicine.
Mar Biotechnol (NY). 2007 May-Jun;9(3):293-304. Epub 2006 Dec 29. (click here)
The Antarctic marine environment is characterized by challenging conditions for the survival of native microorganisms. Indeed, next to the temperature effect represented by the Arrhenius law, the viscosity of the medium, which is also significantly enhanced by low temperatures, contributes to slow down reaction rates.